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               VILLAGE LIFE

                    JUNE 12    TO   20, 2009

N ENCHANTING HILL TOWNS OF SIENA,                           E
                                                                BY JA ARY 1
  SAN GIMIGNANO AND MONTALCINO                           RV



                                                     SAV                       E!
                                                         E      $600        UPL
Dear Alumni & Friends:
We are pleased to offer VILLAGE LIFE IN TUSCANY, a unique opportunity to
experience the timeless character of one of Italy’s most fabled provinces. Here, in
the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, ancient rose-tiled villages, 500-year-old
farmhouses and medieval castles dot a breathtaking landscape of gentle hills, and
the rhythms of life still revolve around the harvesting of olive groves and vineyards
first planted by the Etruscans nearly 3,000 years ago. This itinerary, one of the
highly innovative travel programs in the VILLAGE LIFE series, is ideal for
discovering Tuscany’s way of life and its intriguing history, stunning beauty
and unrivaled artistic heritage.
From perfectly preserved medieval hill towns to grand Renaissance monuments,
Tuscany is a region where past and present are intertwined amid a setting of
unparalleled grace. Idyllic hamlets, like Montalcino and San Gimignano, encircled
by remnants of their ancient Etruscan walls, have stood proud for centuries,
overlooking endless miles of bountiful wheat fields, rolling meadows, lake-dappled
valleys and sprawling groves of olive trees. In Chianti, grapevines stretch as far as the
eye can see, and centuries-old castles continue to play a central role in the region’s
world-acclaimed wine industry. Monumental palaces and villas erected by the great
patrons of the Renaissance, the Medicis, stand as splendid testimonials to the prestige
enjoyed for centuries by Tuscany as one of Europe’s preeminent centers of culture,
commerce and political power. The exquisite artistic legacy of the greatest masters of
the Italian Renaissance, including Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Botticelli, remains
intact throughout the streets, duomos and palazzi (palaces) of Florence.
This classic VILLAGE LIFE experience provides charming accommodations in the
inviting Hotel Athena, located just steps away from the center of the medieval
town of Siena. Among the many features of this travel program is the unique
VILLAGE FORUM, where local residents share their perspectives and insights into
everyday life in Tuscany. To further enhance your understanding and appreciation
of the traditions and history of this region, this itinerary also includes expert-led
excursions, enriching lectures, authentic Tuscan meals, an exclusive wine tasting
and a hands-on cooking class on how to prepare some of the region’s specialties.
This exceptional value combines comfortable, perfectly located accommodations,
a custom-designed program of excursions and the opportunity to immerse yourself
in the timeless traditions and beauty of provincial Italy, to create a truly enticing
program that promises to sell out quickly. We encourage you to make your
reservation today, while Early Booking
Savings are still available!

Robert W. Wolfenden
Assistant Vice President of
Alumni Relations

Cover: A classic casa colonica (traditional farmhouse)   The Tuscan affinity for flowers and greenery is
basks in the golden glow of the Tuscan sunset.           evident around this typical brick house in Volpaia.
                                   VILLAGE LIFE

               A W AY               OF       LIFE          IN     TUSCANY
VILLAGE LIFE IN TUSCANY is one in a unique series of VILLAGE LIFE travel programs
designed for travelers who understand the true character of a nation is best found
in its heartland, on its back roads, along the narrow lanes of traditional villages
and in the bustling market squares of provincial towns. Amid spectacular
surroundings, this travel program offers you a cultural and educational experience
like no other. A comprehensive program and an exceptional value, VILLAGE LIFE
IN TUSCANY focuses on the daily life and culture of Tuscany’s historic towns and
villages. For one full week, immerse yourself in everyday life in a land where the
past blends seamlessly with the present. Stand in Siena’s legendary Piazza del
Campo and behold the architectural splendor of the Palazzo Publico, a Gothic
masterpiece with a 330-foot bell tower that has served as town hall since the
14th century. Explore enchanting medieval hill towns like San Gimignano and
Montalcino. Savor Tuscany’s fabled wine and cuisine in the heart of Chianti
Classico, Italy’s most famous wine-producing region. And walk in the footsteps
of Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei and Niccolo Machiavelli among the grand
Renaissance monuments of Florence.

