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					Doug Price and                 Jim and Deb Sponnick
    Hazel Stevens Price
Jim and Stephanie Price
                               *Louis Staggs
                               Colleen and Jim Stanley
                                                                    Tocqueville Society Contact
Bob and Maggie Puls            Dave Steiner                           Information 2010-2011
Renee and Andy Raabe           Carla Stewart and Mike Froelich
Tony Rainold                   *David and Tracey Stover
Jeff and Kelly Reeser          Bill and Tricia Sullivan
Roger and Margaret Reisher     *James A. Suss III
Troy and Sondra Reisner        *Paul Suss                                  Jason Maples
Mary Rhinehart                 *Cheryl A. Sutter
Dave and Marcie Rhodes         Rob and Stephanie Swanson              Lockton Companies, LLC
Hugh Rice and Mary Schaefer    Peter and Janet Swinburn
Christopher Richardson         *Dale and Kay Tabor
Kirk and Kathy Riedinger
*Christine M. Riordan and
                               Steve Talley and
                                                                          Donor Relations
    Robert D. Gatewood         Phil and Shelley Tamminga
Daniel L. Ritchie              Jack Tankersley                               Jennifer Stokes
Thomas J. Roach                Rod and Barb Thacker
Janet Robbie                   Roland and Linda Thornton
Bob and Lorna Roberts          Austin and Paula Tilghman
Kim and Rob Roberts            *William and Monica Trainor
Stuart Roberts                 Robert Tregemba
Eddie Robinson and Dick        Trinna Tressler and Ted Eckles
                                                                            Steve Galpern
Denise Rodgers
                               Jason and Leslie Trow
                               Roy and Laura Turner
Todd and Annie Roebken         Mark and Jan Ugale      
Ralph Rolen                    Mark and Kate Urich
Mike Rosenbach                 Robert and Lori Vacek
Sandy and Leslie Rothe         Paul and Shelly VanDenBosch
Todd and Gina Rubright         *Jeff Vaughan
Marty and Phyl Ruffalo         Meredith Vaughan
Kristen and David Russell      Vencl Family
Hassan and Sheila Salem        Luis S. Ventoza
*Katrina L. Salem              *Jason R. Waldron
Dean and Carolyn Salter        Jim and Lucy Wallace
Barbara and Steven Sande       Lyle and Ashleigh Wallace
Dick and Jeanne Saunders       Chuck and Chris Ward
David Scanavino                *Jeff and Marci Waters
                                                                                                       February 24
Richard Schaden                Mark and Diane Wehrle
Charles and Chelley Schaper    David and Ann Westerlund
Steven and Kristen Schenbeck   Dave Whitcomb
Ronnie Schneider               Scott and Donna Whitley
Suzanne Schoettger             Jim and Kelly Williams
Dr. M.W. and Karen Scoggins    Ron and Cille Williams
*The Sepple Family             Dale and Beverly Willman
Rod and Paige Sgrignoli        Brad Wilson
Terry and Kelly Shadwick       Paul and Amy Wissmann
Christine and Peter Shlagor    Julie Wolf and Wes Williams
Kimberly Shockley-Babb and     Les and Marianne Woodward
    Michael Babb               Charlie and Karin Woolley
*Sandy Shoemaker               Earl and Nancy Wright
Eric and Susan Sipf            Dave and Debra Younggren
Daniel S. M. Smith             Jon and Kathy Zeschin
Steve Smith and                Mary Zinn
    Anne Carpenter-Smith
Jud and Cara Snyder
Rhonda Sparlin                 26 members wish to remain               2505 18th Street
Mark and Janice Spears         anonymous
*Cheryl A. Sutter              * New member                           Denver, CO 80211
Aly Spiess Rowe                (d) Deceased
Ordre d’Indépendance                                                  Membres de la Société
Nationally recognized annual gift                                     Nationally recognized gifts of
                                    C. Travis Webb                                                        *Steve and Pat Corder                 Karen I. and Sheldon Hardy      Mike and Kathy Lutito
of $250,000 and more                                                  $10,000-$14,999
                                    Hugh Williamson                                                       Cindy Corrigan                        Ted and Jan Harms               Kevin and Debbie MacCary
John and Carrie Morgridge           Nan Williamson                    Joe and Margie Adams                *Andy and Laura Crain                 Cathy and Mark Hart             Ritch and Janet MacPherson
Phil and Nancy Anschutz             Shaun and Debbie Yancey           Bud and Nona Ahearn                 *Sandy Crawford                       Darice Henritze
