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									                         GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY LAW CENTER


                           APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS

Application Deadline: January 15, 2011

Program Dates: The Fellow will be in-residence at Georgetown University Law
Center from September 2011 through August 2013.

Application Questions, Status and Notification: You may direct all questions
about the application process (including confirmation that your application materials
have been received) to the Center’s Deputy Director, Nadia Asancheyev, at

Submission Process: Applications must be submitted by mail. Letters of
recommendation must be received in sealed envelopes and can be sent directly to the
Center under separate cover if you prefer. Please mail all materials to:

                    National Security Fellowship Application
                      Nadia Asancheyev, Deputy Director
               Georgetown Center on National Security and the Law
                                 Williams 361
                         600 New Jersey Avenue, NW
                            Washington, DC 20001

Required Application Materials:

  o Application Form Available below.

  o Curriculum Vitae

  o Research Proposal/Scholarly Agenda The Scholarly Agenda should be
    approximately 5 – 10 pages in length and should describe the project or
    projects you expect to accomplish as a Fellow. A successful agenda succinctly
    states the intended thesis or argument you hope to advance in each proposed
    piece of scholarship, and may also suggest possible connections between
    projects if more than project is contemplated. The Research Agenda should
    convey scholarly intent and potential but need not be footnoted, nor are
    bibliographies expected. Please preface your agenda with an Executive
    Summary (one page or less) of your primary proposed research project.

  o Personal Statement [optional] The Personal Statement should be
    approximately two pages and is your opportunity to describe your background,
    professional goals, or other personal information you feel is relevant to your

  o Published Works or Writing Sample Please provide copies of any legal
    scholarship, including student notes, that you have published. If you have not
    published any scholarship, please send a writing sample.

  o Transcripts Please include official transcripts for your undergraduate, J.D.,
    and any other degrees you have earned.

  o Two Letters of Recommendation Your letters of recommendation should
    preferably be written by law professors, but if this is not possible, letters from
    other professors or professional references are acceptable. Letters of
    recommendation may be sent directly from recommenders.

                           GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY LAW CENTER

                       NATIONAL SECURITY FELLOW

                                  APPLICATION FORM

Please complete and include as the first page of your application packet.

Title_____ First_________________________ Last______________________________
Email address ________________________________________________________
Mailing Address
Street ______________________________________________________ ____ Apt.____
City ____________________________________________
State ________ ZIP__________
Country (if other than US) ______________________________________________
Phone No. ________________

Country of Citizenship:_____________________________
Immigration status if non-US Citizen: _____________________

Law School ____________________________________________
Date degree received ____________________
Undergraduate University __________________________________________
Date degree received ____________________

Other graduate school(s); name(s) and date(s) of degree(s) received:

Your letters of recommendation will arrive

        in this application packet

        directly from recommenders

Primary areas of interest for research and teaching:


Have you ever applied for admission to Georgetown Law? If so, when?

Have you taken a bar exam and been admitted to practice? If yes, in what state(s) and when?

If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, please attach an explanation.
Have you ever failed a bar examination? ________
Have you ever been subject to any academic or disciplinary actions, or are charges pending at any
school or college? _______
Have you ever been suspended or disbarred? _______
Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense? _______
Is any charge pending against you for any crime other than a traffic violation? _______
Have you ever been separated from a branch of the armed forces of the U.S. under conditions other
than favorable? _______

I certify that the statements made in this application to Georgetown University Law Center are
complete and accurate. I will promptly inform the Law Center, in writing, if there is any change in
any of the facts indicated herein. I understand that providing false, misleading or incomplete
information will result in immediate revocation of any offer of a fellowship. If offered a fellowship,
I am aware that academic institutions (post-secondary) which I have previously attended may be
contacted to verify that I have not been subjected to any disciplinary action or academic censure. If
offered a fellowship, I agree to comply with the rules of the Law Center now in effect as set forth in
the Law Center Bulletin, and such rules as may hereafter be put into effect by the Law Center or the
University. I agree that the decision of the faculty as to the standards of character and scholarship
shall be final.

Applicant Signature ____________________________________________ Date ___________


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