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            Hot New Releases & Best Sellers                                                                           NEW Exciting KIMBO Releases!
                                                                                                                      ON STAGE! TAP & MODERN JAZZ                 NEW!
                                                                                                                      12 fully orchestrated instrumentals for tap and
                                                                                                                      modern jazz. Standard and original music for tap
MUSIC FOR THE BEGINNER’S                                                                                              and jazz exercises and routines. Basin Street Blues,
BALLET CLASS Joseph Levinoff
                                             BEst!                                                                    Hawaiian War Chant, Love Me or Leave Me,
Barre & centre floor technique for the beginner                                                                       Walkin’ With My Baby, Waterfront Blues, Swingin’
ballet class. Develops strength, style, endurance and                                                                 Teens, The “Oh Dear” Boogie, I Gotta Dance It
projection. Contains 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8 tem-                                                                       Modern and more.
pos. With one exception, all selections are in 32 bar                                                                 SR 904CD (CD - NEW!)             $20.00
phrases with repeats. Pianist — Gladys Celeste.
SR 600CD (Vol. 1 – CD)             $20.00
SR 601CD (Vol. 2 – CD)             $20.00
                                                                                                                      BALLET & CHARACTER DANCE
                                                                                                                      Yurek Lazowski - Pianist: Vladimir Djury   NEW!
                                                                                                                      Yurek Lazowski was lead dancer and stage director
CHILDREN’S SONGS                                                                                                      of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carol and has worked in
FOR SELF EXPRESSION                         BEst!                                                                     ballets for Nijinska, Fokine, Massine, Ballanchine,
31 songs that your youngest students will love to act                                                                 Robbins, DeMille and more. He taught at the
out while expressing themselves and learning simple                                                                   Metropolitan Opera Ballet School, Juilliard, American
dance steps and ballet moves. Left Foot, Right Foot,                                                                  Ballet Theater, Balley Repertory. Barre and Centre
Toot The Flute, Won't You Come and Dance With                                                                         Exercises for beginners includes Allegretto, Mazurka,
Me, Dancing Celery Stalks, Tick Tock, The Happy                                                                       Galop, Valse, Czardas, Polka and more.
Clock, Quack Said The Duck and much more.                                                                             SR 402CD (CD - NEW!)              $20.00
KIM 9225CD (CD - NEW!)           $20.00

CITY CLASS - Steven Mitchell                 NEW!                                                                                            New Preschool
What makes a class in New York City different from
most other places? Besides the frenzy of getting to
                                                                                                                                             Music from Statler!
class on time, the live music, and being able to find
a world renowned teacher, it’s the community of
dancers who have made ballet a regular part of their                                                                                             NEW!
lives. For an intermediate ballet class. 30 tracks (61                                                                MY DANCING CALENDAR Anna Marie Leo
minutes) of blues, torch songs, jazz and Broadway.                                                                    Vocals & Instrumentals! Calendar Girl, June Is
BSM 010CD (2CDs - NEW!) $30.00                                                                                        Busting Out All Over, You Gotta Have Heart,
                                                                                                                      School Days, Easter Parade, Lazy Hazy Crazy Days
                                                                                                                      of Summer, We Need A Little Christmas and
POINTE TO POINTE                                                                                                      Halloween Megamix (no vocal).
Steven Mitchell & Mignon Furman              NEW!                                                                     STA 2074CD (CD - NEW!) $20.00
This double CD set contains one disc for a begin-
ning pointe class and one for an intermediate class.                                                                                            NEW!
All selections start with a 4 count intro and are                                                                     25 PRE-SCHOOL SONG & DANCE Vol. 8
repeated. The familiar melodies are played in                                                                         My Dancing Shoes & Me, A Shine On Your Shoes,
Steven’s rousing style. This music can take the fear                                                                  Fidgety Feet, Put Your Little Foot Out, The Soft
out of dancing on pointe! Musical selections from                                                                     Shoe Song, Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy, When I
opera, ballet and classical melodies.                                                                                 Grow Up, I Can’t Do That Sum, Three Little Fishes,
BSM 009CD (2CDs - NEW!) $40.00                                                                                        I’m A Little Teapot, Teddy Bears Picnic and more.
                                                                                                                      STA 4028CD (CD - NEW!) $20.00

NEW from Lisa Harris!                                                                                                                           NEW!
                                                                                                                      28 PRE-SCHOOL SONG & DANCE Vol. 9
                                                                                                                      A-You’re Adorable, Baby Take A Bow, Cuddle Up A
BALLET JEWELS - Lisa Harris                  NEW!                                                                     Little Closer, Five Foot Two, Little White Duck,
Recorded on a Steinway Piano this inspiring ballet                                                                    Mississippi Mud, No Can Do, School Days, Ragtime
class is played in Lisa’s own unique style. 24 unre-                                                                  Cowboy Joe, When The Red Red Robin, Whistle
peated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet                                                                      While You Work, Gimme A Little Kiss and more.
class. 44 minutes of music features familiar & clas-
sical melodies without singing or vocal instructions.                                                                 STA 4029CD (CD - NEW!) $20.00
The music was inspired by Michael Jackson,
Madonna, “Hair”, Chicago, Annie, Jersey Boys and                                                                                                    NEW!
features long bands for longer exercises.                                                                             18 PRE-SCHOOL BALLET Variations Vol.4
BLHBJCD (CD - NEW!)               $30.00                                                                              Entrance of the Dancers, The Little Doll, The Little
                                                           TAP DANCE MADE EASY                                        Skaters, Little Jack-In-The-Box, A Little Scottish
MICKY’S KISS - Lisa Harris                   NEW!          Eli Newsom & James Walz                      NEW!          Dance, The Little March, The Little Fairy Doll, The
A unique collection of original and familiar music         This double length CD contains 38 repeated solo            Little Tin Soldier, A Little Game Of Hop Scotch, My
without singing or vocal instructions for a complete       piano and percussion melodies for a complete inter-        First Turns, Making Friends and more.
ballet class. This double length CD contains 45            mediate tap class. Features original, familiar & classi-   STA 4034CD (CD - NEW!) $20.00
repeated solo piano melodies. Includes Angel Eyes,         cal music without singing or vocal instructions. There
The Man I Love, Autumn in NY, Yellow Bird, I Feel
Pretty, Summer Samba, Romeo and Juliet.
                                                           are shorter songs for center floor and exercises (ball
                                                           change, shuffle, flap, buffalo, waltz clog) and longer
                                                           songs for combinations and across the floor exercises.
                                                                                                                      2 COMPLETE SETS OF PRE-SCHOOL
BLH 09CD (CD - NEW!)               $30.00
                                                           BTD 03CD (CD - NEW!)            $25.00                     BALLET BARRE & CENTER Vol.4
                                                                                                                      Demi-Plies, Tendus, Ronde de Jambe a Terre,
WATER DANCE - Lisa Harris                    NEW!                                                                     Grands Battements Front & Back, Glissades &
A double length CD with 34 repeated solo piano             DANCING FINGERS - Michael Roberts             NEW!         Small Jumps, Releves & Passes, Picking Flowers,
melodies for a complete ballet class. It offers a unique   34 unrepeated tracks of original solo piano melodies       Tip-Toe, Wave The Flag, Follow The Leader,
collection of original and familiar music without          for a complete intermediate ballet class. These imagi-     Skipping Round, Ups N Downs and more.
singing or vocal instructions. Piano Concerto              native selections are extra long to accommodate both       STA 4035CD (CD - NEW!) $20.00
(Beethoven), Prelude (Chopin), The Man I Love              sides at the barre or several groups in the center.
(Gershwin), Lately (Stevie Wonder) & Waltz (Chopin).       Without singing or vocal instructions.
BLH 13CD (CD - NEW!)               $30.00                  BMR 09CD (CD - NEW!)               $32.00                     MORE NEW TITLES ON PGS. 10, 11, 13, 14!
Children’s Favorites: 45s on CD!
                                                                                                                        Tiny Tots Dances
Young Children’s Ballet                                         Tap, Jazz, & More                                      Novelties
BEst!                                                                                                                  LET’S DANCE! – Green Series         B Est!
                                                               DANCIN’ FUN!       BEst!                                Baby class hits. Includes Genevieve The Giraffe,
CHILDREN’S BALLET – Beginner-Advanced                          Novelty, Tap, Baby! I’m Ready for the Show Tonite,      How Do You Do, I’m A Bat, Squeaky The Mouse,
By Gertrude Hallenbeck. 3 selections vocal. Liberty            Tappin’ Out a Merry Beat, Ice Cream Treat, Fancy        Shy Lions, Spunky The Monkey, Pink Is For Little
Belles, Rally ‘Round The Flag, Bustles and Bows,               Dance Parade, Animal Talk, Nutty Little Squirrel, A     Girls, Lollipop Tree and Kimbo The Clown.
Victory Variety, Fringe, Feathers and Fads, Celluloid          Penny A Kiss, Toot the Flute, Let’s Join Hands,         KIM 9202CD (CD)             $20.00
Capers, That Swing Thing, Revelations; plus                    Rainbows and Carousel.                                  KIM 9202N (8 Routines) $12.00
Puddin’ Head Jones, I Can’t Do That Sum, Early                 KIM 9210CD (CD)            $20.00
Bird, Chop Suey, Shiny Music Box, Proud Little
Ponies and Plié and Relevé.
                                                               KIM 9210N (8 Routines) $12.00
                                                                                                                          Children’s Dances - Anna Marie Leo!
KIM 9215CD (CD)               $20.00                           RECITAL THEMES
KIM 9215N (15 Routines) $15.00                                 Novelty, Tap, Jazz – Intermediate. Another Op’nin’,
                                            BEst!              Another Show, Personality, Give Us Girls A Big
                                                               Hand, The Powder Puff Mob’s In Town, Life Has Its
BALLET FOR BEGINNERS – Intermediate                            Funny Little Ups and Downs, Hawaiian Cha Cha, I
My Magic Tutu, The Mermaid Ballet, Peppermint                  Enjoy Being A Girl and Look Ma, I’m Dancin’.
Candy Canes, Let’s All Dance Like a Daisy, This is
the Way We Learn Ballet, Cowgirl Ballet, The Kimbo             KIM 9212CD (CD)            $20.00
Polka, Petite Ballerinas, Little Wooden Puppet.                KIM 9212N (8 Routines) $12.00
KIM 9207CD (CD)
KIM 9207N (8 Routines) $12.00
                                                               IT’S ALL ABOUT DANCE Novelty Tap & Jazz
                                                                                                                       THE COLORS OF DANCE - Anna Marie Leo
                                                               Give Me the Dancin’ Life, Little Orphan Annie,
                                                                                                                       Vocals and Instrumentals! Blue Suede Shoes, Itsy
                                                               T.V. That’s for Me, I’m A Dingbat, Brand New
BABY CLASS HITS – Red Series                                                                                           Bitsy Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini, Red Red Robin,
                                                               Baby, Penguin Cha Cha, Charleston, Heart and The
Includes Left Foot-Right Foot, Tick Tock The Happy                                                                     Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White, Rainbow
                                                               Money Tree.
Clock, Little Apple Tree, I Must Practice Every Day,                                                                   Connection, Yellow Rose of Texas/Oh Susanna, My
                                                               KIM 9218CD (CD)         $20.00                          Blue Heaven, Pink Cadillac.
Baby Chicks, Tiny Tots Ballet, Katie The Kangaroo,             KIM 9218N (9 Routines) $13.50
Cuddly Ducks, I Have Learned A Ballet Dance, Be                                                                        STA 2069CD (CD)             $20.00
My Little Baby Bumblebee and Baby Face.
KIM 9201CD (CD)              $20.00                            IT’S JUST DANCIN’ Intermediate Tap & Jazz               SWEET DREAMS - Anna Marie Leo           B   Est!
KIM 9201N (8 Routines) $12.00                                  You Wonderful People, One (Chorus Line), Here           Vocals and Instrumentals! Candy Man, Good Ship
                                                               Come the British, Let’s Go Back To 1892, Good-          Lollipop, Sugar-Sugar, Candy Kisses, Cotton Candy-
                                           Est!                Bye Charlie, I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write         Toy Balloon, Sunshine-Lollipops-Rainbows & more.
CHILDREN’S NOVELTIES – Blue Series                             Myself A Letter, If I Had A Hammer and Kazoo            STA 2065CD (CD)            $20.00
Ideal for your baby classes. Plie & Relevé, Watch Me           Me Some Jazz. Vocals and Instrumentals!
Kick, Balancé, Skipping, Bunny Rabbit Blues, 5
Positions All In A Row, Deodorized Skunks, Dancin’
                                                               KIM 9219CD (CD)          $20.00                         DOLL DANCES - Anna Marie Leo            BEst!
                                                               KIM 9219N (8 Routines) $12.00                           Vocals and instrumentals! Hello Dolly, Oh You
Poodles, Little Tap Shoes, Hippety Hoppety Frogs,                                                                      Beautiful Doll, Dolly and Her Momma, Dungaree
Baby Take A Bow.
KIM 9200CD (CD)                $20.00                          ANIMAL RHYTHMICS                          B  Est!       Doll, Dance With the Dolly With The Hole in Her
                                                                                                                       Stocking, Paper Doll, Wedding of The Paper Doll
KIM 9200N (8 Routines) $12.00                                  Dancing Cuddle Bug, Aristo-Cats, Mother Goose
                                                               Parade, I Wuv a Wabbit, Parakeets in Tap Shoes,         (Instr), The Doll Dance (Instr).
                                                               Leopard Cats, Ellie the Elf, Chicken Pox for            STA 2051CD (CD)               $20.00
SHOW STOPPERS – Novelties                                      Christmas, My Special Date – Dad, Little Ducks, Fuzzy
Use Your Noggin’, Ain't Nobody Here But Us                     Wuzzy Caterpillar, Dancing Celery Stalks and            TAP BABY TAP - Anna Marie Leo            B Est!
Chickens, I’m A Flirt, Bunnies With a PH.D., Carolina          Spinning Tops.                                          Vocals and instrumentals! Baby Face, Pretty Baby,
In The Morning, Hobby Horse Trot, ‘Rithmetic and                                                                       Broadway Baby, You Must Have Been a Beautiful
Ge-Or-Gaf-Fee, Tots Bop, & Forsooth I Lost a Tooth.            KIM 9208CD (CD)            $20.00
                                                               KIM 9208N (10 Routines) $15.00                          Baby, Hello Ma Baby, Yes Sir, That’s My Baby,
KIM 9214CD (CD)              $20.00                                                                                    Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Baby Take A Bow.
KIM 9214N (9 Routines) $13.50
                                                               TIME TO DANCE!                            B Est!        STA 2020CD (CD)            $20.00