Attend an exclusive VILLAGE FORUM and become acquainted with local residents
who provide a fascinating and candid look at history, culture and daily life in
provincial Tuscany.

                                The Hotel Athena in Siena has been specially chosen,
                                as its unique combination of four-star accommodations,
                                charming atmosphere and exceptional service in addition
                                to its ideal location in the UNESCO World Heritage site
                                of medieval Siena (represented by the coat of arms to
                                the left) provide an unforgettable stay in Tuscany.

                                Unpack once! This is an exceptional travel opportunity
                                inclusive of accommodations and exclusively arranged
                                excursions for an incredibly attractive price. Come
                                experience a special way of life: VILLAGE LIFE IN TUSCANY.

San Gimignano’s charming Piazza della Cisterna is named for this ancient stone well, which provided
local citizens with fresh water for nearly 800 years until the mid-20th century.
Set against a picturesque backdrop of                                                  Florence
rolling vine-clad hills, Siena is a classic
                                                                San Gimignano        Chianti
medieval Italian hill town that seems to                                               Region
have been frozen in time for more than                                          Siena •
600 years. During its golden age in the
13th and 14th centuries, when it flourished                                           T USCANY
as a center of the textile and banking
industries, Siena achieved such power and                                                    UNESCO World
wealth that it challenged the political and                   I TA LY                   v
                                                                                        v    Heritage site
economic dominance of Florence.
    Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage
site, and life continues to revolve around
the historic town center, an intricate                 SANT’ANTIMO
network of 13th-century houses, shops,                 Set in a wide valley against a background
palazzi (palaces) and narrow cobblestone               of forested hills and expansive vineyards
alleys that lead to the Piazza del Campo.              of southeastern Tuscany, the enchanting
One of Italy’s most beautiful civic spaces             Abbey of Sant’Antimo has captivated
and the setting of Tuscany’s most famous               pilgrims, writers and artists for hundreds
festival, the Palio, the piazza makes an ideal         of years. Though local tradition states that
point from which to begin your exploration             the church was founded by the legendary
of Siena’s extensive array of grand medieval           Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne in 781,
and Renaissance monuments, including the               the primary building standing today was
impressive 330-foot-high Torre del Mangia              constructed in 1118 and is widely considered
bell tower, completed in 1348, and the                 to be one of the most beautiful Romanesque
Palazzo Pubblico, Siena’s medieval Town                churches in Italy. The monks who inhabit
Hall. Still the seat of municipal government,          the abbey maintain a simple life revolving
the Palazzo Pubblico is an exquisite                   around ancient rituals that have been
example of 14th-century Gothic design and              practiced for generations, including the daily
houses a splendid collection of frescoes by            performance of traditional Gregorian chants.
some of Italy’s greatest Renaissance masters.
    Just blocks away stands Siena’s towering           MONTALCINO
Duomo, a monumental Gothic cathedral                   Famous for its imposing 14th-century
renowned for its splendid inlaid marble                Fortezza (fortress), classic flower-covered
floors and the immaculate statues of                   stone houses and steep and winding alleys,
prophets along the façade, sculpted by                 the idyllic hamlet of Montalcino is best
Giovanni Pisano in the 1290s. Another                  known for Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany’s
well-preserved legacy of Siena’s medieval              most revered wine. The visit to this delightful
roots is the fascinating system of the                 village reveals a pleasant mix of intimate
contrade, which consists of 17 officially              streets lined with traditional wine shops,
designated neighborhoods; each is                      known as enotecas, and impressive public
represented by a unique flag, coat of arms             buildings including the 13th-century tower of
and animal symbol, which can be seen                   the Palazzo Commune, which overlooks the
throughout the streets of the town.                    Piazza del Popolo. Nearby, on the southern

See the stunning backdrop of rolling hills, wheat fields and olive groves surrounding the 12th-century
abbey church of Sant’Antimo where monks still chant ancient Gregorian chants each day.
                                                     picturesque Volpaia, a classic, 11th-century
                                                     fortified hamlet that is now entirely
                                                     incorporated into the Castello di Volpaia
                                                     winery. Here, among Volpaia’s honey-colored
                                                     stone houses and cobblestone streets,
                                                     experience the finest in Tuscan hospitality
                                                     during the tour of the castle’s cellars, a
                                                     sumptuous lunch of regional specialties and
                                                     a specially arranged tasting of Italy’s finest
                                                     wines and olive oils.

