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									   Innovate to Motivate® 2011

   The National Conference for Political
        Involvement Professionals
Motivating PAC and Grassroots Participation
            February 8-11, 2011

            The Hotel Contessa
            San Antonio, Texas
                        The Innovate to Motivate® Story

      n the summer of 2000, an experienced group of political involvement professionals
      encouraged Peter Kennerdell, Amy Showalter and Tony Kramer to design a
      learning opportunity that would go beyond introductory “show and tell” sessions
      and squarely meet the special needs of experienced PAC and grassroots
      practitioners. Amy, Peter and Tony accepted the challenge.

With the early and enthusiastic support of respected co-host organizations and input from
an Advisory Committee comprised of veteran political involvement professionals, they
created a conference experience that includes a rigorous curriculum that recognizes the
challenges of today’s PAC and grassroots professionals.

Thus, I2M was the first conference of its kind to integrate career acceleration and
scientific influence courses into the existing PAC and grassroots curriculum. All
workshops are also designed for maximum participant interaction, and this high quality
interaction is a hallmark of all I2M gatherings.

Today, the I2M philosophy lives on through the dedication of our Advisory Committee,
led this year by Carrie Schneider, Manager, Political Action Committee – CMS Energy,
Kari Lantos, Manager of Grassroots Outreach – NAFSA: Association of International
Educators and Meredith Hartstern, Political Affairs & CSR Programs Manager – Caesar’s
Entertainment as well as I2M Co-Founder and Producer Amy Showalter and our sponsor

Innovate to Motivate® is Co-Founded and
             Produced by:

           Our 2011 Sponsors
            Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

                A Very Special Thanks to our Dynamic
                 2011 Advisory Committee Co-chairs

                             Carrie Schneider
                           PAC/Grassroots Manager
                               CMS Energy

                          Kari Lantos
                 Manager of Grassroots Outreach
            NAFSA: Association of International Educators

                             Meredith Hartstern
                           Political Action Specialist
                            Caesar’s Entertainment

The role of an Innovate to Motivate® Co-chair is to provide conference leadership and
direction via feedback to the conference Founders, as well as to promote I2M in the
larger political involvement community.

Carrie, Kari and Meredith brought a diverse perspective and flavor to the 2011
conference. They have also championed the I2M movement in their home states and
industry groups. We have “had fun and got the job done.” Thank you, thank you, thank

                            2011 Innovate to Motivate®
                               Advisory Committee

The members of the 2011 Innovate to Motivate® Advisory Committee represent the
nation’s brightest and most experienced corporate and association PAC and grassroots
professionals. They play an instrumental role in shaping the focus and content of our
2011 conference, securing the highest quality faculty and serving as valuable resources
during the meeting. With their involvement, we will once again demonstrate that sharing
among peers is the hallmark of the Innovate to Motivate® learning experience.

              Ann Aquillo                                 Jenny Boese
    The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company                Wisconsin Hospital Association

             Jennifer Brooks                                Bruce Carroll
            CSX Corporation                              Johnson & Johnson

              Bethany Dame                            Heather McTavish Doucet
                                             International Food Distributors Association

                Mike Egan                                Heather Falen
                Microsoft                      American Academy of Ophthalmology

            Lynne Fairobent                                Leann Fox
         American Association of                 American Osteopathic Association
          Physicists in Medicine

            Shaun Flynn                                  Allyson Frazier
   New York State Nurses Association                American Heart Association

            Clarissa Garcia                             Meredith Hartstern
       American Heart Association                      Caesar’s Entertainment

           Rizza Hermosisima                             Christopher Kemm
           Johnson & Johnson                  Credit Union Associations of Colorado &

            Kristine Kilbride                          Meaghan Killion Joyce
           Genworth Financial                           International Paper

            Kelly Knowles                                Kari Lantos
      American Bakers Association            NAFSA: Assoc. of International Educators

              Ben LaRocco                                 Patroski Lawson
    The Procter and Gamble Company                     Solvay Pharmaceutical

            Randy Leffler                      Lanayah Smith-McBurney
    Ohio Association of Ambulatory                      Bayer
           Surgery Centers

             Kathy Merlo                           Patricia Murphy
             United Water                       BNSF Railway Company

             June Pennell                           Pamela Phillips
     The Williams Companies, Inc              Society for Vascular Surgery

            Carrie Schneider                        Wendy Schrag
             CMS Energy                         Fresenius Medical Care

             Brad Smith                             Dakotah Smith
      American Chemical Society                        Bayer

          Amber Stoner                             Catherine Taylor
    HCA Healthcare, Eastern Group                The Timken Company

            Betsy Vetter                              Laura Vogel
      American Heart Association           National Association of REALTORS

             Pamela White
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation

                                  Innovation Awards
In 2000, Amy Showalter and Peter Kennderdell created the original Showalter Innovation
Award. Companies like Pfizer, Southwest Airlines, Nationwide Insurance, Genworth
Financial, International Paper, and associations and non-profits like The American Heart
Association, Citizens for a Sound Economy, and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids,
among many others, have been nominated for grassroots or PAC innovations that have
won the hearts and minds of our Innovation Award judges.
In this lunch presentation, you'll hear from the judges who they selected and why, as well
as the award winners themselves on the innovations that took their programs and results
to the next level.

                      2010 Showalter Innovation Award Judges

Meredith Hartstern - Harrah's Entertainment
Kristine Kilbride - Genworth Financial, 2009 PAC Winner
Kari Lantos - NAFSA: Association of International Educators
Carrie Schneider - CMS Energy
Chad Wilson - Nationwide Insurance, 2009 Grassroots Winner

                                    Please note that there is a 15-minute break between each workstorm.
                                       To meet participant requests, please note that all but one of our
                                 professional development workstorms have been moved to plenary sessions

                                                                                     PAC & Grassroots / Science of
                                  PAC                        Grassroots                                               Professional Development
    TUES      5:00-7:00
                                                                            I2M Salon & Reception
    Feb. 8       pm
              7:00 pm                                                     Choose from 3 dine arounds

    WED       8:30-9:30                              Professional Development Plenary Session – “How to Be CEO of Self”
    Feb. 9       am                                                            Herman Cain
                          PAC Fundraising and
             9:45-11:00                                   Choose from 1 of 3         Maximizing PAC and Grassroots    How to Create Innovation on
                          Contributions Strategy
                 am                                         workstorms                         Synergies                      Demand
                                                         Grassroots Volunteer
             11:15-12:30                                                                  How to Use Humor in
                         New PAC Laws that Help            Management in                                             Choose from 1 of 3 workstorms
                 pm                                                                           Persuasion
                            PAC Fundraisers               Challenging Times
                                                                             Grassroots Session
                                                   ''How to Rock Your Next GOTV Campaign'' – Lessons from Rock the Vote
                                                                      Executive Director Heather Smith
              2:15-3:45                                     Key Contacts on            How to Use Humor in
                             PAC Town Hall                                                                      Choose from 1 of 3 workstorms
                 pm                                            Steroids                    Persuasion

              4:00 pm                                                          Political Science Fair

              5:00 pm                   Reception - Wine Tasting Class with I2M Alum and former I2M Co-Chair Patroski Lawson

              7:00 pm                                                     Choose from 3 dine arounds

                                      Please note that there is a 15-minute break between each workstorm.
                                         To meet participant requests, please note that all but one of our
                                   professional development workstorms have been moved to plenary sessions

                                                           Breakfast & Professional Development Workstorm
     THURS      8:00-9:00
                                               “How to Talk About Your PAC and Grassroots Value Clearly and Engagingly”
     Feb. 10       am
                                                                             Mark Levy

                             Managing PAC Board        Grassroots Town Hall         How to Build Online Trust       Choose from 1 of 3 workstorms
                              Member Conflict

               10:45-12:00   Persuasive PAC Web     Coalition Management and
                                                                                    How to Build Online Trust
                   pm                Sites          Development for Smarties                                        Choose from 1 of 3 workstorms

                   pm                                         Lunch – Showalter Innovation Awards

                                                                                 How to Gain Internal Support for
                1:45-3:00    Association PAC Law    Seven Days to Social Media
                                                                                   Your PAC and Grassroots
                   pm               Update                Improvement                                               Choose from 1 of 3 workstorms

                3:15 pm                      Professional Development Workstorm - Persuasive Presentation Skills
                6:30 pm                                                Choose from 3 dine arounds
     FRI       8:00-11:30
                                                                          I2M Gives Back
     Feb. 11       am
                                                                    USO Community Service Project

How Much is Too Much? Determining your PAC Fundraising and Contributions

Many of us believe that if we had a larger PAC, all of our contribution
angst would disappear. However, large bank accounts can bring on
challenges of their own. Hear the insights from representatives of two of
the largest PAC’s in their industries on how they determine their
contribution strategies and set PAC fundraising goals.

You’ll learn proven methods for:
                                                                            John Ferruggiaro
   •   Determining how much money you should raise vs. how much you
       would like to raise
   •   Tips for developing contribution criteria
   •   How to know when your contribution criteria needs to be revised
   •   How and when to say “no” to candidates
   •   How to support candidates beyond PAC checks

John Ferruggiaro
Vice President, Community and Political Affairs
National Association of REALTORS

Bo Gilbert
Assistant Vice President Government Relations, Midwestern Region
                                                                               Bo Gilbert

   Life after Citizens United: Recent Developments in Corporate Political
   Communications Law That Help PAC Fundraisers

   Recent court and FEC decisions have profoundly changed the law
   governing the use of corporate funds in political communications. What
   does the law say about the use of social media for PAC fundraising?
   What about expanding your restricted class? What are the latest rules
   surrounding the Citizen’s United case?

