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					                       Patrick Joseph Comer
                               Chicago Metropolitan Area

        Science | Environmental Research Technician
 Focused Goals - Efficient Efforts - Indisputable Accomplishments
                 Home 630-920-9196                  Cell 708-743-9850

Fifteen + years of technical expertise, business know-how, instructional proficiency,
and collaboration skills demonstrated top abilities. Exercised sustainable solutions in a
growing and changing operational environment. Increased flexibility, efficiency, and
logistics and reduced costs, waste, hazardous materials, and carbon footprint. Certified
Environmental and Agricultural Science Instructor who secured consistent, positive
additions to our processes, our people, and our community. Superb communicator and
collaborator who values the efforts of others and channels those efforts to achieve
program goals effectively. Orchestrated programs to provide knowledge and skills our
people needed for top performance – first, last, and always.

These core competencies boost Morton Arboretum’s success:
         o Leadership / Initiative / Diligent / Reliable / Logical / Intelligent
         o Planning / Organizing / Adaptability / Flexibility / Problem-Solving
         o Creativity / Sustainable Management / Solutions / Risk Management
         o Oral and Written Communication / Teamwork / Interpersonal Abilities
         o Client Development / Marketing / Budgeting / Analytical / Research
         o Computer Utilization / Technical Literacy / Quickly Acquire New Skills
         o Collaboration / Negotiations / Multi-Cultural & Individual Sensitivity

Career Progression
Growth Media Research                                     Morton Arboretum (Lisle, IL)
     Accomplishments – executed independent and collaborative projects, problem
     solving for data collection, handling multiple priorities, error-free planning and
     preparation, grew in technical literacy, focused on results (2010 – Current)

Production | Materials Management        Fountain City Wood Works (Chicago, IL)
     Accomplishments – spearheaded sales of 100 K (1st 12 months), instituted and
     operated all systems for custom-order wood production, 100% budgeted profits
     (1st 18 months), 100% customer service satisfaction (2001 – Current)

Technical | Environmental Manager                              Lisle CSD 202 (Lisle, IL)
     Accomplishments – created and facilitated 5 specialty student environmental
     design teams of 50 + for stage construction projects; supervised 7 department
     managers, artists, and technicians who completed 8 major theatre projects;
     supervised concurrent activation of 17 sets; facilitated planning, organizational
     workloads, and timelines and integrated department housekeeping and inventory
     functions; adhered 100% to budget; provided instruction and support for all
     technical functions, negotiated resolution for workplace disputes (2007 – 2010)
2 Patrick Joseph Comer

   Science Instructor                                 Plainfield CCSD 202 (Plainfield, IL)
         Accomplishments – crafted grade level collaboration projects and incorporated all
         students’ individual plans, negotiated 17 students’ families for education goals
         and plans, #1 ability in written behavioral and academic goals which achieved
         100% acceptance, led classroom instruction and assessment daily (2009-2010)

   Vocational | Community Instructor                  Naperville CSD 203 (Naperville, IL)
         Accomplishments – activated over 125 students in project based environmental
         experience learning, promoted to management of school-wide sustainability
         programs and led recycling program for 2300 students and 350 teachers and
         aides, developed recycling program operations time savings of 30%, inspired
         400% increase in student multi-departmental volunteer programs and attained
         50% expense cuts, designed curriculum and installed environmental enrichment
         program for 50 students in collaboration with city officials and 12 campus and
         off-site teachers, earned more than 100 CPDUs, wrote 30 individual vocational
         plans with behavioral modification criteria, performed instruction in multiple
         community environments, trained 15 aides in behavior management weekly,
         wrote travel safety program, augmented student-written and directed digital
         presentations (2007 – 2009)

   Adult Transition Instructor               North Dupage SE Cooperative (Roselle, IL)
         Accomplishments – developed proficiency in writing sustainable behavioral and
         academic goals, negotiated and wrote 7 individual education plans, collaborated
         with related professional services, created effective closed learning environment,
         instructed and assessed multiple student priorities 5 hours daily (2004 – 2006)

   Northern Illinois University                                            (Dekalb, Illinois)
        Master of Science – Special Education (2004 – 2007)

   University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse                            (LaCrosse, Wisconsin)
        Master of Education – Professional Development (2001 – 2003)

   General Manager                             SCI Illinois Services, Inc. (Oak Lawn, IL)
        Accomplishments – earned more than 20 awards for surpassing 100% revenue
        and profit consistently, integrating customer service offerings in sales to increase
        revenues 65%, increasing lease revenue by 400%, and increasing market share
        30% with new multimedia advertising program. Active manager for multi-million
        dollar properties, leading 3 supervisors in sustainable practices for more than 50
        employees, negotiating union staff agreements, and collaborating to decrease
        core operation times 40%. Recognized expert who implemented office-wide
        computer system conversion, trained budget control, and systematized vendor
        negotiations agreements (1987 – 2001)

   Educational Achievements
           Michigan State University                     Bachelor of Science
           University of Wisconsin La Crosse             Master of Education
           Northern Illinois University                  Master of Science

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