                                                     SAN GIMIGNANO
                                                     Named a World Heritage site by UNESCO,
                                                     the enchanting hill town of San Gimignano
                                                     is one of the best preserved, most intact
Filippo Brunelleschi’s soaring dome has been a
                                                     medieval villages in Europe. During the
symbol of Florence and the Renaissance since 1434.
                                                     Middle Ages when it prospered as a major
end of town at the Fortezza, a 14th-century          stop on the pilgrimage route to Rome,
battle standard stands as a monument to              San Gimignano was among the richest
Montalcino’s support for Siena during its            communities in central Tuscany and became
wars with Florence.                                  known as the “City of Beautiful Towers,”
                                                     for the dozens of towers and campaniles
                                                     built by local merchants as symbols of their
FLORENCE                                             wealth and prestige. Today, the village
Birthplace of history’s most revolutionary           continues to thrive as a center of the local
and influential artistic movement, Florence          wine trade, and 14 towers have survived
is an exquisite and captivating monument             and stand as impressive testimonials to
to the Renaissance. Founded by Julius                San Gimignano’s age of glory. Many of the
Caesar in 59 B.C., Florence emerged as one           towers line the Piazza della Cisterna, the
of Europe’s most prosperous, powerful and            town’s classic central square, and the
progressive cities under the leadership of           Piazza del Duomo, which is surrounded
the Medicis, who dominated European                  by spectacular monuments like the
banking and ruled Florence between 1434              Palazzo Vecchio del Podestà, renowned
and 1743. Their unprecedented patronage              for its 166-foot-high tower, and the
of the arts turned Florence into a mecca for         stately Palazzo del Popolo (Town Hall),
Italy’s greatest artists, sculptors and              where city business has been conducted
architects, who, in turn, endowed the city           since the 13th century. The Palazzo de
with an unrivaled artistic heritage.                 Popolo is also home of the Museo Civico
Today, the city’s cobblestone streets would          (Civic Museum), a small but remarkable
still look familiar to Dante or Galileo and          museum featuring an exquisite collection
its palaces and cathedrals continue to               of Renaissance frescoes.
overflow with the world’s greatest
collection of Renaissance art, including
Michelangelo’s David, the crowning
achievement of Renaissance sculpture.

Distinguished by its rustic landscape of
medieval castles, lush hills and mile upon
mile of dense green vineyards and olive
groves, Chianti has been extolled for its
beauty and fertile soil since the Etruscans
named it after a prominent land-owning
family—Clante i—more than 2,500 years
ago. Chianti is synonymous with its wine,
the finest of which is produced in Chianti
Classico, a small region 31 miles long and
19 miles wide. This region roughly
coincides with the ancient League of
Chianti, a federation of towns that were
fiercely contested by Siena, Arezzo and
Florence until the latter established control
in 1555.
    One of Chianti’s most prestigious                Traditional family-owned shops like this pizzicheria
producers of both wine and olive oil is              (deli) can be found in villages throughout Tuscany.
                             SIENA’S HOTEL ATHENA
Experience traditional Tuscan hospitality amid the
medieval splendors of Siena while spending seven
nights in the delightful, four-star Hotel Athena.
Located within walking distance of the Piazza del
Campo and the Duomo, this attractive property
offers comfortable, stylish accommodations while
combining old-world charm and exceptional service
with 21st-century amenities and facilities.
    All rooms are individually appointed in a classic
Italian or contemporary style, and each includes a
private bathroom, air conditioning, direct-dial
telephone, television, minibar and safe.
    Breakfast and dinner are served in the hotel’s
appealing restaurant, set amid stone and brick arches
that recall Tuscany’s traditional architectural style.
Meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients and
feature the refined flavors and rustic simplicity of
classic Tuscan cuisine. Complimentary wine is served with dinner.
    Refreshments are available at the 7th-floor bar and on the adjoining terrace, which
offers exquisite panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Hotel facilities also
include a small business center with Internet access and a currency exchange. Personal,
attentive service will be provided throughout your stay by the hotel’s professional staff.