DANCING SCHOOL FAVORITES                                       Novelty, Tap, Baby. Charleston Fling, Tip Toe, The
For baby and beginner classes - tap, novelty and bal-          Dancing Elf, Let the Worry Bird Worry for You,          TAP THOSE FEET – Anna Marie Leo          B Est!
let! My Dancing Doll, Elegant Elephant, You’re Just            Honestly Daddy, Swing and Sway, Little Eskimos, My      Ain’t She Sweet, Million Dollar Baby, 42nd Street,
Happy, That’s All, Scarecrows, We Come From                    Teacher Made A Dancer Out of Me, Won’t You Come         Satin Doll, I Got Rhythm and Boogie Woogie &
Mars, I’d Rather Dance Than Eat, Dance of the                  and Dance with Me, Out in the Fields, Dancing           more. Includes Vocals and Instrumentals.
Wooden Shoes & Dancin’ ‘Round the Maypole Tree.                Leaves, Quack Said the Duck and Funny Little Bunny.     STA 2040CD (CD)            $20.00
KIM 9216CD (CD)            $20.00                              KIM 9209CD (CD)           $20.00
KIM 9216N (8 Routines) $12.00                                  KIM 9209N (8 Routines) $12.00
                                                                                                                       TAP FOR KIDS – Anna Marie Leo
                                                                                                                       Vocals and Instrumentals! I’ve Got The Sun in The
RECITAL FAVORITES                                              SONG AND DANCE FOR KIDS                                 Morning, Who’s Got The Pain, Orange Colored
Kimbo Bop, In A Dancin’ Mood, Clickety Clack On                Novelty, tap, baby to intermediate levels! Fireman      Sky, I’ve Got a Crush on You, Broadway Baby, Satin
A Choo Choo Train, Mr. Cricket, Pretty Rose, Little            Cha Cha, Mischief Bear, Donkey With the Crooked         Doll, You Gotta Have Heart.
Clouds, Up and Down, Point and Turn, Space                     Ear, Little Goody Two Shoes, I’m An Inchworm, Let’s     STA 2004CD (CD)             $20.00
Cadets, Naughty Dancing Shoes and Now We’re                    Tap In 3/4 Time, I Wanna Dance, Dance, Dance, and
Gonna Shine.                                                   Millie The Moth.                                        DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL – Anna Marie Leo
KIM 9213CD (CD)          $20.00                                KIM 9211CD (CD)           $20.00
                                                                                                                       Vocals and Instrumentals! Daddy’s Little Girl, Papa
KIM 9213N (8 Routines) $12.00                                  KIM 9211N (8 Routines ) $12.00                          Won’t You Dance with Me, Eight To the Bar, Papa
                                                                                                                       Loves Mambo, My Heart Belongs to Daddy & more.
BABY CLASS FAVORITES                                           START DANCIN’ – Novelties                               STA 2061CD (CD)            $20.00
Six Little Ducks, Elephant Rock, One-zy Two-zy,                Television Blues, Pretty Please, Everybody Dance, A
Mairzy Doats, Laughing Place, Clown Song,                      Hobo’s Life, Destination Moon, Beatniks, I’m
Dancing Puppet, Candy and Cake, I Am A Ballerina                                                                       TAKE ME TO BROADWAY – Anna Marie Leo
                                                               Learning to Speak French in Dancing School,             Thoroughly Modern Millie, Consider Yourself,
and Dollies.                                                   Wedding of The Kimbo Kids.
KIM 9217CD (CD)           $20.00                                                                                       Mama I’m A Big Girl Now, Surrey With The Fringe
                                                               KIM 9221CD (CD)              $20.00                     On Top, Gonna Wash That Man and more.
WWW.KIMBOED.COM/DANCE                                          KIM 9221N (8 Routines) $12.00                           STA 2056CD (CD)          $20.00
                                                                                                                     PERSONALITY SONG & DANCE
                More For Little Dancers                                                                              10 original dance numbers for little ones. Pony On
                                                                                                                     The Merry-Go-Round, I Like an Apple On A Stick,
                                                                                                                     Six Little Bunnies, Ven The Vippoorvills Zing, Golly
                                                                                                                     Golly Wallaboo, The Music Box Waltz, The C-A-T
                                                                                                                     Chased the Mouse and The Little Old Man with the
                                                                   Musical Comedy & Production                       Green Thumb & more. Vocals and instrumentals.
                                                                                                                     SR 900CD (CD)               $20.00
A Musical Story with Songs & Dances                B
                                                Est!                                                                 PERSONALITY SONG & DANCE                 BEst!
An entire recital production with tap, jazz, ballet and                                                              FOR LITTLE ONES
numbers for tiny tots. The Topsy-Turvy March,                                                                        10 original numbers will make your recital a hit!
Tweedledum and Tweedleedee, Copy-Cat Crows,                                                                          The Toymaker’s Song, My Dolly Never Grows, The
Caterpillar Express, The Tea Party Ballet, Lobster                                                                   Kitten Who Couldn’t Meow, I’m Mommy’s Little
Square Dance, The Absent-Minded Mice and more.                                                                       Helper, I Can’t Spell Hippopotamus, Twinkle Toes,
SR 800CD (CD)                   $20.00                                                                               A Jumping Bean, Billy Breeze & more. Vocals only.
SR 800N (Musical Score)         $10.00                                                                               SR 901CD (CD)              $20.00
THE MAGIC FOREST Songs, Dances, Pantomime
An entire dance production with the voices of Hansel
                                                                                                                     RECITAL THEMES FOR THE VERY YOUNG
                                                                                                                     16 exciting selections grouped into four easy-to-
and Gretel that tell the story and prepare for the                                                                   stage themes. Ideal for recitals or classwork.
stage. Whirling Strawberries, Magical Trees,                                                                         Themes include: My Four Seasons, At The Circus,
Grasshopper Ride, Forest Angels Ballet & more.                                                                       From Here To There and Ocean Scenes.
Choreography, staging & production notes available.
                                                                                                                     SR 751CD (CD)             $20.00
SR 830CD (CD)               $20.00
SR 830N (Notes)             $10.00
                                                                                                                     RECITAL HITS! for Little Dancers
                                                                                                                     A collection of 11 songs using a wide variety of
THE LEGEND OF TUMBLEWEED COUNTY                                                                                      styles for young children. Tap, Soft Shoe, Ballet,
Songs, Dances & Pantomime                                                                                            March Routine, Jazz, Character. Perfect recital
A complete cowboy and cowgirl production for                                                                         material. Dancing Sailors, Dream Ballet, Drum and
recital time. There’s tap, jazz, ballet and even a can-                                                              Bugle Corps, Those Hula Hands, Ballet Bouquet
can. In Tumbleweed County, Whirling Lariats, My                                                                      and many more. Vocal selections only.
Rag Doll, Can-Can, Hoe-Down and more.                                                                                SR 810CD (CD)               $20.00
SR 840CD (CD)                 $20.00
THE JOLLY PIED PIPER Songs, Dances, Pantomime                                                                        Pre-school Ballet Music from Statler!
12 songs for a production or for recitals. Includes
tap, jazz, ballet, children’s novelties. Show-offs,                                                                  PRE-SCHOOL Ballet Vol. 1                 B Est!
Swingin’ Teens, Kooky Kids, Tarantella and more.                                                                     33 selections: Complete Barre & Center. Plie, Port
SR 820CD (CD)                $20.00                                                                                  De Bras, Tendu, Battement Degage, Ronde De
SR 820N (Extensive Notes) $15.00                                                                                     Jambe, Passe, Grand Battement, Saute, Walks,
                                                                                                                     Skips, March, Little Runs, Stretches, Jumps, Waltz,
WATCH US GO Songs, Dances & Pantomime                                                                                Reverence and much more.
For a production or recitals. Ballet, Jazz, Tap,                                                                     STA 4003CD (CD)            $20.00
Musical Comedy! Ruffles and Ribbons, Oomp-Sadi-                                                                      PRE-SCHOOL Ballet Vol. 2
Adi, Join the Band, Miles of Smiles and more.                                                                        27 selections: Complete Barre & Center. Plies,
SR 850CD (CD)           $20.00                                    SHOW KIDS: PRESCHOOL RECITAL MUSIC                 Tendus, Ronde De Jambe, Frappes, Grand
SR 850N (Notes)         $10.00                               Each volume presents vocals and instrumentals of nine   Battement, Port De Bras, Stretches, Hippity Hop,
                                                              show-length ballet and tap dances by Anne Krohley.     Little Raindrops, Playmates, Passe, Walk, Little
                                                                                                                     Runs, Skips, Waltz, Gallops-Chasse, Jumps,
Dancing School Kids – A Favorite!                          Vol. 1: Teeny Tiny Ballerina, Best I Can Be, Happy        Marches, Reverence and much more.
                                                           Dancer, Look A Ballerina, A Show, Little Dancer,          STA 4013CD (CD)          $20.00
MAKE LEARNING TAP, PRE-BALLET, AND JAZZ STEPS EASY & FUN                                                                                                       BEst!
                                                           Dancers/Dancers, ShowKids and Flowers.
VOCALS & INSTRUMENTALS FROM EUGENIA SMITH                  AKS-4101CD (CD)           $20.00                          26 PRE-SCHOOL Ballet Variations Vol. 1
                                                                                                                     March of the Flower Girl, The Swan, Red Dancing
DANCING SCHOOL KIDS Vol. 1                         BEst!   Vol. 2: Amazing Tot, Superstar, Dancing Feet,             Shoes, Little Miss Dancer, My Darling Waltz, An
Hello, Rita Right and Larry Left, Good Good Toes,          Mini Mini Dancer, Happy Sparkling Ballerina, Royal        Old French Dance, Dainty Little Miss, Dance of the
Hop, Leap and Jump, Kick and Splash and more.              Dancer, A Genuine Ballerina, SuperTap Dance Kid           Butterflies, Silver Chimes, Party Clothes, Dance of
SE 1CD (CD)                       $32.00                   and Fabulous/Fantastic.                                   the Bee, Sleeping Beauty, Lady Bug Waltz, Oriental
                                                           AKS-5101CD (CD)           $20.00                          Dance, The Dancing Sailor and more.
DANCING SCHOOL KIDS Vol. 2                                                                                           STA 4004CD (CD)             $20.00
Fancy Hat Parade, Little Big, Galloping Horse, Suzy        Vol 3: Angel Ballerina, Tippy Tap Shoes, Sweet                                                      B  Est!
Saute, Teeter Totter, It’s A Beautiful Day and more.       Ballerina, Snazzy Jazzy Dancer, Wee Ballerina,            18 PRE-SCHOOL Ballet Variations Vol. 2
SE 2CD (CD)                        $32.00                  Dancing Kids, Definitely Me, Tap Dance Star and           My First Waltz, Sweet Forget Me Nots, Dance of
                                                           I’m A Ballerina.                                          the Robins, Basket of Roses, Waltz Ballet, Blue
DANCING SCHOOL KIDS Vol. 3                                 AKS-6101CD (CD)           $20.00                          Bells, In Poppyland, Carnations, June Breezes,
The Silly Dilly Dance, Heel and Toe, My Teddy Bear,                                                                  Dancing Leaves, Dainty Daffodils, Dance of the
Pencil Points, The Balloon Dance, DADDY & more.            Vol. 4: Tiger In A Tu Tu, Teeny Weeny Little Feet,        Tulips, Scented Violets, Gavotte Piquante & more.
SE 3CD (CD)                       $32.00                   Starlight Ballerina, Fairytale Ballet, Super Duper        STA 4014CD (CD)            $20.00
                                                           Wonderful, Circus Ballerina, Take A Guess and
DANCING SCHOOL KIDS Vol. 4                                 Petite Ballerina.                                         17 PRE-SCHOOL Ballet Variations Vol. 3
Tap and ballet songs: Happy Heels, It’s A Ducky            AKS-7101CD (CD)             $20.00                        La Prima Donna, Dance Polonaise, In A Flower
Day, I’ll Dance With My Dolly, Arabesque and more.                                                       B
                                                                                                        Est!         Garden, Petite Waltz, Music Box, Candy Man
                                                                                                                     Waltz, Turkish March, Morning Glories, Fireflies on
SE 4CD (CD)                      $32.00                    Vol. 5: Shim Sham Boogie, Baby Ballerina,
                                                           Cowboy Shuffle, Fairy Princess, Goodness                  Parade, Primrose Valse, La Cinquantaine & more.
DANCING SCHOOL KIDS Vol. 5                   Est!   B      Gracious, My Little Umbrella, Big Surprise, Dance         STA 4024CD (CD)           $20.00
Let’s Dance Together, Hello, Heel & Step, Kick Ball        For You, Teddy Bear and Me.
Change, Enter Princess, It’s Your Birthday & more.         AKS-8101CD (CD)             $20.00                        PRE-SCHOOL Ballet Barre & Center Vol. 3
                                                                                                                     32 selections: Complete Barre & Center. Demi
SE 5CD (CD)                       $32.00                                                                 B
                                                                                                        Est!         Plies, Tendus, Musical Statues, Horsies, Ronde De
                                                           Vol. 6: Tip Tap Toe, Cat In The Hat, Ballerina            Jambe A Terre, Battements Serres, Glissades, On
DANCING SCHOOL KIDS Vol. 6                Est!     B       Kisses, Tippy Toe Ballerina, Dooby Doo, Sunshine          Your Toes, Waltzing Dolls, Pogo Sticks, Take A
Do A Dance If You’re Happy, Mini Rockettes,                Ballerina, Twinkle Toes, Dancing is Fun and Bunny         Bow, Releves & Small Jumps, Hop & Stop, Jump
Hollywood, Valentine Waltz, Bunny Boogie & more.           Ballerina.
                                                                                                                     Over The Moon, That’s All Folks and more.
SE 6CD (CD)                     $32.00                     AKS-9101CD (CD)             $20.00
                                                                                                                     STA 4026CD (CD)            $20.00
More Music from Statler!
                                                                                            Dancing School Favorites
The Jolly Clown, Look at Me, I Nod My Head, Peek-
A-Boo, The Train, Ten Little Fingers, My Parasol,
Ring Game, My Magic Hat, Rocking Chair Rock,                                                                  Rosemary Boross - Children’s Ballet
Take My Picture, The Dinky Doo, The Big Parade,
I Just Say TV, Higgidy Piggidy, Silly Samba & more.                                                           BEst!
STA 4005CD (CD)                 $20.00                                                                        A FANTASY GARDEN BALLET CLASS
                                                                                                              Rosemary Boross
                                         BEst!                                                                A unique ballet class associating ballet steps with
30 PRE-SCHOOL SONG & DANCE Vol. 2                                                                             flowers or garden characters. Includes warmups,
Miss Molly Cottontail, Oh, You Beautiful Doll, Red                                                            elementary ballet steps, centre floor and across the
Rubber Boots, Fido, Tambourine Time, Never Smile                                                              floor combinations with vocal and instrumental
At a Crocodile, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, 5 Foot                                                             selections of each. Ideal for preschoolers!
2 - Eyes of Blue,Going To The Seashore, Banjo Bill,                                                           NS 001CD (CD)                        $25.00
Popcorn Polka, Circus In the Sky and more.                                                                    NS 001N (Notes)                      $10.00
STA 4006CD (CD)               $20.00                                                                          KTR 1338DVD (DVD - 40 Min.) $22.95
26 PRE-SCHOOL SONG & DANCE Vol. 3                                                                             A FANTASY GARDEN
We Are the Kids of the Chorus, Broadway Style, Gee                                                            BALLET CLASS I I R. Boross                 B
Whiz (I’m in Show Biz), Curtain Time, Cutie Kids                                                              More fun exercises and characters for your
Can Can, Footlight Fever, Dancing Windmills. Tattle                                                           preschoolers. Centre floor and across the floor
Tail Duck, Little Toy Train, My Scottie Dog, Jumpin’                                                          work with vocals and instrumentals of each song.
Jack, Little Brown Bear, Drummer Boy and more.                                                                Leaping Lady Bugs, Friendly Frogs, Caterpillar
                                                                                                              Circle, Prancing Petunias and more.
STA 4010CD (CD)                 $20.00
                                                                                                              NS 003CD (CD)                    $21.00
                          BEst!                                                                               NS 003N (Notes)                  $10.00
20 PRE-SCHOOL SONG & DANCE Vol. 4                                                                             KTR 1472DVD (DVD)                $22.95
Are My Ears on Straight, Baby Take a Bow, The
Pussy Cat Song, Best Friend, Miss America, Dance                                                              I’M A BALLERINA NOW R. Boross               B
Ballerina Dance, I’ve Got No Strings, Toyland,                                                                Complete pre-ballet class for ages 5-8 introducing
Twinkle Twinkle, Tick-Tack-Toe, Gingerbread                                                                   barre work. Includes vocals and instrumentals. The
Bounce, The Woman In the Shoe and more.                                                                       DVD shows a real ballerina performing the same
STA 4015CD (CD)              $20.00                                                                           steps the child is working on.
                                                                                                              NS 006CD (2 CDs)                    $32.00
                                                                                                              NS 006N (Notes)                     $10.00
19 PRE-SCHOOL SONG & DANCE Vol. 5                                                                             KTR 1412DVD (DVD - 40 Min.) $22.95
I Know a Game, My Teddy, Dancing Bear, Let’s
Make Believe, Kitty Kat, The Growing Up Song,
The Lost Doll, Good Morning Song, Pop Goes the                                                                BABY BALLET R. Boross                       BEst!
Weasel, Sunshine Song, Hickory Dickory, Mittens                                                               An introduction to the world of ballet for ages 4-6.
and Kittens, Toy Piano Minuet and more.                                                                       Complete barre and center work with repeated tracks.
STA 4016CD (CD)               $20.00                                                                          Plies, Tendus, Coupe Passe, Grand Battement, Port
                                                                                                              De Bras, Saute, Spring Points, Chasse & more.
19 PRE-SCHOOL SONG & DANCE Vol. 6                                                                             NS 028CD (CD)                  $21.00
Happy Fluffy Bounce, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick                                                              KTR 2231DVD (DVD)              $22.95
Maker, Birdies In a Tree Top, Toy Piano Minuet,
Funny Bunny, Playing Soldiers, The Gum Drop Tree,                                                             THE EXOTIC ANIMAL REVUE R. Boross
March of the Lollipops, Little Bo Peep, Little Grey                                                           Ballet music for ages 3–8, is perfect for class use, or
Squirrel, Winkum Winkum, Hippity Hop and more.                                                                recitals. Ballet, jazz and tap to songs like The Jungle
STA 4020CD (CD)                $20.00                                                                         Monkey Swing, The Hippo Hop, If I Were A Penguin
                                                                                                              and more. Includes vocals and instrumentals.
                          BEst!                                                                               NS 023CD (CD)                    $21.00
Animal Train, Polka Dot Puppy Polka, The Froggy                                                               THE NUTCRACKER Rosemary Boross
Hop, The Monkey Swing, The Penguin Wobble, Busy                                                               This edited version of the classic holiday ballet has
Bee Boogie, Baby Chick Chick, I’m A Latin Kid from                                                            been arranged for children’s classes. Classic melodies
Old Madrid, Ballad of The Sad Giraffe, Lulu The                                                               with story narration take youngsters into the world of
Kangaroo, Wee Rockettes, Ballerina Bear and more.                                                             Clara, Her Nutcracker Prince, The Mouse King and
STA 4021CD (CD)               $20.00                                                                          The Snow Queen. 29 tracks with all of the Doll
                                                                                                              Dances, Divertissments, Party Music & more.
                                                                                                              NS 010CD (CD)                 $21.00
Ballet Plus Holiday Tap Tunes             B  Est!                                                             THE PRECIOUS JEWELS BALLET R. Boross
25 songs include Plie, Tendu, Degage, Adagio Stretch,                                                         A fully orchestrated series of 10 pieces, each 2-1⁄2 to
Pirouette, Petite Allegro, Pique and Chaine, Grand                                                            3 minutes in length, and a finale. For ages 4-12.
Allegro, White Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, I Saw                                                             Each selection focuses on a different jewel and is
Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Rudolf, March of The                                                               designed for a complete recital or for individual use.
Toys, Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland & more.                                                                  Original pieces range from classical to novelty.
STA 4019CD (CD)                  $20.00                                                                       NS 004CD (CD)                  $21.00

