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2011 FIRST Championship Event

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					                      2011 FIRST Championship Event
                               St Louis MO
                          5:30am Wed April 27-approx 7:00am May1
Student Roster (39)
David Amburn                           Reid   Eriksen                         Kurtis McElroy
Emma Beattie                           Nathan Fosmer                          Joshua Orlando
Deanna Brandell                        AlexandreGarrigo                       GregorioPonti
ZacharyBrei                            Autumn Giles                           Boyd Quinton
Erik     Britton                       Casey Grebe                            Abbey Senczyszyn
Katie Broughton                        Ashley Gurzick                         Catrina Smith
Anna Buzolits                          Jay    Hendricks                       Alex    Vogel
Sergey Caren                           Luke Jeries                            Taylor Warden
Daniel Cross                           Andrew Knox                            Cory Wheaton
Jordan Czernel                         Logan Laviolette                       Evan Williams
Derek Drouillard                       Dylan Lemp                             Ryan Wooster
BenjaminElling                         Bijan Masrouri                         Gary Zahn
Cristian Eriksen                       Ryan Maxwell                           Adam Zonca

Mentor Roster (15)
Lee    Arms                            Sam    Grebe                           Theresa Prior
Jason Bretzlaff                        Walt   Hickok                          Gina   Sweet
Adam Freeman                           *Diana Houhanisin                      Russ Sweet
*Lori  Gleason                         Jim    Meyer                           Dave Verbrugge
Rodney Gleason                         *NathanPowers                          MarybethWaldo

Packing List
 Snacks for bus ride/hotel –Check to be sure               Thursday Uniform
  there are NO peanuts or nuts!                              -Blue Jeans/School appropriate blue shorts
 Bus ride entertainment-The trip is 9.5 hours!              -Black Championship Shirt
 Approx $150 for concessions/lunch &dinner
                                                            Friday Uniform
  meals and souvenirs (breakfast will be served in
                                                             -Blue Jeans/School appropriate blue shorts
  the hotel)
                                                             -Red Shirt with team number on back
 There is a FIRST store in the pit area
                                                            Saturday Uniform
 Only enough medication for Wed-Sun (am)
                                                             -Black Pants/School appropriate black shorts
  -In original containers
                                                             -Red collared shirt
 Homework (AP/IB test study materials!)
                                                            Saturday/Sunday travel clothes
 Goggles
                                                            PJs
 Closed toed shoes (for pit)
                                                            3 sets of socks and underwear
 Personal hygiene supplies (brush, toothbrush,
                                                            Bathing suit/Work out clothes-optional
  toothpaste, deodorant etc)

