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E.J. Noble Hospital

Kinney Nursing Home

   People Caring for People...
                          A Message From Our CEO...
                          E.J. Noble Hospital is pleased to provide you an Information Booklet that identifies
                          the current progress of this healthcare facility and the goals and objectives for the

                          During the past few years, we have been successful in the recruitment of several
                          physicians, including two Family Practitioners, an Internist, a Pediatrician and a
                          General Surgeon. Physician recruitment is an on-going and continuous challenge
                          and we are committed to maintain a physician recruitment process within an
                          extremely competitive market in Central and Northern New York.

As we move forward into the future, we are in the final stages of planning for construction of a new
medical/surgical unit with improved state-of-the-art ancillary service programs. Being a sole community
provider with no other acute care presence within a 34-mile radius, we need to move forward with these
plans to provide our citizens with a modern patient care unit that will meet the needs of our community for
many years to come.

Our commitment to continuously find avenues to strengthen patient care, clinical and ancillary programs is
essential for this healthcare facility.
                                                                      Charles P. Conole, FACHE
                                                                      Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                        Schopfer Architects LLP

     Ground                                                     First
      Floor                                                     Floor
Our History...                                                                         Mr. Edward John Noble

Edward John Noble Hospital / Kinney Nursing Home is an eighty-seven bed facility, with forty-seven acute care
and forty long term care beds, located in Gouverneur, N.Y., in beautiful southern St. Lawrence County.

E.J. Noble Hospital was established in 1952 with substantial financial assistance from Mr. Edward John Noble.

Since its establishment in 1952, E.J. Noble Hospital has undergone several expansions and renovations to meet
our community needs including:

    1972 - Kinney Nursing Home, Skilled Nursing Facility constructed
    1989 - Obstetrical, Emergency and Radiology Departments receive major renovations
    1998 - Physician Office Building expansion project completed
    2002 - Education and Training Center construction
    2008 - Construction of new Primary Care Clinic in Antwerp, N.Y.
    2008 - Radiology Department renovations

We provide healthcare services to Northern Jefferson County, Western Lewis County and Southern St. Lawrence
County. The facility serves an estimated population of over 22,000. Our staff is comprised of two hundred and
thirty-six full time equivalent employees who are committed to providing excellent healthcare to the citizens of
Gouverneur and our surrounding community.

Mission Statement:
The Mission of E.J. Noble Hospital is to offer community leadership as a center for healthcare providing or
arranging for high quality, cost effective services. The core values of the mission statement are based on the
principle of meeting the community’s primary healthcare needs and the appropriate development of
establishing clinical referrals when deemed necessary.
                                      A Message From Our Board President...
                                      E.J. Noble Hospital & Kinney Nursing Home offers an invaluable resource to our
                                      community. Without our community hospital, the distance our fellow community
                                      members would have to travel to access care may be the deciding factor between
                                      life and death. The Hospital's Board of Directors is dedicated to ensuring that we
                                      never have to face that barrier. Our country is suffering from an economic crisis
                                      and we realize that the challenge to keep our community hospital up and running
                                      will be greater than ever.

  On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am requesting your assistance and support of our hospital. We vow,
  with your help to continue to maintain, “People Caring for People” in your community for years to come.
  We will be there for you, please be there for us.
                                                                                      Timothy Monroe, DVM
                                                                                      President of the Board of Directors

                                                                                                     1st Row:
                                                                                                     Timothy Monroe, DVM
                                                                                                     Chris Betrus, RN
                                                                                                     Richard Bennett

                                                                                                     2nd Row :
                                                                                                     Henry Leader, Esq.
                                                                                                     Dana Putman
                                                                                                     Donald Schuessler Jr., MD
                                                                                                     Michael Lawler
                                                                                                     Dave McClure
                                                                                                     Nicholas Gardner, DDS
                                                                                                     Robert Leader, Esq.
                                                                                                     Vijay Kumar, MD, FACS

                       E J Noble Hospital Board of Directors
  Year after year, the E.J. Noble Hospital Auxiliary has benefitted this facility significantly. Over the past few years,
  their annual contributions has averaged over $25,000. The Auxiliary has contributed over half a million dollars
                                                                        to the hospital, since they began their work
                                                                        over fifty years ago. The money provides for
                                                                        medical equipment, staff education and
                                                                        scholarships. In addition, the volunteer
                                                                        program provides assistance and support to
                                                                        the patients and hospital staff. Volunteers
                                                                        may be seen transporting patients to other
                                                                        units or collecting money for patient
                                                                        televisions. Their ongoing service represents
                                                                        a dedication to the community of Gouverneur
                                                                        and is a wonderful support to the Hospital.

