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Hot Picks by MikeJenny


									    Hot Picks U.S.A & Accessories
Introducing the Line of Hot-Picks exclusively made by Hot Picks U.S.A & proudly
   distributed by Pro Music Australia. These exciting picks look different & cool
compared to just plain colored ones, they will certainly look great & stand out with
your guitar while your playing on stage-especially the glow in the dark picks & the
             cool 3D Hologram picks, be sure to check these awesome
                     picks out at your local music shop today!

                        Monster Series Guitar Picks

HPGPM1-Grave Picker Picks-White 36pk-$36.00

HPGPM2-Grave Picker Picks-Red 36pk-$36.00

HPGPM3-Grave Picker Picks-Grey 36pk-$36.00

HPGPM4-Grave Picker Picks-Glow in the Dark 36pk-$36.00

HPHPM1-Horror Picks-Red 36pk-$36.00

HPHPM2-Horror Picks-White 36pk-$36.00

HPHPM3-Horror Picks-Grey 36pk-$36.00

HPHPM4-Horror Picks-Glow in the Dark 36pk-$36.00

HPPOD1 Pirates of Doom Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPPSP1 Skulls Version 1 Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPPSP3 Skulls Version 3 Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPZP1 Zombies Version 1 Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPZP2 Zombies Version 2 Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPCB1 Cyborg Picks 36pk-$36.00
Grave Picker      Horror Picks

                                        Skulls 1 & 3


                                       Cyborg Pick

 Killer Picks   Wolfman Picks         Vampire Picks

Mummy Picks     Little Devil Picks   Frankenstein Picks
HPKPM1-Killer Picks-Black-36pack-$36.00

HPWMM1-Wolfman Picks-36pack-$36.00

HPVP1-Vampire Picks-36pack-$36.00

HPMUM1-Mummy Picks-36pack-$36.00

HPDP1-Little Devil Picks-36pack-$36.00

HPFKM1-Frankenstein Picks-36pack-$36.00

 These Cool 3-D Hologram Picks are really awesome looking when moved from
    side to side and are different to just plain old Colour picks, why not give
                       these a try and see what you think.

HPLP1 Alien Picks 36pk -$36.00

HPLP10 Jesus Saves Picks 36pk -$36.00
                                                          Jesus – Alien – Shark
HPLP11 Shark Attack Picks 36pk-$36.00                   (Below) Skull Fire – X Ray

HPLP12 X-Ray Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP13 Skull Fire Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP14 Bug Out Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP15 Dracula Picks 36pk-$36.00
                                                     Bug Out – Dracula – Grim Reaper
HPLP2 Grim Reaper Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP3 Skull Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP5 U.S.A Rocks Picks 36pk-$36.00                    Skull – USA Rocks - Tongue

HPLP7 Tongue Picks 36pk-$36.00
HPLP9 Peace Picks 36pk-$36.00 – Discontinued *
                                                                     – Drinking Skull
HPLP21 Drinking Skull Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP25 Green Skull Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP17 Open Brain Picks 36pk-$36.00
                                                            Green Skull – Open Brain
HPLP23 Purple Monster Picks 36pk-$36.00
Discontinued *

HPLP16 Skelton w/Gun Picks 36pk-$36.00
                                                           Skeleton Gun – Spider Lady
                                                                  Spike / X ray
HPLP19 Spider Lady Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP22 Spike/X-Ray Picks 36pk-$36.00

HPLP20 Alien Landing Picks 36pk-$36.00
                                                           Alien Landing – Flame Skull

HPLP24 Flame Skull Picks 36pk-$36.00

                    Psycho Clowns Series & Shred Heads Series

Psycho Clown & Shred Heads Guitar picks, these wacky Psycho Clowns & Ghastly Shred
  Heads picks will certainly give anyone who uses them a thrill, cool clown & monster
                     graphics, great shapes, Medium Gauge picks.

HPPSYC1 Psycho Clown - Blue Nose Design 36pk-$36.00
HPPSYC2 Psycho Clown - One Eye Design 36pk-$36.00
HPPSYC3 Psycho Clown - Smiley Design 36pk-$36.00
HPPSYC4 Psycho Clown - Ciggy Design 36pk-$36.00
HPSH3 Shred Heads – Mr. X Design 36pk-$36.00

    HPPSYC1          HPPSCY2       HPPSYC3            HPPSYC4            HPSH3
    Blue Nose         One Eye       Smiley             Ciggy        Shred Heads Mr. X
                                    Girls Rock Series Guitar Picks

Hot Picks U.S.A introduces the cool new series for Girls who wanna rock, these groovy
      picks will look great with your new guitar. Check out the "Girls Rock" picks
                             at your local music shop today.

HPGR1 Girls Rock Pick - Black with Pink Dots Design 36pk-$36.00

HPGR3 Girls Rock Pick - Hawaiian Pink Flower Design 36pk-$36.00

HPGR5 Girls Rock Pick - Red & Black Plaid Design 36pk-$36.00

HPGR8 Girls Rock Pick - Pink Pixies Design 36pk-$36.00

HPGRH1 Girls Rock Pick - "Rock Star" Pink Heart Design 36pk-$36.00

HPGRH2 Girls Rock Pick - "Girls Rock Harder" Yellow Heart Design 36pk-$36.00

                                                                      HPGRH1 –          HPGR2
  HPGR1 - Black        HPGR3 -        HPGR5 - Red
                                                                      “Rock Star”     “Girls Rock
  with pink dots     Hawaiian Pink    & Black Plaid   HPGR8 - Pink     Pink Heart   Harder” Yellow
                        Design           Design       Pixies Design      Design      Heart Design

                                   Monster Series Guitar Straps

                      HPHSP1 2" Horror Printed Nylon Strap-Black $21.95

                       HPKSP1 2" Killer Printed Nylon Strap-Black $21.95

                   HPGSP1 2" Grave Picker-Printed Nylon Strap-Black $21.95

                   HPGSP3 3 " Grave Picker-Printed Nylon Strap-Black $26.95

                      HPGS2L 2" Grave Picker Leather Strap-Black $29.95
Hot Picks Straps – From Left - Grave Picker All Sizes,
        Horror Printed, & Killer Printed Straps

         Hot Picks USA Display Boxes

 HPIA252 Its Alive Counter Display Picks-432 Picks
  Box Quantity-Contains Complete Series $432.00

HPMP252 Monster Counter Display Picks-432 Picks
 Box Quantity-Contains Complete Series $432.00
                       Grave Picker Pick-Holders

                HPSTPH1- Hot Picks Pick Holder-Grave Picker
             Rubber Holder for Hot Picks $9.95 (Grave Picker Only)

                        Hot Picks U.S.A Beat-Stix Bands
These great Stix Bands from Hot Picks U.S.A, are available in 3 different types of
  graphics: Tribal, Flames & Skulls- all you have to do is slide it onto your plain
 drum sticks, use a blow dryer-heat shrink it on, and start beating its that simple-
     Instructions are on the back of the package. Have your plain old sticks
                      transformed into something totally cool
                         with these awesome stick bands.

        BSB1T Beat Stix-Bands Tribal Graphic-Packet of 2 $3.99
       BSB1F Beat Stix-Bands Flames Graphic-Packet of 2 $3.99
       BSB1S Beat Stix-Bands Skulls Graphic-Packet of 2 $3.99

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