                                                                                                              DANCING FOR KIDS Rosemary Boross
BEst!                                                                                                         Three separate beginner dance classes for ages 4-6
                                                                                                              where children learn the basics of ballet, tap and
                                                        CREATIVE MOVEMENT for Young Dancers
SONG AND DANCE FOR LITTLE ONES                                                                                jazz! These classes are taught by Rosemary Boross,
                                                        Two creative movement workouts for children ages
12 original songs and dances. Includes vocals and                                                             a renowned teacher in the art of training children in
                                                        2-4 and 5-8. Melissa Lowe’s classes are designed to
instrumentals. Each Time I Turn and Spin, If I Am                                                             dance. The dances are demonstrated and explained
                                                        improve body awareness and foster self-confidence,
To Learn Ballet, I Love Dancing, What Teacher Tells                                                           step-by-step, followed by a performance by
                                                        emphasizing motor skill development, coordination
Me To, At My Dancing School, A Lonesome Little                                                                Rosemary and her preschool students. Includes
                                                        skills, limbering and muscle-toning. Ideal for home
Butterfly, Do You Like The Polka? and more.                                                                   Baby Ballet, Tot Tap and Junior Jazz programs.
                                                        or studio. 90 Minutes.
SR 700CD (CD)              $20.00                       KTR 1353DVD (DVD) $22.95                              KTR 2804DVD (DVD - 90 Min.) $22.95
                Pre-Ballet Favorites                                                                               CHILDREN’S SONGS for PRE-BALLET
                                                                                                                   by Dennis Buck
                                                                                                                   Familiar songs and nursery rhymes recorded on
                                                                                                                   twin pianos. Old King Cole (march), Over the River
                                                                                                                   and Thru the Woods (gallop), Mary Had A Little
PRE-BALLET FOR BEGINNERS                                                                                           Lamb (variations), The Swan (from “Carnival of the
Dennis Buck & Laura Danette                 B Est!                                                                 Animals”), Mother Goose Suite medley (Ravel),
                                                                                                                   London Bridge and more.
18 original and classical selections guide the young
dancer in technique from floor to barre, center to                                                                 KIM 9224CD (CD)            $20.00
across the floor, creative movement to révérence.
Emphasis on alignment, stretching, strengthening,
locomotor skills, rhythmic training and creative
                                                                                                                   MY FIRST BALLET CLASS                 BEst!
expression. Includes suggested exercises.                                                                          Music for Pre-Ballet Class – Nigel Gaynor
                                                                                                                   29 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete
KIM 9220CD (CD)              $20.00
                                                                                                                   pre-ballet class. Original, familiar & classical music
                                                                                                                   without singing or vocal instructions. This imagina-
PRE-BALLET – A CLASS FOR                                                                                           tive class contains tracks like Carnival of the
THE VERY YOUNG                              BEst!                                                                  Animals, The Wizard of Oz and more. Nigel takes
Dozens of original compositions ideal for pre-ballet                                                               the class from high energy to slow relaxation.
class. Includes barre, centre, and creative dance                                                                  BNG 08CD (CD)                 $32.00
material. Complete notes with suggestions for use as
class advances. It’s Time To Begin, Ballet Walk,                                                                   PAS DE TOT – Pre-Ballet Class
Demi-plie & Releve, Jumps, The Ballet Doll, Walk,                                                                  Beth Bogush & Steven Mitchell
Stamp, Tiptoe, Hop, Marching and more.
                                                                                                                   27 repeated solo piano melodies for seated cen-
SR 750CD (Vol. 1 – CD) $20.00                                                                                      ter work and barre and exercises across the floor.
SR 752CD (Vol. 2 – CD) $20.00                                                                                      I’m A Little Tea Pot, Row Your Boat, Frére
                                                                                                                   Jacqués, Twinkle Twinkle to the Barre, Fancy
BALLET FOR LITTLE ONES                                                                                             Dancin' Fanny, Soft Shoe Lu-Lu Grahn, Yankee
                                                                                                                   Doodle and a show stopping finale.
14 imaginative selections (4 with lyrics) ideal for the
youngest dancer. Contains 3/4, 4/4 & 6/8 tempos.                                                                   BSM 03CD (CD)             $30.00
Dream Ballet, Santa Claus Ballet, Don’t Be A Sad
Ballerina, Toy Ballet and much more.                                                                               ON YOUR MARK: Music for Pre-Ballet
SR 902CD (CD)              $20.00                                                                                  Patricia Hall Loring & Steven Mitchell
                                                                                                                   31 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete
                                                                                                                   pre-ballet class. Original, familiar and classical
THE DANCING CHILD – Pre-Ballet                                                                                     music without singing or vocal instructions. With
Constance Reynolds & Dennis Buck            B Est!                                                                 percussion, bells, and whistles, this CD is fun and
Imaginative selections ideal for the youngest dancer                                                               will prod the imaginations of your students and pro-
(ages 5-7). Includes simple barre and centre work,                                                                 duce giggles, surely. Parades, stories, dances!
adage, allegro and movements on the diagonal, as                                                                   BSM 06CD (CD)                $30.00
well as five dances for performance.
KIM 1019CD (CD & Notes) $20.00
                                                                                                                   INTO THE GARDEN - Music for Pre-Ballet
FIRST CLASS - Music for Pre-Ballet                                                                                 Gayle Corkery & John Hopkins
Lynn Stanford & Nancy Bielski                                                                                      Simple stretches, exercises and a series of short
35 repeated solo piano selections of improvisational                                                               dances ideal for imaginative and improvisational
melodies for a complete pre-ballet class. Many dif-                                                                movements. 27 solo piano melodies with a slight
ferent rhythms include March, Skip, Waltz, Emboite                                                                 contemporary sound for a complete pre-ballet class.
and Polka. This music creates a sense of timing and                                                                BOD 2679CD (CD)             $32.00
coordination in beginning dancers.                                                                                 BOD 2679DVD (DVD)           $33.00
BOD 9122CD (CD)             $32.00
                                                                                                                   THE MAGIC WAND – Lisa Harris
PRE-BALLET MUSIC                                                                                                   30 repeated melodies for a complete pre-ballet
Constance Reynolds & Dennis Buck                                                                                   class. Inspire little ones to dance with I’m a Little
This double length CD develops poise, flexibility,                                                                 Teapot, Spoonful of Sugar, On the Good Ship
coordination and grace in young students through                                                                   Lollipop, Let’s Go Fly a Kite, Winnie the Pooh,
the use of carefully graded rhythmic exercises.                                                                    Beauty and the Beast, It’s A Small World After All,
Contains simple barre exercises, adage and allegro                                                                 Tomorrow and more. Double length CD.
and 18 simple routines. Ages 4-8.                                                                                  BLH 10CD (CD)                $30.00
KIM 10157CD (CD)          $32.00
KIM 10157N (Notes)        $10.00                                                                                   CIRCUS DAY – Music for Pre-Ballet
                                                                                                                   Gayle Corkery & Tim Grundmann
MERMAIDS AND BUTTERFLIES                                                                                           24 repeated familiar circus songs and popular
Music For Pre-Ballet Class                                                                                         melodies arranged into a complete pre-ballet class.
Gayle Corkery & Steven Mitchell                                                                                    Explores movements of circus performers and ani-
30 solo seasonal piano melodies include barre, cen-                                                                mals. Take a circus train to the barre and imitate
tre and traveling steps. July 4th March, Winter                                                                    tightrope walkers in the center.
Skaters, Easter Bunny Dance and more.                                                                              BOD 2370CD (CD)             $32.00
BOD 9328CD (CD)           $32.00
                                                                                                                   DANCE MUSIC
THE VISUAL DICTIONARY OF BALLET                           BEst!                                                    FOR PRESCHOOL CHILDREN
                                                          MUSIC for the BEGINNER’S BALLET CLASS                    Original music and nursery rhyme variations to
FOR CHILDREN Rosemary Boross                                                                                       accompany basic rhythmic movements (runs,
A 2 hour complete visual dictionary and class for         Joseph Levinoff Barre & centre floor technique for the
                                                          beginner ballet class. Develops strength, style,         jumps, hops, skips, gallops etc.). Children move to
the beginner ballet student. Terminology, tech-                                                                    Jack & Jill, Rockabye Baby, Mary Had A Little
nique, movements, positions, steps and more. A            endurance and projection. Contains 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and
                                                          6/8 tempos. With one exception, all selections are in    Lamb and much more.
great training tool and reference guide that can be
                                                          32 bar phrases with repeats. Pianist — Gladys Celeste.   SR 407CD (CD)              $20.00
used for years to come.
KTR 2876DVD (DVD) $32.00                                  SR 600CD (Vol. 1 – CD)          $20.00
                                                          SR 601CD (Vol. 2 – CD)          $20.00                     WWW.KIMBOED.COM/DANCE
MUSIC FOR THE BALLET DANCER                    BEst!
Marina Svetlova & Theodor Haig
This double length CD was produced under the direc-
                                                                                                              Ballet For Everyone
tion of Marina Svetlova, internationally famous balle-
rina, formerly of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo &
former Prima Ballerina of the Metropolitan Opera.                                                                                             BEst!
Music for Barre and Centre is by Schubert, Bach,
Paulli, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and more. All Levels.                                                                   MUSIC FOR THE BALLET CLASS SERIES
See web site for choreographic suggestions.                                                                         BARRE AND CENTRE FLOOR TECHNIQUE FOR ELEMENTARY, INTER-
SR 4001CD (CD)                $32.00                                                                                MEDIATE AND ADVANCED LEVELS. BY JOSEPH LEVINOFF.
                                                                                                                    This series contains a wealth of music for a com-
                                                                                                                    plete ballet class. The aim is to develop strength,
E. Laura Hausmann                                                                                                   style, endurance and projection in dance quality. All
                                                                                                                    selections are in 32 or 64 bar phrases with repeats.
STUDIO TO STAGE            BEst!                                                                                    NEW - Go to for detailed
Ballet Class Music – E. Laura Hausmann                                                                              choreographic suggestions for each CD.
A new collection for all levels! Extra long bands with
music from Chopin, Strauss, Puccini, Glinka, and                                                                    SERIES 1 & 2: Double length CD. 44 selections with
others, plus some all-new originals. All songs are                                                                  music by Tschaikovsky, Verdi, Rimsky-Korsakoff,
recorded at Lincoln Center on a Steinway Grand                                                                      Rossini, Beethoven, Chopin, Grieg, Offenbach,
Piano. This is simply the best music, ever, to go                                                                   Gounod and others. Pianist: Leo Solow.
from the studio to the stage! Pianist, Arkadiy Figlin.                                                              SR 40910CD (CD)            $32.00
LH-11CD (CD)                  $32.00
                                                                                                                    SERIES 3: 22 beautiful solo piano selections with
THE BEST OF THE BEST                                                                                                music by Mendelssohn, Czerny, Burgmuller, Paulli,
E. Laura Hausmann                                                                                                   Puccini, Tschaikovsky, Lovensjold, Donizetti & more.
This ballet class includes favorites from today’s new                                                               Pianist: Gladys Celeste Mercader.
ballets and the world’s treasured classics. Extra long                                                              SR 411CD (CD)               $20.00
bands feature music from Pacquita, La Corsaire,
Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Swan Lake, La Bayadere,                                                                   SERIES 4: 22 classical solo piano selections with
Don Quixote, The Nutcracker and others.                                                                             music by Schubert, Liszt, Delibes, Lovensjold,
LH-7CD (CD)                   $32.00                                                                                Czerny, Chopin, Donizetti, Drigo, Paulli & others.
                                                                                                                    SR 412CD (CD)               $20.00
HOT AND COOL Ballet Class Music              BEst!                                                                  SERIES 5: 22 classical solo piano selections. Music
E. Laura Hausmann                                                                                                   by Liszt, Delibes, Burgmuller, Martin, Rossini,
Extra-long bands with several choices for a full barre,                                                             Glazounov, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and others.
center, and combinations. The style is with a new,                                                                  SR 413CD (CD)               $20.00
fun flair that is performed by New York City Ballet
accompanist, Arkadiy Figlin.                                                                                        SERIES 6: 22 classical solo piano selections. Music
LH-8CD (CD)                  $32.00                                                                                 by Haydn, Smetana, Schumann, Strauss, Liszt,
                                                                                                                    Czerny, Franck, Hertel, Glazounov and others.
LOVE TO DANCE: Ballet Class Music                                                                                   Pianist: Gladys Celeste Mercader.
E. Laura Hausmann, Pianist: Arkadly Figlin                                                                          SR 414CD (CD)               $20.00
Fun, energetic favorites including Give My Regards
to Broadway, When the Saints Go Marching In, My                                                                     SERIES 7: 22 Classical solo piano selections. Music
Bonnie plus classics by Chopin, Schumann,                                                                           by Minkus, Drigo, Tschaikovsky, Grieg, Liszt,
Beethoven, Strauss and others. Almost 78 minutes                                                                    MacDowell, Schubert, Paulli and others.
of music with extra-long bands all recorded at                                                                      Pianist: Gladys Celeste Mercader.
Lincoln Center Studios on a Steinway Grand Piano                                                                    SR 415CD (CD)               $20.00
to have an incomparable sound quality.                                                                                                                           BEst!
LH-10CD (CD)                 $32.00                                                                                 SERIES 8: 22 classical solo piano selections. Music
                                                                                                                    by Paulli, Gounod, Scarlatti, Czerny, Poldini,
                                                                                                                    Kohler, Drigo, Brahms and others.
BEst!                                                                                                               SR 416CD (CD)               $20.00
MUSIC FOR BALLET – PURPLE SERIES                                                                                    SERIES 9: 22 selections beautifully play by Gladys
Over 40 minutes of music for beginner-intermediate                                                                  Celeste Mercader. Music for Barre and Centre
class. Plié, Tendu, Dégagé, Rond de Jambe, Relevé,                                                                  Floor Technique by Donizetti, Lumbye, Czerny,
Little Jumps/Pas de Bourrée, Stretch/Pas de                                                                         Delibes, Glazounov, and Massenet.
Bourrée, Battement, Port de Bras, Balancé, Jumps,
Skip/Galop, Révérence, Waltz, Honky Tonk and                                                                        SR 417CD (CD)              $20.00
more. Instrumental only.
KIM 9206CD (CD)              $20.00                                                                                 SERIES 10: The final CD release in this popular
                                                                                                                    series! 22 classical solo selections beautifully played
                                                                                                                    by Gladys Celeste Mercader. Rossini, Czerny,
MUSIC FOR BALLET – ORANGE SERIES                          BEst!                                                     Adams, Donizetti, Cherepnin, Glazounov and more.
A delightful collection of music for the intermediate                                                               SR 418CD (CD)                 $20.00
ballet class. Plié, Tendu, Dégagé, Rond de Jambe,         CLASSICS FOR KIDS – D. Howard & M. Jelks
Fondu, Adagio, Frappé, Élèves & Relevés,                  A solo piano recording to introduce very young
Battements, Pirouettes, Balancé, Allegro, Echappé         dancers to familiar melodies. Includes music from         BEst!
                                                          Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, Flower
& Relevé, Big Jumps, Turns, Révérence, Chassé,
                                                          Festival and La Bayadere.                                 DANCER’S CHOICE – Angela Rinaldi
German Dance, Mazurka, Waltz and more.                                                                              43 inspiring, classical solo piano arrangements by
Instrumental only.                                        BOD 9224CD (CD)            $32.00
                                                                                                                    Seattle dance musician, Angela Rinaldi. Includes
KIM 9205CD (CD)              $20.00                                                                                 selections by Chopin, Strauss, Offenbach and
                                            B  Est!
                                                          BALLET LESSON – N. Bielski & J. Speidel
                                                                                                                    Kabalevsky and three original compositions by
MY FAVORITE BALLET CLASS 1 & 2                                                                                      Angela. Variable lengths and tempo changes for all
Lisa Harris                                               The prefect CD for any ballet class. 28 solo              level classes. Waltzes, Tango, Adagio and more!
                                                          original and familiar melodies with music from            AR 3CD (CD)                  $25.00
A double length CD with 43 repeated solo piano            classical to jazz. The tracks are arranged into barre
melodies for a complete ballet class. Features origi-     and center exercises with the music for the barre exer-
nal and familiar music without singing or vocal           cises repeated in the same track.
                                                                                                                    Roni Mahler Presents A BALLET CLASS
instructions. Wind Beneath My Wings, Do Re Mi,                                                                      Pianist – Dennis Buck. A beginner ballet class with
Wonderful Tonight, NY State of Mind, Pachelbel’s          BOD 2678CD (CD)               $32.00                      musical selections that range from Stravinsky to
Canon, Memory from Cats, Puttin’ On the Ritz,             BOD 2678DVD (DVD) $33.00                                  Gilbert and Sullivan, from Borodin to Eubie Blake.
Fiddler On The Roof, S’wonderful, Skylark & more.                                                                   Barre work, center floor & across the floor patterns.
BLH 02CD (CD)              $30.00                            WWW.KIMBOED.COM/DANCE                                  KIM 3085CD (CD)             $20.00
