Music by ashrafp


                           Contact: Pam Woodard
                          Telephone: 205-348-7110
                         Location: 175 Moody Music
                                Box 870366


Mr. Charles G. Snead, Director, 175 Moody Music, 348-7110

Mr. Dan Drill, Assistant Director, 114 Moody Music, 348-1480

Dr. Marvin Johnson, Director of Graduate Studies, 250 Moody Music, 348-6604

Dr. Carol Prickett, Head of Music Education, 253 Moody Music, 348-1432

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I take a music class if I’m not a music major/minor?

A: There are many music classes that are open to non-majors, such as MUS 121,
MUA 100, and many of the ensembles.

Q: I want to learn to play an instrument. Can I take a class to teach me

A: We do not offer classes for novices. You can contact the Community Music
School to get information for beginners: 348-6741.

Q: I’ve played an instrument before; can I take private lessons?

A: If you have a minimum of three (3) years experience, you need to contact the
teacher and set up an audition time on the first day of classes.

Q: My private lesson time is listed as TBA; what does that mean?

A: Private lessons require that you contact your teacher and set up an individual
time for your instruction.

Q: If I want a specific teacher, what do I need to do?
A: Teachers are listed by sections. When you register, use the section numbers
to get the teacher you want. However, final decisions are made by the faculty.
Ex. MUA – 174        VOICE (majors) Section 001 = Cary
                                             002 = Fleming
                                             003 = Taylor
                                              004 = Walker

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