   Brett Kappel will review several recent FEC advisory opinions and
   explore how the changing legal landscape has opened up new
   opportunities for your corporate PAC.

   Topics for discussion include:                                                    Brett Kappel

     Do you still need a PAC after Citizens United?

       •   Yes – for the coming arms race in fundraising by candidates terrified of outside
           groups dropping millions into their race at the last moment
       •   Yes – only four corporations made independent expenditures in their own name in
           the 2010 general election
       •   Yes – beware of the experience of Target and Gold’s Gym

FEC regulation of social media in campaigns

       •   FEC regulations/advisory opinions governing social media and the anticipated
       •   The states that are increasing oversight

    Update on FEC Citizens United Rulemaking

       •   Which regulations have been repealed/amended?
       •   What can corporations do now that they couldn’t do before?

FEC Advisory Opinions Expanding the Size of the Restricted Class

       •   FEC AO 2010-04 (Wawa) – now includes low-level supervisors who only
           oversee hourly workers.
       •   FEC AO 2010-12 (Proctor & Gamble) – members of the board of directors can
           contribute by automatic deduction

   Brett Kappel, Esq.
   Counsel, Government Relations
   Arent Fox LLP

Let’s Talk PAC’s: The I2M PAC Town Hall Meeting

Past conference participants know that the hallmark of all Innovate to
Motivate conferences is information sharing among the nation’s most
experienced PAC and grassroots professionals. In this fast-paced and highly
interactive session, the Town Hall attendees will determine the workshop
agenda. The session’s format is sure to generate hundreds of new or proven
ideas for fortifying your PAC.

New for 2011 will be an opportunity to share your best resource for managing
your work and/or life, whether a favorite web site, book, tech tool, or product.
All conference participants will receive a master list of tips and tools           Amy Showalter
compiled at the Town Hall.

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

    •   Securing board and senior management PAC participation
    •   Commitment escalation
    •   Developing compelling PAC recruitment messages
    •   Recruitment techniques
    •   Elements of successful peer-to-peer campaigns
    •   Nuances of online recruitment
    •   Maintaining your PAC’s long-term health
    •   Contribution strategies
    •   PAC board development and management
    •   Selecting optimal fundraising timing and techniques
    •   Developing sustainable contribution guidelines and incentive clubs
    •   Contributor and peer recruiter recognition strategies


Amy Showalter
The Showalter Group, Inc.
Co-Founder and Producer, Innovate to Motivate

When the Political Gets Personal: How to Manage Conflict within Your PAC Board

The last election cycle presented many heated issues that
created robust discussion at the least and outright conflict in
some cases among PAC Boards of Directors and PAC
contributors. How does an organization manage the personal
political agendas of its volunteer leaders with the
organization’s goals? Our workstorm presenters will share with
you their strategies for minimizing conflict without
discouraging volunteer enthusiasm.

In this workstorm, you’ll learn:

   •   What systems need to be in place that prevent potential
   •   Tips for conducting a PAC Board orientation that can       Cassi Baker

       mitigate conflict, and the elements of an effective
       orientation session
   •   How to implement standard codes of conduct as models
       of communication
   •   How to determine in advance how much personal
       political ideology will be discussed in PAC meetings
   •   How to establish PAC goals that coincide with larger
       organizational goals

Cassi Baker
Vice President, State Government Affairs
Cardinal Health

                                                                  Jack Register

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Advocacy and Legislative Director
National Association of Social Workers

Persuasive PAC Websites – To Tunnel or Not to Tunnel: YOU Be the Judge!

Some PAC web sites just grab you and tunnel you into
their content. Others irritate or confuse us. What makes a
PAC website engaging? Are the rules of persuasion
different for online vs. offline content?

In another of our highly interactive workstorms, you will
work in teams to surf the Internet for the most compelling
and engaging PAC websites. Your team will report to the
group on your findings and why your team found them so

We’ll make a master list of best practices, and you’ll leave       Kristine Kilbride
with new ideas to incorporate into your next web site
enhancement project. Bring your laptop!

Workstorm Facilitator:

Kristine Kilbride
PAC and Grassroots Leader
Genworth Financial

PAC Law for Associations

Association PAC professionals face the same persuasion challenges as corporate
PAC professionals, but there are obstacles and nuances to the federal election law
that impact trade associations. What are they and how can you deal with them?
It is a challenge to stay current and be creative. Here is your opportunity to update
your legal knowledge and get the answers you need in this “open-forum” session.

Items for discussion include, but are not limited to:                                   Carol Laham

   •   Prior authorization rules and regulations
   •   Member company employee payroll deduction rules
   •   Solicitation and payroll deduction rules for trade association employees
   •   Rules on facility visits by Members of Congress to trade association member
   •   Permissible campaign events by trade associations

Carol A. Laham, Esq.
Wiley Rein LLP


Grassroots Volunteer Management in Challenging Times:
Lessons from the Tea Party and the DCCC

How do you take a Twitter group of 20 online friends to the most
talked-about and impactful group of the 2010 election cycle?

How do you keep your troops motivated and engaged despite an
“enthusiasm gap?”

We are fortunate to have two grassroots leaders who have been in
the trenches with their grassroots movements. Their lessons will
inspire and challenge you to take your grassroots management
skills to the next level as they share their common (yes, common)      Amy Kremer
perspectives on grassroots organizing in challenging times.

In this workstorm, you’ll learn:

   •   How to keep the morale of your team intact despite
   •   How to move busy volunteers from online to offline
   •   “Cat-herding” skills - organizing tips you can implement
   •   Ways to keep your volunteers focused on your long term
   •   How to tune out the “haters” and manage negative
       feedback from inside and outside your organization
   •   Tips for keeping your volunteers on task                     Marlon Marshall
   •   When to “fire” a volunteer, and how to do it with minimum
   •   How to manage your sanity and time

Amy Kremer
Tea Party Express

Marlon Marshall
Field Director
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Key Contacts on Steroids: Before and After

Key Contact programs are known for building not just
relationships with elected officials, but also political credibility
and clout. Are you doing all you can to engage your Key Contacts
in the political process besides asking them to meet with
legislators and attend your fundraisers, fly-ins, and lobby day

In this workstorm, you’ll learn about two Key Contact programs,
each with a different emphasis, yet still effective. One is getting
started and will share lessons learned along the way. Another has
as its ultimate goal (and they have succeeded) to get as many of its
members elected to office as possible, as well as to strategically
position members in influential organizations throughout their state.    Richie Jackson

In this workshop you’ll learn:

   •   How to put your Key Contacts on steroids with a “strategic
       positioning plan”
   •   The 3 characteristics of a “black belt” Key Contact
   •   How to be a “talent scout” and find new Key Contacts
   •   How to turn average Key Contacts into influential leaders
   •   How to overcome the challenges of managing a Key Contact
   •   Appropriate Key Contact success metrics
                                                                        Jeana Hultquist

Richie Jackson
Executive Vice President and CEO
Texas Restaurant Association

Jeana Hultquist
Vice President, Legislative Affairs
U.S. AgBank

Grassroots Town Hall

In this highly interactive session, Amy Showalter will ask participants to
enumerate their current grassroots challenges, and facilitate feedback from the
audience for maximum idea sharing and networking.

New for 2011 will be an opportunity to share your best resource for managing
your work and/or life, whether a favorite web site, book, tech tool, or product.
All conference participants will receive a master list of tips and tools compiled at
the Town Hall.

While audience participants will determine the discussion topics, based on past
experience, we anticipate discussion on the following subjects:                        Amy Showalter

   •   How to gain internal prestige for your grassroots efforts
   •   Grassroots message development
   •   Increasing volunteer commitment
   •   Innovative grassroots events
   •   Capitalizing on election results
   •   Appropriate success metrics
   •   How to reach diverse audiences
   •   Recruitment tactics
   •   What to do to avoid the “grassroots plateau”
   •   Retaining your best grassroots influencers
   •   Motivational strategies
   •   Events to promote grassroots awareness and involvement
   •   Recognition tactics . . . . .and much more!

Facilitator: Amy Showalter
The Showalter Group, Inc.
Co-Founder, Innovate to Motivate

Coalition Management and Development for Smarties: Best
Practices from the Field

Virtually every organization has created or joined a coalition to
advance their legislative issues, and unfortunately, many
organizations have been disappointed with the results or the
overall coalition experience. Issues like funding, task cohesion,
leadership, and competing priorities are common challenges for
any coalition.