Emergency Contact Numbers
The Gleasons’ (734) 417-3187 (Lori)
                (734) 417-3188 (Rod)
Hotel- Drury Inn Front Desk (314) 423-7700
Edwards Dome Event Office (314) 342- 5500
Wednesday, April 27, 2011
5:30 AM – Bus Leaves Lundstrom House –GMPG
11:30 AM – Lunch Break (fast food)
3:30PM-4:00PM Tour of Convention Plaza Area-See Arch from Bus
4:30-5:00PM ETA Drury Hotel
5:00 PM – 9:30 PM FRC Machine Shop Opens
5:00 PM – 9:30 PM FRC Pits Open to 5 Team Reps (we’ll need several from pit crew and chairmans to set up)
                    th                                    th
  Unload at either 7 St Convention Plaza entrance or 9 St across from Holiday Inn.
  Register-Uncrate-Inspector Unbags-Upgrade-Ecrypt Radio & Inspect
5:30 PM-6:15PM Hotel offers free food and drink at their Kick Back
6:15PM-7:00PM Stop by Food Mart to pick up food for hotel room
7:15PM-11:00PM Free/Homework Time
9:15 PM Load In Area Closed
9:30 PM FRC Pits Close
10:30 PM Drive/Pit Curfew
11:00 PM Team Curfew
Thursday, April 28, 2011
5:45 AM Wake Up and get free breakfast
6:45 AM Leave Hotel
7:15 AM St. Louis Convention Center and Edward Jones Dome Open
7:15 AM Pits Open
7:30-10:00AM Pit Scouting
8:00 AM – 8:45 AM FRC Fields Open to Teams for Robot Sensor Calibration
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM FRC Machine Shop Open
8:15 AM – 8:45 AM FRC Drivers’ Meeting (On Division Field)
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM FRC Practice Matches
10:00 AM Scouter Check In @ Hall-of Fame
10:00 AM – 11:45 AM Visit Scholarship Row, Suppliers Showcase, and Sponsor & Alliance Exhibits,
        FIRST Store, AutoDesk Theater, PTC Conferences or 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM FRC Live! with Bill Miller –
        Pit Stage
11:45 AM Scouter Check In @ Hall-of Fame
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM FRC Break- Lunch
1:00 PM – 7:00 PM FRC Qualification Matches (Curie Field in Pit Area)
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM FRC Live! With Bill Miller – Pit Stage
6:00 PM Phil & Will Show hosted by Autodesk
8:00 PM FRC Pits and Machine Shop Close
7:45 PM –8:00PM Bus to dinner (Applebees by hotel)/hotel
8:00PM-10:30 Free Time-Homework-Study for AP/IB Tests
10:30 PM Drive/Pit Curfew (Go To SLEEP Friday and Saturday will be long days!)
11:00 PM Team Curfew
Friday, April 29, 2011
5:30 AM Wake up and get free breakfast
6:30 AM Leave Hotel (earlier if Th time isn’t sufficient)
7:00 AM St. Louis Convention Center and Edward Jones Dome Open
7:00 AM Pits Open - Machine Shop Opens
7:45 AM – 8:00 AM FRC Drivers’ Meeting (On Division Field)
8:30 AM – 9:15 AM FIRST Championship Welcome and FRC Opening Ceremonies
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM FRC Qualification Matches (Curie Field in Edwards Dome)
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Scholarship Row, Suppliers Showcase, and Sponsor & Alliance Exhibits
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM FRC Live! With Bill Miller – Pit Stage
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM FRC Lunch Break and Dean’s List Presentation
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM FRC Qualification Matches
5:30PM-6:15PM GM Ice Cream Social (Newton bleachers-in pit)
6:30PM-8:00PM Dinner at Hardees on Memorial Boulevard (Chestnut) Visit the Arch.
7:00 PM FRC Pits and Machine Shop Close
8:30 PM Plan Pending – Information Coming Soon
9:50 PM Bus to hotel
10:30 PM Drive/Pit Curfew
11:00 PM Team Curfew
Saturday, April 30, 2011
5:30 AM Wake up-pack bags-get free breakfast
6:15 AM Pack bags on Bus
6:30 AM Leave Hotel (earlier if Th time isn’t sufficient)
7:00 AM St. Louis Convention Center and Edward Jones Dome Open
7:00 AM FRC Pits and Machine Shop Open
8:00 AM-9:30AM Mentor Breakfast America’s Ballroom (level 2) Speakers:Woodie, Dave Lavery and Joe Astroth
8:15 AM – 10:30 AM FRC Qualification Matches (Curie Field in Pit Area)
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Sponsor & Alliance Exhibits
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM FRC Alliance Selections
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM FRC Lunch Break
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM FRC Division Matches
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM FRC Division Ceremonies & Awards
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM FRC Championship Matches & Awards (In Edwards Dome)
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM FIRST Championship Closing Ceremonies
5:00 PM FRC Machine Shop and Pits Close to Public
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM Plan Pending – Information Coming Soon
9:00 PM Return to Bus/ Milford

Sunday, May 1, 2011
7:00 AM +/- 1.5hr Return to Lundstrom House

2011 Autodesk Theater Schedule
Thursday April 28
10:00 – 10:30 a.m.     Phil Dollan Getting Started with Autodesk Inventor
10:35 – 11:05 a.m.     Will Fowler The End is NOT the Beginning with Autodesk 3ds Max
11:00 – 1:30 p.m.      Dance Center
2:00 – 2:30 p.m.       Phil Dollan Re-Use and Analyze with Autodesk Inventor
2:30 – 3:00 p.m.       Will Fowler Letting a CAT out of the Bag – Intro to 3ds Max Character Rigs
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.       Phil & Will “The Doctors Will See You Now” – Drop in for consultations with Phil & Will
6:00 – 7:00 p.m.       The Show     The Annual Show – with the Phillies & Wilbur awards
Friday April 29
10:00 – 10:30 a.m.     Will Fowler I go Crazy for Iiko – A Basic Approach to 3ds Max Character
10:30 – 11:00 a.m.     Phil Dollan Getting Started with Autodesk Inventor
11:00 – 1:00 p.m.       Dance Center
1:00 – 1:30 p.m.       Will Fowler The End is NOT the Beginning with Autodesk 3ds Max
1:30 – 2:00 p.m.       Phil Dollan The Professional Side of Autodesk Inventor
2:30 – 3:00 p.m.       Will Fowler Letting a CAT out of the Bag – Intro to 3ds Max Character Rigs
3:30 – 4:00 p.m.       Phil & Will “The Doctors Will See You Now” – Drop in for consultations with Phil & Will
Saturday, April 30
10:00 – 10:30 a.m.     Will Fowler I go Crazy for Iiko – A Basic Approach to 3ds Max Characters
10:30 – 11:00 a.m.     Phil Dollan Re-Use and Analyze with Autodesk Inventor
11:30 – 12:00 p.m.     Will Fowler The End is NOT the Beginning with Autodesk 3ds Max
12:00 – 12:30 p.m.     Phil Dollan The Professional Side of Autodesk Inventor
PTC Conferences

