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A QUARTERLY COMMUNICATION                    VOLUME 13 Issue 3              SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2006

Well! We‟re well into the           sistance in the manner that         The AGM is Free and open to all.
earning period of our industry.     some individuals expect.            Drinks and Nibblies are pro-
Summer traditionally is the „up     But you ask these individuals if    vided. Or, stay for the Christ-
season‟ for the coin op indus-      they are prepared to contrib-       mas Dinner and have a great
try.                                ute, or become involved, it‟s       night for $75.00 per head.
                                    like the „silence in the tomb‟.
School holiday collections          Isn‟t it always the way - the       The AGM commences at 4.30pm
                                                                        in Ryan‟s Private Room).
would seem to have been ac-         noisy ones do the least.
                                                                        6.30pm—Nibbles & drinks. (in
ceptable from reports re-
                                                                        Surveyors Room)
ceived. We can only hope that       This Association survives
                                                                        7.30pm-Christmas Party Dinner
they continue for the remain-       ONLY because a handful of
                                                                        (Hot and Cold Buffet)
der of the summer period.           committed workers have the
                                    industry at heart, and not          Please advise (by e-mail)
As far as Association business      what they can financially           or Phone 07 3349 7621
is concerned, this has been a       screw out of it.                    as we need numbers for cater-
quiet period—of which we are                                            ing purposes.
not complaining. This generally     Regards, till next time             “Looking forward to seeing you
reflects that all is running well                 ………...Ken Corley      there!”
with operators “except collec-
tions”. We are referring to         Notice to Queensland                    Articles for the
operating within all Rules and      members:
                                                                         “Australian Collector”.
Regulations, as there has been      Our AGM is being held on Fri-
                                                                       Please write to:
no requests, or inquiries, from     day, 17th November 2006 at
                                                                       “The Australian Collector”
regulatory authorities.             the Conrad Treasury Hotel Bris-
                                    bane. (Across the road from the    A.M.O.A.Q.
                                    Casino)                            P O Box 1059
Associations generally, with
                                                                       MT GRAVATT QLD 4122
exceptions, are re-active, not                                         OR
                                    It would be nice to see more
proactive, especially voluntary                              
                                    than a handful of members turn
ones such as ours.
                                    up, as it gives the Committee
                                                                       (We value your input as this is your
                                    „heart‟ for what they have done
Comments are often ex-              throughout the year—for your
                                                                       Please include photos if you have
pressed, in print and verbally,     benefit.                           them to go with the story.
that they are not offering as-
 2                                The   Australian Collector

                OperatOr’s say— insurance
Heard a bit of „unhappy‟
news from a Queensland                  SAVE ON YOUR INSURANCE BILL!!!!
                                                    NAMOA Insurance Facility
Apparently there is a Pool
Table Manufacturer (who            Over the past 15 months Horton Carollo Wenck Pty Ltd has of-
                                   fered an insurance facility for members of NAMOA. To date the
claims he looks after Op-
                                   facility has been extremely well received and supported by the
erators), approaches the           members.
site of an Operator and
then sends them a letter           As a result of the great support and also following feedback from
                                   members, we are happy to announce some enhancements to
offering his deal, which is:       the facility that will further benefit NAMOA members.

“Why only accept an Op-            These improvements include:
erators 30% or 40% from
the pool tables in your                    A more competitive approach to Public Liability insur-
location when you can have                  ance – REDUCED PREMIUM RATES NOW AVAIL-
                                           Burglary cover for machines situated “on site”.
He then offers to supply                   Machines in Transit cover extended to include damage
                                            during loading & unloading.
brand new coin op tables
                                           “Replacement Value” cover on machines less than 3 years
for $50 per week and the                    old.
Site owner gets the keys.
                                   These additional benefits are on top of the already great benefits
After 3 years the table is         of the facility:
                                           Facility negotiated exclusively for NAMOA Members
                                           Secure Underwriter…100% backed by APRA approved
You can‟t blame the Site
                                            Australian Insurer
Owner for taking the                       Competitive Premiums
offer up, especially when                  One simple policy for Liability and Property
they know that their                       Liability Only available
tables are taking $100 plus                Pay By The Month options available at no additional cost
a week.                            For quotes and further information please contact Peter Stewart at
                                   Horton Carollo Wenck.
           (Name Supplied)

