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									A GREYHOUND                            picnic such a great success. A special
                                       thank you to:
                                                                                   Kristoff Hair Cutting
                                                                                   Stepp’s Restaurant
PICNIC                                    The canine groups that provided          Greyhound Manor
                                       much of the entertainment throughout        Ivory Flowers of VRx Pharmaceuticals
   It was a day of fun, food, games andthe day.                                    Sheila Beattie of the Pomona Valley
prizes - all for the benefit of retired  Alaskan Ice & Beverage Service of             Humane Society
racing greyhounds. If you wanted to    Costa Mesa for donating all of the ice      Christy Cooper of Nutro
see greyhounds, this was the place to  used that day.                              And thank you to anyone who’s name
be since we counted over 190 grey-       Nancy Madigan for the many hours         we may have inadvertently missed for
hounds attending with their proud      she spent preparing for the picnic.        so generously giving to help ex-racing
families.                                Marshall Shipley who donated his         greyhounds.
   Our 2nd Annual Picnic in the Park ontime to act as emcee for our picnic.
Saturday, May 23, at Huntington Beach    The many GPA volunteers that gave of
Central Park had something for every-
one. An agility course demonstration
                                       their time to make this picnic possible.
                                         The volunteers from the Edison Co.
                                                                                  FIRST CHAPTER
by Training with Tambourine, a flyball   Thank you to the following people or     MEETING
demonstration by The Woof Gang and     companies who so generously made
the frisbee dogs of Southern Californiadonations:                                   We invite everyone to our first Chapter
K-9 Air Corp. provided entertainment     PetCo                                    Meeting on Sunday, July 27, 1997, at
throughout the day. There was the        Frances of Mission Viejo PetCo           1:00 p.m. at the Isaac Walton Cabin,
opportunity to shop for greyhound        Angela Zolezio of Citipet Dog Beds       13919 Penn, Whittier, CA. You will
items such as books, jewelry, grey-      Newport Landing Restaurant               have the chance to find out what we’ve
hound statues, t-shirts and dog beds.    Get Serious                              been up to, give us your ideas to help in
Several greyhounds were seen sporting    The Horn Smythe                          greyhound rescue, ask questions, and
                                         Disneyland                               find out the many ways, big or small,
new collars and leashes.
                                         Knott’s Berry Farm
   Dr. Wayne Kopit provided dental care                                           that you might be able to help. There
                                         Midtown Cafe
information and handed out samples of                                             will be information on our upcoming
                                         Becky McKenzie
doggie toothpaste. Pet psychic Lydia                                              Renaissance Faire and refreshments will
                                         Kennel Club Resort & Spa
Hiby gave some greyhound owners a        West Coast Productions for dinner        be served.
little more insight into the thoughts and  certificates to Bistro 201,              This will be a fun and informative get-
past lives of their dogs. A stop at the     Diva Restaurant and Topaz Cafe        together of people who love greyhounds
Renaissance Faire booth gave everyone    Farm Meats USA and Gary Allison          and are willing to give a small part of
a chance to see what to expect at our    Thane Marketing International            themselves to help ex-racers find
Hounds of Nobility Renaissance Faire     Susan Petaja                             homes. Due to the nature of this
at the end of September. Of course       Joan Dillon at Greyhound Project         meeting, we ask that you not bring your
there were food and beverages and a      Lois Gowin                               dogs.
bake sale so you could enjoy a cookie    Paul & Kathie Matsuyama                    So if you want to find out what how
or bagel or take a snack along home.     Doggie in the Window                     you can help, volunteer or just find out
Dogs got to enjoy Cool Paws, a refresh-  Dr. & Mrs. Sal Lawrence                  what we’ve been doing, please join us
ing doggie yogurt.                       June Palmer                              on July 27th. For more information, call
    The foster booth was a favorite.     Judith Brody                             (714) 962-0789.