One anonymous donor                                                   Bill and Kim Albert                 James H. and Barbara Crocker          Kyle Herren                     John and Marjorie Madden
                                    Tocqueville Summit Giving Level   Barry and Trisha Amman              Tom and Cyndy Cycyota                 John Hickenlooper and           Teresa and David Madden
La Société Nationale
                                    Recognized annual gifts of        Adam L Anderson                     Denny and LuAnn Dahl                      Helen Thorpe                Shannon Maginn
Nationally recognized annual gift
                                    $15,000- $24,999                  Sue Anschutz-Rodgers                Carolyn Daniels                       Ann Hinkins                     Melodie and John Mallory
of $100,000 to $249,999
                                                                      *Frank and Elizabeth Arcara         Steve and Kim Davis                   Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld     Tim and Bernadette Marquez
Peter and JoAnn Beaupré             Mike and Julie Bearup
                                                                      Ed and Bette Arnold                 Ingrid and Leo DeGreef                Del and Millie Hock             Tom Marsh
Brad and Lisa Busse                 Marc and Brooke Beasley
                                                                      Rich and Annie Audsley              Bob and Lindsay Deibel                David and Kerrin Holsteen       Don and Katherine Marshall
Tom and Cydney Marsico              Gainey and Lynn Best
                                                                      Richard and Anne Baer               *Bob Dennis                           Tensie W. Homan                 Robert and Kularb Marshall
*David and Laura Merage             Tony and Gloria Best
                                                                      David and Laura Baker               Joseph and Anna DeSplinter            Walter and Michelle Honeycutt   Christopher Marsico
Al and Frances Troppmann            Jimmy Brown and
                                                                      David and Cathy Baker               Robert and Mary Dickinson             David and Susan Honeyfield      Paul and Debby Matheny
                                        Roberta Robinson
Jim and Pat Bye Giving Circle                                         Ellen Balaguer and Mark Chase       Doug and Linda Diederich              Bob and Sharla Hottman          Tom and Ashley May
                                    Mark R. Brown
Nationally recognized annual gift                                     Tonya and Russell Ball              Joe and Stacey DiMercurio             Robert and Barbara Houdeshell   Bud and Cathy McAnally
                                    Mark and Jan Bundy
of $25,000 to $99,999                                                 Dutch and Pam Bansbach              Gene and Peggy Dionne                 Bob and Mary Howey              Mary E. McBride and
                                    *John and Ellen Bywaters
                                                                      Fred and Barbara Baumann            *Brett Dolan                          *Michael Humbarger                  Jerome J. Kashinski
Rick and Kathy Ambrose              *Howard and Sue Carver
                                                                      *Mark O. Belfance                   Phil and Corry Doty                   Mike and Kaye Hurtt             Dave and Bonnie McCay
Joseph and Jennifer Bagan           Murray Cohen and
                                                                      Christine Benero                    Monique and Jim Drake                 Wayne and Sharon Hykan          * Steve and Cathy McConahey
Wesley and Linda Brown                  Sharon Faison Cohen
                                                                      David and Kathy Berezin             Jana Edwards and Rick Poppe           John and Karen Ikard            Andrew McCord
The Carson Family Foundation        George and Marion Curtis
                                                                      Steve Berman and                    Ed Ellis and Barbara Neal             Glenn and Susie Jacks           Richard and Mary Pat McCormick
Jack and Candy Clevenger            Sean and Christie Daly
                                                                          Elaine Gantz Berman             Randy Engel                           Justin Jaschke and Ann Gail     Tate and Eileen McCoy
Don and Patty Cook                  Peter and Cathy Dea
                                                                      Joe and Kelly Bertsch               Bob and Lynda Engel                   Pam and Steve Jeffords          Marvin and Cheryl McDaniel
