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									              Peninsula Rainbow Emmaus
                Community Newsletter

                                          He is Risen Indeed !
                                      What shall we say about such
                                       wonderful things as these?
Spring Day of Deeper
Understanding (DODU)
                                          May 2011
                                     If God is for us, who can ever be
                                                against us?
Sat April 30th 9AM to 1PM
Wesley UMC, Hampton,VA               Since he did not spare even his
                                     own Son but gave him up for us
May 2011 Gathering                      all, won’t he also give us
Friday May 27, 2011 7:00PM                   everything else?
Wesley UMC
                                     Who dares accuse us whom God
2510 N Armistead Ave
                                        has chosen for his own?
Hampton, VA
                                      No one—for God himself has
June 2011 Picnic/Gathering            given us right standing with
Camp Piankatank                                  himself.
1586 Stamper's Bay Rd
Hartfield, VA 23071                    Who then will condemn us?
Sat June 11, 2011
                                      No one—for Christ Jesus died
                                     for us and was raised to life for
    In this Issue:                      us, and he is sitting in the
  Page 2 – Community Lay
           Director’s Note            1
                                       place of honor at God’s right
  Page 3 – Community Spiritual            hand, pleading for us.
           Director’s Word                 Romans 8: 31-34 NLT
  Page 4, 5, 6 – Committee Reports
Community Lay Director's Note
Brothers and Sisters,
Grace and Peace to each of you! Praise Be to God for the gift of His son our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. What a wonderful April Gathering we had! God’s Holy presence
was among us. We had uplifting music, prayer and fellowship. Jerry Lawson and Kandi
Rowe were anointed as walk Lay Directors for PR63 and PR64. Everyone there was
invited to participate. How beautiful this Body of Christ called Peninsula Rainbow
Emmaus is! If you weren’t there please know that we missed you.

I would love to see each of you at Day of Deeper Understanding on Saturday April 30th
and at our May Gathering on Friday May 27th both of these events will take place at
Wesley UMC in Hampton. And, mark your calendars for our June 11th picnic at Camp
Piankatank. This will be a fun day for the whole family!

We need you! We need you to participate in the 4th day activities and we need you to be
in prayer for our Emmaus Community. I am calling on each of you to be in prayer about
where God is calling you to serve in our Emmaus Community. Is God calling you to
sponsor for the fall walks? Is God calling you to serve on a team this fall? Is God calling
you to bring your musical talent to the gatherings to help lift HIS Holy name up in song?
If you are clergy is God tugging at your heart to help with a walk? Each of you is needed
to serve in this community. Christ is counting on you.

If you are interested in having myself or another member of the board come and talk to
your church group about Emmaus please contact me. I love to tell my Emmaus story!
God has grown me in ways that 10 years ago I could never have imagined. He has
blessed my life beyond measure. He has placed brothers and sisters in my life that love
me unconditionally and whom I love unconditionally. We worship and serve an
awesome God!

I pray that the Risen Lord that we love and serve will bless each of you beyond your
wildest imaginations! DeColores
Doe Breen PR 24         Community Lay Director

                              ATTENTION !!
                    Christ is counting on you....
                       to SPONSOR A PILGRIM
        Mens Walk PR63 Sept 29 to Oct 2, 2011 LD- Jerry Lawson
        Women's Walk PR64 Oct 13 to 16, 2011 LD- Kandi Rowe
                         at beautiful Camp Piankatank

   Poem for Easter
   Like a blade of grass pushing up stubbornly through the sidewalk.
Like the butterfly emerging from the tomb-like chrysalis.
But much more.
Like the seed after years of dormant death sending up sprout.
Like the brown bulb breaking forth from brown earth into brilliant color.
But much more.
Like brilliant daybreak after stormy, darkened night.
Like a rainbow mystically appearing amidst the rain.
But much more.
Like a patient making an unexpected, unpredicted turn for health.
Like the pine cone opening to spread seed only after touched by fiery death.
But much more.
Like a beautiful vase emerging from a lump of clay in the potter's hands.
Like a hidden spring burbling forth in the middle of a barren desert.
But much more.
Like the surprise of Spring's buds pushing aside Winter's snow.
or Like someone finally emerging from the fatality of addiction.
But much more.
So, it comes.
Nothing else like it.
No image adequate. No simile. No metaphor.
Unable to talk about it but inadequately
We celebrate this great, real mystery that
Neither language nor imagination can encompass.
Contributed from Asst Community Spiritual Director Carla Stearns

