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Affettati e formaggi
Our curated selection of cured meats includes house-
made and local, regional, national, and international
artisan-produced selections.
                                                                               Grilled prosciutto and peach salad                          14
   Regular (for 1 - 2)                                      13	
                                                                               A house classic! Prosciutto wrapped peaches grilled
   Big (for 3 - 4)                                          18
                                                                               and then tossed with dandelion greens and balsamic
Our dedicated team of mongers select cheeses from                              vinaigrette.
the New World and Old to offer a fine selection of
                                                                               Roasted beet, cucumber and pumpkin seed salad           14
perfectly cared for and ripened cheese for your enjoy-
                                                                               Baby beets, crisp cucumber, toasted pumpkin seeds, wild
ment and edification. Offered with walnut bread and a
                                                                               baby arugula and Styrian pumpkin seed oil dressing.
variety of palate-completing accompaniments.
                                                                               Summer farro and shelling bean soup                     10	
   Regular (for 1 - 2)                                      14	
                                                                               A sumptuous summer soup of a meaty broth, shelling
   Big (for 3 - 4)                                          19
                                                                               beans, vegetables, and farro, an ancient wheat that was
Stuzzichini                                                                    the staple of the Roman legions.

Squash blossoms                                        12                      Egg, truffle salt, and
Tempura-dipped, golden-fried squash blossoms stuffed with                      Parmigiano-Reggiano bruschetta                              14
Bellwether Farms ricotta and Parmigiano-Reggiano.
                                                                               Dill, beet and vodka cured salmon grilled flatbread 14
Red currant and barley stuffed grape leaves                 8                  House cured salmon served on grilled flatbread with freshly
A filling of barley, speck and red currants wrapped in grape                   made sour cream and crushed sea salt.
leaves and flavored with dill and mint.

Fresh ceci beans fried with paprika salt                    6                  Pasta
Friulian edamame. Fresh garbanzo beans in their shells,
                                                                               Black and white risotto                                    19
deep fried and deliciously seasoned.
                                                                               A risotto of riso venere and arborio rice varietals with a
 Olives all’ ascolana                                        6                 scrumptious pulled pork shoulder with hints of Riesling and
Our Italian aunt’s recipe. Green cerignola olives stuffed with                 apple.
pork, prosciutto, and pecorino. Breaded and fried.
                                                                               þ Pappardelle with sugo di coniglio                        18	
Olives + Pickles + Bread                                    10                 Our signature slow-braise of rabbit, porcini, pancetta and
Olives marinated with citrus and herbs, house-pickled                          sage. Tossed with our egg pappardelle and finished with
vegetables, grilled flatbread, and grissini.                                   Parmigiano-Reggiano.

                                                                               Ravioli caprese                                             17	
                Olive Oil Flight                                               Fresh stracchino stuffed pasta served with a pan-roasted
    Two oils from the fresh pressing of the 2010 harvest                       toy box tomatoes and torn basil with extra virgin olive oil
    and an organic, “protected” oil from Sicily. Taste                         and crushed sea salt.
    the brightness, freshness, and distinction of three
    artisan-produced extra virgin olive oils. Served with                      Nettle canederli in a Montasio and
    Firebrand baguette.                                 6                      chive blossom fonduta                                     18
                                                                               Pillowy dumplings spiked with nettles and served in a fon-
    TIBVRTINI (late November 2010)                                             duta of Montasio cheese, crispy bacon, and chive blossom.
    Lazio, Italy
                                                                                   (all pastas are house-made; þ = gluten free option avail-
    Terraliva Cherubino DOP                                                    able)
    Sicilia, Italy

    Rustichella d’Abruzzo (late October 2010)
    Abruzzo, Italy
                                  2931 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 415.701.VINO www.barbambino.com

                                                                               Schwarzwalder with liquored cherries                      9	
Piatti                                                                         Bar Bambino’s version of a Black Forest Cake. Boozy cher-
                                                                               ries, on top of a knock-your-socks-off TCHO chocolate cake,
Viennese brisket                                          29
                                                                               alongside whipped Kirsch cream.
Beef brisket and shank, veal and pork simmered in a rich
broth until falling from the bone and tender. Served with                      Plum almond torta                                          9	
nectarine mostarda, bagnet vert and cren.                                      A moist almond cake studded with local plums. Served
                                                                               warm with plum carpaccio and Sangiovese sauce.
Sweet corn pancakes and grilled heirloom squash          24
Crispy corn fritters and a selection local summer squash                       Napoleon of apricot and chamomile                        9	
served over an Istrian-styled roasted red pepper and                           Honey roasted apricots, toasted black walnut butter, and
eggplant puree.                                                                vanilla pastry cream layered between chamomile phyllo
                                                                               with honey chamomile caramel.
Grappa roasted duck                                     27
Grappa roasted duck in a savory blueberry thyme jus with                       Vanilla gelato                                             7
braised escarole.
                                                                                   with 15-year-old aged balsamico                        8
“Fish and chips”                                          28
Delicately poached fish served in a puree of spinach and                           with crushed lavender, olive oil, and sea salt         8
leek. Finished with crushed prosciutto and potato crisps.
                                                                               Affogato                                                   5	

                                                                               A selection of gelato and sorbetto from Noci               7
Contorni                                                                       A passion for Italy, cycling, and great food...no wonder
                                                                               we love these guys. Organic dairy and seasonal flavors.
Sauteed seasonal greens                                     7                  Bellissimo!
A rustic preparation of the best of the farmer’s market.

Long-rolled gnocchi                                       7
A hand-rolled Tyrollean gnocchi lightly sauteed to golden
brown in a little butter.

Grilled asparagus                                           8
Local, organic asparagus grilled to perfection and finished
with extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano.


                                                                                          Monday – Thursday 530pm – 1000pm
                                                                                           Friday – Saturday 500pm – 1200am

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