Ron and Beth Cooper                 Bill and Donna Dehn
                                                                      *Gino Bianchi                       Tom and Ora Enos                      Mike and Jackie Jensen          Chad and Jennifer McDonnell
Michael and Teri Davis              Tom and Barbara Feige
                                                                      Jim and Valerie Bickell             *David and Janie Eves                 Roger and Betty Johnson         Lee and Susan McIntire
Dick and Ze Deane                   Suzanne Ferguson
                                                                      Scott and Teresa Binder             *Lisa Fabi                            Terry and Kay Johnson           *Jim and Jo McKinnis
Brian and Caryn Deevy               Mike and Jill Gass
                                                                      Hal Blacker and Luz Marina Garcia   David and Jodi Faley                  Dale R. and Natalie Kain        Don and Lydia McLane
Ken and Mary Denman                 Peter and Linda Greene
                                                                      Alan Blank                          *Ruth Falkenberg and                  Robert Kaufmann and             Kent and Debbie McSparran
Todd and Lindsay Filsinger          Chuck and Barbara Griffith
                                                                      Stewart and Shirley Bliss             Larry Nelson                            Jen Gilbert-Kaufmann        Barbara Mellman Davis and
Richard and Joan Foster             *Rachel Grynberg
                                                                      Vicki and Paul Bogenberger          Rich and Jill Farquhar                Paul and Pat Kearns                 Lee Davis
Mike and Amber Fries                David Hammond and
                                                                      Harry and Peggy Bogus               Todd and Nancy Fenimore               Dick and Robin Kelly            Leslie Melzer
*Miriam Grynberg                        Mary Mead Hammond
                                                                      Robert S. Boswell                   Manny and Debbie Fernandez            Michael and Stephanie Kelley    *Randy and Mary Miller
Cy and Lyndia Harvey                Scott and Cheryl Hefner
                                                                      Mike and Ann Braun                  Lorel and Cyndi Ferrin                Denise Kennedy                  Rodney L. Miller
Dave and Margie Hunter              *Dan and Lisa Kelly
                                                                      Larry and Peggy Bridge              John and Priscilla Flanders           Greg and Donna Kerwin           Cam and Katie Mochan
Brian and Nancy Jackson             Leo and Susan Kiely
                                                                      Linda and Pat Brisnehan             Paul and Cynthia Franke               Mike and Susan Keys             Mark Mollandor
Michael J. and Yun Hui Kehoe        Donna Kornfeld
                                                                      Chris and Jessica Brown             Sandra and John Gaffin                *Thomas Klingler                Gary Moore and Jane Costain
Mark (d) and Suzy Kennedy           Jason and Jodi Maples
                                                                      *Kreg and Nita Brown                Charlie and Diane Gallagher           Jim and Kareen Kimsey           * Michael Moore
Bill and Nola Lazzeri               Chuck and Kendi McDaniel
                                                                      Melissa and Todd Brownstein         Mike and Connie Gallagher             Bob and Kelly Kinder            Scott and Chris Morrison
Bob and Kalleen Malone              Don and Lydia McLane
                                                                      Wayne and Mollie Brunetti           Benaiah B. Gant                       Buz and Sherri Koelbel          John and Betty Ann Moyski
Caz Matthews                        Doug Morton and Marilyn Brown
                                                                      Tom and Barbara Burke               Mike and Shelly Gantenbein            Phil and Anne Koentges          Ed and Susan Mueller
*Jim Mulligan and Joan Burleson     Bob and Jane Nagel
                                                                      Mike and Martha Burns               Jamie and Cathy Gard                  Michael J. and Beth Kramer      Todd and Sue Munson
Steve and Neyeska Mut               Morgan and Belinda Nields
                                                                      James and Alice Burton              Charles C. Gates (d)                  Bob and Marcia Krane            Robert and Carol Murphy