Members of the Hospital Auxiliary Proudly Display Statewide Recognition Certificate
                            Letter from the Medical Director...
                            Living in the North Country with our patients and their families, we understand
                            that richness in our world comes from neighbor caring for neighbor, and we are
                            committed to providing the best possible health care, as you would receive at a
                            major university setting, but in a place removed from the unrelenting pace of urban
                            life. Our advantage is that we are close to home so that you can be surrounded by
                            your family and others who care about you as an individual. The coordinated efforts
                            of primary care and specialty physicians enable those in need of medical care to
                            find the marvels of modern medicine provided with compassion in their own

E.J. Noble Hospital physicians see it as a privilege to be a part of our patient’s lives and health care. Each
physician at E.J. Noble is either Board Eligible or Certified in his or her area of expertise, assuring our patients
that the care they are receiving is consistent with national standards. Whether in the emergency or operating
room, in a physician’s private office, or a hospital sponsored primary care or specialty clinic, or in the
experience of a new baby coming into the life of your family, or recovering from an illness in the hospital, each
person can be assured kind, individual care, rendered by physicians who are some of the best in their
respective fields.
                                                                            Donald C. Schuessler, Jr. MD FAAP
                                                                            Medical Director

Our Medical Staff...

Nabeel Al-Hussein, MD          William Baerthlein, MD         Gerald Calabrese, MD         Christian Ezidiegwu, MD
  Internal Medicine/                  OB/GYN                    Internal Medicine                 Pathologist
Emergency Department

Nicholas Gardner, DDS           Yusef Hazimeh, MD               Jessica Jacobs, MD            Debra Koloms, MD
       Dentist                   Internal Medicine/                 Pediatrician               Ophthalmologist
Our Medical Staff... (cont.)

 Vijay Kumar, MD, FACS     Narayan Lakshman, MD     Teresa Dombek-Lang, MD         Atul Maini, MD
     General Surgeon          Anesthesiologist          Family Practitioner        General Surgeon

 Michael Maresca, MD          George Mina, MD          Timothy Moon, DO           James Pelletier, DPM
     Radiologist             Orthopedic Surgeon         Family Practitioner            Podiatrist

Alexander Pushchin, MD       Edward Reason, DO         Gary Robbins, MD          Vojtech Slezka, MD
       OB/GYN                 Internal Medicine           Radiologist               Cardiologist,
                                                                                New York Heart Center

             Julian Thomas, MD            Brian Thompson, MD          Gary Wakeman, MD
                 Cardiologist,                   OB/GYN               Emergency Medicine
            New York Heart Center

   Photos Courtesy of Impression Studio
                                                                                    Our Services...
                                            Physical Therapy
                                            Physical Therapy services are available to both adults and children.
                                            We offer an expansive range of services including the evaluation
                                            and treatment of sprains, strains, joint injuries, pain management,
                                            strokes, and post surgical rehabilitation.

Our Radiology Department provides a cadre’ of clinical services with
St. Lawrence Radiology Associates. In late 2008, our Radiology Department
completed installation of a brand new Radiograph and Fluroscopic room.
Why travel out of town? We are staffed by Registered Radiology and
Ultrasound Technologists, and offer modern equipment!
We offer:
    CT Scan - 16 Slice, which allows the scan to be completed in minutes

    Mobile MRI - using 1.5T magnet to provide high quality resolution

    Bone Density Testing - used to screen for osteoporosis

    Mammography - with Soft Pads for a more comfortable exam

    Ultrasound - capable of providing 3D & 4D echo with Colorflow
    (This allows you to see your unborn baby in amazing real-time detail)

    Fluoroscopic exams (often used to evaluate the gastrointestinal tract)

    Nuclear Medicine - available onsite by appointment

It does not matter which hospital your physician is affiliated with, you can have
your testing performed here and we will send the results to your physician!

                                            In the early 1990's, a part-time Cardiology program was established
                                            at E.J. Noble Hospital by the New York Heart Center in Syracuse,
                                            NY. The practice has grown to five days a week. In addition to
                                            being available for Cardiology consults when needed, New York
                                            Heart Center provides many special procedures, including:

                                               Echocardiograms      Nuclear stress testing   Carotid ultrasound
Our Services...
Laboratory Services
We offer a full array of laboratory testing, including: Hematology,
Chemistry, Blood Bank Services, Microbiology and Urinalysis.
We offer an Occupational Health Program which provides drug
and alcohol screening for local employers. A Residential Sharps
Program is available to accept your used needles and syringes.
Call the Laboratory for more details.

                                        Cardio-Pulmonary Services:
                                        We offer both inpatient and outpatient services including:
                                            Patient Education related to Respiratory Illnesses
                                            EKGs    Stress Tests
                                            Pulmonary Function Tests
                                            Arterial Blood Gases
                                            Pulse Oximetry (including overnight)

Gouverneur Eye Center is located in E.J. Noble Hospital's Physician Office Building. We can handle your entire
eye care needs, from eye exams to surgery.

                                                        Surgical Services
                                                        Our dedicated Surgeons and Nursing Staff are here
                                                        to provide you with the highest level of care in a
                                                        comfortable and compassionate environment.

                                                        In addition to General Surgery on both an Inpatient
                                                        and Outpatient setting, we offer many specialized
                                                        services including:

                                                           Minimally Invasive Surgery     Gynecological Surgery
                                                           Stereotactic Breast Biopsy      Advanced Wound Care
                                                           Breast Conservative Surgery     Emergency Surgery
                                                           Incontinence Services           Dentistry
                                                           Oral Maxillary Surgery          Cataract Surgery

                                                                   Why not have your Surgery
                                                                       Close to Home?
                                                                                    Our Services...
                                           Obstetrical Services
                                           Our strong OB/GYN program maintains formal affiliations with the
                                           teaching healthcare centers in Syracuse.