Everyone got to say hi to many of the    Fleabusters                                Directions from the 605 Freeway:
foster greyhounds attending that day.    Wendy Oglesbee                                          (It is about 3.5 miles off the
Little did some of the foster greyhounds Jamison Pruce                                         freeway.)
know they would be meeting their         Brass and More                                          Exit on Whittier Blvd. and

eventual owners that day.                                                                      head EAST. You will cross
   It was a day to meet old and new                                                            Norwalk, Broadway, Hadley
friends, show off your                                                                        and Philadelphia. Turn left
dog and admire                                                                                on PENN. Drive on Penn for
everyone else’s, and                                                                          about 1.6 miles through a
with so many grey-                                                                            residential area until you see
hounds behaving so                                                                            Penn Park on the right. On
well together, it made                                                                          the left will be chain link
you proud to own a                        MAY - JUNE                                             gates. Turn left through
greyhound.                                  1997                                                  these gates, drive past the

   There are so many                                                                               little guard hut and park
people we would                                                                                      by the ISAAC WALTON
like to thank that                                                                                    cabin, a greenish
helped make this                                                                                       building.)

LEAD DOG’S VIEW                               ADOPTIONS
by Sandy Roeder (a greyhound)
                                               We’re getting the word out that greyhounds make great pets. Thanks to the hard
  Saturday, June 7th, my family woke          work of our volunteers and the wonderful support we are given by individuals and
up early and drove to the Santa Barbara       businesses, we have found homes for 258 greyhounds and currently have 67
Dog Parade sponsored by BIG DOG               greyhounds waiting for homes. Listed below are the families and their dogs who
and IAMS. I was curious to see a big          came together since our last newsletter:
park full of every kind of dog waiting to
march and I was happy to be back                      Audrey Hepburn   Carol Zingg of Mission Viejo
together with eighteen other greys. The               Bonnie           Ron Stolte and Pat Lynch of San Pedro
people with Scottish terriers in the                  Demi Moore       Steve and Kathleen Bishop of Rossmoor
group ahead of us had bagpipes and we                 Gary Cooper      Bruce and Judy Bellwood of Yorba Linda
got to enjoy their music once the                     Irene            Fay and John Huff of Tujunga
parade got going. The police shepherd                 Julia Roberts    Joan Golden of Westlake Village
dogs were proudly wearing their                       Mae West         Jackie and Tony Martinez of Norwalk
badges.                                               Marilyn Monroe   Roy and Colleen Rymas of Placentia
  Many of the workers there had t-shirts              Opossom          Linda Knight of Long Beach
that said “Unless you’re the lead dog                 Quinn            Karen Charpie-Elton of Lakewood
the scenery never changes” so I was
                                                      Turbo Bob        Kathy DeLong of Long Beach
excited when my Papa got to carry the
                                                      Updike           Nick, Paige and Tanner Dimas of Long Beach
GPA banner and I got to walk out in
                                                      Valient          Carol and Jim Orr of Coto de Caza
front of our whole group. I really
enjoyed being out there, working the                  Vapor            Joyce Bauer of Fullerton
crowd, bouncing along a new main                      Vesper           Gina and Chris Kehr of San Luis Obispo
street, taking in all the sights of a new             Viking           Nancy Madigan and Jerry Self of Whittier
town.                                                 Vixon            Carol Long of Stanton
  It was a good day for a parade, a little            Whisper          Linda and Jerry Kitzis of Moreno Valley
humid, but not too hot. We did not                    Whitney          Lisa and Jeff Michlin of Irvine
have too far to go and we stopped quite               Windsor          Tom, Terry and Marissa Marinello of Carson
a bit. Along the street, block after                  Wolf             Ray and Stacy Macaluso of Westminster
block, people watched and smiled as                   Woodstock        Jonathan Rosenthal of Santa Monica
the parade moved along. Sometimes                     Xanadu           Barbara and Carl Boyack of West Covina
we could greet and sniff the people                   Xena             Christa Schubert of Long Beach
waving at us and some even had a                      Xplorer          Nancy and Allan Anderson of Glendale
chance to pet us - one of our favorite                XPO              Tom and Sharon Cummings of Irvine
things. Auntie Joyce, as usual, was                   Xpress           Carol Keller of Alta Loma
there with her usual armful of babies.                Xray             David and Charee Estes of San Clemente
Of course, we are all used to this, but I             Xpresso          Ron Martin of Sunland
could hear those sighs from the crowd                 Xtacy            Jane and Mark Pisano of Los Angeles
about how mellow and well behaved                     Xylon            Lori Jones of Culver City
the big dogs are with that tiny little lady           Xyzzx (Honey)    Joyce and Arnold Glassman of Brea
and some folks took cards to get more                 Yahoo            Mike and Betsy Lawrence of Thousand Oaks
adoption info later.