In this workstorm, two political involvement veterans will share
their best practices on coalition management and what it takes to
have a productive coalition. Learning outcomes include:

   •   The 5 things you must consider before joining a coalition
                                                                             Kelly Benedetti
   •   Options for coalition strategy development

   •   How to make sure your financial investment can be justified

   •   Best practices for coalition decision-making

   •   The 4 best ways to increase coalition member task follow-through

   •   How to keep members “on message”

   •   How to know when it’s time to discontinue your coalition membership

   •   Coalition metrics that matter

Kelly Benedetti
Executive Director
Conservatives for Patient’s Rights

Don Thoren
Managing Director, Political Mobilization
American Chemistry Council

Next Level Social Media Outreach: 7 Things You Can Do This
Week to Rev Up Your Results
By now you've heard all the hype about how Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube and other social media tools are changing the advocacy
landscape. However, there so much going with these sites that it can be
difficult to know where to focus your energy for quantifiable results.
This session will focus on the quick and simple things you can do each
day this week ramp up the return on your social media investment.
Specifically we'll address:

   •   How to use existing followers to garner additional support
   •   Way to syndicate social media content across multiple platforms
                                                                           Mike Panetta
   •   Ideas for incorporating photos and video into postings
   •   Strategies to increase the impact of your web presence
   •   Third party tools that assist in the management of social media

Mike Panetta
The Beekeeper Group
Shana Glickfield

                                                                          Shana Glickfield

How to Rock Your Next GOTV Campaign – Lessons from Rock the Vote

Think you can’t improve your GOTV efforts without celebrity rock
stars? Think again!
Even though Rock the Vote enjoys a 70% brand recognition and an
attention –getting entertainment platform, the GOTV best practices
they have discovered and implemented can be applied to any
organization that wants to engage young voters.

Rock the Vote President Heather Smith will share insights from their
significant body of research on young voters, as well as practical
examples of successful GOTV efforts from recent elections that you
can apply to your next GOTV campaign, including:
                                                                         Heather Smith
   •   Myths and facts about young voters
   •   The keys to mobilizing young voters
   •   The differences between what motivates young Republican and young Democrat
   •   Tactics that increased young voter turnout in the 2010 mid-term elections

Heather Smith
Executive Director
Rock the Vote

PAC & Grassroots / Science of Influence
Maximizing PAC and Grassroots Synergies: Tactics for Coordinated Outreach,
Influence and Productivity

PAC’s and grassroots programs have a lot in common. However,
when we focus on their differences, we can ignore potential
synergies that can be leveraged for more productivity and results.
Are you utilizing the natural synergies of your PAC and
grassroots programs? In this workstorm, you’ll learn how to
identify and engage the best of both programs that will result in
greater PAC and grassroots productivity.

Our workstorm leaders have altered their PAC and grassroots
management structures to improve coordination between the two
functions. They will share their real-world experiences with the
following learning outcomes:

   •   The key indicators that reveal whether you should start to
       integrate your PAC and grassroots                                      Al Ribeiro

   •   Addressing launch challenges—how do you properly
       communicate the new direction and program emphasis?

   •   Appropriate cross-functional roles for PAC and grassroots leaders

   •   Tactics for keeping the lines of communications open between PAC and
       grassroots team members

   •   What type of tangible (and intangible) results you can expect from better PAC
       and grassroots coordination

Heather Falen
Manager, Political Affairs
American Academy of Ophthalmology

Al Ribeiro
Director, Political Affairs

Humor in Persuasion: It’s Serious Business

Are you more persuasive if you’re funny? A lot of marketers,
lobbyists, advertisers, attorneys, and politicians think so. In this
presentation, we explore the latest research on humor and
influence. Rest assured this won’t be a data dump – you’ll
receive lots of practical tips on how to make your grassroots and
PAC messages more persuasive through the smart use of humor.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

   •   The three main types of humor,
   •   The best times and conditions to use certain types of
   •   The elements that can make humor “backfire,” and how                Kelton Rhoads
       to avoid them
   •   The 5 humor “do’s” and how to incorporate them more effectively into your

Dr. Kelton Rhoads
Working Psychology

How to Develop Online Trust
From the customer trusting that amazon.com will protect his credit
card number to the volunteer trusting that her grassroots organization
will value and leverage her efforts, trust drives organizational success.
But in the digital age, the tools of trust have changed. Instead of
impromptu lunches, in-person networking, and informal chats over
beer or golf, we have overflowing inboxes, FarmVille spam, and an
endless stream of tweets. In this workstorm, a highly successful
practitioner and a widely-published researcher will teach you how to
harness the power of online communication to strengthen
relationships and deepen trust.
                                                                            Brad Sagarin

You’ll learn:

   •   Three ways of leveraging your brand equity to increase the
       effectiveness of your online messages
   •   Four techniques to maximize the synergy between your online
       and offline efforts
   •   Three principles of establishing face-to-face credibility that
       work equally well online (and two that do not)
   •   Five mistakes that can undermine your web site’s integrity
       (and how to avoid them)
   •   Two methods of covertly measuring your stakeholders’ trust
                                                                            Kari Lantos

Dr. Brad Sagarin
Associate Professor
Northern Illinois University
Kari Lantos
Manager of Grassroots Outreach
NAFSA: Assoc. of International Educators
Co-Chair, I2M 2011

Ben LaRocco
Manager of Political Involvement
Procter & Gamble                                                            Ben LaRocco

From Resistance to Resources: How to Gain Internal Support for Your PAC and
Grassroots Programs

Very few organizational leaders will say that they don’t support
political involvement programs, but their behavior may not match
their words. Verbal support is nothing without leadership behaviors
that lend credibility to your work.

This workstorm features the insights of two political involvement
professionals who have experienced an organizational culture change
that has given their functions more visibility and momentum. They
will share their “lessons learned” for changing internal attitudes and
behaviors.                                                                Carrie Schneider

You’ll learn:

   •   How to spot the signs of waning internal PAC and grassroots
       support (beyond budget cuts) and mitigate its impact

   •   How to raise the profile of your function from leadership to the
       membership/employee base that creates buy-in on every level

   •   The 3 things not to do when you seek to persuade senior
       leaders for their support

   •   What evidence is most persuasive when communicating the
       value of grassroots and PAC programs                               Kristen Hedstrom

Carrie Schneider
PAC/Grassroots Manager
Consumer’s Energy
Co-Chair, I2M 2011

Kristen Hedstrom
Assistant Director, Legislative Affairs
American College of Surgeons

Political Science Fair

At conferences, do you ever hear someone talk about an interesting project or initiative
and want to get more details, but you miss them at the reception or in the hallway
between workstorms? Well, our Advisory Committee did it again -- they came up with
this great idea and moniker for an "unsession session" that solves that problem. The
Political Science Fair allows I2M participants to share details on projects and ideas with
other I2M attendees in a more detailed, yet unstructured format. No power point or
entertainment is required! This is an organic session where you'll grab a table, and take
10 minutes to share your project or innovation, and then share again as the participants
rotate tables.

Beware -- you might be picked to participate in the Political Science Fair based on what
you share at the Salon, as well as at the Grassroots and PAC Town Halls!

Professional Development

How to be a “CEO of Self”

If your goal in life is success and happiness, your job in life is to
be in charge of your life. In fact, Herman Cain says, you won’t
be happy unless and until you’re “CEO of SELF.” And he’s
taken his own fascinating life as CEO and entrepreneur,
extracted the main lessons, and distilled it all into an eminently
livable philosophy.

A gifted and inspiring communicator, Herman Cain encourages
all of us to achieve the happiness and success we deserve, while
giving us the steps - and confidence - we need along the way.

Herman Cain
CEO and President
THE New Voice, Inc.

                                                                        Herman Cain

Innovation On Demand: How to Liberate Yourself From
Status Quo Thinking, So You Can Create Your Best Ideas,
Insights, and Solutions in Minutes

When it comes to innovating, we hold ourselves back. Why?
That’s the way our minds are wired to behave.

Inside each of us is an internal editor that does an important job:
it edits what we think, say, and write, as we think, say, and write
it, so we sound smart and consistent to other people. Our internal
editor helps us fit into society. We say and do what’s expected.
Most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with having an editor;
it’s gotten us far in life.

Problems arise, though, when we encounter a situation that
                                                                             Mark Levy
doesn’t call for our usual ways of thinking. Maybe we have a
strategy problem that’s boxed us in for months, or we’re stumped at
how to triple our team’s productivity so we can meet a fast-approaching window of
opportunity. How, then, do we come up with solutions for problems like these -- when
our customary answers have failed us?

Enter the “Innovation On Demand” workshop, which will teach you a series of liberating
thinking and writing techniques that push internal editors into the background
temporarily, so they can reach a level of thinking that’s more original and resourceful
than can be reached through normal means.

While using these techniques, the innovative ideas will come fast and furious, and will
rank with the most inventive work you have ever done. The new problem-solving skills
can be used to solve challenges affecting any part of your organization.

Mark Levy
Levy Innovation
Author, “Accidental Genius”

From Dull to Dynamic: Persuasive Platform Skills

When was the last time you saw an extraordinary speaker? What was it that
caused you to respect them and their message?

You can’t deliver an effective presentation without persuasion and platform
skills. Government affairs professionals need superior presentation skills to get
internal and external results.

Whether testifying before a committee, presenting legislative initiatives to your
organization’s leaders, persuading others to join the PAC, or motivating your
grassroots advocates, the ability to convincingly communicate is a necessary
government relations skill.

