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                                              NEPEAN COLLEGE OF T.A.F.E.

                              COMMERCIAL COOKERY CERTIFICATE3 18073


                                   Plan and Prepare

                               Foods For Buffets


Students are advised that decorative tools are not supplied for this subject and
that the following tools are recommended to produce the best possible product:

                                    Parisienne Cutter
                                    Solferino Cutter (Pea sized Parisienne Cutter)
                                    Apple Corer
                                    Cannalé Knife
                                    Saw Edged Knife
                                    Needle Nose Pliers or tweezers
                                    Shaped gelatine cutters (Small) eg.   
                                    Large Circular Cutters - 2 cm to 5 cm . Plain
                                    and fluted
                                    Fine tip Scissors
                                    Small Pastry Tubes

                                    Any other tools and implements which the
                                    students consider useful


                                                                     Lesson 1

                                                                  Lamb Noisettes
 Lamb Medallions etc.                               6-8
 Butter                                             5g
 Aspic Jelly
 Garnish – use available ingredients

Blanch snow peas 15 secs. and refresh. Blanch tomatoes refresh and skin. Cut into wedges and remove inside flesh. Trim the mid loin
to obtain rosettes medallions or noisettes. Season and sauté quickly in butter until brown but pink in the middle, and remove grease
with a clean cloth. Cool on a wire rack in fridge. Spray Aspic on to meat, return to fridge and repeat once more when aspic has set.
Decorate with snow peas, baby corn and tomato. Cool and repeat aspic spray twice more
NOTE do not attempt to spray on to warm or greasy product or separation & spotting will occur.

                                                     Chicken Breast in Chaud Froid Sauce

 Chicken Breast                                     2 skinless & boneless
 Aspic Powder                                       25 g
 Truffle Paste                                      few thin slices
 Lebanese Cucumber Skin                             Qty
 Red Capsicum                                       50 g
 Chicken Velouté Sauce                              400 ml
 Cream                                              50 ml

Cutters and decorating tools, mirror or stainless steel platter

Trim and shape the breasts and “enter” the fillets, poach in stock approx. 10 min until cooked. Cool on wire rack. Mix aspic with a
little cold water to a paste. Mix hot velouté, cream and aspic and whisk until smooth. Allow to cool almost to setting point. Mask
chilled chicken breasts with sauce and return to fridge until set. Repeat process 2\3 times until a smooth finish is obtained. Decorate
with capsicum, cucumber and truffle paste, which have been dipped in aspic.

                                                 Rigatoni, Smoked Chicken and Mango Salad

 Rigatoni or similar pasta                          100 g
 Smoked Chicken flesh                               200 g
 Sour Cream                                         50 g
 Red Curry Paste                                    10 g
 Mango Chutney Chunky cut                           50 g
 Milled Black Pepper                                pinch
 Mango or Paw - Paw                                 150 g

Cook Rigatoni until al dente. Cut smoked chicken into slivers Add sour cream gradually to curry paste. Mix in all the rest of the
ingredients serve in a bowl or in any other suitable container, edible or non-edible.

                                                         Whole Smoked Trout in Aspic

 Whole Smoked Trout                           1 x 450g                     Carefully remove shin from the body of the trout leaving the
 Stuffed Olives                               2                             skin on the tail and the head.
 Lebanese Cucumber                            1 whole                      Remove the fins from the back, belly and gill area.
 Aspic Jelly                                  qty                          Remove eyes
 Garden Herbs                                 qty                          Cut a stuffed olive in half to fill eye socket.
 Asparagus                                                                 Decorate with suitable design and coat with aspic
 Decorating material from available
 ingredients                                  qty

                                                                  Artichoke Nests

 Artichoke Bottoms Canned                           3-4              Turn carrots or use Solferino cutter, (like a Parisienne Cutter but
 Broccoli                                           50 g             the size of a pea) Cut broccoli and cauliflower into florets,
 Cauliflower                                        50 g             blanch and refresh. Fill artichokes with a mixture of the
 Carrot                                             50 g             ingredients and chill. Spray with 2 - 3 coats of aspic. Serve on
 Aspic                                              50 ml            mirror or platter.