                                                      Yahtzee          Frank Brown and Cindy Hall-Brown of Laguna Niguel
  The best part of the parade though was
                                                      Yang             Jay and Day Schneider of Rancho Santa Margarita
when so many people read our banner,
pointed and then started clapping to see              Yardley          Tim and Michele Johnson of Irvine
us enjoying our retired lives.                        Yin              Jack, Judith and Heather Brody of Long Beach
  For the post-parade interview, I’d                  Yoga             Shirley and Jack Murray of Westminster
have to thank all the people for coming               Yuki             Linda and Robert Glenn of Seal Beach
to watch the dog parade, as well as the               Yukon            Perry and Janice Strength of Chino Hills
sponsors for making this day of fun and               Zane             Craig and Kimm Streit of Diamond Bar
publicity possible (and for the yummy                 Zara             Harry and Janet Muller of Fullerton
biscuits at the after parade block party).            Zeke             Sue Thomas of San Bernardino
But from my view, those of us who did                 Zenith           Ken Leitner of Anaheim
not always win at the track but found                 Zippy            Mary Lombard and Phil Bordeaux of Dana Point
wonderful adoptive homes, truly                       Zoe              Kenneth and Karen Lynch of Cypress
understand what having a “leading” life               Zola             Tom and Diana Jeffers of Northridge
is all about. Thanks to all GPA parents               Zoom             Paul and Paula McGuane of Ontario
and helpers. We are always surrounded                 Zulu             Bonnie Jean Werling of Orange
by the sweet music of your gentle                     Zuni             Peter Vincent of Manhatten Beach
voices and we wear our “so glad to be
at home smiles” with pride.                   MAKE A FAST FRIEND. ADOPT AN EX-RACING GREYHOUND!
BOARD OF                                     HOUNDS OF                                    WANT ADS
DIRECTORS                                    NOBILITY
MESSAGE                                      RENAISSANCE                                  SEAMSTRESSES - Immediate Help
                                                                                          Needed! If you are a seamstress and
                                             FAIRE                                        could help sew costumes, tent covers
                                                                                          or banners for the Renaissance Faire,
  At its May meeting, the Board of
                                               Don’t forget to mark your calendars to     please contact Carol Vinnacombe at
Directors discussed various ways of
                                             join us at our Hounds of Nobility            (562) 594-5734.
ensuring that members are informed of
GPA activities and receive accurate          Renaissance Faire on Saturday and
                                             Sunday, September 27th and 28th, 1997.
information regarding the activities of
                                             The County of Orange and PetCo will be       CARPENTERS - Summer Help Needed!
the Board, while at the same time
                                             sponsoring the faire which will be held at   If you could help with building stages,
ensuring that the Board accomplishes
                                             Irvine Park in Orange. All proceeds will     site breaks or booths for the Renais-
the business which it must attend to. To     benefit the California-Orange County         sance Faire during the upcoming
this end, the Board felt the current         and Greater Los Angeles Chapter of           summer months, please contact Bob
format of the Board meetings was not         Greyhound Pets of America.                   Vinnacombe at (562) 594-5734.
accomplishing these goals. A motion
was passed “that in order to accomplish            The Faire will include:                ***************************************
its business and to keep the member-
ship informed of various activities, the        Food, drink and merriment.                MATERIALS NEEDED - Following is a
Board establishes a quarterly Chapter                                                     list of materials needed for the Renais-
                                              The Court of Queen Elizabeth                sance Faire. If you have access to these
Meeting open to the attendance of the               featuring the 100 member
general membership for the purpose of                                                     materials, or work for someone who
                                                       St. Elizabeth’s Guild.             does, and would be able to assist us
disseminating information and open
discussion. Further the monthly Board             The Royal Hounds Arena                  with a donation or a discount, please
Meeting will be open to board mem-               featuring ex-racing greyhounds.          contact Bob or Carol Vinnacombe at
bers only and persons asked to make                                                       (562) 594-5734.