                                        PHONE: 07 3031 1627
                                        FAX: 07 3210 6675
                                        MOBILE: 0408 081 345
                                        Peter Stewart ASIC Reg 292332
                                        Authorised Representative of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited AFS lic. 239545
                                        * Full details of cover are contained in Policy Wording which is available on re-

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                                   The   Australian Collector                                          3

                                     PRODUCT NEWS
PRODUCT NEWS FROM                        In particular, ICE‟s “Wheel A
                                         Win” and “Winner Every Time”,
                                         Coastal‟s newest licensed
                                         “wacker” game That Annoying
We are waiting for our second
order of Stern‟s new pinball             Thing and Baytek‟s Chameleon
                                         Paradise, Horseplay and Skymas-
“Pirates Of the Caribbean” to
arrive mid September, and our            ter.
third order will arrive 1st week                                                     PROTECT
October.                                 The first 6 x LAI Games, “Dino
                                         Duel”, are now testing. We have               YOUR
                                         set on $1 per game which
This is a high earning highly
                                         dispenses a Dinosaur Card every
popular game for operators, and
                                         game and hopefully will be
has attracted huge interest
from the home market.
                                         collected and swapped by our              USE CONTRACTS
                                         players.                                 DEVELOPED BY THE
The theme should remain popular
                                         Results of this test will be in the
as the 3rd movie is due for re-                                                    ASSOCIATION.
                                         next issue.
lease at the end of this year.

                                         I‟ll be attending the AMOA                 Cost: $30.00
AMD is Stern‟s officially ap-
pointed Australian distributor
                                         Show in Las Vegas end Septem-            Includes GST and
                                         ber and will have news on any
and Stern and AMD will                                                                 postage.
                                         new product also in the next
exercise any legal rights avail-
                                                                                (book of 50 Contracts)
able to protect this product.

                                         Regards     …..Bruce Colbourne
Only product purchased from
                                                        A.M.D., Sydney.
A.M.D. Sales Outlets attract
factory warranty and full spare
parts and service back-up.
                                         Machine Labels can be down-
                                         loaded from
Our 2nd shipment of Incredible           (Classification Markings)
Technologies — “Golden Tee”
Live golf games arrive here 1st
week October.

It would be a mistake to ignore
                                                                               The Association is recommending
this game which is now operating
                                                                               your support of this very
successfully using Wireless
                                                                               worthy cause.
Broadband to communicate re-
sults from instant world wide
                                                                               CanTeen is an Australia wide
                                                                               Organisation for Young
                                                                               People living with Cancer.
AMD customers have enjoyed
                                                                               Each sticker costs $57.20.
tremendous recent success with
                                                                               CanTeen can be contacted on
our new Redemption Games from
                                                                               07 3252 5188.
ICE,Coastal and Benchmark.
                                                                               Larger Sponsorship packages are
                                                                               also available for FEC operators

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    4                                The   Australian Collector