Kate Paul                           Roger and Dotty Nittler
                                                                      Jay and Bunnie Busch                Carl and Barbara Geppert              *Darin Kreimeyer                Austin Murr
Bill and Glenna Peek                Richard O’Brien
                                                                      Erna D. Butler                      Douglas C. Gilbert                    Tom and Ravelle Kundinger       Dave and Mona Murray
John and Rama Pfannenstein          Felicity O’Herron
                                                                      Jim and Sharon Butler               *Albert Givray                        Jerry and Margot Ladd           Trygve and Vicki Myhren
Randy Pharo and Joey Porcelli       Rahn and Kay Porter
                                                                      Jim and Pat Bye (d)                 Barry and Polly Gleichenhaus          Guy and Nicola Lansdown         Mark and Carolyn Neely
Rich Rainaldi and                   Todd and Diane Raba
                                                                      Michael Byrne                       Gerry Gluscic                         Dave and Pat Laube              Jay and Debra Neese
    Martha Records                  Jim and Kathy Reese
                                                                      Derek L. Cady                       Bill and Ronabell Goedken             Karen and Steve Leaffer         John and Kay Nelson
Rob and Kim Roberts                 Mary Reisher and Barry Berlin
                                                                      Ron and Gail Cambre                 Bill and Bei-Lee Gold                 *Trisha and Tom Lee             Dan and Jane Nemmers
Albert and Debbie Rosenthaler       Tim and Kathryn Ryan
                                                                      Jeff Chamberlain                    Cindy and David Goldberg              Margaret and Edward Leede       Gary and Jo Ann Oakley
Don Scott                           Tom and Sharon Scanlan
                                                                      Nathan and Margaret Christian       Michael and Muffie Goman              Snowden and Susan Leftwich      Nan Odell and Vic Lazzaro
Vass and Lynne Sirpolaidis          Deb and Steve Smith
                                                                      Ralph and Susan Christie            Tim Goodwin                           Polly and Mark Lestikow         *Chad and Karen Olivier
Hannah Sperber                      George and Linda Southwell
                                                                      Jason C. and Sara Clarke            *Barbara Grogan                       *Ben and Barbara Lewis          Ken and Jane O’Neal
John Stanoch                        Teresa Van De Bogart
                                                                      Jay and Gayle Cleary                Dave and Trish Gutierrez              Donald C. and Brenda Lewis      Tim O’Neill
*Charles and Joy Stanley            Bruce and Bev Wagner
                                                                      Robert and Molly Cohen              Nick and Anne Hackstock               Jerry and Martha Dell Lewis     Bruce, Debbie and Chris Payne in
Neil and Janice Stenbuck            Joe and Judi Wagner
                                                                      Dan and Debbie Collins              Grover Hall and Dr. Patricia Covalt   William and Lonna Lindsay             memory of Jack Payne
Greg and Jeannie Symons                                               Stephanie and Chris Comfort         Laurel Hammer and                     Paul and Carol Lingenfelter     Gregory Peay
Dan and Betty Taylor                                                  Kelly Condon and Jim Hoy                Christopher Bissener              Rob and Sharon Link             Sam Pluss and James Pluss
Colin and Vicki Terras                                                Rick Connor                         Randall C. and                        Dennis and Dian Little          Robert and Kim Polk
Robert and Joan Troccoli                                              Peter and Marilyn Coors                 Mary Ann Hampton                  Steve and Nikki Lockton         Gary and Chris Pon
Mary Beth and Brian Vaught                                            Stephanie Copeland                  Cindy and Craig Hansen                Bob and Andrea London           Joel Porter and Susan Dozier
                                                                                                          Jim and Sharman Hardin                Bruce and Carol Lowell

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