                                                               Chicken Liver Terrine
 Chicken Liver                                      500 g             Pre heat oven to 150 C
 Bacon                                              200 g             Line a terrine with thinly sliced pancetta
 Onion                                              100 g             Dice bacon and onions, fry with crushed garlic in butter
 Garlic                                             2                 Trim and mince livers
 Egg                                                1                 Mix with brandy, egg , cream and bacon mixture
 Butter                                             50 g              Pour into lined mould
 Cream                                              150 ml
                                                                      Bake in a bain marie approx 2 1\2 hours
 Brandy                                             50 ml
                                                                      Cool before turning out
 Seasoning                                          to taste
                                                                      Serve with melba toast
 Spices                                             to taste
 Pancetta                                           100 g
 Bread slices


                                           Lesson 2 Coulibiac of Fish Mousse and Atlantic Salmon

                                                       (Fish Paté in Brioche Pastry)
  Flour                                           500 g
  Fresh Yeast                                     30 g
  Milk                                            >150 ml
  Egg                                             2
  Nutmeg                                          large pinch
  Salt                                            1g
  Butter Melted                                   150 g
Make a well in the sieved flour and mix the yeast with the lukewarm milk. Pour into the well and mix with a little flour to make a
slack batter. Leave to rise 15 min. Mix egg, salt, nutmeg and melted butter, add to batter and work mixture into a smooth satiny
dough. Cover with a cloth and rest for 15 min. Refrigerate at least 15 min until required.
  Butter                                          5g
  Onion chopped finely                            50 g
  Fresh white fish fillets                        200 g
  Salt and Mill Pepper                            large pinch to taste
  Nutmeg                                          large pinch to taste
  English Mustard Dry                             large pinch to taste
  Egg white                                       1 lightly beaten
  Flour Panada(to be taken from choux)            40 g
  Cream whipped                                   200 ml
  Dill                                            1 tsp chopped
  Tarragon                                        1 tsp chopped
  Lemon                                           1 : grated rind and 2 tsp juice
  Capers                                          20 g
  Atlantic Salmon Fillet                          300 g
  Egg                                             1 beaten

Method for filling of Coulibiac

Sweat onions in butter. Cut the white fillets in strips and season with the salt, pepper, nutmeg, mustard and onion. (Season Well)
Mince fish finely or purée in a food processor. Place fish in a bowl over ice and add the egg white a little t a time, then add the panada
gradually. Beat until smooth and silky. THE MIXTURE MUST REMAIN COLD. Beat in the cream a spoonful at a time, and then
add the chopped fresh herbs, capers, lemon rind and juice. It is important that the filling is seasoned enough to also flavour the salmon

To assemble the coulibiac

Divide pastry in half. Roll out one half into a rectangle and cut out a fish shape. Place on baking sheet. Spread half the mousse over
the pastry leaving a 2 cm border. Place the salmon fillet down the centre and cover with remaining mousse and smooth over with a
palette knife. Eggwash the border. Roll out other half of the pastry, cut into shape, cover and seal removing all air pockets.
To make the mouth: Two olive sized balls of dough rolled into a teardrop shape, joined together at tapered end
To make eye: Cut out a 2 cm circle and raise level of the hole with 2 rings of dough to allow steam to escape and prevent liquid
overflowing Place funnel of aluminium foil in hole
To make the fins: Use leftover pastry to make fins and tail and eggwash into position
Use tips of scissors to make scale pattern and eggwash the tips of the scales.
Place in oven at 220°C reducing to 180°C for 30 to 40 mins. Serve hot or cold