                 THE MUSIC SCENE - September 06

Taken from Capital Karaoke           sent a clear message that the
Newsletter                           courts would deal severely with
APRA, take note...                   In NZ the max sentence allowed
                                     under the Copyright Act is five
A South Auckland man was sen-        years' jail and/or a maximum
tenced in the Manukau District       fine of $150,000. RIANZ esti-
Court to nine months' jail for       mates illegally copied music CDs
pirating CDs. 46 year old, Seti      and other intellectual property
Tofaeono, also known as Vile         costs the music industry $45
Felafoai, who made $50,000 a         million a year.
year out of reproducing copy-
righted songs WAS SEN-               Courier Mail July 28 reports ..
TENCED TO 9 MONTHS JAIL,             Record industry payout from
                                                                        MORE MUSIC SCENE
had all his computer equipment       Kazaa.
confiscated and was ordered to
                                                                        I was amazed recently to hear
pay $8500 reparation to per-         The Sydney developers of
                                                                        that a well known Newcastle
formers & companies he stole         Internet technology that de-
                                                                        NSW operator was operating a
them from.                           prived record companies of roy-
                                                                        venue near Gladstone in Queen-
                                     alties for years, have agreed to
It is believed he had been selling   pay $151 million to the record
pirated CDs for at least three       labels that took them to court.
                                                                        An operator on holidays also told
years, charging approximately        Millions of music fans worldwide
                                                                        me that parts of
$20 for CD's that would nor-         have used Kazaa to download
                                                                        Victoria seemed to be taken
mally cost between $25 and           pirated music for free since
                                                                        over by Queensland's "Night
$35. Selling them at Avondale        2002.
and Otara markets, he used
photos of the performers on the      Last issue I mentioned about the
                                                                        My thanks to Tony Argery of
covers of the burnt copies to        adds appearing in provincial
                                                                        "FUNHOUSE" for sending me an
make them appear genuine.            newspapers seeking takers to
                                                                        email video clip of 11 year old
                                     buy runs etc. It appears he has
                                                                        Bianca Ryan, Philadelphia, singing
He was found guilty last month       surfaced, he is foreign, and
                                                                        at a talent quest. To say that
of copying music from many art-      knows zilch about machines or
                                                                        this kid is unbelievable is an un-
ists, including Samoan band the      Industry.
                                                                        derstatement. The audience
Five Stars & singer Penina
                                                                        were on their feet, the three
O'Tiafau.                            Sorry about the price of fuel to
                                                                        judges were on their feet
                                     all those blokes servicing the
                                                                        throughout the entire perform-
When police raided Tofaeono's        inland.
                                                                        ance and full of praise and I had
Chapel Downs home last year,
                                                                        a lump in my throat. The best
they found around 1800 CDs in              ……………..The Old Rocker.
                                                                        3.5 minutes of music I have ex-
various stages of completion.
                                                                        perienced in years. There is still
The sentence was welcomed as a
                                                                        hope for the music industry so
major victory by the Recording
                                                                        hang in there.
Industry Association of New
Zealand (RIANZ) which said it
                                                                        …………...The Old Rocker

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              The   Australian Collector                          5

Service bulletin - play meter
                              SERVICE BULLETIN
                            (Play Meter - September 2006)

                           BIG BUCK HUNTER PRO
                          Shotgun Optical Lens Replacement

                                           Reproduced by kind permission
                                           of Play Meter Magazine.

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 6                                The     Australian Collector