In one of Amy’s favorite workshops, you’ll learn:                                   Amy Showalter

   •   Why most traditional speech coaching methods create mediocre speakers
   •   How to identify your unique communications strengths
   •   Why the first 60 seconds determines who will tune in and who will tune out (and
       how to make them tune in)
   •   The 9 ways you should never open your presentation
   •   The 5 things you should never say when concluding your presentation
   •   The major persuasive device 90% of government relations professionals fail to
       use on the platform
   •   How to increase your platform charisma quotient
   •   How to skillfully answer the “worst case scenario” questions

Amy Showalter
The Showalter Group, Inc.
Co-Founder and Producer, Innovate to Motivate

How to Talk About Your PAC and Grassroots Value Clearly
and Engagingly

For many of us, this is the unfortunate reality: When a stranger (or
potential grassroots or PAC stakeholder) asks us what we do in our
organization, we tense up, shuffle our feet, and apologetically offer
a description that sounds ordinary, confusing, or gimmicky. As we
speak, the stranger eyes the room for more interesting folk, and
breaks away from us ASAP.

The saddest part of the encounter: We’ve not only lost the chance
to gain a new PAC or grassroots member, we’ve also left feeling
embarrassed about our abilities and what we do for a living. It’s
almost as if their indifference to our elevator speech was a negation
of us as a person.

If you’ve spent years looking for an elevator speech that does                    Mark Levy
justice to you and your work, you’ll want to be sure to attend this

In it, Mark will teach us liberating and unintimidating methods for coming up with a
speech that demands attention.

He’ll also instruct us on other persuasive language tools, including his insight-based case
studies technique (which draws listeners to you, as it gives them an entertaining x-ray of
how your mind works).

Mark Levy
Author, “Accidental Genius”
Levy Innovation

                            2011 Faculty Biographies

                                             Cassi Baker

Cassi Baker started with Cardinal Health as the director of government relations, directing political
education activities for employees and developing the Cardinal Health Companies Political Action
Committee (CHC-PAC). In her current position as Vice-President, Government Relations, Ms. Baker
identifies the key legislative issues and trends impacting health care. She is responsible for
developing, implementing, and advancing Cardinal Health’s legislative strategy in all 50 states. She
also provides executive level communications to key leaders of the company on issues impacting their
business segments.

Ms. Baker has worked extensively in the area of legislative affairs. Prior to joining Cardinal Health,
she managed government affairs departments at SBC, Columbia Gas, and the Ohio Dental
Association. She has extensive legislative experience serving in staff roles for Ohio’s House of
Representative and Senate. Ms. Baker also serves on several local boards including the Columbus
YWCA and Capital Square Foundation Board.

Ms. Baker holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Mount Carmel College of Nursing and
she also is a licensed registered nurse. Ms. Baker lives in Upper Arlington, Ohio with her husband and
two children. The family enjoys sports and all things Buckeye.

                                     Kelly Benedetti

Kelly Benedetti serves as Executive Director, Conservatives for Patients Rights (CPR).
Founded in 2009, CPR is dedicated to educating and informing the public about the
principles of patients rights and advocating for health care reform legislation.

Kelly is principal of Benedetti Solutions, Inc., a multi-dimensional company, providing
organizational management, fundraising and government affairs expertise to non-profits,
political campaigns and corporations.

Previously vice president, state and industry relations at the National Restaurant
Association, Kelly managed the relationship of NRA, state associations (SRAs), chain
companies and allied organizations/businesses pertaining to state government relations
and issue campaigns.

Prior to NRA, Kelly worked at two trade associations, focused on
fundraising/development, member recruitment and communications. A native of
Columbus, Ohio and graduate of Bowling Green State University, Kelly resides in
Alexandria, VA with her husband, Brendan Walsh and children Elizabeth and Bennett.

                                            Herman Cain

Raised in Georgia, Cain adopted the lessons of his parents - dedication to hard work and the
importance of faith - and carried them with him to the pinnacle of the corporate world. Cain earned a
degree in mathematics from Morehouse College in 1967 and later earned a master's degree in
computer science from Purdue University, while working as a mathematician for the Department of
the Navy. He then worked as a business analyst for The Coca-Cola Company. In 1968, he married his
wife, Gloria and they have two grown children.

In 1977, Herman Cain joined The Pillsbury Company and within three years, at the age of 34, rose to
the position of Vice President of Corporate Systems and Services. Cain, reflecting his father's drive to
seek greater challenges, then set his sights on a corporate presidency.

With this goal ahead of him and his mother's faith to support him, Cain resigned his senior position
and started on another career path - the restaurant industry. He started from the ground up by making
hamburgers at Pillsbury's Burger King division. Nine months later, he was managing 400 Burger King
units in the Philadelphia region, the country's poorest performer. Within three years, his region had
earned the reputation for excellence and was the company's best.

In 1986, Pillsbury appointed Cain to the presidency of the then financially troubled Godfather's Pizza,
Inc. chain headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. In 14 short months, under Cain's leadership, the chain
regained profitability. In 1988, he led his executive team in a buyout of the company from Pillsbury.

Cain was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Restaurant Association in 1988. In 1994 to
1995, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors. While leading this association, he developed
the organization into a pro-business voice via national debates and speeches concerning health care
reform, employment policies, and taxation. Following this experience, he was appointed to serve on
the Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission in addition to serving as Chairman and Member
of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He then became a senior
advisor to the 1996 Dole/Kemp campaign for the Presidency.

Herman Cain continued the responsibilities of President and Chairman of Godfather's Pizza,
Incorporated, while beginning a second career delivering national keynote speeches. Using his
messages as the foundation, he created his own leadership consulting company, The THE New Voice,
Inc. THE New Voice packages his speaking and develops his products, including books, DVDs, CDs
of gospel music, and promotes his keynote speeches. He has authored four books to date on topics
ranging from leadership to self-empowerment including Leadership is Common Sense and CEO of

In 1996, Cain became CEO and President of the National Restaurant Association. He had been a
member of the NRA Board since 1988, and had served as its elected volunteer chairman in 1994/1995.
Cain thus became the only volunteer chairman to become the full-time CEO and President of the
Association while still a member of the Board. Cain headed the NRA in this position for two and a
half years.

In 1999, Cain sought to leverage his restaurant experience with the technology market and he became
CEO and President of RetailDNA. Its mission is to provide innovative marketing solutions to the retail

Today, Herman is a radio talk show host on "The Herman Cain Show" out of Atlanta’s WSB 750am
and is a FOX News Business Commentator. Cain remains President and CEO of THE New Voice,
Inc. and serves on the Boards of Directors for AGCO Corporation, Hallmark Cards Incorporated and
Whirlpool Corporation. In 2004, he ran as a candidate for the United States Senate from Georgia.

                                           Heather Falen

Heather Falen is the Manager of Political Affairs for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Ms.
Falen’s core responsibilities include monitoring political and legislative developments that directly
impact the activities of the Academy’s political action committee (OPHTHPAC) as well as grassroots
activities. She also generates strategies for fundraising, monetary disbursements, grassroots
engagement, membership retention and growth, and the recognition programs of OPHTHPAC and
AAO’s Congressional Advocacy Program. In addition, Ms. Falen serves as a liaison for the Academy
to the campaign committees for federal lawmakers, national parties, medical societies and other

Prior to joining the Academy, Ms. Falen served on the staff of national election campaigns and
committees in both fundraising and political organizing capacities. Ms. Falen is a graduate of Baylor
University and lives in Washington, D.C.

                                     John Ferruggiaro

John Ferruggiaro is Vice President of Community and Political Affairs of the
professional association, representing 1.2 million members involved in all aspects of the
real estate industry.

In John’s role as Vice President, his responsibilities include leading all of NAR’s RPAC
and President’s Circle fundraising, recognition and training activities, as well as the
Electoral Services program. Before taking on this role, he spent 13 years working in over
20 of NAR’s state associations to educate, train, and mobilize REALTORS® on policy
and political priorities.

Prior to joining NAR, John worked at the Republican National Committee (RNC)
recruiting major donors, directing the fundraising efforts for targeted congressional,
gubernatorial and senate campaigns. Additionally, John worked as the Victory ’92
Finance Director for Bush-Quayle in the South, served as a Finance Representative for
“Contract for America” and served as the Victory ’96 Finance Director for Dole-Kemp
covering the New England and Mid-Atlantic states. John also worked as a grassroots
lobbyist for Anheuser-Busch covering federal, fiscal and regulatory issues.

                                              Bo Gilbert

Bo Gilbert is an Assistant Vice President for USAA Government Relations in the Mid-western
Region. Bo joined USAA as Assistant Vice President of Texas Government Relations on April 3,
2006 after 25 years in the insurance/regulatory/legislative arena. Bo represents USAA in all of the
Midwestern states, including Louisiana and Texas.

Prior to working at USAA, Gilbert represented the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT)
before legislative and regulatory governmental bodies. He set legislative priorities, managed the IIAT
political action committee (IMPACT) as well as trained their political grassroots contacts. He was also
responsible for implementing federal legislative initiatives and monitoring relevant national issues.

Gilbert worked at Nationwide Insurance starting in San Antonio, TX as a claims manager before
relocating to Austin. There he expanded their satellite office into a full-service
sales/underwriting/claims facility. Eventually, he left the claims field and became a Portfolio Manager
where his major responsibilities were underwriting. He also represented Nationwide at regulatory
hearings, created the Texas civic action program (CAP) and their political action committee. Prior to
working for Nationwide, Gilbert worked for several independent insurance companies in various
claims functions.

He is married to Andrea Gilbert and they have three daughters.

