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Dear 12 Grade Parents and Guardians:                                      March 2011

This letter is to provide you with additional information about the Prom at Lakeside School. Our
school has a unique tradition of a senior prom which incorporates the customary “prom” and “grad
night” held at many other schools into one special evening. The goals of the event are as follows:

Class Unity: The focus is on having the entire class spend the evening together. It is planned to
be a memorable and multi-faceted event—with something for everyone—and is anticipated to be
conducive to generating excitement about graduation and making memories as a class.

Inclusion: Lakeside’s Prom is not a “date dance” and therefore does not have the same
emphasis on pairing up or “being asked” to attend that is a common feature of the typical prom
experience. The objective is for each and every member of the graduating class to attend and it
is for Lakeside seniors only.

Safety: Lakeside’s Prom is an all-night event, beginning at 3:45 p.m. on the Sunday of Memorial
Day weekend (May 29 ) and ending at 7 a.m. the next morning. Bus transportation is provided
and chaperones accompany the group throughout the event. This format has been established in
order to avoid the hazards often associated with pre- and post-prom partying. We ask that
parents arrange pick up of their seniors at 7 a.m. on Monday morning as it is unsafe for students
to drive themselves after being awake all night.

Fun: Our Prom is a 15-hour extravaganza—the details of which are kept secret right up until
students disembark from the busses at various locales, and traditionally incorporates the
following components:
     1. a “Red Carpet” event in Red Square at Lakeside, where students parade down the carpet
        dressed in formal attire as parents snap photographs;
     2. Stewart Tilger, will also be taking professional photos of students at the Red Carpet event
        and throughout the dinner and dance. These photos will be uploaded onto a website
        (look for details to follow) and available for purchase by interested students and family
     3. a formal dinner at a special venue, attended by the seniors and Upper School
                                 th                            th
        administrators, the 12 grade coordinator, and all 12 grade advisors and spouses,
        recognizing the significant role they have played in the life of the graduating class and
        providing students and connected faculty a chance to spend the evening together;
     4. a dance, usually featuring live music;
     5. games and playful activities which take place from about 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.
The Parent/Guardian Dinner:
While students are reveling, parents and guardians of the senior class have a chance to convene
for a final dinner together in the Wright Community Center, prepared by our own wonderful
Lakeside kitchen staff and beginning at 5:30 p.m. The evening will feature a slideshow about the
graduating class and other entertainment. The cost for the parent evening is $40 per person.
Since the Parents’ Association places a high priority on ensuring that every family may participate
in the events it hosts, confidential financial assistance is available for this event regardless of
financial aid status.

Tickets for Prom:
The ticket cost of $250 should not be a deterrent to any senior’s attendance at the Prom. The
primary goal is to ensure that each graduating senior can be there regardless of their ability to
pay. Therefore Lakeside encourages families to pay only what they are able to for their student to
attend. Some families may wish to consider a contribution of additional funds to help defray the
actual cost of the event or to help support other students or faculty chaperones. In addition to
ticket revenue, funding sources include senior class funds, a Parents Association allocation,
school funding, and independent donations. Please pay an amount that fits your budget; cost
should not be an obstacle to taking part in this important occasion. Additionally, we have asked
the Rummage Chairs to set aside formal dresses to be available for seniors at bargain prices.

Registration and payment for the Prom and Parent/Guardian Dinner should be completed online
by March 31st, using the following link:

You will need to use your Lakeside User ID and password to access the site. Please contact
Vonnie Breidenstein in the Parents Association office if you do not know how to access the
Lakeside webpage and she will help you with your user id and password (her email is , her phone # is 206 440-2740). Once you access the
Prom site, you will find all the information you need, as well as links on the right-hand side of the
page to buy tickets to both the Senior Prom and the Parent/Guardian Dinner. When you click on
each link be sure to read the text on the next page -- there you will find important information
about the tickets, and also a link to an alternate form if you would feel more comfortable naming
your own price.

If internet access is not available and online registration is not possible, please send a check for
either event (payable to Lakeside School) to Wesley Ryan, Lakeside Business Office, 14050 1
Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98125. Please specify the name of the event on your check.

Senior Slide Show:
A central feature of the entertainment for both students and their parents/guardians is the
traditional slide show. In order for this to be a success we need your help. Please submit two
photos of your student-- one that is toddler/preschool/or grade school age and one that is middle
school age. For students who attended 8th grade at Lakeside, we already have copies of
preschool pictures submitted at that time and have a variety of middle school photos so, unless
you would like different photos used, it is not necessary to submit any more pictures. For the
remaining families, please submit digital photo files via email to Lisa Tall at
If scanning photos, a resolution of 300 dpi is preferable, as some of these will be printed for
displays. If you have trouble getting the photos scanned please mail them to Lisa Tall along with
a self-addressed return envelope so that they can promptly be returned to you after Lisa T. has
scanned them. Her mailing address is: 6308 SE 22nd St, Mercer Island, WA 98040. Please
arrange for the photographs to get to Lisa Tall by March 15th.

Later on in the spring, seniors will receive a formal invitation to the Senior Prom. Prom 2011
could not occur without the help of many parents. Please contact us if you are interested in
volunteering and/or if you have any questions. We look forward to making this a memorable
event for the Class of 2011!

Nina Smith-Gardiner (

Cathy Wilson (

Lisa Zaidi (

Dates to remember: by March 15th send photos to Lisa Tall; by March 31st register for
Prom and the Parent/Guardian Dinner via website. Thanks!

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