Coming to HCMC...Baby Eng Brochure by AndrewBrocklehurst


									                                                                                            For recorded directions, call: (612)-873-9800

                                                                                                                                                              Coming to
Your Privacy:                             Things to watch for:
                                                                                               PURPLE      GREEN
                                                                                              BUILDING   BUILDING

                                                                                               RED         BLUE
                                                                                              BUILDING   BUILDING

- Your privacy is important to us.        - You will feel your body change during
                                                                                               ORANGE        PARKING

- We will not give out any information      pregnancy.
  about you or your baby to anyone        - Usually these changes are normal.
  who calls.                              - Your body can also tell you when
- We can transfer calls into your room.     something is not healthy.                                         R                                               Center
- If you do not want anyone to know       - Listen to your body.
  you are in the hospital, you need to    - Call right away if you have any of
                                                                                                                                       HFA Shapiro
                                                                                                                                         Building             to have
                                                                                                         P                     B
  tell your nurse right away.               these signs:                                                                                                      your baby
                                            • Any bleeding from your vagina.
When it is time to go home:                 • Changes in your eyesight.                                                                              P

                                            • A very bad headache.
- You will probably go home 1 or 2 days     • Sudden swelling of your face,
  after you give birth.                       hands, or feet.                                 Labor & Delivery.............. 612-873-4104
- If your baby is born by C-section,        • Nausea or vomiting that lasts more              Nurse-Midwife Unit.......... 612-873-2946
  then you will stay about 3 days             than 24 hours.                                  G4 OB/GYN Unit ..............612-873-4204
- You should plan to leave the hospital     • Temperature over 100.4° F.                      OB Testing Unit ................612-873-5006
  before 1 p.m.                             • Discharge from your vagina that                 Spanish Line ....................612-873-6060
                                              itches or burns.                                Somali Line ......................612-873-2850
                                            • Pain or burning when urinating.                 Breastfeeding Services ......612-873-8793
                                            • Baby moves less than usual (less                Tours & Childbirth Classes......................
                                              than 10 times in 2 hours).                      .............................612-873-BABY (2229)
                                            • Five or more contractions in an hour
                                              before 36 weeks.                                Your clinic: _______________________

                                          Call : Labor & Delivery 612-873-4104 or             Your clinic’s
                                          Nurse Midwife Unit 612-873-2946                     phone number: ____________________

                                          What do I do if I’m having
                                          problems, but I’m not in labor?
                                          - M-F, 8 am - 4:30 pm, call your clinic
                                          - Nights, weekends, and holidays, call
                                            Labor and Delivery or the Nurse
                                            Midwife Unit
                                                                                     Hennepin County Medical Center provides services without regard
                                                                                     to race, color, creed, religion, age, sex, disability, marital status,
                                                                                     sexual orientation, public assistance or national origin.
Thank you for choosing to have your baby at        Parking:                                         Other things you might want                           At the Hospital:
Hennepin County Medical Center. We are
                                                                                                    to bring:
here to help support you and answer any            - Parking is available near the hospital.                                                              - When you get to Hennepin, go to the
questions you have.                                - You can use the hospital ramp, flat lots, or                                                           Emergency Room entrance on 8th Street
                                                                                                    For Labor:
                                                     park on the street.                            - Anything that will help you feel more comfortable     and Chicago Avenue.
When is it time to come to the                     - Ask for a parking brochure or check out        - Focal point to help with concentration              - Hospital staff will bring you to Labor
                                            for more parking information.                                                             & Delivery or the Nurse Midwife Unit.
hospital to have my baby?                                                                             (a picture, small plant, stuffed toy)
                                                                                                    - Lip gloss, balm or petroleum jelly
Watch for these signs of labor:                    What should I bring with me?                     - Sour suckers for dry mouth and throat               When you get to Labor & Delivery
- Your bag of water breaks or you have fluid                                                        - Cards, games or books                               or the Nurse Midwife Unit:
  leaking from your vagina. It may feel like a     - A car seat that MUST:                          - Battery operated cassette or CD player
  leak or gush.                                      • Be an “infant” or “convertible” style          and music                                           - A nurse will ask you about your signs
- You have painful contractions that get             • Be less than 6 years old                     - Robe, socks and slippers                              of labor.
  longer, stronger, and closer together.             • Have never been in a car that has had        - A favorite pillow                                   - A nurse will contact your doctor or
- You notice lightly blood-streaked mucus              a crash                                      - Lotion for back rubs and massage                      midwife.
  coming from your vagina. This is called            • Have not been recalled by the company        - Paint roller, rolling pin or tennis ball
  “bloody show.”                                       that made the seat                             for applying back pressure                          Visitors:
                                                   - Clothes for the baby to wear home              - Massager                                            - It is important to have one or two
If you have any of these signs of labor, call      - A light baby blanket for spring, summer,       - Notebook with pen to record observations              friends or relatives with you during
us. We can help you decide if it is time to          and fall or a snowsuit for winter              - Camera or battery operated video recorder             labor.
come to the hospital.                              - Money for parking                              - Cell phone or calling card for long                 - Visiting may be limited depending on
                                                   - Going-home clothes that fit you when you         distance calls                                        what you would like and how you and
  Labor & Delivery..........612-873-4104             were about five months pregnant                - List of phone numbers to call with the news           your baby are doing.
  Nurse Midwife Unit.......612-873-2946                                                                                                                   - There is a family waiting room near
                                                                                                    For you:                                                the unit for other visitors to wait.
                                                                                                    - Nightgowns                                          - The only children allowed in your labor
Getting to Hennepin County                                                                          - A good supportive bra or nursing bra                  room are the brothers or sisters of the
Medical Center:                                                                                     - Comb, brush, shampoo                                  new baby. An adult must take care of
                                                                                                    - Toothbrush, toothpaste                                children in the labor room.
- Plan how you will get to the hospital.                                                                                                                  - After the baby is born, the father, your
- If you do not have a way to get to                                                                For your labor support person:                          other children, and grandparents may
  Hennepin, call your insurance company                                                             - Pajamas for long labor and/or staying                 visit at any time.
  and ask for help with getting to the hospital.                                                      overnight after the birth
- Do not call 911 or take an ambulance,                                                             - Money for meals                                     Meals for visitors and families:
  unless it is a medical emergency or you                                                           - Toothbrush and toothpaste                           - The cafeteria is open every day.
  feel the baby is going to be born                                                                                                                       - Vending machines are also available.
  right away.                                                                                       For your baby:
                                                                                                    - Baby book

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