                                                          Tomatoes Jardinière
Blanch and skin tomatoes. Van Dyke in halves if large, or cut off a lid if small. Hollow out slightly and fill with florets of blanched
cauliflower & broccoli, balls or dice of blanched turnip and carrot, and blanched peas. Chill and spray or nappé with aspic several
                                                             Salad Niçoise
  Tomato Concassée                              100              Mix potatoes, beans and tomato with vinaigrette
  French Beans blanched                         200 g            Arrange on platter
  Potatoes cooked and diced                     100 g            Garnish with anchovy, capers and olives
  Vinaigrette                                   1 tbsp
  Anchovy fillets                               10 g
  Capers                                        5g
  Olives pitted black Kalamata                  25 g

                                                                Chocolate Mud Cake
 CAKE:                                                     Preheat oven 160 C
 Unsalted Butter                     250 g                 Grease and line 23 cm cake tin on base and sides with baking paper
 Buttermilk                          185                   Heat butter, chocolate and water, stirring until smooth, remove from heat
 Chocolate Dark or white             250 g                 Sieve flour, (cocoa),and sugar into a bowl, make a well
 Self Raising Flour                  150 g                 Mix eggs and cream, and add to dry ingredients.
 Plain Flour                         150 g                 Add chocolate mixture and stir slowly until combined
 Cocoa Powder –if Dark(or 25         60 g
                                                           Pour into prepared pan
 g flour if white)
                                                           Bake 1 3\4 – 2 hours until skewer comes out clean
 Castor Sugar                        550 g
                                                           Leave in tin to cool. Turn out on to cake rack. Remove paper carefully
 Eggs beaten                         4-5
 Cream 35%                           170                   Nappé with white chocolate ganache
                                                           Decorate with chocolate shavings or curls
 ICING:- Ganache
 White Chocolate                     200 g
 Cream                               80 ml          #Ganache, - Boil cream, add chocolate, stir until smooth., coat cake only when
 DECORATION                                         #Melt chockex over blood temp bain marie slowly. Make piping bags from
 Chockex                             100 g          greaseproof paper if necessary. Use for filigree work, or spread on to marble
                                                    slab and make chocolate curls(Caraque)
 Glad bake

                                                                      Lesson 3

                                                                  Zucchini Garnish

 Zucchini large           150 g              Wash and trim zucchini, use zester or cannalé knife to decorate outside ski.
 Carrot                   50 g               Cut into 4 cm lengths and scoop out a hollow in one end with a Parisienne cutter.
 Turnip                   50 g               If available use a Solferino cutter (Small Parisienne) on the root vegetables, other wise
 Swede                    50 g                cut into a small Macédoine.
 Peas                     30 g               Blanch and refresh all the vegetables and dip in aspic before filling the zucchini. Use to
 Aspic                    qty                 decorate platters.

                                                            Jamaican Chocolate Mousse

 Eggs                                3                       Bring cream, coffee, and zest almost to boiling point,
 Cream                               300 ml                  Cream yolks and sugar, add cream to mixture and cook over a Bain-Marie
 Chocolate dark                      200                      until it thickens like an Anglaise.
 Brown Sugar                         50                      Remove from heat, melt chocolate in the mixture.
 Orange Zest and segments            1 Orange                Add liqueur and essences & whisk in the cold pieces of butter gradually.
 Vanilla Essence                     1 tsp                   Whisk egg whites into a Meringue and fold into the chocolate, pour into
 Rum Essence                         Few drops                glasses.
 Butter cold                         60 g                    Allow to set and decorate with Crème Chantilly stem on Cocktail
 Coffee Liqueur                      40 ml                    Cherries orange segments and Chocolate Caraque (scrolls)
 Instant Coffee                      1\2 tsp

Greek salad

 Grape tomatoes                          100 g              Combine all ingredients arrange in a bowl
 Teardrop tomatoes                       100 g
 Lebanese Cucumbers                      200 g
 Feta Cheese                             50 g
 Black Pitted Kalamata Olives            25 g
 Spanish Onions                          50 g
 Mesclun Salad                           30 g
 Lemon juice Vinaigrette                 qty
 Fresh herbs                             pinch