Important Rules- (a brief summary-see information packet for full list)
   We are in very unfamiliar territory. Not even your mentors know the venue. There is safety in numbers.
    To aid in the case of injury and to prevent assault, students must travel in groups of two or more at
    ALL times (in the hotel, in the event venue, in the pit…..)
   Be sure your teacher mentors are aware of your location at all times. If you leave the large group, tell a
    teacher mentor where you and your buddy(ies) are going (bathroom, concession, pit, FIRST store)
   Make sure you arrive on time for the bus, scouting, and other assignments. You are expected to,
    complete all assignments to the best of your ability.
   Follow the directions of the event staff and team mentors.
   Dating another member of our team or members of other teams is highly discouraged. If you are dating
    a team member, it should not be apparent by your actions. Open display of affection at any robotics
    event (including to and from the event) is not allowed. This includes hand holding and other activities.
   Once a room check is made, students may not leave their room. Each student shall remain in his/her
    room until a predetermined time the next morning. Each student will be given the room number and
    phone number of the mentor(s) to call in case a problem arises during the night.
   Students of the opposite gender are NOT ALLOWED to enter each other’s room. When possible,
    we will have a designated room where students can socialize, play cards or watch movies together,
    while being supervised by an mentor or adult chaperone.
   Only people who are on the official HOT Team travel roster may be in a HOT Team hotel room.
    Students from other teams, friends or students from the HOT Team who are not on the travel roster may
    not be in HOT Team rooms.
   All persons shall demonstrate gracious professionalism; behaving in a courteous and respectful
    manner, showing good sportsmanship, teamwork, team unity, self control, positive attitude and support
    for others. Team members must refrain from language and actions that might bring discredit upon them,
    their school, their home, their friends, FIRST or upon the HOT Team.
Room Assignments
 Girls 1              Girls 2                                           Boys 1
 Abbey Senczyszyn     Deanna Brandell                                   Josh Orlando
 Autumn Giles         Catrina Smith                                     Alex Garrigo
 Ashley Gurzick       Katie Broughton                                   Gregorio Ponti
 Emma Beattie         Anna Buzolits                                     Taylor Warden

 2                    Boys 3                  Boys 4                    Boys 5
 Erik Britton         Daniel Cross            Alex Vogel                Sergey Caren
 Casey Grebe          Evan Williams           Adam Zonca                Zach Brei
 Andrew Knox          Kurtis McElroy          Boyd Quinton              David Amburn
 Gary Zahn            Bijan Masrouri                                    Jordan Czernal

 6                    Boys 7                  Boys 8                    Boys 9
 Nate Fosmer          Reid Erickson           Dylan Lemp                Jay Hendricks
 Derek Drouillard     Christian Erickson      Logan Laviolette          Ryan Wooster
 Ryan Maxwell         Ben Elling              Cory Wheaton              Luke Jeries

Event Assignments
Scouts                                     Dylan     Lemp                         Chairman Team
Gregorio Ponti-lead                        Bijan     Masrouri                     Evan Williams
Anna Buzolits-lead                         Ryan      Maxwell                      Emma Beatty
David Amburn                               Kurtis    McElroy                      Katie Broughton
Deanna Brandell                            Boyd      Quinton
Zachary Brei                               Abbey     Senczyszyn
                                           Catrina   Smith
Katie Broughton                                                                   Erik   Britton
Sergey Caren                               Alex      Vogel
                                           Cory      Wheaton                      Alexandre Garrigo
Daniel Cross                                                                      Autumn Giles
Jordan Czernel                             Evan      Williams
                                           Ryan      Wooster                      Casey Grebe
Derek Drouillard                                                                  Joshua Orlando
Ben Elling                                 Adam      Zonca
                                                                                  Taylor Warden
Cristian Eriksen                                                                  Luke Jeries
Reid     Eriksen                           Jason’s Scouts                         Jay    Hendricks
Nathan Fosmer                              Gary Zahn
Ashley Gurzick                             Andrew Knox
Logan Laviolette