I would really love to see those talented people (you know who you are!!) that I have
seen and heard play over the last few years. Join us this May at the gathering to sing
(loud )praises and join me in worshiping God through the music we all love to play and
sing. I have access to the church (St.Marks) on Thur, May 17th at 7:00pm. We will go
over the tunes (and if any of you would like to try, bring the music) I know you miss it
and it is truly a labor of love that everyone enjoys. Search your heart and listen to what
is trying to get out…..bring that with you.
The Music Dude       Ray Dinger 757-592-1712

Ray Dinger Music Chair
Fourth Day News
******   DODU – APRIL 30TH, 9:00 AM, WESLEY UMC, HAMPTON ******
This DODU is to give those that have missed previous DODU’s an opportunity to attend.
SPONSORS – Please make sure you get your pilgrims there. Most attended the fall
DODU, but there are still some stragglers.
REMEMBER – You can NOT sponsor someone or team until you have completed

It’s interesting that people we know, don’t listen to us, as well as they do to strangers.
The PRE Board is promoting Emmaus, and the best way to do it is to get someone from
the board in front of your people.
Doe Breen, our community Lay Director, presented “Emmaus” at Wesley, my home
church, in April and the message was well received. This is a great opportunity to
introduce Emmaus to those that are on your heart to Walk; let’s take advantage of it.

******            CHRYSALIS ( )                 ******
Chrysalis is the youth version of Emmaus. Two girls from Wesley “flew” the annual
“flight” in January and are still on fire for Christ! They, and myself, are available to
present Chrysalis to your youth group. Chrysalis is an UNDER UTILIZED resource for
our youth and we all can take advantage of it.

God Bless, Shaun Smith                 757-408-5433
Shaun Smith PR51 Fourth Day Chair

Team members needed for Fall Walks!
The Team Application documents have been updated on the website to reflect the new
fee of $180. Please take advantage of this electronic method to submit your
applications -- it’s faster and cheaper. Another advantage of having a digital copy of
your application is that the next time you apply all you have to do is update your
previous one.
       As always, we need experienced teamers, second time teamers, and first time
teamers. Attend the Community picnic at Camp Piankatank in June to walk through the
new site for our fall Walks.
Bruce Burroughs, PR1, Team Selection Chair
       As we just celebrated Easter and the love that Jesus showed us on that cross, I
ask each of you to remember your walk and all the love you felt that weekend. Get busy
making or even buying wonderful little items that will give our pilgrims a smile, a laugh
or just loads of inspirations.
      God is love and He showed us how to love, so let's spread that love to
others. This will be the first walk at the new site and I am praying that each and
everyone of you will take part in this occation. Send agape, come to candle light, and
most of all keep praying for the teams and the pilgrims.
      As you watch the beautiful May flowers unfold and the trees spread their leaves,
thank God for all that He has done for you and remember Jesus is counting on you.
Gwen Rutherford AGAPE Chair
Treasurer’s Report
March Financial Report:
$3325.40 Balance as of 2/28/11
$ 130.00 donations/offering
$ 840.74 outflow
$2614.66 Balance as of 3/31/11
     Date      k#        Description                       Memo                      Income     Payment
 12/31/2010                                       carry over 2010 balance            2,731.00
   January                                                                             408.75    119.35
  February                                                                             305.00      0.00
  3/4/2011    card      Upper Room            3 Emmaus Coordinators Manuals                       28.20
  3/4/2011                deposit              Request for newsletter mailing          10.00
                                           **anonymous donation to cover part of
  3/10/2011                deposit          rental of Camp Piankatank ($100.00)       110.00
                                           Request for newsletter mailing ($10.00)
                      Teagle Ins. Agency
                        of Gloucester         Insurance prem. For policy 444-
  3/10/2011   655     (Foremost Ins Co.)              0018815226-11                              179.00
  3/14/2011   656         Phil Stout       February/March Newsletter expenses                    218.54
  3/25/2011                deposit             Request for newsletter mailing          10.00
                                                 Insurance prem. - account
  3/25/2011   657       Ohio Casualty                 #A3811101819                               415.00
    March                                                                             130.00     840.74
 YTD Income                                                                           843.75
  Payments                                                                                       960.09
   Balance                                                                             2,614.66
Notes of interest:
   1. March gathering was a combined gathering with the Tidewater Community – the gathering
       offering was placed in the Tidewater Emmaus fund for child care expenses.
   2. Received an anonymous donation to help offset the expenses associated with the planned June
       picnic/gathering at Camp Piankatank.
   3. I.R.S. tax form 990-EZ (including schedule A & O) were filed on April 5th.
Lynn Landrum – PR Treasurer