                                     Paté en Croute(Raised Pie Paste with Veal, Ham and Egg Filling
 Pastry:-                                            Prep greased and floured tin. Pre heat oven 230 g
 Lard                                125 g           Paste:- Sift flour and salt
 Bakers Flour                        250 g           Boil water and lard, add to flour mix until warm
 Water                               150 ml          Use 3\4 to line mould, Roll ou1\4 for top
 Salt                                qty             Filling:-
                                                     Dice pork and veal into 5 mm pieces
                                                     Combine with herbs, squeezed bread, lemon zest and seasoning
                                                     Place half mixture into pastry case
 Pickled Pork                        150 g
                                                     Arrange whole eggs on top
 S&P                                 qty
 Hard Boiled Eggs                    2-3             Cover with remaining mixture
 Veal lean                           250 g           Top with pastry, crimp edges to seal
 Parsley chopped                     pinch           Cut 1 cm hole in centre
 Thyme                               pinch           Brush with eggwash
 Grated lemon Zest                   1               Bake at 230C 20 min
 Bread soaked in milk                2 slices        Reduce to 180 C for 1 1\2 to 2 hours
 White veal stock                    100 ml          Fill with aspic through hole
 Aspic powder                        5g              Chill before serving

                                                                      Lesson 4
                                                                  Lobster Parisienne

 Crayfish                                   1 x 500 g                                 Grapefruit Dressing: Mix all ingredients together,
 Court Bouillon                             1 litre                                    season & decorate with grapefruit segments &
 Truffle Paste                              10 g                                       Coriander
 Chervil                                    2 sprig                                   Crayfish. If raw, tie crayfish to a board to keep
 Aspic Jelly                                200 ml                                     straight during cooking. Poach crayfish in court
 Oysters                                    6                                          bouillon 10 min & allow to cool in liquid. Cut the
 King Prawns                                6                                          soft underpart of the shell with scissors to remove
 Snow Peas                                  30 g                                       the tail meat in one piece. Remove the grit tube with
 Asparagus                                  50 g                                       tweezers. Cut the flesh into medallions and place
 Lemon                                      1\2                                        them on a rack for aspic coating and decoration.
                                                                                       Spray Crayfish with aspic and place medallions
 Dressing:                                                                             along the back of the shellfish from head to tail
 Sour cream                                 100 g                                      overlapping slightly. Coat with aspic up to three
 Pink Grapefruit                            1\2 in juice, 1\2 segmented                times. Place on serving platter and surround with
 Red Chilli chopped or Capsicum             1\2 tsp                                    oysters, whole King Prawns with tail shell removed
 Coriander                                  1 tsp Chopped + 1 Sprig                    and flesh split so tail can be looped through.
 Paprika                                    1\2 tsp                                    Decorate platter with fans of blanched asparagus and
 Cayenne                                    pinch                                      snow pea etc. Finish with garden herb bouquets and
 Honey                                      1\2 tsp                                    lemon.
                                                                                      Serve with Grapefruit dressing separately


                                                             Chocolate Mocha Tart

 Chocolate Pastry                                                Oven 180C 1 Flan tin fluted 28 cm  with the base only, lined
 Butter                                 120 g                     with a silicon paper cartouche 1 Food Processor
 Castor Sugar                           120 g
 Vanilla Essence                        1 tsp                    Cream butter and sugar until pale and smooth. Mix in vanilla and
 Flour                                  140 g                     yolk.
 Cornflour                              25 g                     Add sieved flours & cocoa and stir to a sticky dough. Roll between
 Dutch Cocoa                            40 g                      two sheets of silicon or press with the fingers into a greased 25 - 28
 Egg yolk                               1                         cm  fluted flan tins.
 Ganache Fillings 1)                                             Bake on a baking tray for 12-15 min at 180 C. As this mixture may
 Cream                                  200 ml                    slip down the sides during baking, after it has been removed from
 Dark Chocolate                         400 g                     the oven, use a clean tea towel to press back into shape whilst it is
 2)                                                               still hot.
 Cream                                  200 ml                   Fillings Bring 250 ml cream almost to the boil; pour on to the dark
 Coffee Essence                         1 tbsp                    chocolate stirring constantly until it forms a ganache. Pour into the
 Milk Chocolate                         100 g                     pastry case and refrigerate or freeze until the mixture is firm (at least
 White Chocolate                        300 g                     one hour).
                                                                 2) Heat the remaining cream and repeat the process with the milk
                                                                  and chopped white chocolate and coffee essence, if the white
                                                                  chocolate does not completely dissolve then use a food processor
                                                                  until the mixture is smooth. Pour on to the dark chocolate mixture,
                                                                  which must be set. Refrigerate once more and when firm, mark the
                                                                  surface into 16 wedges with a palette knife and decorate with Crème
                                                                  Chantilly and chocolate scrolls etc.