                                                                                                                     Patience Clements Ballet Music
         More Ballet Favorites                                                                                       NEW PIANO MUSIC
                                                                                                                     for THE DEDICATED DANCER
                                                                                                                     Patience Clements & Susan Jaffe            B Est!
                                                                                                                     35 original solo piano melodies for a complete
Gertrude Hallenbeck & Dennis Buck                                                                                    intermediate ballet class. From plies to fouettes, it's
                                                                                                                     all here. The tracks are not repeated but this CD
A BALLET CLASS                                                                                                       contains at least 2 tracks for every exercise. 70
WITH SCOTT JOPLIN MUSIC                      B    Est!                                                               minutes of varied, wonderful melodies.
20 bands of Scott Joplin music specifically arranged                                                                 PCC 04CD (CD)                $32.00
and played for a complete ballet class. Joplin’s music
is inspiring and will give your class a real lift. Maple
                                                                                                                     NEW PIANO MUSIC
Leaf Rag, Swipesy, Rosebud, The Entertainer,                                                                         for BALLET CLASS Vol. 2
Harmony Club, Great Crush Collision, March                                                                           Patience Clements & Peggy Burkes
Majestic, Bethena, Cleopha and more. Routines by                                                                     A double length compact disc with 34 unrepeated
Gertrude Hallenbeck.                                                                                                 solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate
KIM 1012CD (CD & Notes) $20.00                                                                                       ballet class. 78 minutes of music. Selected by
                                                                                                                     Pointe Magazine as one of their top recommenda-
                                             BEst!                                                                   tions for Barre and Center work.
A BALLET CLASS Gertrude Hallenbeck                                                                                   PCC 02CD (CD)              $32.00
A complete technical ballet class with music by
Gershwin. Barre and centre. Extensive notes
emphasize body placement, amplitude and elasticity,                                                                  BEst!
body waves, balance combinations, turns, leaps and                                                                   MUSIC AND MISTLE TOES - Steven Mitchell
more. Rhapsody In Blue, Someone To Watch Over
Me, The Man I Love, Fascinatin’ Rhythm and more.                                                                     50 minutes of original and familiar holiday tunes
                                                                                                                     for ballet class. 26 selections include Jingle Bells,
KIM 3005CD (CD)                 $20.00                                                                               Toyland, Rudolph’s Hot Red Tango, Feliz Navidad,
KIM 3005N (Notes)               $10.00                                                                               What Child Is This?, Parade Of the Tin Soldiers,
                                                                                                                     Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Over The River...,
BALLET ON BROADWAY Dennis Buck                                                                                       Sleigh Ride, We Need A Little Christmas and more.
Enjoy tunes from Broadway shows which have been                                                                      BSM 08CD (CD)                 $30.00
especially arranged for twin pianos to turn your
studio or home into a Broadway theatre. Includes
selections from 42nd Street, Girl Crazy, Annie Get
Your Gun, Barnum and more.
                                                                                                                     DANSOUNDS – Nancy Malmed
KIM 9086CD (CD)                $20.00                                                                                BEst!
                                                                                                                     CLASSICS for THE BALLET CLASS VOL. 1
CHILDREN’S BALLET MUSIC                  BEst!                                                                       20 musical selections appropriate for beginner
A collection of ballet music for beginner to interme-                                                                through advanced. Chopin, Faure, Grieg,
diate students. There are 12 piano selections and                                                                    Mendelssohn, Joplin, Brahms, Czerny and Mozart.
routines. Pasquinade, Punchinello, Struttin’ Along,                                                                  DS 001CD (CD)                $20.00
Aragonaise, Cute As Cotton and much more.
Routines by Gertrude Hallenbeck.
                                                                                                                     CLASSICS FOR THE BALLET CLASS VOL. 2
KIM 3000CD (CD)                   $20.00
                                                                                                                     19 selections for beginner through advanced. Music
KIM 3000N (Notes)                 $10.00
                                                                                                                     by Chopin, Bach, Joplin, Schubert, Stravinsky,
                                                                                                                     Berlioz, Debussy, Drigo, Strauss and others.
MUSIC FOR BALLET Gertrude Hallenbeck                                                                                 DS 002CD (CD)                 $20.00
This refreshing ballet CD was arranged in a classical
style to the timeless melodies of Cole Porter, Richard                                                               THE SPIRIT OF MOVEMENT VOL. 3
Rodgers, Irving Berlin and Lerner and Loewe!. Each                                                                   21 selections by Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Molchanov,
selection is 2 to 3 minutes in length. Music is from                                                                 Glazounov, Chopin, Mendelssohn and others.
such Broadway shows as Sound of Music, My Fair                                                                       DS 003CD (CD)               $20.00
Lady, Call Me Madam, Oklahoma, Annie Get Your
Gun, Can-Can and more.                                                                                               CLASSICS FOR THE BALLET CLASS VOL. 4
KIM 3003CD (CD & Notes) $20.00                                                                                       Excerpts from ballets “Le Corsaire” and “Don
                                                                                                                     Quixote” and operas “Carmen” and “Il Trovatore.”
IN A CLASS BY ITSELF Gertrude Hallenbeck                                                                             Also Chopin, Schubert, Grieg, Brahms and more.
                                                                                                                     19 selections in all.
American music of the 1890’s brought back in a
fresh style for this complete ballet class. Barre and                                                                DS 004CD (CD)              $20.00
centre floor technique plus a variation for beginner,
intermediate or advanced. After the Ball, Hello My
                                                                                                                     HARMONY IN MOTION VOL. 5
Baby, Daisy Daisy, Kiss Me Again and more.                 A TRIP TO ITALY Music for Ballet Class                    Two full ballet classes for all levels. Longer than
                                                           Steven Mitchell & J. Hammann                              usual bands. Rebikoff, Minkus, Glazounov, Strauss,
KIM 3006CD (CD & Notes) $20.00                                                                                       Khachaturian and more.
                                                           26 unrepeated piano and violin melodies without
                                                                                                                     DS 005CD (CD)                $32.00
                                                           vocals. Features familiar and classical music that com-                                               BEst!
MUSIC FOR BALLET CLASS                                     bine melodies from Italy and Italian style American       CLASSICS FOR THE BALLET CLASS VOL. 6
Darla Hoover & Joe Morra                    B Est!         melodies. From tarantellas to songs about love, every-
                                                           one will want to dance to this collection.
                                                                                                                     For all levels. Features works by Mendelssohn,
Beautiful, simple improvisations offer many ener-                                                                    Bach, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Ravel, Gershwin
getic fast tempos for barre work and center. This CD       BSM 04CD (CD)                 $30.00                      and much more.
does not contain repeated tracks but offers long tan-                                                                DS 006CD (CD)              $20.00
gos, waltzes and grand allegros along with music for       BEst!
Pique Turns and Fouettes. 30 tracks.                       HITS FROM THE STAGE & SCREEN                              CLASSICS FOR THE BALLET CLASS VOL. 7
BWK 10099CD (CD)                  $32.00                   Music for Ballet Class - D. Howard & S. Mitchell          Ideal for all class levels. 19 works by Chopin, Bach,
                                                           30 familiar melodies from Broadway shows, movies          Mendelssohn, Albeñiz, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky,
INSPIRED BY BROADWAY                                       and television. The solo piano pieces are repeated for    Corelli, Levitski, Delibes, Brahms and more.
David Stein & Kristine Elliott                             a complete ballet class without singing or vocal          DS 007CD (CD)                   $20.00
27 Broadway classics move you from simple tendu,           instructions. Hits from Chicago, Phantom, Grease,
                                                           Evita, Our Town, Jekyll & Hyde, Titanic, State Fair,      THE FIRE WITHIN – CLASSICS VOL. 8
through complex calypso rhythms to a dynamite                                                                        Two complete ballet classes with longer bands.
grand allegro. Music of the Night/All I Ask of You,        Cats, West Side Story, Oliver, Willy Wonka and more!
                                                                                                                     Massenet, Dvorak, Minkus, Chopin, Rachmaninoff,
Hello Young Lovers, Embraceable You and more.              BOD 9951CD (CD)              $30.00                       Brahms, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glinka and more.
IB-3CD (CD)                    $37.00                                                                                DS 008CD (CD)              $32.00
NEW LOWER PRICING! A Wealth Of Ballet Music!
                                                                                                             More Ballet Favorites
By Joseph Levinoff
Double length CD’s from elementary through
advanced levels for barre and centre-floor exercises.
                                                                                                                         A DANCER’S CLASS
Selections are in 32 and 64 bar phrases with repeats.                                                                                                              B    Est!
                                                                                                                         David Howard & Dmitry Polischuk
NEW - Go to our web site -
                                                                                                                         31 original and familiar solo piano melodies
for detailed choreographic suggestions for each CD.
                                                                                                                         arranged into barre and center exercises. Center
VOL. 1: Music: Meyerbeer - L’Africaine; Pugni -                                                                          work includes five allegros, two pirouettes and music
Esmeralda “Pas de Deux”; Glazounov - Grand Valse de                                                                      for pointe work and all steps. Intermediate class.
Concert; Tchaikovsky - Pas de Deux; Chopin - Mazurka.                                                                    BOD 2574CD (CD)                     $32.00
22 selections. Pianist: Gladys Celeste Mercader.                                                                         BOD 2574DVD (DVD - 1 hr.) $33.00
SR 450CD (CD)                  $25.00 $32.00
VOL. 2: Music: Bellini - La Somnambula; Grieg-
Holberg Suite; Mendelssohn - Scotch Symphony;
                                                                                                                         Tatyana Featherman Ballet Music
Glazounov - Raymonda; Chabrier - Bourree Fantasque.
22 selections. Pianist: Gladys Celeste Mercader.                                                                         VOLATUS – Advanced Ballet                 B    Est!
SR 451CD (CD - BEST!) $25.00 $32.00                                                                                      30 selections of great classical music for the most
                                                                                                                         advanced levels of study. Each track includes a 4
VOL. 3: Music: Bellini - Norma; Chopin - Grand                                                                           count introduction and long, non-repetitive bands.
Rondo de Concert; Schubert - Symphony in C                                                                               Inspiring accompaniment helps teachers challenge
Major; Von Suppe - Donna Juanita; Czerny - Etude -                                                                       students technically and artistically guiding them to
22 selections. Pianist: Dennis Buck.                                                                                     their highest level of achievement.
SR 452CD (CD)                $25.00 $32.00                                                                               WFP 803CD (CD)                $32.00
VOL. 4: Music: Adam - Le Diable a Quatre; Mozart -
Concerto in D Major; Brahms - Intermezzo; Puccini -                                                                      FIRMARE – Intermediate Ballet
Tosca; Delibes - Lakme. 22 selections. Pianist: D. Buck.                                                                 31 folk tunes and melodies from famous ballets.
SR 453CD (CD)                 $25.00 $32.00                                                                              Extra long unrepeated tracks for both sides of the
                                                                                                                         barre and large groups in the center. Class finishes
VOL. 5: Music: Verdi - La Traviata; Ravina -                                                                             with 9 different allegro melodies. Easy-to-follow
Harmonius Etudes; Concone - Triumphal March;                                                                             music for all levels of study.
Joplin - Augustine Club Waltz. 22 selections.                                                                            WFP 802CD (CD)                 $32.00
SR 454CD (CD)               $25.00 $32.00
VOL. 6: Music: Verdi - Aida: Von Bloc - Express
Train; Joplin - Binks Waltz; Bizet - Carmen; Delibes                                                                           Dmitri Roudnev’s Ballet Music
- La Source. 22 selections. Pianist: M. Raffa.
SR 455CD (CD - BEST!) $25.00 $32.00
VOL. 7: Music: Concone - Nocturne; Nollett -
Melodious Etudes; Bizet - Carmen; Tomasi - La Grisi;
Chabrier - Espana Waltz. 22 selections. Pianist:
Maria DeRise Raffa.
SR 456CD (CD - BEST!) $25.00 $32.00
VOL. 8: Music: Delibes - La Source; Hubleur - Valse
Lente; Minkus - Don Quixote; Shostakovich - La
Valse; Gottschalk - Polka de Concert. 22 selections.
Pianist: Maria DeRise Raffa.
SR 457CD (2 CDs - BEST!) $25.00 $32.00
COMPLETE SET – All 8 Volumes
Purchase all 8 Volumes and save money! This collec-
tor’s item set of classical music will complete your       CURTAIN CALL – Nancy Vrana               B
library of quality ballet music for years.                 70 minutes of elegant music in the classical style with       BEst!
SR 450SCD (8 CDs)              $150.00 $200.00             graceful phrasing and clarity. Repeated barre pieces          Dmitri Roudnev’s
                                                           of at least 64 counts, with varied tempos for centre          BALLET CLASS MUSIC VOL. X
                                                           and extra long bands for diagonal work.                       28 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete bal-
DANCING NOTES                                              NV 5942CD (CD)               $32.00                           let class. Dmitri develops his classes to reflect his
Anthony Randazzo & Nina Pinzarrone       BEst!                                                                           experiences as a soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet. The
This double length CD contains 27 repeated, classi-        TUNE IN AND TURN OUT                                          music, played by Tatyana Busygina, has clear
cal melodies on solo piano for a complete ballet class.                                                                  accents and tempos and is suitable for all levels and
                                                           Behind Barres Vol. 8 – J. Rice & P. Lewis                     pointe work. No singing or vocal instructions.
CD booklet contains a complete set of written notes
for each selection of music.                               19 different melodies from the world of television of
                                                                                                                         BDR 10CD (CD)                 $32.00
                                                           extra long unrepeated solo piano tracks. Classic TV
BPN 01CD (CD & Notes)           $30.00
                                                           themes from “Mr. Ed”, “I Dream of Jeannie” and                                                          B    Est!
                                                           “The Addams Family” are combined with music from              RECORDED IN RUSSIA - Dmitri Roudnev
BALLET CLASSICS for BALLET CLASS                           more recent shows. This intermediate ballet class is          33 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete
Henry Berg & Nina Pinzarrone                               complete with two marathon Tendu combinations.                intermediate ballet class. Beautiful, original selec-
This beginning ballet class contains many allegros,        Double length CD.                                             tions, recorded in Russia by Irina Szypkina follows
waltzes, mazurkas and gallops perfect for the very         BBB 08CD (CD)               $32.00                            the teaching style of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.
young dancer. This double length CD features 38                                                                          Strong tempos and clear accents without singing or
repeated selections of familiar and classical music.                                                                     instructions.
BPN 04CD (CD)                    $30.00                    LESSON 15 - A Beginning Pointe Class                          DR 8CD (CD - 68 Min.)        $32.00
                                                           100 LESSONS IN CLASSICAL BALLET                               DR 8DVD (DVD/79 Min.) $40.00
TOGETHER AGAIN                                             Oleg Briansky & Natalia Pinelis
Professional Ballet Classwork                              Direct from Russia, 29 repeated solo piano melodies for       RUSSIAN BALLET SCHOOL Dmitri Roudnev
Glenn Gilmour & Nina Pinzarrone                            a complete ballet class. Original and classical music with-   Piano Music from Russian Ballet School. 32 selec-
37 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete             out vocal instructions or singing. Made for both sides at     tions for complete ballet class. Performed by Irina
intermediate ballet class. Contains a complete set of      the barre and combinations in the center.                     Szypkina, former accompanist for the Bolshoi
written notes created by Mr. Gilmour for each selec-       BOD 2575CD (CD)                $32.00                         Academy in Moscow. Suitable for all levels and
tion of music. This double length CD offers familiar       BOD 2575DVD (DVD) $33.00                                      pointe work. Lovkovsky, Duran, Mashkoff, Shitte,
and classical music.                                                                                                     Strauss, Schubert, Verdi, Petrov and more!
BPN 02CD (CD & Notes)           $30.00                          WWW.KIMBOED.COM/DANCE                                    BDR 09CD (CD)                 $32.00
             Lynn Stanford & More                                                                                FOR STARTERS - John Parkinson                          NEW!
                                                                                                                 “For Starters” is just what the title says. All the
                                                                                                                 music on this CD is perfect for training very young
                                                                                                                 dancers. Each melody is easy to follow and the beat
SONGS FROM MY CHILDHOOD                   BEst!                                                                  is always there. This single disc of original music is
                                                                                                                 arranged by John Parkinson for a simple ballet
Lynn Stanford
An entire ballet class performed to children’s songs                                                             class, but the music is perfect for short improvisa-
and nursery rhymes. Barre and centre for all levels.                                                             tional dances, too. At the end of the class, there is
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, On Top Of Old                                                                      a long waltz, mazurka and coda that really get the
Smokey, Edelweiss, Just A Spoonful of Sugar, Stars                                                               kids moving. Total playing time – 70:18.
and Stripes Forever and more.                                                                                    BJP 02CD (CD - NEW!)            $25.00
BOD 8401CD (CD)                $20.00
                                            B Est!                                                               BALLET ALBUM - John Parkinson
                                                                                                                 42 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete bal-
SONGS FROM MY CHILDHOOD VOL. 2                                                                                   let class. The original energetic tracks will keep the
Lynn Stanford                                                                                                    class moving along at a quick pace. There are at
36 children’s songs and nursery rhymes for 2 com-                                                                least two selections for every step plus music for
plete ballet classes and 11 variations. Turkey In The                                                            alternate steps and extra tracks for center work.
Straw, Froggy Went A-Courtin’, Bippitti Boppitti                                                                 Includes pull-out insert with counts for all tracks.
Boo, Billy Boy, Rubber Ducky, Chitty Chitty Bang
                                                                                                                 BJP 01CD (2 CD Set)              $49.00
Bang, Doe A Deer and more.
BOD 8404CD (CD)                  $32.00