                  V I L L A G E L I F E D AY           BY    D AY . . . .
Day 1                                           Day 5
Depart from the U.S.                            Excursion
                                                Drive to Florence for the walking tour and
Day 2                                           viewing of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the
Arrive in Florence, Italy. Transfer to          David, in the Galleria dell’Accademia.
the Hotel Athena in Siena.
Attend the welcome reception with               Day 6
regional wines and cheeses prior to             Spend the day at leisure in Siena or choose
dinner in the hotel.                            an optional tour to Lucca and Pisa.

Day 3                                           Day 7
Excursions                                      Excursion
Explore medieval Siena’s most important         Explore the Tuscan countryside and the
landmarks—including the Piazza del              world-renowned region of Chianti on a
Campo, the Palazzo Pubblico and the             full-day excursion, highlighted by visits to
famous Duomo.                                   Greve and Volpaia, two of Tuscany’s most
  Learn more about the important role           prestigious wine-producing centers.
played in Sienese society by the town’s         Exclusive Enrichment
17 contrade (municipal districts)               Discover the rich heritage of olive oil and
during a special guided walk through            wine production in Chianti during a specially
local neighborhoods.                            arranged tour of the Castello di Volpaia
                                                that features a lunch of Tuscan specialties
Day 4                                           and opportunities to sample Volpaia’s
Excursion                                       world-renowned wines and olive oil.
Journey south of Siena to the 12th-century
Abbey of Sant’Antimo and the scenic             Day 8
medieval hilltop town of Montalcino.            Excursion
Exclusive Enrichments                           Enjoy the morning tour of the medieval
Attend a performance of Gregorian chants        fortified hamlet of San Gimignano;
by the monks of Sant’Antimo.                    lunch is included.
  Hear about the secrets to Tuscany’s           Exclusive Enrichment
legendary cuisine during a hands-on             Meet with local residents during the
cooking class in a local culinary institute     specially arranged VILLAGE FORUM to
followed by dinner.                             hear about everyday life in Tuscany.