At the Event
Scouts will work in two hour shifts with a one hour break. There will be 3 teams A, B and C. A will get their break
the first hour, B will get their break the second hour and C, the third hour of scouting. On break, you may visit
concessions, the pits, the Hall of Fame, Scholarship Row, The Vendor Booths, the FIRST store and the
restrooms. Please let the teacher mentors know where your group is planning to go.
Travel Directions

General Motors Proving Grounds                                  11. Follow signs for I-70 W/St Louis and merge onto I-70 W
3300 General Motors Road
Milford, MI 48380                                               Entering Illinois                                 209 mi
                                                                12. Slight right at I-270 W (signs for I-55 N/Chicago/Kansas City)
1. Head northeast on General Motors Rdtoward Hickory Ridge      Entering Missouri                                24.0 mi
                                                                13. Take exit 26A to merge onto I-170 S towardClayton
Rd/S Hickory Ridge Trail Restricted usage road
                                                                                                                 3.2 mi
                                                       0.5 mi   14. Take exit 7B to merge onto I-70 W towardKansas City
2. Take the 1st right onto Hickory Ridge Rd/S Hickory                                                            1.9 mi
 Ridge Trail                                           0.9 mi   15. Take exit 236 toward Lambert/St Louis/Airport
3. Continue onto Stobart Rd                            2.2 mi                                                    0.1 mi
4. Continue straight onto Kensington Rd                0.4 mi   16. Turn left at Air Flight Dr                   0.1 mi
5. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit and stay on
                                                                17. Turn left at Natural Bridge Rd
Kensington Rd                                          2.4 mi
6. Turn right to merge onto I-96 W towardLansing54.5 mi         Destination will be on the right                  0.1 mi
7. Take exit 97 to merge onto I-69 S towardCharlotte/Ft Wayne
                                                                Drury Inn Airport St. Louis
Entering Indiana                                     231 mi
                                                                10490 Natural Bridge Road
8. Take exit 0 to merge onto I-465 W                 27.6 mi
9. Take exit 9B toward Indianapolis                             Saint Louis, MO 63134
 International Airport                               3.0 mi
10. Follow signs for Ameriplex Pkwy                  1.3 mi

Team Parking for both large vehicles, trailers, and daily parking will be directly behind the Edward Jones Dome
at 6th and Cole St. Busses and trailers can park in the parking lot on 6th and Cole St. for $35 including overnight
(on a 24 hour basis). Parking is available in garage and surface lots throughout downtown St. Louis. The closest
facilities to America's Center are the garage and lot located on Seventh Street between Washington Avenue and
Convention Plaza (limited number of spots, premium pricing).
    Hotel Accomodations

    Drury Inn Airport                                    Indoor Pool & Whirlpool
    10490 Natural Bridge Road                            Iron & Ironing Board in All Rooms
    St. Louis, MO, 63134                                 Meeting Rooms
    P: 314-423-7700 F: 1-888-423-5174                    Microwaves & Refrigerators in All Rooms
    Hotel Services                                       Same Day Dry Cleaning Available

   Free Hot QUIKSTART® Breakfast                         Driving directions From Hotel to St.
   Free 5:30 Kickback® - Hot Food & Cold Beverages       Louis Convention Center
   Free Wireless Internet                                                          18 mins
   Free 60 Minutes of Long Distance                      Via I-70 E                                  13.7 mi
   Free Soda/Popcorn in Lobby (daily 3-10 pm)
   Free Local Phone Calls                                Drury Inn Airport St. Louis
                                                          10490 Natural Bridge Road
   Free 24 Hour Airport Shuttle                          Saint Louis, MO 63134
   Free Gated Parking During Stay -
    Park-n-Fly not available                              1. Head southwest on Natural Bridge Rd toward Airflight
   Flat Panel LCD TVs in every room                      Dr                                   351 ft
   CNN, ESPN, Weather Channel & More                     2. Slight right to merge onto I-70 E        12.9 mi
                                                          3. Take exit 249C to merge onto N Broadway toward
   Free In-room Coffee Service
                                                          Convention Center/Busch Stadium             0.7 mi
   2-Room Suites Available                               4. Turn right at Convention Plaza
   24 Hour Business Center                               Destination will be on the left             479 ft
   Exercise Room
   Fax Services                                          St. Louis Convention Center
   Guest Laundry                                         701 Convention Plaza
                                                          St Louis, Missouri 63101
   Guest Voice Mail
   Hair Dryers in All Rooms
NASA Web Casts
NASA will be web-casting portions of the event. Find out more information and the link to the NASA
page on the Championship event page:

       Curie                   88 Teams
                                                  BAE SYSTEMS / Gardner Denver / General Electric Volunteers /
  20       Rocketeers          Clifton Park, NY / / Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Inc. /
                                                  Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation / Foundation / BAE Happen &
                                                  GM Powertrain Group / Delphi / ChryslerMake Great ThingsSystems Trust /
  51      Wings of Fire          Pontiac, MI      Pontiac America / Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & Shenendehowa High
                                                  Bank of High School
                                                  ExxonMobil/Hydraquip/KBR/Walter P. Moore/Andy's Hardware/Houston
  57        Leopards            Houston, TX       Dynamos & Booker T. Washington & High School for Engineering Professions
                                                  Chrysler Foundation / Laron Incorporated / Kingman Regional Medical Center
  60     Bionic Bulldogs        Kingman, AZ       / Stardust Foundation / Mohave Community College / Bearing, Belt, Chain
                                                  (Purvis Industries) / Brackett Aircraft / Potters, Inc / Kingman Powerhouse
  67         HOT                 Milford, MI      Kiwanis / Praxair / Ambient Air Ground & Huron Valley Schools
                                                  General Motors Milford Proving / Telemessaging USA & KUSD #20 Kingman
        Team Hammond-                             High School & Kingman Academy of Learning High School
  71        Beatty             Hammond, IN        Beatty International/Caterpillar/City of Hammond & School City of Hammond
                               Kintnersville,     Amplifier Research/BAE Systems/Hot Chalk/Lutron Electronics, Inc/Day Tool
 103     Cybersonics                PA            and Manufacturing Incorporated/Harro Hoflinger/PHTool/Hillman Brass and
                                                  NASA Glenn Research Center/Rockwell Automation/GrafTech
                                                  Copper/Custom Finishers/Kiwanis Club of Riegelsville/Thrivent Financial for
 120   Scarabian Knights       Cleveland, OH      Corporation/Alcoa Foundation/SMART Consortium/Greater Cleveland
                                                  Lutherans & Palisades High School
                                                  NASA Langley Research Center/CACI Corporate Business Development/BAE
                                                  Partnership/Kiwanis Club of Cleveland/Cuyahoga Community College & East
 122      NASA Knights          Hampton, VA       Systems High School
                                                  TechnicalNorfolk Ship Repair/jcpenney/Spectrum/Canon Virginia
                                                  Inc./Jefferson Lab/Planet Fitness of FLA/Old Point National Bank/Thomas
 126        Gael Force           Clinton, MA      Nypro Inc./SRT-Nypro & Clinton High School
                                                  Nelson Community College & New Horizons Regional Education Center High
                                                  School Metals / PHM Community / BOSCH / AEP-American Electric Power /
 135    The Black Knights      Mishawaka, IN      AM General / EPS & Penn High School
                                                  JR Automation Technologies, Inc. / Engineered Automation Systems, Inc. /
 141           Wo Bot            Holland, MI      Magna Sealing and Glass Systems / Entergy / Johnson Controls / Bradford
                                                  Company / Kaydon Bearings / Koop & Burr Insurance / Request Foods /
 166        Chop Shop          Merrimack, NH      Suntec Services / / BAE Systems & Merrimack Prince & West Ottawa High
                                                  Pump Station One Holland Town Center / BuhlerHigh School
                               Windsor Locks,     UTC Hamilton Sundstrand & Windsor Locks High School & Suffield High
 176        Aces High                CT           School
                                                  Pratt & Whitney/jcpenney & Jensen Beach High School & Martin County High
 180           SPAM              Stuart, FL       School & South Fork High School & Clark Advanced Learning Center (High
                               Rochester Hills,   GM Global Product Operations/Plex Systems, Inc. & Rochester Adams and
 245        Adambots                MI            Stoney Creek High Schools