                                                                                                                 Vladimir Issaev                                       BEst!
This is Lynn’s first album of solo piano music for                                                               BALLET TECHNIQUE CLASS VOL. 5
the ballet class. 22 repeated bands of improvisa-                                                                30 tracks of repeated solo piano music perfect for a
tional melodies for a complete barre and centre. A                                                               simple Vaganova ballet class. The selections are all
                                                                                                                 64 counts long with the traditional two count port
studio favorite and a best-seller!
                                                                                                                 de bras ending. This CD ends with 10 big allegro
BOD 8001CD (CD)                   $20.00                                                                         tracks for large jumps and traveling combinations.
                                                                                                                 No jazzy show tunes or familiar melodies here. All
CHRISTMAS MUSIC                           BEst!                                                                  the selections are either classical or original.
for BALLET CLASS VOL. 1 Lynn Stanford                                                                            BBT 5CD (CD)                     $32.00
An entire ballet class using favorite Christmas carols
and holiday songs. Silent Night, White Christmas,
Deck The Halls, Silver Bells, I Saw Mommy Kissing                                                                Josu Gallastegui Ballet Music
Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Winter
Wonderland and The First Noel are among its 20
                                                                                                                       “A superb
                                                                                                                 BEst! – Mikhail musician with a remarkable sensitivity for ballet”
extra-long unrepeated bands.
BOD 8302CD (CD)                 $20.00                                                                           CHANGE OF SCENE – Music from Spain
                                                                                                                 & Latin America Arranged for Ballet Class
CHRISTMAS MUSIC                                                                                                  16 stunning selections for ballet barre – including three
for BALLET CLASS VOL. 2 Lynn Stanford                                                                            choices for plie – and an additional 13 selections for
19 extra-long bands for a complete class include Oh                                                              center. Includes Perez-Prado’s Mambo No. 5, Ramos’
Christmas Tree, I Saw Three Ships, Let It Snow,                                                                  Milonga Surea No. 5, Roig’s Quiéreme Mucho &
Blue Christmas, French Christmas Carol, Do You                                                                   Gallastegui’s Romanza sin Palabras. 93 Min.
Hear What I Hear?, Rockin’ Around the Christmas                                                                  SUG 2710CD (2 CDs)                $32.50
Tree, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and more.
BOD 8915CD (CD)                $20.00
                                                                                                                 Music for Modern Dance
MORE LYNN STANFORD                                                                                               ETHEREAL - Jeremy Nasta
MUSIC FOR BALLET CLASS                     BEst!                                                                 14 selections in a variety of tempos and moods with
This breathtaking evolution in class music includes                                                              instrumentation in Marimba, Percussion, Timbales,
music for barre and centre. 20 extra-long, unre-                                                                 Bass & Piano. Mellow Marimba, Adagio, Hungarian,
peated bands capture Lynn’s most creative improvi-                                                               Change of Season, Up Beat, Melodica, Give Me
sational melodies.                                                                                               Space, Correlation in 4 and much more. Acoustic
BOD 8301CD (CD)               $20.00                                                                             piano/percussion and (some) vocal music that com-
                                                                                                                 bines a world sound with classical composition.
MUSIC FOR BALLET CLASS                                                                                           JN-1CD (CD)                      $20.00
Lynn Stanford & David Howard               B   Est!
Two complete classes with selections containing
barre, centre and variations. These jazzy melodies                                                               Simply The Best Ballet Dvds!
for dance include pliés, two sets of tendu, dégagé,
frappé, rond de jambe à terre and en l’air, fondu and                                                            VIDEO DICTIONARY
grand battement. Centre floor includes stretch, ada-                                                             OF CLASSICAL BALLET                  Est! B
gio, piqué and fouetté turns.                                                                                    Over 800 variations in Russian, French & Cecchetti
BOD 8201CD (CD)                $32.00                                                                            styles. Many movements are shown in slow motion
                                                                                                                 with narrative descriptions. Positions and directions,
                                                                                                                 barre, linking steps, centre practice, pirouettes,
BEst!                                                                                                            adage, allegro, batterie, pointe and enchainements.
BROADWAY BALLET - Lisa Harris                                                                                    The only reference you’ll ever need! 270 Min.
62 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete                                                                   KTR 1100DVD (DVD)                $50.95
intermediate ballet class. Over sixty different
melodies from Broadway musicals in this two disc         COMPANY CLASS - Lisa Harris
set. Everything from Gershwin to Tchaikovsky with        Music for ballet. 29 songs for longer combinations      Bob Rizzo’s TO THE POINTE!
several selections for each exercise. Includes hits      with love in mind. Various composers and some           Former American Ballet Theatre ballerina Michelle
from: Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, Sound of           spanish themes, broadway melodies, and some clas-       Benash provides exercises and guidelines that
Music, Cats, Into the Woods, Rent, Oklahoma,             sical. Love Me Tender, Party Doll, Waltz in Spain, At   develop technique and strength on pointe. Four
Cinderella, Fiddler on the Roof and many more!           The Ballet, Pathetique, Secret Love, For No One,        sections: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
                                                         Santa Lucia, Waltzing Matilda and more.                 Barre and Center, Variation. 60 Minutes.
BLH 27CD (CD)                 $42.00
                                                         BLH 26CD (CD)                   $30.00                  RBP–39DVD (DVD)               $43.00
       Tap Your Troubles Away                                                                     TAP DANCE TUNES                           B  Est!
                                                                                                  A variety of all-time favorite music for simple tap
                                                                                                  routines and easy, enjoyable exercises. Selections
                                                                                                  include: Happy Days, Sweet Georgia Brown,
                                                                                                  Shuffle Off To Buffalo, Sing, Sing, Sing, Stop Time
BEst!                                                                                             Waltz, Let’s Tap in 3/4 Time, Steam Heat, One,
DANCIN’ WITH VICKI JO BOYER                                                                       You Were Meant For Me and more.
Original jazz and tap routines with a big band sound.                                             KIM 9121CD (CD)               $20.00
Show stopping routines: Hard Hearted Hannah,
Shuffle Off To Buffalo, Blues In The Night, 42nd
Street, Hooray For Hollywood, Sing, Sing, Sing, By                                                TOT TAP - Rosemary Boross                 B  Est!
Myself, Everything Old is New Again, Lulu’s Back in                                               A fun-filled introduction to the world of tap dance
Town, Steam Heat and more.                                                                        for children four through six. Learn the basics of
KIM 4065CD (CD)              $20.00                                                               tap including toe taps, heel taps, shuffles, cramp
KIM 4065M (Notes)            $10.00                                                               rolls and more. Ages 4-6. 30 Minutes.
                                                                                                  NS 029CD (CD)                 $21.00
LET’S TAP Over 40 minutes of music for
                                                                                   The Land of
                                                                                     Sweet Taps   SWEET TAPS - Rosemary Boross              B  Est!
Intermediate to Semi-Advanced tap routines. The                                                   A beginner tap class filled with songs for ages 4-8.
Lady Is A Tramp, Zing Went The Strings, Sunny                                                     The basics – shuffles, cramp rolls, toe and heel
Side Of The Street, Easy To Love, Tap Your                                                        drops, as well as barre, centre and floor progres-
Troubles Away, Candy Man, You Took Advantage                                                      sions. Includes The Peppermint Stick Strut, The
Of Me, Java, Three Little Words, The Best Things                                                  Jelly Roll Cramp, The Lollipop Jig & more with
In Life, Jumping With Joy, Them There Eyes, Basin                                                 vocal instruction and instrumentals of each song.
Street (stop time), Happy Feet, How Lucky Can You                                                 NS 005CD (CD)                $21.00
Get? (soft shoe), 42nd Street (stop time) & more.                                                 NS 005N (Notes)              $12.00
KIM 9204CD (CD)             $20.00
                                                                                                  START TAPPIN’
TAP MUSIC FOR TAP DANCERS                        BEst!                                            Judy Ann Bassing & Steven Mitchell         B  Est!
                                                                                                  Original and familiar music for a complete begin-
Hip Jazz for Hip Kids David Leonhardt                                                             ning tap class. 14 repeated tracks of easy-to-follow
Piano, drums and bass renditions of hit songs like                                                rhythms. Music for simple exercises and tap com-
Are You Sleeping, When You Wish Upon A Star,                                                      binations. No vocal instructions or tap sounds.
The Old Man, Never Never Land, Flintstones, Route                                                 Basic exercises for teaching time steps, buffalo,
66, My Favorite Things, Somewhere Over the                                                        shuffles, turns and basic across-the-floor work.
Rainbow and more. Shelly Oliver directs the tempos
                                                                                                  BOD 9954CD (CD)               $20.00
and stop time that are perfect for tap dancing.
BBR–9570CD (CD)             $25.00
                                                                                                  Hi-NRG TAP with Gregg Russell              B    Est!
                                                                                                  For the intermediate to advanced tapper. Music from
FIRST TAP FOR ADULTS                                                                              Gregg's DVD with his approach that expands the
Music for Beginning Tap Class                                                                     traditional style of tapping while keeping the respect
Judy Ann Bassing & Steven Mitchell              B
                                                Est!                                              it deserves. Warm-up - At The Edge, Drumkick,
11 bands of great dancin’ music for adults who are                                                Routines: Mad Love Montage and Wired. You'll have
starting out in the world of tap. The selections, some                                            the music for hours of steps and rhythms to work on.
familiar, some original, present a complete tap class,                                            RBP-61CD (CD)                  $32.00
including exercises and centre floor work.
BOD 9641CD (CD)               $20.00
Bob Rizzo’s TAP JAMZ
Tap class just got better! Mark Santoro presents 18                                                TAP TAP BOOM! Jared Grimes
unrepeated tracks to enhance your tap class and                                                    Join Jared as he blasts you out of your tap "com-
inspire your choreography. Styles include Musical                                                  fort zone" and into a place of self-expression
Theatre, Soft Shoe, Military, Funk, Latin and more.                                                through a warm-up and three explosive combina-
Includes Bling, Bling, Curtain Up, Texas Swing                                                     tions. Jared's charisma motivates dancers and
Shift, Soft-Shoe Serenade, Old Manhattan & more.                                                   allows them to learn choreography in a relaxed
                                                                                                   state, encouraging steady gains and progress.
RBP–117CD (CD)               $32.00
                                                                                                   Intermediate to advanced levels. A 60 Min. class!
                                                                                                   BTP 10DVD (DVD)             $44.00
Judy Ann Bassing & Don Tipton                                                                                               BEst!
14 unrepeated original and familiar orchestrated                                                   CHARLES KELLEY’S TAP CLASSICS
melodies without vocals or tap sounds. Perfect for
                                                                                                   TWO classic tap videos on one DVD! Includes
a complete tap class. Each selection has a differ-
                                                                                                   Turns For Tap – from simple step turns to Barrel-
ent rhythm and sound with emphasis on percus-
sion. Frank’s Place, Jerry Lee Loose, Rock Rap                Dynamite Tap DVDs!                   roll and Windmill. Traveling, circling and spot
                                                                                                   combinations, and "specialty" turns for more
Tap, Snaps & Taps, Old Times, Hot Latin, Love
                                                                                                   advanced routines & Tappin' Rhythm – over 50
and Marriage, Pop Up, 3/4 Time and more.
                                                                                                   time steps, breaks and combinations! The steps
BOD 2267CD (CD)             $20.00                                                                 are taught from both front and rear views. For
                                                                                                   beginner to advanced levels. 90 Minute DVD.
Bob Rizzo’s TAP ACTIONS              Est!      B                                                   RBP–62DVD (DVD)            $47.00
Music for Today’s Tap Class - Mark Santoro
For Beginner to Advanced. 28 orchestrated selec-                                                   FULL METAL TAP Keith Clifton             B
tions are designed for barre and center work.                                                      Keith leads you through routines that combine
Selected tracks are repeated and available in three                                                innovative phrasing, classic tap and the unique
lengths: Short, Long & Extra Long. Practice shuf-                                                  “Clifton” edge. Rockin’ rhythms and fast foot-
fles, slaps, flaps, riffs, pullbacks, riffles, cramp-rolls,                                        work designed for the intermediate/advanced tap
paradiddles and more. Includes additional complete                                                 dancer. Learn several warm-up steps, variations,
songs for use in choreography and routines! Big                                                    and two full-length routines, demonstrated from
Band, Swing, Techno and Hip Hop.                                                                   both front and rear views.
RBP-123CD (CD)                     $32.00                                                          RBP-55CD (CD)              $32.00
                                                                                                   RBP–55DVD (DVD)            $43.00
17 TAP & JAZZ TUNES - Vol. 8
                                                                                     Jazz & Hip Hop
Showtime on Broadway, Jump Shout Boogie,
Brazil, Charleston Ragtime, Annie Medley, Give My
Regards to Broadway, Popularity, Join the Circus,
Come Follow the Band, Keep Smilin’, Keep
Dancin’, Meco’s Theme, C’est Magnifique, Give Me
a Break, Marty Feldman Two Step and more.
                                                                                       Amazing Instrumentals - Get Up & Dance!
STA 4038CD (CD - NEW!)            $20.00                                               DANCE CLUB MUSIC
                                                                                       Jazz, Hip Hop & Fitness                     BEst!
                                                                                       The versatility of this club music makes it very useful
NEW!                                                                                   for multiple genres of dance -- in a studio setting or
20 TAP & JAZZ TUNES - Vol. 9                                                           for a large group presentation. The music flows well
One, Across 110th Street, Banana Boat Song,                                            from one tempo to the next in a logical sequence –
Broadway Medley, All That Jazz, Rockette Fever,                                        a must have for any dance professional! Original
You’re the Tops, Shakin’ the Blues Away, Turkish                                       pieces spark motivating warm-ups, center work,
Delight, Grant Avenue, Roxy, Just One of Those                                         across-the-floor combinations, and choreographic
Things, Sea Breeze, Gentleman Jim, Rich Man’s                                          ideas for the teacher and the students. Great music!
Frug, International Revue Medley and more.                 Join the Hip-Hop Craze!     KIM 9223CD (CD)             $15.95
STA 4039CD (CD - NEW!)            $20.00