                                BUSINESS DIRECTORY
Sales- Various types of reconditioned      BIG TOP AMUSEMENTS PTY. LTD:              GAMEMASTERS PTY. LTD
and Second hand coin operated kid-         We supply to all facets of the coin op    Manufacturer and Distributor of the
die rides                                  industry both nationally and interna-     worlds leading amusement ma-
Ph Larry 0416 177 077.                     tionally.                                 chines, games and parts.
Fax 07 4779 8672                           Products include dedicated ma-            New and used product available.
E-mail:               chines, pinballs, pool tables, P.C.B’s    ■ Air Hockey ■ Redemption games
                                           and redemption and spare parts.           ■ Video (dedicated machines and
                                           Ph. 02 9721 0005                          conversion kits) ■ Cranes ■ Juke-
                                           Fax 02 9721 0006.                         boxes (Coin op and Party Hire)
AMARDA DISTRIBUTING:                       Website.                Ph: (03) 9471 0410
Australia’s longest serving jukebox        E-mail.              Fax: (03) 9471 0976
distributor since 1960.                                                              Email:
We distribute Rowe/AMI CD & Digital                                                  Check out our web site for latest spe-
Jukeboxes, Digital Micro replace-          BILLIARD IMPORTS:                         cials and product.
ment CD Players & our own Video            Suppliers since 1981 of English           Web:
Decoder Kits.                              cloth, Essex Straight Six Coin
Ph: 02 9718 7155        Fax 02 9718        Mechs, K.P. balls, Hustler, Cuetec &      HIGHWAY ENTERTAINMENT:
7302                                       Club cues, Italian slate, light fringes   Australian distributor for Sega,
E-mail:               & accessories.                            Namco, Konami, SNK, Gaelco &
                                           Ph. 07 3343 5022                          other leading manufacturers. For the
                                           Fax 07 3349 9620                          latest product, news & best prices in
                                           E     -   m     a    i    l           –   Australia, please contact us. We
A.M.D.:                                        also buy your used machines &
Amusement Machine Distributors.                                                      PCBs for cash.
Agents for Incredible Technologies –                                                 Ph: 02 4968 9313
Golden Tee Fore & Stern Pinball.           CEC IMPORTS PTY LTD                       Fax: 02 4968 9314
Full range of new and reconditioned        Quality and service excellence at         Website.
machines, parts & service available.       reasonable prices                         E-mail:
Ph: 02 9316 6000                           Distributors of high quality kiddy
Fax: 02 9666 3929.                         rides, bulk vending equipment, and        HORTON CAROLLO WENCK P/L:
Website:                 stock.                                    Insurance Brokers approved by
                                           Ph (03) 9486 7059                         NAMOA.
                                           Fax (03) 9486 8659                         Fully underwritten by an Australian
                                           Nick - 0414 728 332                         Insurer
A.M.D. (QLD) and COIN-OP                   email@childrensentertainmentcompa          Exclusive facility available to
SPARES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD:                                           NAMOA members.
 Distribution of a full range of amuse-                                               Unique insurance solutions on a
ment machine equipment & parts.                                                        policy developed in consultation
Proudly associated with the AMD            CONSOLIDATED LEISURE SPORT                  with your Association.
group.       Manufacturers of the          Distributor and wholesaler of ALL         Contact Peter Stewart
“RECOIL SF-X” Gun Kit.                     Billiard equipment including Mitchell     Ph:(07) 3031 1627 or 0408 081 345
Ph. 07 3352 6600.                          and Strachan cloth, Mitchell and Ital-    E-mail:
Fax 07 3352 6611.                          ian slate.
                                           Ph: 03 9499 5444                          JEA TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
                                           FAX: 03 9499 5443                         Australian Distributors: Orion iTouch
AUSTRAL AMUSEMENT CO:                      Email:               by JVL Entertainment CashCode
Gold Coast Agent for Roberto Soccer        www.                       Company Inc. Note validators, Effi-
Tables and Paili Soccer, Pool and Air                                                net Systems Ltd LCD/TFT Screens
Hockey Tables.                                                                       6.4” - 30”, Sankyo Seiki card reader
Constantly changing range of Skill         ELKA AUSTRALIA:                           systems, Zytronic Ltd Touch screens,
Tester toys                                One of Australia’s largest importers &    Himec Japan Coin Hoppers, Tele-
Also. New and used PCBs & Pin-             manufacturers of new & exciting skill-    quip Corp coin change givers, We-
balls.                                     tester plush & redemption toys. Al-       strex International printers, Be-
Ph Shane 0418 456 823                      ways updating to the latest trends &      matech Inc thermal printers, Fenix
W      e    b    s   i    t    e    :      customer demands.                  Ph.    thermal printers. National Warranty               02 9774 3777.                             and Logistics. Full Product training
E                                   -      Web:                      and support.            E-mail:                 Ph: 03 9830 6024                                                                                 Fax: 03 9888 7495