                                          Shana Glickfield

Shana Glickfield’s primary project is managing NextGenWeb.org, the online community of
USTelecom, the broadband association. The website embraces new media tools to explain and
explore all of the innovative ways that broadband is improving our quality of life. As Online
Community Director, Shana ensures the site has innovative content, optimizes social media tools, and
reaches target audiences including policymakers, stakeholders, and media.

Shana’s efforts on the project landed USTelecom on the list of theTop 10 Organizations Using Social
Media by Personal Democracy Forum. She also led NextGenWeb’s Social Media for Staffers series, a
biweekly workshop series to improve how Hill staff use social media tools in the course of their jobs.

Prior to joining NextGenWeb, Shana was the Director of Strategic Communications at Amplify Public
Affairs, where she advised a wide variety of corporate and nonprofit clients on their online
communications strategies, focusing on social media.

Shana has spent several years involved in the public policy process in Washington, DC, though
positions at various nonprofit organizations. Shana graduated from Michigan State University and has
a law degree from Temple University. She is the founder and author of The DC Concierge, a
renowned local blog, and is one of the top 100 independent Twitterers in Washington, DC. She was
one of five women named “up and comers in technology” recently by Washington Post and made
Washington Life magazine’s list of the most creative people in new media.

                                     Kristen V. Hedstrom, MPH

Kristen V. Hedstrom has over 12 years of experience working in government affairs for the health
care industry. Currently, Kristen serves as the Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs for the
American College of Surgeons where she directs the development and implementation of legislative,
grassroots and political strategies to advance the College’s federal healthcare policy agenda and
initiatives. In addition, she acts as the organization’s lead government affairs liaison communicating
health policy initiatives both internally across the organization and externally to Capitol Hill, federal
agencies, state organizations and societies, health-related organizations and coalitions. Prior to the
American College of Surgeons, Kristen served as the Director of Political Affairs for the American
Academy of Ophthalmology. Her healthcare lobbying experience also includes legislative positions at
the American Academy of Otolaryngology and the College of American Pathologists. Kristen began
her career in Washington, DC as a healthcare legislative assistant for Representative Mike McIntyre of
North Carolina. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond and her
Masters in Public Health from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

                                          Jeana Hultquist

Jeana Hultquist is Vice President of Legislative Affairs for U.S. AgBank. She oversees the
government affairs activities for U.S. AgBank and its affiliated 26 Farm Credit institutions. Ms.
Hultquist began her career with the Farm Credit System in 1982, and now spends a good deal of her
time assisting customer-owners in telling their stories, advocating for agriculture and how the Farm
Credit System plays an integral part of the agricultural community.

Over the past couple of years, Ms. Hultquist has participated in a number of projects and focus groups,
including San Francisco Mayor Newsome’s Urban/Rural Roundtable, exploring the commercial
nature of regional food economies that are forming as a complement to the global supply chain and the
evolving public policy environment surrounding these initiatives. Most recently, Hultquist was
among selected stakeholders to continue California’s AgVision 2030, a strategic planning process
designed to create a 20-year plan to guide policymakers, agriculture and affiliated interests in
positioning California’s agricultural industry for a prosperous future.

Ms. Hultquist received her general education from Chico State University and an Associate of Arts
Degree from American River College in Legal Assisting. She is a recent graduate of the California
Agricultural Leadership program and a currently serves on the board of directors for the Agricultural
Council of California.

                                             Richie Jackson

Richie Jackson is the Chief Executive Officer of the 6,000 member Texas Restaurant Association
(TRA). He was named Executive Vice President in 1985. Mr. Jackson oversees all operations of
TRA as its chief executive and as an advocate for the industry is an active participant in state politics.

Mr. Jackson has been a leader in a variety of business issues in Texas and involved in many Texas
business coalitions including workers’ compensation reform, taxation and immigration reform. He is a
former member of the board of the American Society of Association Executives. He serves on the
Board of Directors and is the Treasurer of the Texas Civil Justice League. He is a founding director of
ImmigrationWorks, a national organization seeking comprehensive immigration reform and Vice-
Chairman of the National Restaurant Association’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee. He is Past
President of the Texas Society of Association Executives and of the International Society of
Restaurant Association Executives. In 1999, Mr. Jackson received the TSAE Distinguished Executive
Award and has been inducted into TRA’s Hall of Honor.

                                            Brett Kappel

Practice Areas

Brett Kappel is counsel in the firm’s government relations group. His practice is focused on
government relations and campaign finance law. Brett represents corporations and trade associations
before the US Congress and various executive branch agencies in the development of public policy
and legislation. He advises corporations and trade associations on the development of government
relations programs, including the establishment and operation of political action committees and other
ancillary tax-exempt organizations. Brett also advises clients on compliance with federal and state
lobbying, ethics and gift law regulations.

In addition, Brett advises corporations, trade associations, members of Congress and candidates for
public office on federal and state campaign finance laws. He represents clients in Federal Election
Commission enforcement proceedings, rulemaking and the advisory opinion process.

Previous Work

Prior to joining Arent Fox, Brett was counsel in the government relations and lobbying group at the
Washington, DC, office of a large law firm.

Professional Activities

Brett is a member of the American Bar Association, where he serves on the Election Law Committee
of the Administrative Law Section.


Brett is a regular commentator on campaign finance issues. His views have appeared inThe
Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Roll Call, Politico and The Hill. In
2009, he was named one of Washingtonian's "Top Lawyers for Campaigns and Elections."

Bar and Court Admissions

District of Columbia Bar

Virginia Bar


University of Virginia School of Law, JD (Dillard Fellow), 1990

State University of New York at Albany, BA (summa cum laude), 1980

                                          Kristine Kilbride

Kristine Kilbride is the PAC and Grassroots Leader for Genworth Financial, Genworth is a global
financial security company dedicated to providing confidence and financial peace of mind today,
while helping protect against life’s uncertainties.

Kristine moved to Genworth Financial in 2005 where she started the PAC and in the 2010 election
cycle the PAC had over $535,000 in receipts. Previously, Kristine was the PAC Manager at The
Boeing Company, while at Boeing she saw an increase in the PAC of over $650,000 an election cycle.
 Prior to working at Boeing, Kristine was the Manager of Public Relations for the National Roofing
Contractors Association, where she managed ROOFPAC for more than two years. Kristine started her
career in PAC management as the PAC Coordinator at the National Automobile Dealers Association.
 Kristine moved to Washington, D.C. for a two-year stint with Senator Kit Bond in 1994. She got her
start in politics working on a 1994 U.S. Congressional Campaign in Missouri’s Ninth Congressional
District. She also runs PAC PALS, a free networking group of over 300 PAC professionals.

Kristine hails from the great state of Missouri where she takes great pride in her Missouri Tigers. She
graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelors degree in Political Science in 1993. She is
married to Patrick Kilbride and they have one daughter, Katie.

                                            Amy Kremer

Amy Kremer considers herself a true Southern Belle. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and
attended Auburn University. She is a former Delta Airlines flight attendant who that has traveled all
over the world. Before flying, Amy had a successful career in Real Estate in the Atlanta market. After
leaving Delta, Amy enjoyed the opportunity to stay at home with her only daughter until she went
away to college.

Prior to the Fall of 2008, Amy had never been involved in politics. During the campaign season, she
found she had a real interest in politics and began blogging. After many months of yelling and
screaming at her TV and radio, she decided to get engaged as an activist. Amy became politically
active early in 2009 through social media. She was one of the original founders of the Atlanta Tea
Party and was also the nationwide event coordinator for the first round of tea parties that took place
across the country on February 27th. After the February 27th tea parties, Amy worked very closely
with the Don't Go Movement, Smart Girl Politics, and TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter) as the
Nationwide Event Coordinator for Tax Day Tea Party. She was instrumental in coordinating the
efforts for Tax Day Tea Party 2009. During the first week of March 2009, after realizing through all of
her hard work with activists across the country, there was a movement being born out of the tea
parties, she founded Tea Party Patriots.

In August of 2009, Amy joined the Tea Party Express bus tour and traveled across the country. After
the first Tea Party Express tour, Amy was thrilled to be asked to be a part of the second and third Tea
Party Express tours. Earlier this year, after two very successful tours and looking forward to a third
tour in March, Amy joined the Tea Party Express PAC as the Director of Grassroots and Coalitions
and is now the Chairman of the Tea Party Express. In her position as Chairman, Amy is working with
other organizations and individual activists across the country to build the grassroots movement.

During the 2010 election cycle, Kremer played a major role in several key elections. From supporting
Scott Brown’s historic victory in the Massachusetts Senate race, to victories for Sharron Angle for
Senate in Nevada, Mike Lee for Senate in Utah, Joe Miller for Senate in Alaska and Christine
O’Donnell for Senate in Delaware. Kremer and the Tea Party Express would also play critical roles in
defeating Arlen Specter’s bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, and Bart Stupak’s bid
for re-election to Congress in Michigan – after Congressman Stupak sold out and voted for Obama’s
government-run healthcare scheme.

The Tea Party Express played a vital role in several other races including the defeat of Alan Molohan
in West Virginia, and support for Marco Rubio of Florida and Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

In addition to her role with Tea Party Express, Amy is also a co-founder of a nonprofit organization,
American Grassroots Coalitions. American Grassroots Coalition's mission is to work with other
organizations in order to educate citizens in an effort to empower them to make a difference on local,
state, and national levels. American Grassroots Coalition wants to educate and empower, so that all
citizens become engaged in the political process.