KOOL KIDS Mega Dance Mix for Children                                                  KIDZ HIP HOP JAM Gregg Russell              B Est!
Using simple, catchy tunes that children can pick                                      Are you ready to get funky? Join Gregg Russell in a
up with ease, KOOL KIDS will be the hit of your                                        hour long class, including warm-up, across the floor,
dance class. A variety of styles to choose from!                                       two routines, and a freestyle circle at the end. Each
Includes music for Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap and                                     section has easy-to-follow breakdowns of some of
Musical Comedy.                                                                        todays’ hottest moves. The class is appropriate and
RBP–118CD (CD)              $32.00                                                     fun for ages 7-12, includes some breakdance moves
                                                                                       and shows you ways to make Hip Hop class a blast.
BEst!                                                                                  RBP-60DVD (DVD)             $47.00
Fun, Fresh & Friendly Dance Music!                                                     HIP-HOP KIDZ Learn To Hip Hop Dance!
Terrific, kid-friendly dance music for class and rou-                                  Danced by Kidz! Taught by Kidz! Learn to Hip Hop
tines! Boogie down to 20 tracks of fully orchestrat-                                   Dance! Jammin’ music and pumpin’ moves ideal for
ed HIGH ENERGY music! Contains the music from                                          learning Hip-Hop. Fun, easy and great exercise. 35
the above DVD plus more.                                                               Minutes. For ages 8 and up.
RBP-122CD (CD)                $32.00                                                   MAD 6DVD (DVD)              $22.95