                                                       Salad of Char Grilled Vegetables
 Eggplant                               1 x 300 g            Slice eggplant across and zucchini diagonally
 Capsicum red                           1                    Burn off skin of capsicums over a flame and wash skin off under
 Capsicum green                         1                        cold water
 Capsicum yellow                        1                    Quarter and season tomatoes and dry in oven at 160 C
 Zucchini                               1                    Slice fennel thinly
 Roma Tomato                            2 x 100 g            Heat BBQ plate
 Olives Black Pitted Kalamata           50 g                 Char eggplant, zucchini and capsicum with oil
 Olive oil                              100 ml
                                                             Mix all vegetables
 Verjuice                               50 ml
                                                             Dress with oil and verjuice
 Basil                                  1\4 b
                                                             Garnish with basil and olives
 Fennel                                 1\2 bulb

                                                          Salmon and Kingfish Terrine

 Butter                                 20 g                     Pre heat oven to 160 C
 Golden Shallots brunoise               40 g                     Sweat shallots in butter, cool
 White bread                            100 g                    Add crust less bread, egg white and pouring cream
 Egg white                              1                        Process in robot coupe with diced ling fillets to a fine paste
 Cream pouring                          60 ml                    Remove to a bowl, gradually work in the whipped cream and dill
 Salmon                                 400 g                    Fold in flaked smoked trout
 S&P                                    pinch
                                                                 Thinly slice the salmon and line greased mould allowing for an over
 Nutmeg                                 pinch
 Thickened Cream whipped                250 ml
                                                                 Fill mould with mousse mix and fold over the salmon on top
 Dill chopped                           2 sprigs
                                                                 Cover with greaseproof and foil
 Ling fillet                            600 g
 Butter for greasing                    20 g                     Bake in bain marie approx 40 min. Cool in mould
 Smoked Trout fillets                   200 g                    Glaze with aspic and decorate with available ingredients
                                                                 Freeze 6 examples for function lesson 7


                                                             Tropical Fruit Garnish
 Star fruit                             1                     Slice and decorate platter as required
 Lychees                                6
 Kiwifruit                              1
 Cumquats                               6
                                                                     Lesson 5

                                                              Galantine of Chicken

 Chicken                                            1 x No 16             Cut off the wing at the first joint from the breast.
 Salt & Pepper                                      To taste              Cut around the base of the drumstick to cut the sinews.
 Chopped Herbs                                      1 tsp                 Cut along the skin of the back from vent to crop.
 Brandy                                             50 ml                 Release the flesh from the ribcage and tunnel bone the
 Ham Shoulder small dice                            150 g                  legs and wings.
 Smoked Tongue small dice                           100 g                 Lay out the chicken skin side down and cut through the
 Veal Mince                                         200 g                  legs and evenly distribute the flesh.
 Pork Mince                                         200 g                 Season well with salt & pepper and a little brandy. Lay
 Prosciutto thinly sliced                           60 g                   the prosciutto over the flesh and refrigerate.
 Cream                                              150 ml
                                                                          Purée the mince in a food processor. In a bowl over ice
 Carrot blanched and diced                          100 g
                                                                           work in the herbs, brandy, seasoning and cream
 Truffle small dice                                 20 g
                                                                          Mix in the tongue, ham, carrot, pistachios and truffle.
 Pistachio Kernels                                  20 g
                                                                          Spread the mixture over the chicken & prosciutto and roll
 Aspic                                              200 ml
                                                                           up from the leg side.
 Mayonnaise or Chaud Froid to decorate              200 g
                                                                          Wrap in roasting film and tie ends with string.
                                                                          Poach in Chicken stock approx. 1 hour & allow to cool in
                                                                           the liquid. Remove film.
                                                                          Place in refrigerator and when cool coat in 3 layers of
                                                                           mayonnaise colée or Velouté Chaud Froid
                                                                          Decorate with shapes dipped in aspic and finish with a
                                                                           spray of aspic
                                                                          Slice a few slices and fan out on to a display platter
                                                                           around the galantine.