Just recently, Amy has joined the Doctor Patient Medical Association as a co-chair of the Patient
Power Project. DPMA is a non partisan association of doctors and patients dedicated to preserving
free choice in medicine. In her position as co-chair of the Patient Power Project, she conducts
workshops and training for patient empowerment across the country. In addition to training, Amy also
does advocacy work for Doctor Patient Medical Association.

In October 2009, Amy was awarded the Shining Scalpel Award by the Association of American
Physicians and Surgeons. This award has only been awarded three times in the 66 year history of
AAPS. The award was given to honor outstanding service to the American people and to the
profession of medicine by mobilizing the Tea Party movement, and organizing public town hall

meetings to “cut” through the political rhetoric on “health care reform.” Amy was given this award
because her leadership helped to “shine a light” so that patients can make informed political choices.

Since becoming involved with the grassroots movement, Amy has spoken at many tea parties and
rallies across the country. She was a speaker at the 9/12 March on D.C. and was a keynote speaker at
the Tea Party Convention in Nashville. In the Fall of 2009 and 2010, Amy participated as a panelist at
the Value Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. She has appeared on Fox News Channel numerous
times and was the original tea party contact with the Sean Hannity Radio Show. In the Spring of
2010, Amy was honored to be the first guest from the tea party movement to appear on The View.
Amy has also appeared on CNN, Fox News, NBC, and MSNBC and other media outlets as one of the
original grassroots coordinators within the movement.

While tea parties and political activism have consumed Amy's life for the past year, she still enjoys
traveling, cooking, gardening, wine, and antiquing in her spare time. Amy is your average Mom that
loves her country and wants her child to have what she has always had. She will continue to work
tirelessly in an effort to protect the documents and freedoms upon which America was founded. Amy
resides in Atlanta with her family and two chocolate labs.

                                            Carol Laham

Carol Laham is a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Wiley Rein LLP. She practices in the
field of election law and government ethics, with particular attention to compliance with federal, state
and local election laws, the Ethics in Government Act, House and Senate Ethics, state ethics laws, the
Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 and its state counterparts and the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
 Ms. Laham serves as a Liaison to the Advisory Commission to American Bar Association’s Standing
Committee on Election Law. She formerly served on the Steering Committee of the Council on
Government Ethics Laws, becoming its only private sector officer. She is also a former Co-Chair of
the American Bar Association Committee on Election Law of the Administrative Law Section. Ms.
Laham has repeatedly been named one of DC's top Election Law lawyers by Washingtonian magazine
and was named one of Lawdragon's "3,000 Leading Lawyers in America" (2010).

Ms. Laham was involved in the Supreme Court of the United States case of FEC v. Colorado
Republican State Committee, a landmark Supreme Court holding that Congress may not limit
independent expenditures by political parties, and has litigated many other campaign finance cases
before district and appellate courts.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Laham practiced in the Office of the General Counsel of the Federal
Election Commission. During her tenure there she was an appellate litigator concentrating on issues
of election law, constitutional law, and administrative law before the Supreme Court and numerous
federal circuit courts.

Ms. Laham is a graduate of Wellesley College (Phi Beta Kappa) and of New York University School
of Law.

                                             Kari Lantos

Kari Lantos is the manager of grassroots outreach at NAFSA: Association of International Educators
in Washington, DC. In her role, she manages all grassroots advocacy programs from coordinating
letter writing and telephone campaigns to members of Congress on issues affecting international
education and exchange to planning the annual advocacy day and advocacy training programs.

Additionally, Ms. Lantos is responsible for NAFSA’s advocacy website, Connecting Our World..
Prior to joining NAFSA in 2005, she served as the assistant director for government relations at the
American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine for six years.

                                            Ben LaRocco

Ben LaRocco is the Manager, Political Involvement for Procter & Gamble, with responsibilities
including political consulting, PAC management and strategy, and corporate communications on
political and public policy issues. Prior to joining P&G, he spent time on the hill as a Legislative
Assistant and Press Secretary for Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, and as Political Director for
Congresswoman Deborah Pryce. Ben is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and attended University of
Toledo earning his B.S. in Political Science. Before moving to DC he worked in the Ohio General
Assembly and Ohio Governor’s office. He is a veteran of many campaigns both paid and volunteer,
from party central committee to presidential advance.

                                           Patroski Lawson

Patroski J. Lawson, CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) is founder of the Square Hat Wine Company,
LLC. Square Hat is a wine education business based in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to “Educate, not
intimidate” anyone interested in wine education! He has hosted and taught private wine tasting,
classes and socials events in Atlanta and Washington, DC since 2006. No group is too large or

In 2009 he started an online based wine club called “The Square Hat Wine Club of Atlanta. With over
400 members in ten states and three countries, the Wine Club sponsors wine tastings, events, trips, and
dinners throughout metro Atlanta and Washington D.C. Just this year Patroski passed the Society of
Wine Educators' Certified Wine Specialist exam.

After a trip to Italy in 2009, he has become an avid wine traveler and believes it to be the best way to
learn about wine. In April he led a small group of wine enthusiasts to NAPA and Sonoma. And, this
fall he will take lead a small group to Tuscany for a week of wine, history, food and fun. 

To support his passion for wine, Patroski is Director of Government Affairs for what was once Solvay
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He is now a member of the Abbott Labs federal affairs team based in DC.

                                             Mark Levy

Mark Levy is the founder of Levy Innovation LLC (www.levyinnovation.com), a marketing strategy
and ideation firm that helps clients increase their fees by up to 2,000%.

Fast Company "Expert Blogger," Cali Yost, says "Mark helped me rethink my entire business in a
day. He's a miracle worker." Kate Purmal, a CEO at SanDisk, executive at Palm, and founder of her
own consulting company, calls Mark " . . . my secret weapon. Through his help I've transformed my

Before devoting his work fulltime to Levy Innovation, Mark served as an executive at the Inc.
5000 experiential branding and marketing organization, Creative Realities Inc. There, he was Chief
Marketing Officer and helped create project concepts. The firm's clients include Bank of America,
Samsung, Time Warner, Tivo, and Stanford University.

Mark has written for the New York Times, and has written or co-created five books. His latest book,
"Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content," has already
been a #1 bestseller on Amazon as an eBook in the category of "Creativity & Genius." The eBook
version of his book has also been a bestseller in Apple's iBookstore. Mark's writing has been praised
by Ray Bradbury, Anthony Robbins, and New York Times' chief technology writer, David Pogue,
among others.

Mark has also taught research writing and entrepreneurial strategy at Rutgers University.

As a speaker, Mark has delivered conference keynotes and workshops, has moderated panels, and has
shared the stage with celebrities, like Dick Cavett, and with executives from companies like Google,
Facebook, LinkedIn, McDonalds, and Hard Rock. One of Mark's proudest speaking moments came at
the National Geographic Center in Washington DC, where the head of Google's innovation lab missed
his train home to New York City, because he lost track of time while he sat in the audience and
listened to Mark's speak on effective brainstorming.

In addition to being a business innovation expert, Mark creates magic illusions. His work has appeared
on the Las Vegas stage and on all the major television networks. He is also the co-creator of the off-
Broadway show, "Chamber Magic: A Demonstration of Modern Conjuring," which is the longest-
running one-person show in New York City, and boasts a clientele including Warren Buffett, Michael
Bloomberg, Barry Diller, Martha Stewart, and Stephen Sondheim.

                                          Marlon Marshall

Marlon Marshall has been actively involved with Democratic politics, starting with working in the
field for state house races, a US Senate race and the 2004 Kerry Presidential campaign in Missouri
and Ohio. Following the 2004 race, Marshall worked on campaigns in Kansas and Maryland before
serving as Field Director in several key states for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential primary campaign and
as the General Election Director in Missouri for Obama's Campaign for Change during the general
election. He most recently served as National Field Director for the Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee. Marlon is a native of St. Louis, MO. attended the University of Kansas, and
now lives in Washington, DC.

                                               Mike Panetta

Mike Panetta is an award winning public affairs campaign strategist who specializes in using the
Internet and social media for creative issue advocacy and grassroots activism.

Before becoming a Partner at Beekeeper Group, Mike was Vice President for Public Affairs and
Emerging Media at Grassroots Enterprise where he managed a number of the firm’s non-profit, trade
association, and political clients and led its embrace of new technology for political, marketing and
advocacy purposes. His work has been recognized with top honors from the American Association of
Political Consultants, the Public Affairs Council, and George Washington University’s Institute for
Politics, Democracy and the Internet.

In November 2006, Mike was elected to the position of U.S. “Shadow” Representative in the District
of Columbia, and was re-elected in 2008 with the second-highest number of votes of any citywide
elected official in the District. In this role, Mike is a leading voice in the fight for District of Columbia
statehood and votes in the U.S. Congress.

Mike also has experience working with government agencies in helping them utilize technology to
better serve their stakeholders. Working as a Deputy Task Leader for Internet Development at the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development as a contractor with Advanced Technology Systems,
Mike maintained the agency’s flagship site, www.hud.gov and provided advice and counsel for many
of HUD’s other Internet projects. Mike also worked with a number of regional HUD field offices on
best practices regarding local government web sites and trained HUD staff on technical issues.