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                    BUSINESS DIRECTORY                                              CONTINUED
Sales – Many types and sizes of fully      30 yrs Industry experience in distribu-
reconditioned Kiddie Rides.                tion, sales & operations. Specialising in
$2 and $1 mechs.                           a full range of new & used amusement            ASSOCIATION
Most have Multi-coin mechs fitted.         machines, air hockey tables, soccer           REPRESENTATIVES
Reasonable prices. .                       tables, pool tables, token and bill
Will consider all trades.                  changers.
                                           Suppliers of an exclusive line of generic    NAMOA REPRESENTATIVES
Phone Harry - 07 4630 3699
                                           plush toys at very competitive prices.      President:    Ken Corley
Fax 07 4630 3689
                                           Ph: 07 3201 1975
or Mobile 0438 303 699                                                                             (07) 3349 5000
E-mail:                                                        Vice. Pres.: Ed Newton
                                                                                                     (03) 6278 1303
                                           SUNRISE MICRO SOLUTIONS:                    Secretary: Paul Williams
MICRO SYSTEM CONTROLS PTY.                 Manufacture and design of Credit                          (02) 9724 1564
LTD:                                       Boards, Timers, Skill Tester upgrades       Treasurer: Max Griffiths
Suppliers of the Australian Design         and all type of coin operated control-
Award winning Microcoin QL coin vali-
                                                                                                  (08) 8948 0011
dator and microcoin S5 & S6 validators.    Ph: 07 5592 4076
For sales & service enquiries,             Fax: 07 5592 4078                           STATE REPRESENTATIVES:
contact Robert Bird                        Web
Ph: 03 9682 5222                           e-mail:                        NSW:
Fax: 03 9682 8188
                                                                                             Paul Williams
E-mail:                TIMEGONE AMUSEMENTS PTY LTD:
                                                                                            Ph: 02 9724 1564
                                           Suppliers of new & used PCB’s, pin-
                                           balls, soccer tables (5 models), air                 VICTORIA:
POT BLACK:                                 hockey &
Manufacturers and Distributors Austra-     all coin op-amusement machines.
                                                                                             Imelda McLean
lia wide of the famous Potblack Classic    Mobile 0408 465 432                              Ph: 03 9763 0960
pool table. Electronic or mechanical.      Ph: 02 9724 1564
Spare parts available.
See our website for more.
                                           Fax 02 9727 8155                                  QUEENSLAND:
Ph: 08 9354 9150 Fax: 08 9354 9332                                                             Ken Corley
Website:                                                                Ph. 07 3349 5000
                                           WIN ‘n’ GRIN AMUSEMENTS:
REFLEX GAMES:                              Innovative manufacturers /                  NORTHERN TERRITORY
Suppliers of new & used PCB’s., cabi-      Distributors
                                           of crane and redemption games includ-             Max Griffiths
nets, pinballs, simulators, redemption
equipment kiddy rides & pool tables.       ing Chocolate Factory (award winning),           Ph. 08 8948 0011
Register now & we can also sell your       Cadbury Chocolate Factory (exclusive
equipment for you.
                                           Plush Toy Skill Cranes (super intelli-
                                                                                          SOUTH AUSTRALIA
Ph Steve (03) 9545 0911
Fax: (03) 9545 0922                        gent) Tip the Scales (patent pending)               Gary Ford
Mobile – 0414 660 069                      and Lolly Heist                                  Ph. 08 8331 7730
E-mail:            Ph: 07 5571 0456
                                           Fax 07 5571 0459
                                           E-mail: admin@win-n-grin                       WEST. AUSTRALIA
RIDES.COM PTY LTD                          Website:                         Rob Satti
Cars, Planes, Trains - “You name it -                                                       Ph. 08 9721 8607
We have it in stock”
1940's rides starting from $250 "sold as   ZAX AMUSEMENTS:
is"                                        Australia’s largest for Distribution,                TASMANIA
Hundred's of models to choose from in      Technical Repairs, Spare Parts & Con-
                                           sultation.                                       Edward Newton
our Sydney and Melbourne ware-
houses. Licensed character rides           Housed in an all new purpose built fa-           Ph. 03 6278 1303
available. Coin operated train cabinets,   cility at 265 Ingles Street, Port Mel-
toy and gum vending machines and           bourne,                                                  ACT
trackless trains for sale.                 Victoria 3207.
                                           Ph: 03 9676 9190.        Fax 03 9676               Geoff Walker
For assistance please contact
Angelo Marinelli Tel: 0418 356 838         9290                                             Ph. 02 6251 6899