                                           We offer the opportunity to experience your labor, birth and recovery
                                           ALL IN ONE ROOM!

                                           Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a “birthing plan”
                                           and personalized care to meet the needs of you and your family.
                                           “Rooming In”, to include your new baby and Dad, is encouraged.

                                           We offer early pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding classes
                                           FREE of CHARGE to our patients.

                                           We have two Board Certified Pediatricians on staff waiting to greet
                                           your new baby.

Medical/Surgical/ Pediatrics/ICU
Our inpatient units offer comprehensive, acute care services
from newborn through senior years and every age in between.
Long established pediatricians, internists, and even geriatric
specialists are available to oversee your care. We have what
you need, when your condition requires inpatient medical or
surgical service. Our team of experienced professionals will
work together to get you back on your feet, feeling good and
enjoying life as soon as possible.
“People Caring for People”, it’s what we do!

                                               Emergency Department
                                               Our Emergency Department averages well over 8000 visits per
                                               year, ranging from sore throats to major trauma. The Emergency
                                               Department is staffed with a dedicated core group of Physicians,
                                               Physician Assistants and Registered Nurses with on-call specialists
                                               available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. We
                                               offer state-of-the-art Stroke Care via a telemedicine program in
                                               cooperation with SUNY Upstate Medical Center. With this
                                               collaborative effort, patients presenting to the Emergency
                                               Department at E.J. Noble with stroke symptoms are examined by
                                               a Neurologist in Syracuse using the “Reach Call”, telemedicine
                                               program. This means our patients can receive the same emergency
                                               stroke treatment that is usually only available at a much larger
                                               stroke center. If you or a loved one needs medical help, rest
                                               assured that we will be here!
Our Services...
Swing Bed - Care Close to Home
This program provides temporary alternative level of
nursing home care in a hospital setting for a variety of
patients. Most length of stays are under thirty days,
however the stay may extend to a maximum of sixty days.

Examples of who may benefit from this program:
   Patients transferred from regional hospitals to complete
   their recovery close to home
   Patients in our hospital who need to regain their strength
   before going home
   Patients who need additional medical care that can not
   be adequately provided at home
   Short-Term relief for a person who normally cares for an
   individual at home (respite care)

                                                              Long Term Care - Kinney Nursing Home
                                                              Choosing a nursing home can be a stressful and
                                                              confusing experience. Rest assured that we are
                                                              here for you. Kinney Nursing Home has been
                                                              providing a home for our elderly community
                                                              members since 1972.

                                                              The Kinney Nursing Home offers 40 private and
                                                              shared accommodations and a full complement of
                                                              care services for the elderly, chronically ill, and
                                                              disabled residents. An experienced team of health-
                                                              care professionals consider the physical, mental,
                                                              and social needs of each resident in developing an
                                                              individualized care plan.

                                                              Specialized services Include:
                                                                  Physical Therapy
                                                                  Speech-Language Pathology
                                                                  Medical Care
                                                                  Individualized Nutrition Services
                                                                  Social Work Services
                                                                  Pharmacy Services
             E.J. Noble Hospital Sponsored Clinics...
Primary Care Clinics

We know what it is like to have to travel when you are not feeling well. We also understand that driving in the
north country’s winters can be challenging. That is why we operate healthcare clinics in your hometown!

E.J. Noble Hospital has, over the years, established a network of primary care clinics in the communities of
DeKalb Jct., Edwards, Harrisville, Antwerp, and Russell. The clinics are staffed by physicians and/or physician
assistants. The clinics provide each community with accessibility to healthcare needs. Each clinic makes every
effort to maintain open hours for the convenience of the community.


                                                                                  DeKalb Jct.
                                                                                  US RT 11
                                                                                  DeKalb Jct., NY

                                                                                  (315) 347-3830
                       Pope Mills

      Chippewa Bay                                                                                 Russell
                                                                                                   9 Pestle St.
                                                                                                   Russell, NY
                          E. J. NOBLE
                                                                                                   (315) 347-2262

                                                                                    1 Church St.
                                                                                    Edwards, NY

                                                                                    (315) 562-1055
                              6 Lexington Ave.
                              Antwerp, NY                                     Harrisville
                              (315) 659-8993                                  8224 State Hwy 3
                                                                              Harrisville, NY

                                                                              (315) 543-7314
E.J. Noble Hospital and Kinney Nursing Home

77 West Barney Street
Gouverneur, NY 13642

Phone: (315) 287-1000     Charles P. Conole, FACHE
Fax: (315) 535-9235       Chief Executive Officer

E.J. Noble Hospital
                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
and Kinney Nursing Home                                  PAID
77 West Barney Street                                GOUVERNEUR
Gouverneur, NY 13642                                  NEW YORK
                                                     PERMIT NO. 5

  E.J. Noble has earned
 the Joint Commission's
  Gold Seal of Approval

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