presentations to the Board, for the                 The Equestrian Arena                    6 Large Plastic Storage Bins
purpose of conducting the Board’s                with jousting and swordplay by                    with Flip-Close Lids
business. The Board further establishes                  Medieval Times.                    20 Spools of White Thread
that any person wishing to bring                                                            10 Spools of Black Thread
                                                    The Children’s Court                    35 Feet of 1/4” Elastic
business before the Board should make                with fun and education
their request to the Secretary of the                                                       28 Feet of 1” Elastic
                                                        for the wee ones.                   10 Wooden Half-Barrels
                                                             Games                          Steel Fence Posts
It is the Board’s sincere hope that all            to test your skill and fortune.          Nylon Tie Wraps
interested volunteers will be able to                                                       Paper Beer Cups
attend our first Chapter Meeting which                                                      Black Plastic Trash Bags
will be held on July 13, 1997, at 1:00                                                      Plastic Dog Clean-Up Bags
p.m. at 13919 Penn, Whittier, CA.            WE NEED YOUR                                   First Aid Supplies

Carol Vinnacombe
                                             HELP!                                          Rebar
Secretary                                                                                   Rolls of Toilet Paper
                                               The time is quickly approaching for          Paper Towels
                                             our Hounds of Nobility Renaissance
                                             Faire on September 27 and 28, 1997.          ***************************************
                                             The Faire promises to be a lot of fun,
                                                                                          SPACE NEEDED - We need enclosed
“FAST FRIENDS”                               but more importantly, it enables us to
                                             raise money to rescue ex-racing              storage space for all the various items
                                             greyhounds. The greater success the          we use for the Renaissance Faire year
  If you want to check on what is                                                         to year and for the donated dog food
                                             Faire is, the more greyhounds we will
happening between newsletters, be                                                         for our foster dog program. Size about
                                             be able to afford to take from the track.
sure to visit our web site. You can do       We need volunteers to help with the          15’ x 15’. Economy is a must! Options
some greyhound shopping, find out            setup and breakdown of the Faire, work       sought: (1) A vacant garage that could
what events we have going on, learn          in the ticket, game and beverage             be donated or rented for a small fee.
about the history of the greyhound,          booths, direct traffic, and help with        (2) A storage unit at a storage facility
review some of our past newsletter           security, just to name some of the ways      that could be donated or rented for a
articles, and find out a little more about   you can help. Please give Karen a call       small fee. (3) Vacant land that GPA
what our GPA Chapter has been up to.         at (562) 496-1873 or attend our Chap-        could use to erect a portable storage
Visit our web site at our new address:       ter Meeting on July 27th to find out         shed. If you can help, please call Carol
http://www.fastfriends.org                   how you can help!                            Vinnacombe at (562) 594-5734.
IN THE SPOTLIGHT                                Jack: About 4 years ago I read this
                                              article in a magazine about a Texas
                                                                                             Our current foster, Yin, is number
                                                                                             fourteen, and each one is always
by Karen Charpie-Elton
                                              group that rescued them, but I couldn't        wonderful in its own unique way.
   Picture a cozy home in a quiet Long        figure out how to get Judith to agree to          Jack: And I think we'll be keeping this
Beach neighborhood, the front yard            a greyhound. Then the article got lost         one.
lined with swaying Cypress and shady          and we forgot about it for a while...             Judith: Like we adopted foster number
oak trees. A blue jay perches on a              Heather: Until I saw one of those            two, Cagney. Jack renamed him Mungo
branch and watches as you approach            horrible documentaries on TV, then             after the Patron Saint of Glasgow,
the front door. Inside, you are greeted       read an article in the Times, which of         because he is "Mungo the Good".
by a happy, smiling family: Jack, Judith, course gave no address or phone                       What other fond memories do you
their daughter Heather, greyhounds            number, but luckily someone wrote a            have?
Brynna, Mungo, and current foster, plus letter to the editor asking for informa-                Heather: Ivan was one of our most
the cocker spaniel Ragnell. Then you          tion, so I sent away for an application.       affectionate fosters and unusually shy.
                                                                             What were       One day when he was in the kitchen,
                                                                          your first         someone dropped a pot, and he
                                                                          impressions?       squeezed his large body through a little
                                                                             Judith: Well,   cat door. To this day, we've never
                                                                          I thought Phil     figured out how he did it without
                                                                          was really         injuring himself.
                                                                          cute...               Judith: Monet was very gentle and
                                                                             Heather: The    puppyish...Penny Lane was very smart
                                                                          greyhounds         and self-possessed. We sang the Beatles
                                                                          were so much       song to her.
                                                                          bigger than we        Heather: Robin was so tiny and so
                                                                          realized. We       very, very shy. I had to crawl into a
                                                                          watched you        crate and lift her out. She yodelled
                                                                          walk across        when she was happy.
                                                                          the yard with         Will you stop fostering if you keep
                                                                          these three        Yin?
                                                                          huge animals          Jack: Not at all, and she's been
                                                                          and thought,       renamed "Linnet".