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                          Seizure of merit copies
SOUTH AFRICAN CUSTOMS                  rates and now he doesn’t have the     merce (AIC) and local police offi-
AND EXCISE SEIZES MERIT                goods and is facing serious legal     cers raided five companies in
                                       problems,” Fay stated.                Panyu and Guangzhou, China on
       COPIES                                                                August 8, 2006, seizing copies of
                                       Fay also praised the efforts of the   Merit hardware and software,
Merit Entertainment announced          DM Kisch law firm in Johannes-        documents, records, and over 250
today that South African Revenue       burg that has been retained by        illegal gaming machines.
Service recently seized a shipment     Merit to represent Merit in South
of 40 2006 Merit Force copies in       African Intellectual Property mat-    “We have been conducting investi-
Durban, South Africa. The ship-        ters.                                 gations in the PRC for three
ment was shipped from Guang-                                                 months as part of our ongoing in-
zhou Xiongye Electonics Company        Merit’s President, David Logan,       tellectual property enforcement
in Guangzhou, China and was in         added, “We are very pleased with      program. The raids are a result of
transit to an importer in Durban.      the success of our anti-piracy pro-   evidence those investigations ob-
The importer could face criminal       gram, and the cooperation and         tained,” said Bob Fay, Director of
charges and the goods will be de-      support we are getting from offi-     Government Relations. “China is
stroyed.                               cials in South Africa, and many       the source of much of the illegally
                                       other countries. We will continue     manufactured hardware and soft-
“SARS is an excellent law enforce-     to expand our enforcement efforts     ware and these actions yesterday
ment agency and Merit Entertain-       in this area, and anticipate more     are just the tip of the iceberg for
ment appreciates their swift and       actions in the immediate future.”     our China enforcement program.”
positive action. This recent action
should again illustrate Merit Enter-   For more than 27 years, Merit has     The companies raided were EXL
tainment’s commitment to fighting      ensured long-term return on in-       Electronics, Chengtai Electronic
worldwide piracy,” stated Bob Fay,     vestment for operators by provid-     Technology, Totem Amusement
Merit’s Director of Government         ing continually high-earning equip-   and Guangzhou Xipu Electronics,
Relations. Fay added, “in a recent     ment along with updates and up-       all in the Panyu district and Jingge
trip to South Africa I had the op-     grades for its products. With an      Computer Science and Technol-
portunity to meet with representa-     installed base of over 250,000        ogy in Guangzhou. Twenty five
tives from SARS and was im-            touch-screen games garnering          (25) AIC officers conducted the
pressed my their professionalism       nearly 4.6 billion plays per year,    raids and an additional 150 police
and commitment to fighting pi-         Merit Entertainment is the world-     officers were called to the scene
racy.”                                 wide leader in touch-screen enter-    when over 250 illegal gaming ma-
                                       tainment devices. Merit Entertain-    chines were located at one of the
“In addition to meeting with SARS,     ment products appear globally in a    raid sites.
I also met the DTI and the Com-        wide array of venues and appeal
mercial Crimes Units of major city     to an almost limitless demo-          The AIC fined one of the targets
police departments and educated        graphic. Merit continues to ex-       on the spot for possession of cop-
them on our counterfeit issues in      pand its position in the industry     ies containing Merit’s intellectual
South Africa and received their        with ever-increasing entertain-       property. Subsequent fines could
commitments to assist Merit,”          ment, music, content, and new         be levied against the other compa-
stated Fay. “Anyone importing,         games. The company maintains a        nies.
operating and/or distributing Merit    Web site with all the latest infor-
copies will be a target for enforce-   mation at           Numerous records were also
ment action by South African au-                                             seized. “The records will assist us
thorities in the weeks ahead. If you                                         in identifying importers of Merit
don’t want to face criminal charges
                                         Chinese Authorities                 copies in several other countries,”
get rid of your copies,” cautioned                                           stated Fay.
Fay.                                     Raid Pirates of Merit
                                                Games                        “The raids were very successful
Fay also added that SARS has                                                 and we appreciate the cooperation
been given the names of Chinese                                              we received from the AIC and the
exporters of Merit copies as well      Bensalem, PA (August 15, 2006) –      local police. The raids were care-
as suspected importers. “The re-       Merit Entertainment announced         fully planned and yielding valuable
cent seizure cost the importer         today that officers from the Ad-      information.
$30,000 he paid the Chinese pi-        ministration for Industry and Com-                       (Continued on page 9)