Community’s Links
Peninsula Rainbow Emmaus Website:   

Upper Room Emmaus Website:          

Tidewater Emmaus Website:           

      Visit us on facebook at Peninsula Rainbow Emmaus Community!

15 Thoughts on Sponsorship

    Sponsoring a pilgrim is a big commitment. Decide now to make sponsoring a priority in
    your life. You will never get around to sponsoring unless you consciously choose.
    Think about who you might sponsor by considering a person's potential. Remember that
    God loves us first, preveniently, in our weakness. He sees what we can become, not who
    we are.
    Is someone you know growing into a leader? Do you know a believer in your life that could
    be a priest to the world? A lay minister to the least and lost?
    We are all sinners, but we have been justified by Christ. You want to sponsor someone
    who knows Jesus and has humbly chosen Him to be their savior. Emmaus is not a time to
    evangelize non-believers.
    As a Christian devoted to piety, take time to pray. You may want to ask your close friends
    and relatives to go on a walk, but ask God to reveal to you who He wants you to sponsor.
    Listen for His answer. You may be surprised! Praying for your potential pilgrim is the first
    act of agape.
    Learn all you can about sponsorship. Study what you learned at DODU. Study what
    Emmaus brochures tell you about the process. Know what is in the pilgrim application.
    Prepare yourself for sponsorship. You may want to ask your sponsor for help.
    Search your soul again for God's will. He is the means of your grace. Who are you being
    called to sponsor? Imagine your pilgrim leaving burdens at the foot of the cross?
    Take Action in Christian love. Talk to your friend about Emmaus and make an
    appointment to take time to answer questions. Make an appointment with both spouses if
    married. Show them respect, answer all their questions, then let them decide.
    Be prepared to deal with the obstacles. The enemy will put many objections in the minds
    of your potential pilgrim. Remember whose you are. Be honest and tell them anything they
    want to know about the weekend. Deception is not a tool of Jesus Christ. Love drives out
    Discipleship is all about giving your heart, head, and hands for God's service. Be a faithful
    servant as you work with your pilgrim. Love your pilgrim like Jesus does. Pray for them
    Remember that the person you sponsor is important to God's kingdom. Each pilgrim is
    called by God to be on a particular walk. You are changing the world by bringing a pilgrim
    to the “Walk to Emmaus”. Only God knows how your pilgrim may change the world after
    their walk.
    Remember that sponsorship is a process. God will use you to lead your pilgrim to grow in
    grace, while at the same time you will grow from being God's servant. Both of you are on a
    path to sanctification. The Holy Spirit will lead you both. Have fun as you grow.
    Remember that you are only one part of the Body of Christ. As a sponsor you will need to
    rely on other Christians. Ask veteran sponsors for help when you need it. Members of
    your church and your reunion group will want to help make agape, and pray.
    Sponsorship is a long process, you will need to persevere as the months roll by. You will
    need to reassure your pilgrim when conflicts and fears arise. Stay on top of agape letters.
    When the walk weekend arrives, be prepared to pick up your pilgrim, feed them and get
    them to the retreat center on time. Make sure that you are able to attend sponsor's hour,
    candlelight and closing. Be helpful to the pilgrim's family while they are away. Don't forget
    to come back and get them. Keep on praying!
    Your job as a sponsor is NOT over after the walk. You will want to continue to be a friend
    and advisor in your pilgrim's fourth day. Make sure they get to gatherings and DODU.
    Invite them to join your group reunion or help them start their own. Help them discover
    paths of service in their local congregation. When they are ready to team or sponsor their
    own pilgrim, be ready to help them. Even years after the walk, be their friend and never
    stop praying for them.