 From left to right: Bill McCloud, who adopted foster dog Kahlua, "Oh my gosh!                  Judith: Jack does this every time. He
                  with Jack, Judith and Heather Brody.                    They're so         always thinks they adore him, just
                                                                          big!"              because he cooks for them. The way to
notice the life-size mannequin sitting in       Judith: Then one of them licked me--a        a greyhound's heart...
the rocking chair, the larger than life-      big greyhound kiss--and that was it--I            Greyhounds have obviously found
size flowers painted on the hallway           was in love. Jack and Heather drove to         their way into all your hearts.
walls, the dozens of paintings every-         Lakeside with Ragnell to pick a beauti-           Judith: Into our hearts and lives.
where, and you realize that this is not       ful greyhound and came back with the           We've made so many new friends. The
your everyday, ordinary, Ozzy-and-            most pathetic creature: over 5 years           McClouds, when they wanted to adopt
Harriet-type family: you have now             old, a stump for a tail, badly scarred,        Kahlua, came over several times and
entered the Brody Zone. Jack is sweat-        missing a toe, underweight, and a              worked with us and her so the leave-
ing over a hot stove, cooking up some         bounce-back. How could we not love             taking wouldn't be too terrible a trauma
bones for the dogs. Judith is either on       her?                                           for her. They've done exceptionally well
the phone with her agent or in the              Is that when you decided to become           with her and remained friends with us.
studio working on a new painting. And         a foster home?                                    Heather: Ivan came back for a visit
Heather is probably slaving over the            Judith: Not right away. We heard that        when his new family had to travel out
computer, electronically altering             a local chapter was starting up and            of state and didn't want to kennel him.
photographic images with the scanner          needed foster homes. I was quite               This was at the same time we had
and printer.                                  nervous and hesitant about getting             Monet and Mom both recuperating
   How and when did you all come to           involved...                                    from surgery--we had two invalids and
be lovers and aficionados of grey-              Heather: I helped wash and dry the           a very crowded home--it was delightful!
hounds?                                       first four dogs--Chip, Daphne, Zeus,              Judith: We like to have the adopting
   Jack: Well, it goes back in the family.    and Flicka--on Oct. 1, 1995. I think           family meet and adopt the greyhound in
My father used to raise and race              that was the turning point, seeing the         our home, rather than someplace else.
greyhounds in England before the war,         dogs just off the track, and they were         It helps us so much with the parting, as
in the 30's.                                  all so wonderful! We decided to foster         we become very attached to every dog
   Heather: And they have been my             at least once, and see how it went.            in our care.
favorite dog ever since I was a little girl.    And how did it go?                              Any special greyhound plans for the
I've always wanted one but Mom said             Judith: Our first foster dog, Aaron,         future?
no because they would get fat in our          was such a happy experience that it            Judith: I started sketching Brynna during
house.                                        encouraged us to continue fostering.           the first months after we got her
                                                                                                                       cont. on next page
GPA Greyhound Boutique

                                                                  Cynthia Branigan’s       “Greyhounds -
Hounds of Royalty                                                 “Adopting the            A Complete Pet
22-3/4” x 18” full-color print.                                   Racing Greyhound”        Owner’s Manual”
                                                                  A must for every         Everything about
Just matte and frame and you’ll have a work
                                                                  greyhound owner or       adoption, purchase, care,
of art to hang in your home.
                                                                  prospective grey-        nutrition, behavior and
                                                                  hound owner.             training.
COMING SOON! Renaissance Picnic                                   $13.00                   $7.00
The second in the series of greyhound prints.

Greyhound Pen with pictures of 4 greyhounds.

Polar Fleece Greyhound Jackets
These jackets were designed specifically for sighthounds. Lightweight and warm,
this jacket will take a dog from fall to spring. It retains your dog’s natural body heat
and is somewhat water repellent. The jackets slip over the head and attach with
one Velcro strap under the belly to add stability and to not be restrictive to the dog.
The only measurement required is from just below the collar, along the spine, to
the base of the tail (in inches).
The jackets come in four sizes: Small - 24”, Medium - 27”, Large - 30”, and
 X-Large - 33”. If the dog falls between two sizes, order the next size up.                Color Chart
Colors: black, royal blue, red, medium gray, and dark green teal;                          8-1/2” x 11” laminated sheet
        all are bound in black.                                                            features the official color chart
$30.00 Indicate size and color.                                                            of the American Greyhound
                                                                                           Track Operators.