Mike graduated from American University’s School of Public Affairs in 1993 with a B.A. in Political
Science, and earned an M.A. in Political Science from the same university in 1994 with a
concentration in American Politics.

                                           Jack Register

Jack is a Visiting Instructor in the Social Work Department of the University of NC - Greensboro. He
teaches public policy, community organizing, and practice based courses. Jack is also a PhD
Candidate in the Union Institute & University Interdisciplinary Studies Program in Public Policy &
Social Change. Jack has been the statewide Government Relations staff for the National Association
of Social Workers- NC Chapter. In this role, Jack was the sole staff in all aspects of the Government
Relations department including managing the PAC. In 2007, Social Work Today Magazine named
Jack One of Today's Most Influential Social Workers.

                                         Dr. Kelton Rhoads

Dr. Kelton Rhoads is a psychologist, influence consultant, and adjunct professor at both University of
Southern California and the military’s Special Operations School. His area of study is influence,
which covers persuasion, compliance, indoctrination, & propaganda. In over 270 presentations to
professional audiences regarding influence topics, he has addressed NATO, United Nations staff, the
JFK Special Warfare Center & School, congressional staff, and a variety of grassroots organizations.
He teaches the influence component of the Psychological Operations Officer’s Qualification Course at
Ft. Bragg. His clients have included the American Heart Association, the National Restaurant
Association, Compaq Computer, Dow Chemical, Institute for Defense Analyses, the US Forest
Service, Southwest Airlines, US Chamber of Commerce, and many others. At USC's Annenberg
School for Communication, Rhoads teaches influence-related courses like Persuasion, Campaigns, and
Influential Communication in the Marketplace.

                                             Al Riberio

Al Ribeiro is currently Director - Political Affairs at Pfizer. He is responsible for coordinating the
company’s grassroots advocacy activities nationally, ensuring political activities support business
priorities and build relationships with key elected officials, and providing resources to help Pfizer
colleagues engage in the political process. Previous to Pfizer, he served in a number of roles in the
John McCain Presidential Campaign as well the Rudy Giuliani Presidential campaign. He has
extensive grassroots and advocacy experience, and has worked on political or issue campaigns in 15
states. Al also spent time at the Export-Import Bank of the United States and served as a Vice-
President for Jamestown Associates, a national Political and Public Affairs consulting firm. Al earned
his MBA in 2007 at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. While there he worked on an
economic development project in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa and completed a program at
Oxford University in International Management. Originally from Haddon Heights, NJ, he earned his
undergraduate degree in Political Science from The College of New Jersey.

                                           Dr. Brad Sagarin

Brad Sagarin is a psychological consultant specializing in social influence and resistance to
persuasion. He is also an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Northern Illinois
University, where he lectures on topics of persuasion, compliance, deception, research methods, and
statistics. Dr. Sagarin has been published in a variety of scholarly journals, has given radio interviews,
has consulted for radio and television programs, and has delivered invited lectures to academic and
non-academic organizations. His research has been cited in newspapers and magazines, including The
Economist and New Scientist. He holds Doctorate and Master's degrees in Social Psychology from
Arizona State University, and a Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology.

                                           Carrie Schneider

Carrie Schneider is a twelve year veteran of corporate governmental affairs and political action
committee administration. Since 2000, Schneider has served as the manager of CMS Energy’s non-
partisan, employee-directed, Political Action Committee, as well as the Company’s Edison Electric
Institute Advocacy Excellence award winning Grassroots program.

Headquartered in Jackson, Michigan, CMS Energy (NYSE: CMS) is a Michigan-based company that
has an electric and natural gas utility, Consumers Energy, as its primary business and also owns and
operates independent power generation businesses. Consumers Energy, the principal subsidiary of
CMS Energy, provides natural gas and electricity to nearly 6.5 million of Michigan’s 10 million
residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.

As manager of these two key components of governmental affairs, Schneider focuses on several things
in her daily activities: protecting, preserving and promoting a strong energy/utility industry/company,
developing a well-informed membership on political issues, encouraging good employee citizenship
through their personal and financial participation in the governmental and political process and
ensuring a collective voice is heard on issues that are important to CMS Energy.

Prior to Schneider joining CMS Energy she had a diverse work experience. She was employed for a
couple years as a social worker, advocating on behalf of mentally challenged adults and at-risk
children and adolescents. She also taught preschool and kindergarten for a few years. A native of
Michigan, Schneider holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Michigan State University.
Schneider resides in Jackson with her husband Steve and their three children. In addition to spending
time with her family, she has the privilege of being a “Big” sister to a fifth grade student through the
Big Brothers Big Sisters Bigs in School program.

                                           Amy Showalter

What do the American Heart Association, Southwest Airlines, The U.S. Green Building Council,
ConocoPhillips, NATO, and the The National Restaurant Association have in common? They have all
turned to Amy Showalter for her expertise and motivation to revitalize their grassroots advocacy and
PAC programs. Amy is a grassroots and PAC productivity expert who founded The Showalter Group
to help associations and corporations increase their grassroots and PAC effectiveness. In fact, over
85% of her long term consulting clients have experienced an increase in budget, staff, and senior
management recognition after collaborating with Amy.

Amy has galvanized thousands of grassroots evangelists and staff for her clients who want to advance
their cause politically. For nine years she directed the efforts of the highly acclaimed Nationwide
Insurance Civic Action Program (CAP). During her tenure, over 2,000 public affairs professionals
across the country ranked Nationwide's program as one of the top two corporate grassroots programs
in the country. (Ed Grefe and Martin Linsky, The New Corporate Activism)

She has published over 100 articles on grassroots and PAC best practices, and is a magazine
columnist. Her insights have been featured in the Washington Times, Politico.com, The Christian
Science Monitor, Roll Call, The Dallas Morning News, and the Baltimore Sun, to name just a few. She
is the author of "105 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Elected Officials." Over 5,000
government relations professionals subscribe to her Roots of Success newsletter.

Amy has worked "inside" the system as a Legislative Aide to Former Ohio Senate President Richard
Finan. She then lobbied for the small business members of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. It was at
the Chamber where she readily recognized her limitations as a lobbyist and recognized her talents as a
grassroots motivator.

Amy is a faculty member at the U.S. Chamber's Institute for Organization Management, and is a guest
lecturer at George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management. She is Past
Chairman of the American Society of Association Executives Government Relations Section Council,
and is the Co-Founder of Innovate to Motivate, the largest conference of its kind for political
involvement professionals.

Amy has a BA in Political Science from Wright State University and a Master's Degree in Human
Resources Administration from Central Michigan University. She also earned the Registered
Corporate Coach (RCC) designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).
She and her husband, Randy Boyer, co-exist with their two Siberian Huskies in the greater Cincinnati

                                            Heather Smith

Heather Smith is Executive Director of Rock the Vote, a national organization dedicated to the
political engagement of young people.

Under Smith's leadership during the past two election cycles, Rock the Vote built new tools and
refined best practices for the continued engagement of young voters, setting the highest voter
registration records in both midterm and presidential elections in the organization's 20-year history. In
2010, Smith led Rock the Vote in its largest midterm election effort that generated more than 300,000
voter registration applications, engaged thousands of volunteers, and increased youth turnout in
targeted precincts. This work built on the successful efforts of 2008, when Rock the Vote registered a
record-shattering 2.2 million people.

Prior to Rock the Vote, Smith founded and directed Young Voter Strategies, a nonpartisan project in
partnership with The Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University
with support from The Pew Charitable Trusts. Young Voter Strategies provided the general public,
political parties, candidates, consultants and nonprofits with data and research on the youth vote as
well as best practices to effectively mobilize young people.

In 2004 Smith served as national field director for the Student PIRGs New Voters Project, the largest
nonpartisan grassroots effort ever undertaken to register and mobilize young voters. Across the
country, the New Voters Project, under Smith’s direction, registered nearly 600,000 voters and
conducted an intensive, multi-faceted get-out-the-vote effort to bring these newly registered voters to
the polls on Election Day. Youth turnout was 11 percentage points higher than in 2000.

Prior to her work at the New Voters Project, Smith was an organizing director for Green Corps’ Field
School for Environmental Organizing in Boston.

Smith received a B.A. with honors in economics and public policy from Duke University. In 2006,
Smith was named one of Campaign & Elections magazine’s Rising Stars for her work with young
voters. She was also named one of Esquire Magazine’s Best and Brightest of 2007.

                                            Don Thoren

Don Thoren is Managing Director, Political Mobilization, at the American Chemistry Council. In this
nearly created capacity, Mr. Thoren oversees the creation of the Council’s new grassroots function. In
addition, Mr. Thoren is responsible for expanding the Council’s “political footprint”, both in
Washington and across the country.

Prior to joining ACC, Mr. Thoren was a member of the State Government Affairs department at Altria
Client Services, Inc., where he oversaw the company’s legislative activities throughout New England,
covering both the tobacco and food sides of the business. Mr. Thoren previously served as Director,
Government Affairs Outreach, where he directed the companies nationwide PAC, grassroots and
policy group outreach.

