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					                                          ASHRAE MEMBERSHIP REFERENCE GUIDE

Grade/Type   Qualifications                                                   Benefits                    Age       Term              Annual Dues

Member       At the time of admission or advancement, a Member shall             Voting privileges       N/A       Annual            $185
             have the equivalent of 12 Society-approved years of                 ASHRAE Journal                                      Effective
             experience composed of an approved combination of: (1)              Insights                                            7/1/2011 –
             completed education beyond high school; (2) work                    ASHRAE Handbook                                     6/30/2012
             experience*; and (3) professional engineering or related            eNewsletters
             registration or license issued by a legally authorized body.        Members only website                                $190
             *Qualifying work experience must be in the performance of            privileges                                          7/1/2012-
             duties in work related to ASHRAE fields and shall have              Discounts on ASHRAE                                 6/30/2013
             included research, teaching, design, contracting, engineering        products and services
             sales, or engineering management.                                   Group insurance
Associate    An Associate Member shall have had experience in technical          Voting privileges       N/A       Annual            $185
             matters or in design, operation, or maintenance in HVAC&R           ASHRAE Journal                                      Effective
             fields; shall have an interest in the advancement of the            Insights                                            7/1/2011 –
             Society's aims, and shall possess sufficient qualifications to      ASHRAE Handbook                                     6/30/2012
             cooperate with HVAC&R engineers in the advancement of               eNewsletters
             the knowledge relating to HVAC&R engineering and its                Members only website                                $190
             application.                                                         privileges                                          7/1/2012-
                                                                                 Discounts on ASHRAE                                 6/30/2013
                                                                                  products and services
                                                                                 Group insurance
Affiliate     HVAC&R experience                                                 ASHRAE Journal          30 and    Annual            $50 year one
              Interest in Society’s goals                                       eNewsletters            younger   (limited to       $70 year two
              Must be a new member (cannot have ever held Student               Members only website              3 years)          $90 year three
               Member status)                                                     privileges
              This is an introductory membership into ASHRAE that               Discounts on ASHRAE
               automatically graduates to Associate Member after 3                products and services
               years                                                             No voting privileges

Student       In approved course of study in Society-related field              ASHRAE Journal          N/A       Annual            $20
              Must be a full-time student                                       Insights                                            Effective
                                                                                 eNewsletters                                        7/1/2010
                                                                                 Discounts on ASHRAE
                                                                                  products and services
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                                            ASHRAE MEMBERSHIP REFERENCE GUIDE

Grade/Type     Qualifications                                              Benefits                     Age        Term              Annual Dues

Student         Must be an active Student Member who has graduated         Same as Associate          N/A        Annual            Graduated dues:
Transfer                                                                     Member                                                   1st year : $20
                                                                                                                                      2nd year: $50
                                                                                                                                      3rd year: $50
                                                                                                                                      4th year: $185
Life Member     Good standing Member for >/= 30 years                      Rights and privileges of   At least   Life              None
                65 years old                                                most recent                65 years
                                                                             membership grade           of age
Retired           Completely retired from active business participation    ASHRAE Journal             At least   Annual            $20
                  Member or Associate in good standing for >/= 10 years    Insights                   55 years
                  At least 55 years old                                                                of age
Presidential      Former president of Society                              Voting privileges          N/A        Life              None
                                                                            ASHRAE Journal
                                                                            Insights
                                                                            ASHRAE Handbook
                                                                            eNewsletters
                                                                            Members only website
                                                                            Discounts on ASHRAE
                                                                             products and services
Honorary          As decided by Board of Directors
Fellow            Attain HVAC&R distinction                                Same as Member grade       N/A        Life              $185
                  Make substantial contribution in HVAC&R                                                                           Effective
                  Good standing full Member >/= 10 years                                                                            7/1/2011 –
                  Elected by Board of Directors                                                                                     6/30/2012


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