                                          GPA Logo T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
                                          T- SHIRTS are 50/50 Blend
                                          Available in Ash, Forest Green, Royal Blue
                                          and Royal Purple.
                                                                                           A MUST for every greyhound
                                          Sizes: M - L - XL $11.00
                                                                                           owner. A great attention
                                                XXL $13.00
                                                                                           getter should your greyhound
                                                                                           ever get out. Use as a
                                          SWEATSHIRTS are 50/50 Blend
                                                                                           training tool to have your
                                          Available in Ash only
                                                                                           greyhound come to you.
                                          Sizes: M - L - XL $25.00
                                                                                           Emits high pitched “squawk”.
                                               XXL $28.00
Greyhound Collars & Leashes
Premier collars - designed especially for                           Cold-cast Bronze Sculptures
greyhounds with safety in mind. Their                        by acclaimed animal artist Tony Acevedo.
narrow heads won’t slip out of these collars.
Sizes: medium - 10”- 6” by 1” wide
                                                                                                        Greyhound Curl
     small - 8”-12” by 3/4” wide.                                                                       This limited edition of 350
Colors: black, royal blue, dark green, red,                                                             captures one of the favorite
      deep purple, dusty rose.                                                                          positions of the greyhound.
$8.00 Indicate size and color.                                                                          12” x 8-1/2” x 8-1/2”
Matching leashes are 6’ long.                                                                           $250.00
$7.00 Indicate color.

                                                     Coursing Greyhound
Red Rubber Grooming Mitt                             The competition of
Sturdy and inexpensive.                              hound and hare immor-
Your greyhound will love it!                         talized in art and
$6.00                                                literature for over 2000
                                                     years is captured in this
                                                     limited edition of 350.
                                                     14-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 4-1/2”
                         GPA Decal                   $195.00
                         Car window decal
                         (approx. 8-1/2” x
                         11”) features GPA                                       Lying Greyhound
                         logo, name and                                          Part of the “Miniature Series” this piece captures
                         telephone number.                                       the natural state of the greyhound.
 Greyhound Pets          In white only.                                          5” x 3-1/4” x 3-1/2”
   of America            $6.00                                                   $49.00
 (714) 962-0789
                                                                                  Standing Greyhound
                                                                                  This sculpture shows off the classic lines of the
             Key Chains                                                           greyhound.
             2” oval discs.                                                       6-1/2” x 5-1/2” x 1-1/2”
             Indicate pewter                                                      $49.00
             or bronze on pewter.
             $15.00                                  Special Order - Please allow approximately 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Ship to: (Please Print) Name

City                                                State                        Zip Code
Phone #                                                     DESCRIPTION                     COLOR SIZE QTY EACH             TOTAL

To Order:
Mail completed order form and
check payable to GPA to:
GPA c/o Pat Lynch
1312 Paseo Del Mar
San Pedro, CA 90731
                                                Shipping:                                                    SUBTOTAL
For additional information,                     $25.00 and Under...............$3.00                    CA SALES TAX       Included
call Pat at (310) 547-9470                      $25.01 to $50.00.................$4.00
                                                Over $50.00.........................$5.00                    SHIPPING
**If donation is being made as gift for         Special shipping charges for:
someone, please list name and address on                                                         **GIFT/DONATION
separate sheet of paper and we will send        Bronze sculptures............$6.00 each
them an acknowledgement of your gift.           Greyhound jackets.......... $3.00 each                          TOTAL
                                                  Thank you for your order!
--she's such a perfect model. After we
adopted Mungo, the sketches and
                                            die. As she had done so many times in
                                            the past, Shirley thought of Bonnie first
                                                                                        VET'S CHOICE TO
drawings became paintings--now I'm          and decided that she had to give her        THE RESCUE
working on a book based on my               up.                                         by Bob Vinnacombe
greyhounds and the fosters, plus I've         She called me and after a lengthy
started a line of greyhound stationary. A   conversation, we decided to find a            Vet's Choice has been one of our
portion of the proceeds goes to our         temporary place for Bonnie to stay until    greatest supporters for over a year. They
local GPA chapter. The dogs have given      Shirley’s surgery was complete. “Let’s      regularly donate kibble, which enables
so much to us, we want to give some-        not make a final decision right now,        us to rescue and care for more grey-
thing back to them.                         Shirley. You never know what might          hounds.