 246       Overclocked          Boston, MA        Boston University & Boston University Academy
                               Carneys Point,     Boeing/South Jersey Robotics, Inc/Salem County Community
 316        LuNaTeCs                NJ            College/PSEG/DuPont/BE&K & Salem County High Schools
                                                  Con Edison/VER Tech Elevator/MTA-NYC Transit Authority/Polytech/City Tech
 335   Skillz Tech Gear Botz    Brooklyn, NY      & Science Skills Center HS

 364       Team Fusion          Gulfport, MS      NASA/DuPont Delisle & Gulfport High School Technology Center
                                                  DuPont Engineering/Boeing/DuPont CCRE/jcpenney/First State Robotics &
 365     Miracle Workerz       Wilmington, DE     MOE Robotics Group
                                                  Hawaiian Electric Company / Friends of Hawaii Robotics / BAE Systems / RHT
 368     Team Kika Mana         Honolulu, HI      Enterprises & McKinley High School
                               Staten Island,     Credit Suisse/JP Morgan Chase/New Jersey-New York Port
 375     Robotic Plague               NY          Authority/Councilman James Oddo & Staten Island Technical High School
                               Christiansburg,    Virginia Tech School Staten Island Technical Montgomery
                                                  Alumni Association &of Education/jcpenney & High School County Public
 401       Hokie Guard                VA          Schools
                                 Bloomfield       OnStar/Diversified Tooling Group/PTC & Brother Rice High School & Marian
 573     Mech Warriors            Hills, MI       High School
                               Granada Hills,     California State University, Northridge / St. Jude Medical / DreamWorks
 599        Robodox                   CA          Animation & Granada Hills Charter High School
                                                  Boeing/Northrop-Grumman/Raytheon/CAMS PTSO/Rhodia/Shell & California
 687      The Nerd Herd          Carson, CA       Academy of Mathematics and Science
                                                  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Fred Needel, Inc. / Baltimore Area
 768     TechnoWarriors        Baltimore, MD      Alliance & Brauckmann Family & Clash Family & Woodlawn High School
                               West Covina,       BAE Systems / AT&T / QUALCOMM Incorporated / Ride and Show
 968           RAWC                  CA           Engineering / Vivid-Hosting / jcpenney / / Central Powder
                                                  Coating / jcpenney / Albertsons / ITT / West Covina Unified School District &
                                                  S & S Philpott LLC. Pacific Precision Technical Institute / PTC / Nevada
 987       Highrollers         Las Vegas, NV      West Covina& Cimarron-Memorial High School
                                                  YESCO LLC. High School
                                                  NASA/Aircom Manufacturing/Rolls-Royce Corporation/Beckman
1024        Kil-A-Bytes        Indianapolis, IN   Coulter/Indiana Department of Workforce Development/jcpenney & Bernard
                                 Mississauga,     K. McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology
1241         Theory6                  ON          General Motors of Canada & Rick Hansen Secondary School
1507        Warlocks          Lockport, NY     Delphi & Lockport High School
                                               NASA/BAE Systems/Rockwell Automation/PTC & Milford Area Youth
1519   Mechanical Mayhem       Milford, NH     Homeschoolers Enriching Minds
                                               Corning / austriamicrosystems / New Scale Technologies / Schuler-Haas
1559       Devil Tech          Victor, NY      Electrical Corporation / Integrated Systems / Ridgeview Internal Medicine /
                                Misgav,        Gorbel & Victor High School
1574         MisCar            NORTHERN        Iscar/CARMOCHROME & Misgav
                                               Exelon Nuclear-Byron Generating Station/Seward Screw/Northern Illinois
1625      Winnovation        Winnebago, IL     Service/SRT-Nypro & Winnebago High School

