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					   Elder Education Enrichment
                                    Fall, 2009
     Sneak Preview of Tentative/Probable Programs*

Series A – "The Intractable Crescent – Iraq to India" (Fridays)
   09/11:   What Obama Faces: The Middle East on the Eve of 2010 – Gregory Gause
   09/18:   Iran's Future as a Regional Power – Haviland Smith
   09/25:   The Kashmir Dispute: Historical Origins and Current Prospects – Abigail McGowan
   10/02:   Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed, and Sustainable Future – Saleem Ali
   10/09:   Obama and Iraq: An Initial Assessment – Gordon Robison
   10/16:   South Asia and the Challenges Ahead for Afghanistan and Pakistan – Ian Barrow

Series B – "Cartoons, Illustrations, and Graphic Novels" (Mondays)
   09/14:   Cartoons and the New Yorker Covers – Harry Bliss
   09/21:   CCS: A New Generation of Cartoonists – Robyn Chapman
   09/28:   no meeting (Yom Kippur)
   10/05:   What the Graphic Novel Can Do – Isaac Cates
   10/12:   The Rise of the Graphic Novel – Steve Bissette
   10/19:   Illustrating Books for Children – Harry Bliss
   10/26:   Wordless Books: The Original Graphic Novels – David Berona

Series C – "Got Energy?" (Fridays)
   10/23: Climate Change and Energy Related Issues – John O'Meara & Patrick Walsh
   10/30: Energy Conservation and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation – Scott
   11/06: Renewable Energy: A Survey of Issues – Andrew Perchlik
   11/13: Wind Power: Applications and Issues – Lawrence Mott
   11/20: Energy Issues: Legislative Overview – Johanna Miller
   11/27: no meeting (Thanksgiving)
   12/04: Nuclear Power – David McElwee

Series D –"Variety" (Mondays)
   11/02: HIV/AIDS Epidemic: From Global to Local and Bench to Bedside – Christopher
   11/09: Pandemic Influenza – Christopher Grace
   11/16: Kayaking on Lake Champlain: Exploring the New York, Vermont, and Quebec
          Shores – Cathy Frank
   11/23: Stepping Out: Countryside Walking in the UK – Eleanor Berger
   11/30: Systems Thinking: A Holistic Approach to Managing Life's Complexities – Lance
   12/07: Early Spring: Climate Change and the New England Landscape – Amy Seidl

December Luncheon – Friday, December 11th
   "A New Politics for a New Time": Barack Obama's Proverbial Vision for America – Wolfgang

* This is the schedule as of July 2009; some minor changes may be necessary.