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                                  The   Australian Collector                                         9

                                        Games review
(Continued from page 8)                  Almost Christmas and New Year         World Poker Tour also has been
                                         again so what is happening,           doing O.K. for the people that
We will continue working with the
AIC and the local police and we                                                purchased that Stern pinball.
will also be working with Chinese        The new Stern Simpson‟s Kooky
Customs. We are confident that           Carnival when operated on 50c a       Tekken Tag Tournament (I think
the AIC will keep tabs on the com-       game (token value in most cen-        I have the title right) is doing
panies raided,” added Fay.               ters) is doing very good busi-        well for the owners who invested
For more than 27 years, Merit has        ness. For those who operate on        around the $5000 for the game.
ensured long-term return on in-          20c. it is not doing quite as well.   Noticed at a large electronic
vestment for operators by provid-                                              store a poster for the game is
ing continually high-earning equip-      “Cats and Mice” and “ The An-         now available on Playstation.
ment along with updates and up-
                                         noying Thing “ both from Coastal      (Honestly not sure if it‟s avail-
grades for its products. With an
installed base of over 250,000           Amusements are doing very good        able yet.) If thinking about buy-
touch-screen games garnering             business, and with Cats and Mice      ing one now, I wouldn‟t want to
nearly 4.6 billion plays per year,       being out for a while now, they       be paying the top price of $5k
Merit Entertainment is the world-        should give their owners good         for it.
wide leader in touch-screen enter-
                                         returns over a long period of
tainment devices. Merit Entertain-
ment products appear globally in a       time.                                 Namco‟s Time Crisis 4 is earning
wide array of venues and appeal                                                a dollar for those who can af-
to an almost limitless demo-             Johnny Appleseed, also from           ford and store it, as it needs
graphic. Merit continues to ex-          Coastal Amusements, is out and        quite a bit of room to house it.
pand its position in the industry
with ever-increasing entertain-          about, also in limited numbers.       Coming from Namco, and follow-
ment, content, and new games.                                                  ing along from Time Crisis 1, 2
The company maintains a Web              Stern‟s new “Pirates of the Car-      and 3, I think this will also be a
site with all the latest information     ibbean” pinball, which has been       hit as well.
                                         out now for about 12 weeks, is
As well as the above, raids were         reportedly doing strong business      1000 in 1 game boards - yes is
also carried out in Singapore and        for its owners. One report has        out now and depending where
Kowloon.                                 it doing $300 + per week, on the      you purchase this from, you
                                         same site, and the money has          should not pay any more than
                                         been slowly increasing which is       $1000, brand new. It comes
                                         most unusual for a pinball these      with so many games, some of
                                         days.                                 them I have not even heard of
     Association Members                                                       before. More next issue.
          PLAY METER
           MAGAZINE                                                            Toy Story Skilltester Machine
                                                                               for around the $4000 mark. I
      Annual Subscription                                                      got to see inside one the other
             Rate                                                              day, and for your money you
           US$150 (Air Mail)                                                   won‟t go wrong with this fella.
           Ph: 1-888-473-2376
                                                                               The construction of the machine
   P.O. Box 337,                                                               is quite solid, and there is no
   METAIRIE, LA                                                                shortage of extra lock points on
   70004, U.S.A.                                                               the unit to attach a padlock or
                                                                                                (Continued on page 10)