ULTIMATE HIP HOP Gregg Russell                                                         ALL THAT DANCE Keith Clifton
3 fun routines for beginning, intermediate and the                                     Keith takes you through high energy Jazz, Lyrical,
advanced Hip Hop dancer. Gregg includes easy-to-                                       and Ballet choreography that’s as delicate as it is
follow breakdowns, fun energy, and a sharing                                           powerful. For the intermediate and advanced
respect for the art form of Hip Hop. 60 Minutes.                                       dancer, the three routines are taught in segments
RBP–51DVD (DVD)               $43.00                                                   with both front and back views. Jazz routine - The
                                                                                       Chase, Lyrical routine - For The Love and Ballet
                                                                                       routine - Autumns Song. About Variety! About Fun!
BEst!                                                                                  RBP–56DVD (DVD)             $43.00
HIP HOP TO THE TOP Barry YoungBlood                                                    RBP–56CD (CD)               $32.00
Learn four exciting and fresh Hip Hop routines.
Follow Barry’s energetic personality and dynamic                                       BASIC JAZZ TECHNIQUES Dan Youmans
style as he takes you step-by-step through each                                        Basic jazz techniques and ballet guide the dancer
dance, teaching the moves slowly and clearly from                                      through barre and center floor work. Vocals and
the back. Advanced beginner through advanced lev-                                      instrumentals. I Don’t Know Where I Stand, I’m All
els. DVD - 70 Minutes.                                                                 Smiles, Bye, Bye Black Bird, Opus Jazz & more.
RBP 64CD (CD)              $20.00                                                      KIM 3015CD (CD)            $20.00
RBP 64DVD (DVD)            $47.00                                                      KIM 3015N (Notes)          $10.00

