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Global In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market: An Analysis


The global In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry is witnessing a period of profound growth. The growth is
coming from different regions and markets. The various sub-segments of IVD are also giving the
industry a big push. The increase in the aging population is also driving the demand of IVD devices
world over. The industry is getting a push from every side and many factors collectively are fuelling
the growth in this industry. Moreover, as the medical devices and diagnostic in total account for a very
small proportion of the total healthcare spending, the IVD industry can be seen as having a
tremendous opportunity for growth.

The emerging markets are a big driving force for this industry. These markets are fast catching up
with the mature markets in terms of spending. The mature markets, on the other hand, are leading in
terms of spending. These markets are already huge in size and are continuously growing.

The various sub-segments of IVD industry are growing at different paces. The various diseases like
chronic and infectious diseases are increasing globally. Moreover, people have become highly
conscious of their health and prevention of diseases. Moreover as countries make the healthcare more
and more accessible to people, the demand for various IVD devices is increasing.

The report focuses specifically on the in vitro diagnostic market. The report covers the IVD industry
from two different perspectives. One is the various sub-segments of the industry, their market size,
growth. Secondly, the IVD market is being covered from the regional point of view. The top regional
markets are being analyzed.

The growth drivers, key trends of the market and current issues faced by the industry are also
discussed. Competition in the industry and competitive positions of major players, taking different
parameters is also highlighted. Apart from this the major global players are profiled along with the
insight into their financial positions and the strategies these players are planning to maintain their
respective positions in the market.

Table of Contents :
1. Overview

2. Global IVD Market
2.1 Global Healthcare Spending
2.2 Global IVD Market Size
Total Market Growth
Growth of Segments
IVD Market by Regions
IVD Market Share
2.3 Point-of-care (POC) Test Market
2.3.1 Glucose Testing Market
Segment Share
Regional Market Share
2.3.2 Blood Screening Market
2.4 Molecular Diagnostics Market
2.5 Histopathology Market

3. IVD Market by Regions
3.1 Global Top 10 Markets
3.2 Mature Markets
3.2.1 European Market
IVD Market of European Nations
3.2.2 US Market
IVD Demand Growth
Market Share
3.3 Emerging Markets
3.3.1 India
Market by Segments
Major Players

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