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  10                                  The   Australian Collector

 (Continued from page 9)          with a new adaptor piece to       Counter top units (the likes
 The coin mechs - I am not        be programmed from                of Merit and so on) are mak-
 sure of the brand of them as     Microcoin. However Mi-            ing a comeback in the right
 I haven‟t seen them around       crocoin will supply the new       location with the right combi-
 before but from the operator     interface piece free of           nation of games. Don‟t just
 I was talking to, has pur-       charge (postage is not part of    buy it, plant it and forget it.
 chased one of these units and    the deal).
 he has had no problem ac-
 cepting $1 and $ 2 coins.        If you have one of those hand      Large LAI stacker: Why did
                                  programmers who prefers the       LAI even bother to make it
 Speaking of coin mechs, there    Ql Talk or SP Tools Pro-          taking away the choice of the
 must be still hundreds, if not   gramme, as I can see it all in
 thousands, of Micromech S5       front of me on my laptop and
 and S6 mechs out there, still    it is much easier to use, and
 in operation, with those         the SP Only comes with the
 brackets that break and then     SP Tools Programme—shame
 the coin mech falls off.         that Microcoin could not have
                                  put the 2 programmes to-
 Well Microcoin have done         gether and sold it as one, in-
 something about it. There is a   stead of making the two, but
 replacement bracket out that     that is what they have done.
 you can buy for about $30.00     At $350 each + GST, they
 and a new SP 115 coin mech       aren‟t cheap, but they are
 for about $200.00 and to         useful.                         small prizes and just putting
 make life even easier, there                                     in capsules was not a sensible
 is a 16 to 10 pin cable that     Below listed are the parts      act in my opinion. The cus-
 plugs straight into the old S5   numbers if you are interested tomer has no idea what they
 or S6 interface and then goes    in buying the parts from        are going for if they choose
 straight into the new SP 115     Microcoin. (See Business Di- to take a minor prize. The
 mech saves a lot of drama,       rectory for Contact Nos.)       finish of it is not the great-
 and most importantly time, in                                    est.
 having to replacing the old      Microcoin Product code,
 coin mech. The only problem      20220 – RIB 10 way to 16 way    If you need Cable Ties try
 with the SP 115 is that it       Male/Plug 300mm. @2.75 each I Storelli Sales in Qld, as I
 does not accept 50c coins.       20558 – RIB 10Way Fem/Fem       have found these to be the
                                  300mm @ $5.50 ea                best quality and value for the
  Microcoin could be bringing     ASY – M – 720037, ASY –         Stacker Machine on the mar-
 out a bracket that can re-       720037 S-Series Retro Bracket @ ket. (See Business Directory
 place the ageing Mars mech                                         for contact details)
 bracket that was also widely     There is also the little 10 piece
 used in our industry on          adaptor board that you will require PGA Golf update out now
 Gottlieb and Associated Lei-     to make it work, so don’t forget to really can‟t see that much of
 sure cabinets.                   ask for it when you buy your main a difference in it for what
                                  mech as it is free (I think.)
                                                                      you will be asked to pay for it.
 New QL Coin Validators come                                                       (Continued on page 11)

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                                    The   Australian Collector                               11

      Game review                          cont—big              buck Hunter
(Continued from page 10)
I could understand it if there
were a selection of new
courses and tricks, but it isn‟t
there for what $$ are being
asked. Unless you are making
a motza out of the existing
one, save your dollars at this
stage. Also has a small bug in
the game so I would wait until
PGA sort it out. Even the
staff of the Australian Dis-
tributor have seen it.

Golden Tee Live - saw one at
a pub a few months ago but it
spent more time „out of order‟
than „in order‟ so I don‟t know
what was wrong with it.

Until next time, I hope those
cash tins keep flowing!

            ……...The Game Guru

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