1626     Falcon Robotics      Metuchen, NJ     St. Joseph's High School
                                               Rockwell Automation / GE Volunteers / QuadGraphics / George Mosher /
1675           UPS           Milwaukee, WI     Milwaukee School of Engineering & Lynde and Harry Bradley Technology &
                                               jcpenney / Schilling Robotics / DTL / Omsoft / Platt & Da Vinci Charter
                                               Trade School & Rufus King High School
1678      Citrus Circuits      Davis, CA       Academy
                                               Raytheon / Mentor Corporation / Amgen Foundation / Valley Precision
1717      D'Penguineers        Goleta, CA      Products / Allergan Foundation / Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope
                                               Motorola Foundation / PTC / Illinois Tech / SRT-Nypro & Agape Werks &
                                               / ATK Space / Enerpro, Inc. / Tecolote Research, Inc. / Neal Feay Company /
1739     Chicago Knights       Chicago, IL     Chicago Knights
                                               Lockheed Martin / Montecito Bank and Trust / Impulse Internet Services /
                                               FLIRAlert Robotics Parent Organization Inc. / Santa Barbara County ROP &
                                               Red Systems / AFAR Communications / Center Grove Education Foundation
1741        Red Alert        Greenwood, IN     / Indiana Department of Workforce Development / Rolls-Royce & Center
                                               Dos Pueblos High School Engineering Academy
                              Los Angeles ,    Mitchell Academy of Science and Technology/Leslie Zola Science Scholarship
                                               Grove School Corporation
1836      MilkenKnights            CA          & Milken Community High School
                                               Micron Technology/jcpenney & Mountain View High School & Renaissance
1891         Bullbots         Meridian, ID     High School
                                               Integra Foundation / West Windsor-Plainsboro Education Foundation Inc. /
1923   MidKnight Inventors   Plainsboro, NJ    Bristol-Myers Squibb / Novo Nordisk / Ortho-Janssen-McNeil Pharmaceuticals
                                               NASA/Stennis Space Friends of 1923 Grumman/Alion Science/Mississippi
                                               / MIM Software Inc / Center/Northrop & West Windsor-Plainsboro High School
1927        Tempest            Biloxi, MS      Power Company/BAE Systems/PFG Optics/jcpenney/Lifetime Portable
                                               North & West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
                              Des Moines,      Buildings, LLC/National Defense Education Program/RegionalAviation High
                                               Boeing/AHS PTSA/PTC/Aerojet-Gen Corp/OMAX/MicroRAX & Digestive
1983   Skunkworks Robotics         WA          School
                                               Specialists & St. Patrick Catholic High School
                             Lee's Summit,     NASA / Billy Goat Industries / Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation / Cerner
1986     Team Titanium             MO          Corporation / Intuitive Surgical, Inc / Paradise Park / HyVee / Honeywell
                                               FM&T / Time-Warner Cable / Sprint / Deauville Apartments / Delmer & Ruth
2040          DERT             Dunlap, IL      Dell Engineering Book / Kastle Grinding R&D Leverage & Lee's Summit
                                               Harris / Border's Services & Dunlap High/School
                             Stoney Creek,     West High School
2056       OP Robotics            ON           CNC Woodcraft & HWDSB & Orchard Park Secondary School
                                               Advanced Technology Services/G&D Integrated/jcpenney & Peoria Notre
2081          Icarus           Peoria, IL      Dame High School
                                               Science Application International Corporation / Nordson-Asymtek / ViaSat /
2102      Team Paradox        Encinitas, CA    Families of Team 2102 / Qualcomm / AFCEA San Diego / San Dieguito High
                                Mendota        School Academy Associated Student Body / SRT-Nypro / Yogi's Beach Bar
2177        Robettes          Heights, MN      Boston Scientific & Convent of the Visitation School
                                               and Restaurant & San Dieguito Academy High School
                                               General Motors Mexico / Google / Autodesk / HP / 3M / Grupo Andrade &
2283        Panteras         Mexico City, DF   Universidad Panamericana High School, Cedros School
                                               Jasco Products / Oklahoma Christian University / Kimray & Edmond Santa Fe
2359       RoboLobos          Edmond, OK       High School
                             Newport News,     Boeing/US Army Research Laboratory/NASA/Jacobs Technology ROME
2363       Triple Helix           VA           Group/ECPI/BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair/ZelTech/jcpenney/Eagle
                                               NASA-GSFC St. John Properties Inc /
                                               Technologies/ & Menchville High School Poole & Associates / SAIC / BAE
2377       C Company         Pasadena, MD      Systems / Pinnacle Consultant Group Inc & AACPS STEM & Chesapeake High
                                               Boeing/US Digital/ON Semiconductor/Best Buy/jcpenney/Hewlett
                                               School (AA)
2471     Mean Machine         Camas, WA        Packard/Tidland/Temp Control Mechanical Services/Waste
                                               Arizona FIRST & Science Foundation AZ Stardust Grant / jcpenney
                                               Connections/Phoenix Contact/Sharp Labs of America & Camas High/School &
2486        CocoNuts          Flagstaff, AZ    Washougal High School of Supervisors / WL Gore & Associates / Northern
                                               Coconino County Board
                                               Arizona University / Steve Sanghi & Coconino High School & Flagstaff Unified
2556   RadioActive Roaches    Niceville, FL    CHOICE IT Institute Niceville High School
                                               School District #1
                                               General Motors / Rockwell Automation / Research In Motion & Eastwood
2702        REBotics         Kitchener, ON     Collegiate High School
                                               Tri-County Technical College / Mad Science of Clemson / Robert Bosch LLC &
2751     SPARK Robotics      Pendleton, SC     School District of Pickens County