                                               Parfait of Chicken Livers with Green Peppercorns

 Poultry Livers                                     200 g                       
 Dry White Wine                                     100 ml
 Port                                               20 ml
 Paprika                                            1\2 tsp
 Butter                                             75 g (cold)
 Salt & Pepper                                      pinch to taste
 Green Peppercorns - Pickled                        1 tsp (20 g)

                                              Mushrooms Filled with Liver Parfait and Asparagus

 Med large Button Mushrooms                 100 g                              . Trim stalks and skin from mushrooms and lightly
 Sweet Soy Sauce                            15 ml                               sauté in butter.
 Butter                                     20 g                                Remove from heat and roll mushrooms in soy.
 Paté or Liverwurst                         100 g                              Cool and pipe paté in the mushrooms, place asparagus
 Asparagus                                  50 g                                heads on top and garnish with pistachios etc
 Garden Herbs                               Selection
 Aspic                                      qty
 Pistachio Kernels                          10 g


                                                         .Black Forest Cherry Cake
 Chocolate Sponges                          1 1\2 x 22 cm                Slice sponges to achieve 3 layers
 Black Pitted Cherries                      1 x 440 g                    Soak with kirsch
 Kirsch                                     50 ml                        Drain cherries, boil the liquid, thicken with arrowroot
 Arrowroot                                  5g                           Return cherries and cinnamon to liquid
 Cinnamon ground                            pinch                        Spread mixture on to bottom layer
 Cream Thickened whipped with               750 ml                       Top with middle layer
 Cream Stabiliser                           35 g
                                                                         Spread thick layer of whipped cream
 Chocolate dark                             300 g
                                                                         Top with final layer. Chill
 Chockex                                    100 g
                                                                         Spread cream around side of cake and roll in grated
 Cocktail Cherries stem on                  12
                                                                         Spread cream on top, decorate with piped cream,
                                                                            chocolate decorations and cocktail cherries

                                                        Pumpkin and Broccoli .Timbale
 Broccoli                                   300 g                       Prep moulds and pre heat oven 200 C
 Butter                                     15 g                        Wash and trim broccoli into pieces
 Chicken Stock                              200 ml                      Braise in stock seasoning and butter
 S&P                                        to taste                    Purée in robot coupe
 Eggs                                       2                           Beat in eggs and cream
 Cream                                      60 ml                       Pour into buttered darioles until half full
 Butter for greasing                        >
                                                                        Top with pumpkin mixture
                                                                        Place in bain marie
 Pumpkin                                    300 g
                                                                        Bake 20 – 25 min
 Butter                                     15 g
 Chicken Stock                              200 ml                      Cool before turning out
 S&P                                        to taste
 Eggs                                       2                               Prepare pumpkin as for broccoli
 Nutmeg                                     pinch
 Cream                                      60 ml                       Serve with Raita Sambal
 Butter for greasing                        >

                                                  Yoghurt, Cucumber and Coriander Raita
 Yoghurt                                    100 g                     Remove pulp from cucumber and cut into brunoise
 Cucumber                                   1\2 Lebanese cue          Combine with other ingredients
 Coriander                                  1\2 bunch                 Serve with timbales
 Lime juice                                 10 ml
 Cumin ground                               pinch


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