DRUMS AND KEYS – E. Laura Hausmann                                                     A DANCE CLASS with PETER GENNARO
Music for Jazz, Modern & Contemporary Dance                                            Warm-ups, jazz/tap exercise and routines. Stimulat-
                                                                                       ing rhythmic patterns with basic movements and
Extra-long bands feature over 75 minutes of never
                                                                                       techniques for all ability levels. Fun City, Beautiful
before heard music with the energy of drums and
                                                                                       Doll, Pete’s Feet, Candy Man, Proud Mary & more.
the melody of piano from New York City's top dance
accompanists. This music is very jazzy and can be                                      KIM 9065CD (CD )               $20.00
used in any jazz class for isolations and stretches.                                   KIM 9065N (Notes )             $10.00
Features 20 unrepeated melodies.
LH-9CD (CD)                  $32.00

                                                                                       JAZZ BEATS Hip Dance Music
BASIC JAZZ MOVEMENTS Jane Dodge                                                        Jazz Beats is THE complete music CD you’ll need
10 fully orchestrated instrumentals for jazz exercis-                                  for your Jazz class. Whether it be Pop, Rock, Jazz or
es, patterns and technique. Call Me, Green Onions,                                     Lyrical; Jazz Beats will provide all the beats to keep
Rockin’ In Rhythm, Stealing Apples, Cute, Summer                                       your body movin’. Great for choreography and rou-
Samba, Janie’s Theme, Ol’ Man River and more.                                          tines. 19 unrepeated pop music melodies include
KIM 4080CD (CD)              $20.00                                                    Come Along, Magnolia Rain Out of My Head, Girls
KIM 4080N (Notes)            $10.00                                                    Rule, Blue Cheese Stomp, Whazzup and more.
                                                        WWW.KIMBOED.COM/DANCE          RBP–119CD (CD)                $32.00

                                                                                                                    Broadway Dance Center Dvds!
                  More Dance Hits                                                                                   Broadway Dance Center in NYC, known worldwide as the leader in dance train-
                                                                                                                    ing, brings you instructional DVDs encompassing the highest quality dance tech-
                                                                                                                    nique & cutting edge choreography! Join Toni, Frank and Desmond!

                                                                                                                    CREATIVE MOVEMENT
                                                                                                                    FOR 3 & 4 YR. OLDS Toni Noblett                Est!             B
                                                                                                                    Teaching the tiny dancers is one of the foremost
JUNIOR JAZZ Rosemary Boross                   B  Est!                                                               challenges of dance education. Toni Noblett gives
Ages 4-6. Exciting percussion music for a high-ener-                                                                you the basic tools to plan a movement curriculum
gy class. 4 different styles of step-by-step jazz dances                                                            for beginning dancers. It features games that will
include a theatre style, hip-hop, rock style & swing.                                                               equip the youngest students to function in next year's
NS 030CD (CD)                          $21.00                                                                       tap, ballet, or jazz dance class. A 60 Min. class!
KTR 2233DVD (DVD - 30 Min.) $22.95                                                                                  BTP 09DVD (DVD)                   $44.00

Miss Christy’s DANCE CLASS                                                                                          DANCE FOR KIDS 8 & UP
Beginner Jazz, Tap & Ballet! Christy Curtis teaches                                                                 with Desmond Richardson
very simple beginning steps to several young dancers                                                                Desmond guides you through a “basic warm-up” to
using easy-to-follow music. Each style has its own                                                                  get your muscles limber and then some very effec-
class that develops coordination, balance, rhythm                                                                   tive “across the floor” combinations. He also creat-
and strength. They are presented as formal dance                                                                    ed an exciting, choreographed contemporary dance
classes where steps are first shown slowly then faster                                                              combination emphasizing; musicality, level changes,
and finally with music. 102 Minutes.                                                                                dynamics and spatial awareness.
BIN 55736DVD (DVD)               $24.00                                                                             BTP 24DVD (DVD)                 $63.00

                                                                                                                    JAZZ Frank Hatchett
DANCING DRUMS & RHYTHMS                                                                                             Join Frank in three easy-to-follow routines perfect
By Montego Joe, percussionist. 16 drum and per-                                                                     for beginner to advanced dancers. Unique camera
cussion rhythms from Africa, Cuba, Haiti, Brazil,                                                                   angles facing the mirror allow you to learn as
Trinidad and Puerto Rico. Includes Chango,                                                                          though you were in his class. Frank’s choreography
Maracatu, Bossa Nova, Shango, Watusi, Ibo, La                                                                       is exciting and is a blend of strength and a get-down
Bomba and more.                                                                                                     street smart feeling based on individual interpreta-
KIM 6060CD (CD & Guide) $20.00                                                                                      tion. His unique spirit is called VOP. 60 Minutes.
                                                                                                                    BTP 02DVD (DVD)                   $44.00
Ballroom CDs
                                                                                                                    “JAZZ X 3”
Enjoy The Plush Sounds of                                                                                           Bob Rizzo, Gregg Russell, Rhonda Miller       Est!               B
“The Dancing Strings”, “The Dancing                                                                                 Jazz combinations and short routines designed for
Brass”, “The Latin All Stars” and                                                                                   class and choreography. From Bob’s Broadway jazz
“The Roper Dance Orchestra”!                                                                                        approach, to Rhonda’s edgy style, to Gregg’s high
                                                                                                                    energy athletic style, there’s something for every-
ALL GOOD SELLERS!                                                                                                   one. Turns, jumps, kicks, floor work and more!
                                                                                                                    Designed for the intermediate level dancer, but also
A LATIN HAPPENING                             NEW!                                                                  demonstrated for beginner and advanced. 90 Min.
13 selections. 2 Tangos, 2 Merengues, 2 Mambos,                                                                     RBP–63DVD (DVD)                 $55.00
2 Cha Cha numbers, a Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble,
Bossa Nova and more.
RR 1041CD (CD - NEW!) $20.00
                                                                                                                    MUSIC JAM Vol. 3
                                      BEst!                                                                         Bob Rizzo
18 selections. Tango Du Rita, The Cha Cha Song,                                                                     The newest and coolest Music
                                                                                                                    Jam yet! This CD features ter-
Yesterday (Rumba), Mambo Pablon, Por Un Pelito             COOL TUNES                                               rific tracks of fully orchestrat-
(Merengue), Viennese Waltz Medley, Enjoy Yourself
(Samba), Inspiration (Tango) and more.
                                                           Tap Music Vol. 5 - David Leonhardt         NEW!          ed music for use in class and
                                                           Tuxedo Junction, Young at Heart, Night and Day,          routines. Features JAZZ, HIP
RR 1322CD (CD)             $20.00                          Our Love Is Here to Stay, Blues Shuffle, They Can’t      HOP, TAP BROADWAY & More !
                                                           Take That Away From Me, Solar and more.                  RBP 127CD (CD - NEW!) $35.00
DANCE AROUND THE WORLD                                     BBR 9571CD (CD - NEW!) $25.00
11 selections. Uno! (Tango), Waltzes from Sari,                                                                     THE CHALLENGE
Querido Juan (Cha Cha), Manana (Samba), El                 TAP TUNES Germaine Salsberg                NEW!          Tap Music Vol. 3 - David Leonhardt                              NEW!
Bandolero (Paso Doble) and much more.                      16 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete           Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, Summertime,
RR 1327CD (CD)            $20.00                           intermediate tap class. Several songs are recorded at    Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Bye Bye Blackbird,
                                                           two different tempos. A swing waltz, a military song,    Georgia on My Mind, Autumn Leaves, I Got
NICE ‘N’ EASY                                              soft shoe and triplets tunes, a broadway-style cut and   Rhythm, Late Night Blues, That’s All and more.
12 selections. Blue Tango, Difficult for You - Easy for    more. Shuffle On Down, Strike It Up and others.          BBR 9567CD (CD - NEW!) $25.00
Me (Mambo), Buenos Noches Mi Amor (Cha Cha),               BBR 130CD (CD - NEW!)             $32.00
Tennessee Waltz, Walter Winchell Rumba, Non
Dimenticar (Rumba), Heartaches (Cha Cha) & more.
RR 1315CD (CD)              $20.00                         THE TAP CD Germaine Salsberg                NEW!         FROM EAST COAST TO WEST COAST
                                                           29 repeated all-piano tracks for a complete interme-     Sara Jo Fazio
                                                           diate tap class. Features short cuts at varying tempos   Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Good, Create Yourself, It’s
DANCE AROUND PICADILLY                                     for barre or center exercises, and 7 long cuts for
10 selections. Last Tango In Paris, Chelsea Cha                                                                     Gettin’ Hot, Miles of Smiles, Let’s Party, Shake, I
                                                           across floor and combinations. A jump rhythm piece,      Don’t Mean Maybe Baby, Move ‘N Shake & more.
Cha, Copacabana (Samba), Spanish Gipsy (Paso               a waltz at two tempos, and The Ol’ Soft Shoe.
Doble), Come Closer to Me (Bolero Rumba) & more.                                                                    STA 2060CD (CD - NEW!) $20.00
                                                           BBR 129CD (CD - NEW!)            $32.00
RR 1326CD (CD)            $20.00
                                                                                                                    MODERN JAZZ with David Harris
I DID IT MY WAY                                            SMOKIN’ - Tap Music Vol. 2 David Leonhardt               Graded modern jazz exercises and coordinated body
12 selections. Ole Guapa (Tango), Anna (Samba),
My Way (Bolero Rumba), Mambo No. 5, Gozo
                                                           NEW! Fly Me GeorgiaMoon, When I Fall inCheek,
                                                                       to the
                                                                               Brown, Cheek to
                                                                                                                    movements. The music varies from slow blues to
                                                                                                                    brisk tempos. Satin Doll, Alley Cat, Skyliner, Days
Merengue, Y Viva España (Paso Doble) & more.               Blues in the Night, The Soul Jazz Blues, In a Mellow     of Wine and Roses, Pick Yourself Up and more.
                                                           Tone, Sky Blues, Ain’t Misbehavin’ and more.             KIM 2040CD (CD)                $20.00
RR 1329CD (CD)           $20.00
                                                           BBR 9566CD (CD - NEW!) $25.00                            KIM 2040N (Notes)              $10.00
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                                                                                                                                             Original Music
                                                                                                                                             by Dennis Buck

PG 4                 PG 6                    PG 2       PG 6                    PG 8                   PG 8                       PG 11                             PG 11

                            Ballet &                                                   pointe to pointe                                                             20 Tap & Jazz tunes
                            character dance                                            STEVEN MITCHELL, PAGE 2                                                      STATLER RECORDS, PAGE 13
                            YUREK LAZOWSKI, PAGE 2
                            city class                                                 for starters                                                                 On stage! tap &
                            STEVEN MITCHELL, PAGE 2                                    JOHN PARKINSON, PAGE 10                                                      Modern Jazz PAGE 11

                           On stage!                                                   18 tap tunes                                                                 tap tunes
                           Tap & Modern Jazz PAGE 11                                   STATLER RECORDS, PAGE 11                                                     GERMAINE SALSBERG, PAGE 14

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