  And so they fostered happily ever         happen,” I said. I immediately called         We've recently started taking a few
after...                                    Pat Lynch and Ron Stolte and they
                                                                                        bags of kibble to the track each time
                                            volunteered to provide a home for
                                                                                        we go. This food is used to feed the
  Many thanks to the Brodys and all our     Bonnie until Shirley recovered. These
                                                                                        greyhounds who are waiting for a
other foster homes. Without them, we        fine folks not only took care of Bonnie,
couldn't rescue and successfully place      but provided the information about her      rescue group to pick them up. We've
all these greyhounds.                       to Shirley on a daily basis. Shirley’s      already had one instance in which the
  There are currently 30-40 greyhounds      friends said that those moments brought     track held dogs for an extra week
on the farm waiting for foster homes to     her the only cheer in her life. They        because we had been providing food.
open up, and more at the track waiting      indicated that Shirley’s chief concern        Our efforts and the donations of Vet's
for a space on the farm. Help one of        was for Bonnie’s well being and she         Choice helped save those dogs until we
these sweet dogs by becoming a foster       was visibly relieved to know that she       could send volunteers to get them.
home for a few weeks. If you want to        had a wonderful home.                         A special note of thanks goes to
help, please call Karen (562-496-1873)        Shirley never recovered and never         Miguel Garcia and Jose Flores for going
or Tom (714-962-0789) .                     returned to her home. She died on May       out of their way last month. We were
                                            10, 1997, knowing that Bonnie was           scheduled to make a trip to the track to
                                            safe and loved. Throughout this ordeal,     pick up dogs and deliver our "care"
                                            Pat and Ron always told people that         package of kibble when my Suburban,
                                            they were taking care of Bonnie for
SHIRLEY VAN                                 their dear friend Shirley. Not only did
                                                                                        which contained all of our extra kibble,
                                                                                        was stolen. When Miguel heard that
SICKLE, REST IN                             they accomplish this, but they provided
                                            for Shirley the comfort of their friend-
                                                                                        we had no food to take to the track, he
PEACE                                       ship and the knowledge that, even to
                                                                                        and Jose pulled through and found a
                                                                                        whole pallet for us. We not only
by Joyce McRorie                            the end, Shirley had taken care of her      supplied the track with enough to feed
                                            beloved Bonnie.                             the dogs they were holding, we were
  Shirley adopted Bonnie on January 3,        As you can see from the list of new
                                                                                        able to provide our foster homes with
1996. Bonnie had just been returned to      placements, Bonnie has been adopted
                                                                                        food for their new arrivals.
us because she would not
stay in the yard of the                                                                   It is through the support of companies
family who adopted her                                                                  like Vet's Choice and people like Jose
first. Fence jumping, you                                                               and Miguel that greyhounds can be
see, was Bonnie’s                                                                       saved and brought to new homes. I
specialty and she didn’t                                                                know that many of us take our grey-
mind if you were stand-                                                                 hounds and other pets to VCA veteri-
ing right next to her when                                                              narians for care. The next time you visit
she did it. With this                                                                   your VCA veterinarian, let him or her
knowledge in hand, we                                                                   know that we appreciate what they do
began our search for the                                                                for us. And let them meet your grey-
perfect home for this cat                                                               hound so they know what wonderful
friendly, beautiful, petite,                                                            dogs they are helping.
blue brindle girl with
amber eyes.
  Shortly after Bonnie’s               Bonnie takes a moment to relax.
return, she got lucky.
Shirley applied for a greyhound. She      by Ron and Pat. She loves sharing their            As days go by, loving
lived in a mobile home park, had all      home with Willow Grey, Misty O’Day                 and happy memories
the qualities of a wonderful greyhound    and Binkie Marie. She doesn’t even                 replace the saddness.
owner, AND did not have a yard.           think of jumping the fence - bet those
Bonnie, Shirley and the cats lived a      handmade chicken dinners that Pat                In loving memory of Duchess,
wonderful life together until a few       makes have something to do with it,              a gentle nine year old greyhound
months ago, when Shirley was diag-        don’t you? Or could it be all the love           owned by the Cummings family.
nosed with brain cancer. The prognosis and attention that these fine people
was poor, and Shirley was preparing to    shower on all of their dogs?
                                           Thank you to everyone for their
                                        continued support.


                                          This summer, love your pet; don’t
                                        leave him in the car.