Prior to joining Altria, Mr. Thoren was a part of SWR Worldwide, Washington, DC’s only bi-partisan
polling firm. Mr. Thoren joined ACC in 2009 with 17 years of professional experience and 22 years
of political experience. During 1999 and 2000, Mr. Thoren served as Staff Vice President, Political
Outreach, at the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

Prior to his work at MBA, Mr. Thoren served as Vice President, State Relations and Political
Outreach, at the National Restaurant Association. During his 11 years with the Association, Don
created their Key Contact program and molded it into one of Washington’s premier grassroots
lobbying tools. In addition, Mr. Thoren led an effort that tripled the NRA-PAC from $400,000 to $1.2

Early in his career, Mr. Thoren held a number of positions on political campaigns from city council
races to the 1988 presidential effort of Senator Paul Simon (D-IL). Mr. Thoren also served as
Executive Assistant and Press Secretary to Congressman Frank J. Guarini (D-NJ).

Mr. Thoren holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Drew University, in Madison, NJ.

                           Past Participating Organizations
                                                    American Society of Civil Engineers
123                                                 American Society of Internal Medicine

720 Strategies                                      American Society of Pension
                                                    Professionals and Actuaries
A                                                   American Speech-Language-Hearing
Abbott Laboratories                                 American Urological Association
ABC of Wisconsin                                    American Veterinary Medical Association
ACA International                                   American Wind Energy Association
ACC                                                 Amgen
Advocacy Data                                       Annenberg School of
AFGE                                                Communication (USC)
ALLETE/Minnesota Power                              Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Alliance of American Insurers                       AOPHA
Allianz of America Corporation                      Aquila Inc.
Allstate Insurance Company                          Arent Fox Attorneys at Law
Alticor, Inc.                                       Aristotle International
Altria                                              Ashland, Inc
American Academy of Cardiology                      Assisted Living Federation of America
American Academy of Dermatology                     Associated Builders and
American Academy of Neurology                       Contractors, Inc.
American Academy of Ophthalmology                   Associated Locksmiths of America
American Academy of Pediatrics                      Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs
American Association of Oral and                    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Maxillofacial Surgeons                              AT&T Wireless Services
American Association of Orthopaedic
Surgeons                                            B
American Association of Physcists in Medicine
American Association of Retired People              BAE SYSTEMS
American Bakers Association                         Baxter Healthcare
American Bankers Association                        Bayer Corporation
American Beverage Institute                         Bayer CropScience
American College of Cardiology                      BellSouth Corporation
American College of                                 Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Emergency Physicians                                Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.
American College of Physicians                      BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota
American Cancer Society                             Burland Political Management
American Cancer Society - High Plains               BNSF Railway Company
American Cancer Society - Texas                     Business-Industry Political
American Chemical Society                           Action Committee
American Chemistry Council                          The Bivins Group, Inc.
American Crystal Sugar Company                      The Boeing Company
American Dietetic Association                       BP America, Inc.
American Electric Power
American Family Insurance                           C
American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-
CIO                                                 California Apartment Association - Tri-
American Forest and Paper Association               County Division
American Heart Association                          California Healthcare Association
American Insurance Association                      Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
American Kennel Club                                Capital Blue Cross
American Nurses Association                         Capital One Financial
American Osteopathic Association                    Capitol Advantage

CAPTEL                                             Edison Electric Institute
Cardinal Health                                    The Edison Group
Caremark                                           Engelhard Corporation
Catholic Health Initiatives                        Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee
Center for a Tobacco-Free New York                 Executive Communications, Inc.
Centocor, Inc.                                     Exelon Corporation
Cerner Corporation                                 Exxon Mobil Corporation
Chevron Employees PAC                              Florida Association of Insurance Agents
Chicago Mercantile Exchange                        Florida Chamber of Commerce
Children's Health System                           Florida Power & Light Company
The Children's Hospital - Denver                   FMC Corporation
CIGNA                                              Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, Inc.
Cinergy                                            Fresenius Medical Care North America
Cingular Wireless                                  Fry Communications
Clare Rice Consulting
Cleveland State University                         G/H
The Clinton Group
Colorado Association of Realtors                   Gallagher Consulting Group
Colorado Community Health Network                  The Gallup Organization
Columbia Gas of Ohio                               General Contractors Association of New York
Columbia Gas Transmission                          General Electric Company
Columbus Children's Hospital                       Genworth Financial
Comerica Bank                                      George Washington University’s Institute for Politics,
Congressional Management Foundation                Democracy and the Internet
Connecticut Business and                           GetActive Software
Industry Association                               GlaxoSmithKline
ConocoPhillips                                     Global Health Council
CONSUL Energy Inc.                                 Gnossos Software, Inc.
Consumer Healthcare Products Association           Granite Construction
Consumer's Energy                                  Great River Energy
CoreClarity, Inc.                                  Greater Milwaukee Association
Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers            of REALTORS
Cox Communications                                 Grassroots Enterprise, Inc.
Credit Union Association of Colorado and Wyoming   Grocery Manufacturers of America
Credit Union International Association             Caesar’s Entertainment
Council for Responsible Nutrition                  HCA Healthcare, Eastern Group
The Coughlin Company                               Holcim (US) Inc.
Cummins, Inc.                                      The Home Depot
                                                   The Hospital and Healthsystem
D                                                  Association of Pennsylvania
                                                   Humana Inc.
Daiichi-Sankyo, INc.                               Huntington National Bank
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Darden Restaurants                                 I/J
Dell Inc.
Democracy Data & Communications                    IBM Corporation
Digital Campaigns, Inc.                            Idea Architects
The Direct Impact Company                          Illumen
Dominion                                           Impact US/Impact Texas
The Dow Chemical Company                           Independent Community Bankers
DTE Energy                                         of America
Duke Energy                                        Independent Insurance Agents of Texas
DuPont                                             Influence at Work, Inc.
                                                   Insurance Institute of Indiana
E/F                                                Intel Corporation
                                                   International Association of Lighting Designers
e-advocates                                        International Food Distributors Association

International Academy of Compounding         MWH
International Dairy Foods Association
International Paper
International Union of Operating
Engineers Local 324
Iowa Academy of Family Physicians
Issue Dynamics Inc.
John Deere & Company
Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Juno Advocacy Network
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


Kaiser Permanente
Kay Cannon, Inc.
Kelly Services, Inc.
Kentucky School Boards Association
Koch Industries, Inc.
Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC
The Kroger Company
Lance Armstrong Foundation
Legislative Demographic Services, Inc.
Lemberg & Company, Inc.
The Limited Brands
Lockheed Martin
Lorillard Tobacco Company
Louisiana Association of Business Industry


Mackie and Associates
Marriott International, Inc.
Maryland Association of
Christian Schools
Mattel, Inc.
Maytag Corporation
mCapitol Management Services
MDU Resources Group, Inc.
Merck & Company, Inc.
MetLife, Inc.
Michael E. Dunn & Associates, Inc.
Michelin North America, Inc.
Michigan Tooling Association
Microsoft Corporation
Minnesota Nurses Association
Mirant Services, LLC
Moore & Van Allen
Morgan & Myers

N                                          Services L.L.C.
NAFSA: Association of                      The Procter and Gamble Company
International Educators                    Progress Energy
National Association of Chain              Property Casualty Insurers Association
Drug Stores                                Prudential Financial
National Association of Children's         PSEG
Hospitals and Related Institutions         Public Affairs Resources, Inc.
National Association of Home Builders      Public Affairs Support Services, Inc.
National Association of Manufacturers      Public Service Energy Group
National Association of Mutual             Qorvis Communications
Insurance Companies
National Association of REALTORS           R/S
National Association of Spine
Specialists                                The Reading Edge
National Audubon Society                   Regence BlueCross BlueShield
National Beer Wholesalers Association      Renal Care Group
National Court Reporters Association       Retailers Association of Massachusetts
National Federation of                     San Diego Association of REALTORS
Independent Business                       SAIC
National Lumber and Building Materials     SBC/Ameritech
Dealers Association                        SBC Ohio
National Restaurant Association            SBC/Southwestern Bell
National Retail Federation                 SBC Telecommunications, Inc.
National Rifle Association Institute for   SCANA Corporation
Legislative Action                         Schering-Plough Corporation
National Soft Drink Association            The Schwan Food Company
Nationwide Insurance                       The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
Nevada Mining Association                  Securities Industry Association
New York State Nurses Association          SEMCO Energy, Inc.
Northeast Utilities                        The Showalter Group
Northern Illinois University               Society of American Florists
Novartis                                   Society for Vascular Surgery
Nuclear Energy Institute                   SOCMA
                                           Sodexo, Inc.
O/P/Q                                      The Soft Edge, Inc.
                                           Solomon Strategic Marketing Communications
Ohio Casualty Group                        Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ohio Hospital Association                  Sommer Barnard, PC
The Ohio Manufacturers' Association        SouthTrust Bank
PCI                                        Southern Strategy Group - Alabama
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Peabody Energy Corporation                 Sprint Nextel
PECO Energy Company                        St. Paul Travelers Companies Inc.
Pennsylvania Bar Association               Stakeholder, Inc.
Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce           State and Federal Communications, Inc.
Pennsylvania Credit Union Association      State Farm Insurance
Pennsylvania State Employees               Strategic Public Partners
Credit Union                               Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.
People's Bank
PepsiCo, Inc.                              T/U
Perkins Coie L.L.P.
Pfizer Inc.                                Texas Classroom Teachers Association
Phillip Morris International               Texas Credit Union League
Pharmacia                                  The Timken Company
PhRMA                                      Toyota Motor North America
Political Action Committee                 Transition Management Advisors

Travelers Property Casualty
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U.S. AgBank
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