2761      Clovis North         Fresno, CA      Teichert Foundation & Clovis North High School
          Engineers of                         NASA / Kentucky Engineering Foundation / Cherry House / Frank Design /
2783       Tomorrow          Crestwood, KY     Amgen / Gaylor / MorganStanley SmithBarney / A & M Machine / A T&T /
                                               Publishers Printing Oshkosh Corp. / Muza Metal Products / Oshkosh
                                               Triangle Mfg. Co. / / Jennings Orthodontics & EOT Community Robotics
2826     Wave Robotics        Oshkosh, WI      Community Media Services / EAA / Pacur / American Transmission Company
                                               / CR Meyer / First Weber Group / Fox Valley WorkforceTrailblazers/Hanard
                                               Boeing/Kevin Ross and Sue Adams/jcpenney/Portland Development Board,
2990       Hotwire            Turner, OR       Machine/Platt Electric/PTC Software/Meggitt Polymer Solutions/Zephyr
                                               Inc. & Oshkosh Area School District & Oshkosh Recc. Department
        Cougars Gone           Colorado        Engineering & Hotwire Robotics ClubAcademy Salem High Learning Center /
                                               Honeywell / United States Air Force of West / Challenger
2996       Wired              Springs, CO      BAE Systems / Aeroflex / Vertec Tool, Inc / IEEE / Fastenal & Coronado High
                                               Texas Workforce / jcpenney / University of Texas at Tyler, Ingenuity Center
3037       GLOBOTS           Longview, TX      & Longview Global High School
3130    The East Ridge       Woodbury, MN      NASA/3M Company & East Ridge High School
       Robotic Ominous
         RaptorS - the                        General Motors México/Tec de Monterrey, Campus Toluca & Tec de
3158       TECBOT
           ERRORS          Metepec, MEX       Monterrey, Preparatoria Metepec
         FROG: FIRST                          NASA / Malone's CNC Machining / Oklahoma State Department of Education
3160       Robotics          Grove, OK        / Precision Machine & Grove High School
        Organization of                       NASA/jcpenney/Great Plains Manufacturing/Greater Salina Community
3172     HorsePOWER
            Grove            Salina, KS       Foundation & Salina Central High School
                                              NASA/National Defense Education Program & Northern Utah Academy for
3239    Birds of Prey        Layton, UT       Math, Engineering and Science

3459   Team PyroTech          Cary, NC        jcpenney/LORD Corporation & Community-Based
                            Diamond Bar,      jcpenney/Raytheon/Harvey Mudd College/Brahma Foundation & Diamond
3473   Team Sprocket             CA           Bar High School

3477      Chaos Vortex     Chula Vista, CA    NASA/General Dynamics/jcpenney/Qualcomm & High Tech High Chula Vista

3492      ROBOGENS          Winfield, WV      jcpenney/Toyota & Winfield High School
                                              NASA/jcpenney/Oklahoma State Department of Education & Union School
3507       Ubotics            Tulsa, OK       District
         South Philly
3553      Rambots          Philadelphia, PA   Boeing Co/Zivtech LLC & South Philadelphia High School

3624     ThunderColts       Dix Hills, NY     Half Hollow Hills
                           Golden Valley,
3630     The Stampede            MN           NASA & Breck School
                           Travelers Rest,
3651         TRIBE               SC           jcpenney & Travelers Rest High School
        Waianae Searider                      NASA / Honolulu Community College Construction Academy & Waianae High
3685       Robotics         Waianae, HI       School BIET Academy

3739       Oakbotics         London, ON       Armo Tool/United Rentals & Oakridge Secondary School
3766          ort             Northern        SRT & ort-klali bet-shean
                                              NASA/VFW Post 4207/Marionville Library/Stone County 4-H/Pixelscopic & Bit
3784       Bit by Bit        Verona, MO       by Bit 4-H

3799        ND High          Elmira, NY       Corning Incorporated & Notre Dame High School

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