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                                                                                                   COOKING WITH OILS

Smoking point: Cooking with the right oils!                                                 Principles of Naturopathic

                              styles of cooking. Too          high temperatures.            • First, to do no harm
                              often, I hear of people stir    These compounds are           • To treat the causes of
                              frying their meats or           also sent up into the           disease
                              vegetables at high heat.        smoke which many
                              Olive oil is definitely not     cooks inhale.                 • To teach the principles of
                              meant to be used that                                           healthy living and preven-
                              way, especially the extra       The next time you see           tative medicine
                              virgin variety.                 smoke arising from your       • To support the healing
                                                              heated oil, it is               power of the body
With all the good bene-       The “smoke point” of an         best to stop cooking
fits of olive oil, more and   oil is the temperature at       and toss out the oil.         • To heal the whole person
more people have              which the oil begins to         Few people seem will-           through individualized
adopted this oil as their     decompose. This leads           ing to do that so the           treatment.
main cooking oil. That is     to a loss of nutritional        best advice I can give is
good news as there are        integrity and the creation      to take precaution and
numerous studies sup-         of free radicals, which         cook at a lower heat. Be
porting its health bene-      cause damage to our             mindful of the smoking         Inside this issue:
fits. See the next article    cells and DNA. Antioxi-         point of different oils.
for more details.             dants from fruits & vege-                                      SMOKING POINT           1
                              tables as well as from          On the next page, I
However, few people           herbs & spices can ne-          have provided a break-
understand the concept        gate these free radicals.       down of the different          BENEFITS OF OLIVE       1
of smoking point and                                          cooking oils for you.          OIL
which oils they should        In addition, carcinogenic       Keep this on your
be using with different       compounds are formed            refrigerator for easy
                              when oils are heated at         reference.                     STORING OLIVE OIL       1

                                                                                             COMPARING OILS          2
Health Benefits of Olive Oil
                                                          Buying & Storing Olive Oil
Here are some of the benefits associated with
consuming olive oil in place of other oils/fats:          • Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                                                          • Purchase oils in a dark container or tinted glass bottle
• Protective against heart disease, diabetes,             • Store away from light & heat
    atherosclerosis & colon cancer                        • Best used with 12 months because it’s beneficial
• It increases HDL (good cholesterol) while                 health properties drops off dramatically afterwards.
    controlling LDL (bad cholesterol)                       So buy only as much olive oil as you will use for the
• Can lower blood pressure                                  next 3 - 4 months.
• Rich supply of polyphenols (antioxidants)               • Buy from a grocery store with a high turnover
• Anti-inflammatory effects
                                                                                         "The care you want
                                                                                               the health you need"
                                                                                                                    - Dr. Ian Koo, ND

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                                                                           Comparing Oils

   At the request of our
   patients, the clinic has
   begun to carry some
   professional lines of
   health supplements.

   We are committed to
   carrying products that                                                                       Bon Appetit!
   have been rigorously
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   3 FATTY

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