Developing Productive Workplace Relationships

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Developing Productive Workplace Relationships

What you will learn

Research indicates your success in the world is directly related not to your education but to your "people skills".
This workshop aims to expand participants' knowledge of the business impact of relationships and their skill
repertoire so they can nurture productive relationships and foster a positive workplace. It will enable you to
think differently about your day-to-day interactions, assess your own style and identify ways to develop new
and highly effective approaches to manage productive relationships. The SDI ® also identifies for individuals
their personal strengths and motivations and how these relate to those of their colleagues. It demonstrates how
to use these strengths effectively to improve working or personal relationships with others.

What you will be able to do

        Maximise the talent of individual team members, in order to improve morale, motivation, teamwork
        and performance
        Create a more positive working environment geared for growth
        Reduce workplace conflict / improve team communication

What we will cover

        Understand the importance of productive relationships
        How to build a positive working environment
        Appreciate your strengths and how you use them
        Appreciate the strengths of others and how they use them
        Awareness of how you work with others
        Awareness of what motivates you
        Awareness of what kinds of working relationships you find satisfying
        Understand why and how conflict arises and how to deal with it effectively
        Recognise the impact of your response on the impression you have on others
        My 'conflict response' style

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for team leaders, supervisors and managers who wish to foster a positive, productive
workplace through effective relationships with colleagues and clients.

Unit Standards/Certification

Unit Standards Number          Version      Level    Credits

1987                           4            4        5

Develop strategies to establish and maintain positive workplace relationships

                                                                                   Category: Management


One day, 9.00am - 4.00pm


EMA Member rate (Earlybird)
$450.00 + GST = ($517.50)*

EMA Member rate
$500.00 + GST = ($575.00)

Non Member rate
$850.00 + GST = ($977.50)

* The Early Bird Member rate applies to EMA Members who register 1 month before the course starts.

Course Leader

An EMA Learning Tutor

Course Dates


24 March
24 June
31 August
4 November


13 May
18 October

For more information or to register on this course contact Deborah Law-Carruthers on:

Phone: (09) 367 0947


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