                                                Day 9
                                                Transfer to Florence and board your
                                                return flight to the U.S.
                                                                INCLUDED FEATURES
                                                                In Siena
                                                                N Seven nights in the inviting Hotel Athena
                                                                  located within steps of Siena’s historic
                                                                  city center.
                                                                N Private welcome reception in the hotel with
                                                                  local wines and cheeses.
                                                                N Breakfast each morning, two lunches and
                                                                  five dinners featuring traditional Tuscan
                                                                  cuisine accompanied by regional wines.
Discover first-hand the delights of preparing Tuscan cuisine,   N Half-day architectural tour of Siena’s most
famous for its delectable flavors and rustic simplicity.          famous landmarks.
                                                                N Morning walking tour of two of Siena’s
                                                                  17 contrade (historic neighborhoods).
              TUSCAN KITCHEN
                                                                N Excursion to the picturesque medieval
Though renowned as the most cultured of the
                                                                  hamlet of Montalcino and the Romanesque
Italian provinces, Tuscany’s cuisine remains                      Abbey of Sant’Antimo.
rooted in La Cucina Povera Toscana, Tuscan
peasant cooking, a modest, but intensely flavorful              N Full-day excursion to Florence, featuring a
                                                                  visit to the Galleria dell’ Accademia to see
culinary style rooted in the region’s traditional
                                                                  Michelangelo’s David.
farmhouses and villages. Based on Santa Trinitá
Mediterranea — the “Mediterranean Holy                          N In-depth tour of the world-renowned
Trinity” of wine, bread and olive oil — Tuscan                    wine-producing region of Chianti, including
                                                                  a visit to Greve and an exclusive guided tour
food is renowned for its use of exceptional fresh
                                                                  of the 12th-century Castello di Volpaia,
vegetables, rich cheeses and a wide selection of                  one of Italy’s most prestigious producers of
exquisitely grilled and roasted meats and game.                   wine and olive oil.
While at the Arte e Cucina culinary institute in
                                                                N Tour of the “City of Beautiful Towers,”
Siena, learn more on the secrets to preparing this
                                                                  San Gimignano, one of the best preserved
world-renowned cuisine during an exclusively                      and most beautiful medieval towns in Italy;
arranged cooking class, which culminates with a                   lunch is included.
sumptuous feast of Tuscan specialties.
    Tuscany’s noble tradition of winemaking
                                                                A full program of educational and
can be traced back to more than 3,000 years
                                                                cultural enrichment, including:
ago when the Etruscans domesticated the                         N Private tour of the Castello di Volpaia
forbear of the region’s signature Sangiovese                      highlighted by a lunch of Tuscan cuisine
grape. In recent years, wine makers have                          and a tasting of world renowned
combined modern technology with time-                             Chianti Classico wine.
honored techniques to create a new generation of                N Exclusive VILLAGE FORUM with local residents
Tuscan wines, which are now regarded as some                      who will discuss daily life in Tuscany.
of the world’s finest. Connoisseurs and novices
                                                                N Specially arranged hands-on cooking class
alike will delight in sampling the region’s
                                                                  culminating with a dinner of Tuscan cuisine.
dazzling array of selections from the robust,
deep bodied Brunello de Montalcino and the                      N Performance of Gregorian chants by monks
simpler, yet flavorful wines of Vino Nobile de                    in the 12th-century Abbey of Sant’Antimo in
                                                                  the heart of the Tuscan countryside.
Montepulciano to Tuscany’s signature wines,
Chianti and Chianti Classico. The exclusive
visit and tasting in Volpaia provides an ideal                  And to enhance your travel experience,
opportunity to savor the harmony of Tuscan                      we will also provide:
cuisine and wine in the heart of Italy.                         N All transfers and luggage handling abroad
                                                                  for all participants who have purchased
                                                                  their air tickets through Gohagan &
                                                                  Company and whose arrival(s)/departure(s)
                                                                  coincide with the scheduled group transfer(s).
                                                                N Gratuities for local guides and drivers on
                                                                  included excursions and transfers.
                                                                N A hospitality desk in the hotel.
                                                                N The services of an experienced Program
                                                                  Director throughout the program.
                                                                N Travel document wallet, name badge and
                                                                  pre-departure information for each participant.
                                                                N Automatic $250,000 flight insurance for
                                                                  each participant ticketed on flights by
A bountiful harvest in the valleys of central Tuscany provide     Gohagan & Company.
the grapes used to make the famous Brunello di Montalcino.
There are 550 steps to the top of Siena’s majestic Torre del Mangia, which at 330 feet is the second tallest
medieval bell tower in all of Italy.
                                                                            Early Booking Price*     Regular price*
TARIFF                                                                            through
                                                                             January 16, 2009
                                                                                                    January 16, 2009

* Land only, per person, based on double occupancy                              $2835                   $3135
N Taxes are an additional $225 per person and are subject to change.
N Single accommodations for an additional $700.

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                                                                            Gohagan &
The ancient hill town of Montalcino provides
sweeping views of Tuscany’s fabled countryside.

NOT INCLUDED: Taxes; passport fees; visas and fees for
obtaining visas; personal expenses such as laundry and
telephone calls; accident/sickness, trip cancellation, and

                                                                                      Lehigh University Alumni Association
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sightseeing excursions; excess baggage charges on aircraft;
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animals, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist
activities of any kind, sickness, illness, the lack of availability of or
access to appropriate medical attention, overbooking or
downgrading of accommodations, mechanical or other failure of
airplanes or other means of transportation, or for any failure of
any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time.                                                                               10/08