Patrolling Roster Season 2010

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					Patrolling Roster Season 2010-2011

Patrol Captains

Marc Pulepule         04 3877347
Jason Reid            027 844324
Dave Wells            027 4508518
Paula Wood            0274 4433847
Wayne Wickens         0274 482562

Patrolling Teams

Things that Patrol Teams must know:

      Each patrol member is responsible for letting their Patrol Captain know if they are not
       able to attend their duty
      It is up to each individual patrol member to organize their own replacement
       (remember that your replacement must be of like qualification and status, i.e. PC for
      All patrol members must be at Freyberg storage space under the pool at 11.30am sharp
      All Patrol Captains are required to report to the Clubhouse to collect radios, extra
       bottles of oxygen, AED and paperwork
      All Patrol Captains are required to return all paperwork, empty oxygen bottles, AED
       and radios for charging to the Clubhouse and to debrief patrol
      In the event of an incident occurring, the patrol is to return after the incident has been
       properly dealt with to the Clubhouse to debrief
      All partnered lifeguards (buddy) are responsible for their Rookies while they are on
      Each buddy must actively help their Rookie with their task book
      Each Rookie are responsible for letting their buddy know if they are not to attend their
      Each Rookie is therefore responsible for organizing their own replacement (remember
       that your replacement must be of like qualification and status, i.e. Rookie for Rookie)
      If for whatever reason the buddy is unable to attend patrol their Rookie will be
       delegated another partner by the Patrol Captain for the duration of the patrol
Patrol Teams

Patrol Team    A -Team        X- Men        Aliens         WW II          Angels II
Patrol         Dave Wells     Marc          Jason Reid     Wayne          Paula Wood
Captain                       Pulepule                     Wickens
Surf           Luke           Peter Clark   Rory           Todd Russell   Henry
Lifeguard      McGuinness                   McJorrow                      Williams
Surf           Chris Mark                   Mark Jeffrey   Jim Warwick    Ashton
Lifeguard                                                                 McGuinness
Surf           Shane                        George         Rhys Speirs
Lifeguard      O’Connor                     Gallagher
Surf           Kirk Russell
Rookie                        Adam          Tabitha Ross   Matt Wilson    Michael
Lifeguard                     Hutchison                                   Brown
Rookie                                      Caroline
Lifeguard                                   Stewart
Rookie         Barry          Craig         Lara Geenen    Renee          Matt Wood
Lifeguard      McGuinness     McGuinness                   Gerlich
Rookie         Kevin          Jerome
Lifeguard      Albrecht       McGuinness

Rookie Lifeguard and Buddy Lifeguard List

Rookie Lifeguard                                           Buddy Lifeguard
Barry McGuinness                                           Chris Mark
Kevin Albrecht                                             Luke McGuinness
Jerome McGuinness                                          Jakob Fowke
Lara Geenen                                                Jason Reid
Matt Wood                                                  Henry Williams
Craig McGuinness                                           Peter Clark
Renee Gerlich                                              Jim Warwick
Patrolling Roster

If you have any questions or queries about patrols contact your Patrol Captain (listed above)
or Patrol Coordinator (Marc Pulepule)

     Date                Day          Public Holiday/ other events                 Patrol Team
5 February          Saturday                                                         X Men
6 February          Sunday       Carnival – Maranui SLSC                            Angels II
12 February         Saturday                                                          Aliens
13 February         Sunday                                                            WW II
19 February         Saturday                                                         A-Team
20 February         Sunday       Round the Bays 8.30am start                        Angels II
26 February         Saturday                                                         X Men
27 February         Sunday                                                            Aliens
5 March             Saturday                                                          WW II
6 March             Sunday                                                           A-Team
12 March            Saturday     ITU Tri series 7am – 2pm                            X Men
13 March            Sunday                                                          Angels II
19 March            Saturday                                                          Aliens
20 March            Sunday                                                            WW II
26 March            Saturday                                                         A-Team
27 March            Sunday                                                           X Men
N.B All the yellow shaded areas are patrolling dates

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