Christ is counting on You!
PRE Board of Directors

Community Lay Director: Doe Breen
Home: 804-642-0933 Email:

Community Spiritual Director: Jeff Cannon
Home: 757-810-4706 Email:

Asst. Community Spiritual Director: Tom Rodriguez
Home: 757-291-4195 Email:

Asst. Community Spiritual Director: Carla Stearns
Home: 757-871-6456 Email:

Asst Community Lay Director: Wayne Hunley
Home: 757-869-5335 Email:

Secretary: Virginia Leftwich
Home: 757-240-5714 Email:

Treasurer: Lynn Landrum
Home: 757-850-3398 Email

Community Support Chair: Steve Rowe
Home: 757-539-4198 Email:

Agape Chair: Gwen Rutherford
Home: 757-784-5514 Email:

Gatherings Chair: Cathy Williamson
Home: 757-477-9487 Email:

Fourth Day Chair: Shaun Smith
Home: 757-408-5433 Email:

Team Selection Chair: Bruce Burroughs
Home: 757-645-3372 Email:

Supplies Chair: Joe Hunnicutt
Home: 757-338-3291 Email:

Registrar: Stan Bowen
Home: 757-538-2810 Email:

Reunion Groups Chair: George Morris
Home: 757-508-2516 Email:

Music Chair: Ray Dinger
Home: 757-592-1712 Email:

Newsletter Editor: Phil Stout
Home: 757-927-5901 Email:

          Peninsula Rainbow Emmaus Reunion Group Listing
               If you do not see your reunion group or need to change any info please call:
                    George Morris, Reunion Group Chair @ 757-508-2516 - De Colores!

Aldersgate Heartwarmers                        Parkview Starlights
Contact: Rick Jacobson        Contact: Sara Price 757-595-6255
Meets 1st Tuesday @ 7:00 PM          
Aldersgate UMC                                 Meets 3rd Tuesday of month @ Parkview UMC

Babe Chicks                                       Pass It On-
Contact: Debi McNichol 757-761-0648               Contact: Connie Schubert 757-986-3279                               Meets 2nd Saturday @ 7:00 PM Magnolia
Contact Debi for meeting date, time, and location UMC/Suffolk

Beautiful Feet                                 Phoebus Coffee House Reunion Group Contact:
Contact: Dave Hirlinger         Mike Twisdale 757-773-8593
Meets last Saturday of each month 9:00am @
2nd Presbyterian Church Newport News           Meets every Tuesday at Phoebus Coffee
                                               House, 33 East Mellon Street, Hampton
Bethany UMC
Contact: Doe Breen 804-642-0933                Reunion Group-                           Contact: Mary Linda Womack 757-766-0885
Faithful Frogs                                 Meets once or twice monthly @ the Womack’s
Contact: Linda Trier, 757-562-7925,            home
2nd and 4th Thursday at 6 p.m., Grace Memorial ROW (Remember Our Walk)
UMC,                                           Contact: Shaun Smith, 757-408-5433,
31036 Peachtree St., Sedley          
                                               3rd Monday at 7 p.m., Wesley UMC, 2510 N.
Gloucester Presbyterian Church                 Armistead Ave., Hampton
Contact: Barbara Coulson 804-693-8502
Meets every Wednesday 12:00 noon               Warwick Memorial UMC
                                               Contact: Fred Townsend 757 877-7916
Helping Hands                        
Contact: Lori Irwin          Meets 3rd Thursday each month/different
757-393-1161                                   homes
Meets every Wednesday @ Magnolia
UMC/Suffolk @ 7:00                             "Fresh Beginnings Reunion Group"
Women’s group/bible study & agape              1st Thursday of each month at 7 pm Magnolia
                                               United Methodist Church
Kilmarnock UMC/Men’s Group                     1764 Wilroy Rd. Suffolk
Contact: Jay Siddons                           Linda Stroud 757-377-6413                         John Stroud 757-377-6180
Meets @ Lee’s Restaurant Sundays @ 8:00 AM
                                               Williamsburg Area Reunion Group.
Not I But Christ Reunion Group Contact: George Contact Ruth Rodriguez
Morris, 757-508-2516,                          Meets 2nd Thurs of month at 7PM
                                               Contact Ruth 937-248-8076 or Tom 757-291-
                                               4195 for dates and Location.
3rd Saturday at 5 p.m.

                                      De Colores!
                                 Christ is Counting on

                                  Peninsula Rainbow
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           Do you have comments or questions on the newsletter?
                   Contact: Phil Stout

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