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					                      6014 – North – Whittlesea – Supplementary Information

Merristock Pty Ltd and Rekool Nominees Pty Ltd advise the following supplementary information for
Site 6014.

The attached subsequent submission was presented to you in October 2010. It was ONLY for
the land owned by Merristock Pty and Rekool Nominees Pty Ltd that would be south of the
proposed Outer Ring Road. We now wish to advise that OUR PREFERENCE is for the submission
dated 2009 which we have recently confirmed with you.

However should you decide on an extensive intermodal freight terminal for our major land use we
would appreciate you considering the 2010 Submission.

The directors of Merristock Pty Ltd and Rekool Nominees Pty Ltd would prefer a residental
development to the extensive intermodal freight terminal proposed. We would ask you to consider
downgrading the intermodal freight terminal to a smaller freight terminal situated north of Beveridge
Road and allowing residental development to occur in our immediate area. We would also ask you to
consider the inclusion of our land east of Merri Creek (the proposed Urban Growth Boundary at
present) as proposed in our submission of 2009. This area is now outside the proposed Urban
Growth Boundary. It is approximately 120 hectacres and we believe its inclusion into the Urban
Growth Area would allow for improved control of both banks of the Merri Creek Riparian area and
more flexible planning for access to Merriang Road.

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