 author unknown                           Did you know that dogs cool down
                                        by “sweating” through their tongues --
   My furs are not in storage,          otherwise known as panting.
   Nor lying on the bed.
   They’re standing by the back door, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
   Waiting to be fed.
                                       Did you know that Loyola College in
                                      Maryland has a retired greyhound as a
                                      mascot? He is two year old Nicholas, a       Heather with Mungo, Brynna and
                                      brindle male.                               Penny Lane at the Renaissance Faire.

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LIVE!                                        but, ignorance being bliss, we hung
                                             around with the crew, chatting and
                                                                                         through the song, Jack Jones talked a
                                                                                         little bit about the dogs and interviewed
FROM UNIVERSAL                               answering questions about the dogs.         some of the other guests briefly, then it
STUDIOS                                         After eating, we found a field to walk
                                             the dogs in. They all did their business
                                                                                         was outside for Jack's new hit song, a
                                                                                         commercial, then Karen would be on.
by Nancy Madigan                             in privacy and we relaxed, knowing we          Karen had told me that she hated to be
                                             wouldn't have to worry about any            on camera because she always smirked,
  The call from Karen came Thursday          embarrassing incidents on camera. That      and she was right. During the warm-up,
night, March 6th. "Hi," she said, "what      taken care of, we headed up the hill to     I kept seeing this smirk on her face, but
are you doing Monday morning?" After         the trailer marked GREEN ROOM. This         during her interview she left the smirk
a long hesitation (during which time I       is where we entered the twilight zone.      behind and did a wonderful job of
was trying to think of all the things she    A schedule on the wall listed all the       explaining what our group does and
might ask me to do and the excuses I         guests for the two-hour live show,          how the process of adopting a dog
could make for each), I finally an-          among them, the cockroach man!!!            works. The cameramen got some
swered, “Nothing, why?" Little did I         There was another huge table full of        wonderful shots of the dogs and every-
know that I had just put one foot in the     food, so we indulged again as we            one on the set was impressed by how
fast lane of television and the other foot   talked to a lady who was going to clip      gentle and well-mannered they were.
very near the twilight zone.                 her standard poodle with Easter designs        We were told that if time allowed,
  Jack Jones, a singer famous for "The       (what humiliation!), another lady who       Karen could come on at the end of the
Love Boat" theme, had adopted a              had written an anger-control book, and      show with the foster dog and give the
greyhound a few years back and               a third woman who claimed to have           800 number one last time. We were
wanted to promote GPA and greyhound          done just about everything in entertain-    waiting in the green room, eating again,
rescue during his March 10th appear-         ment. A tall, thin man walked in            when the producer came by to say they
ance on The Home and Family Show.            carrying two suitcases. Karen asked him     were running behind. We had such a
The show's producer had contacted            if he was the cockroach man, and he         good time that we were reluctant to
Karen and asked her to bring three dogs      was!! The suitcases were full of dead       leave. What an experience.....
and appear with Mr. Jones. Karen             roaches that he had dressed up to look         We reached my house in time to
needed a human passenger so she              like celebrities. We begged for a sneak     watch the show air at 1:00, and giggled
could use the car pool lane on the drive     preview and got to see Elvis and            like little kids when we saw ourselves.
to Universal Studios. She was taking her     Marilyn Monroe. Elvis was a three inch      What a response we got from viewers! I
own greyhound girl, Steffi, the              long cockroach dressed in a white           had a call from my cousin in Colorado
Vinnacombe's foster dog, Vesper, and         jumpsuit and blue suede shoes, playing      saying that he had seen my dog on
needed one more. I decided that Chief,       a guitar. Karen and I looked at each        television. Not me--my dog! Karen got
my first greyhound and the most              other and wondered.....                     calls from all over, and our GPA number
mellow, would have the best manners             Next a girl took Karen to makeup, and    got eight calls in the first half hour after
on a television set, so I agreed to go       when she came back she looked great         our segment aired. It was a day I'll never
after being assured that I would strictly    but was afraid to move her face for fear    forget, and I'm glad that Chief and I got
be a behind-the-scenes-and-moral-            of the makeup cracking--they put it on      to have the experience.
support person.                              a bit thick. Then we were taken to the
  Monday morning arrived and Karen           outside set while Jack rehearsed and
picked us up before sunrise; we got to
Universal an hour and a half before we
                                             got the sound set the way he wanted it.
                                             The dogs were beginning to get bored
                                                                                         YOU KNOW YOU’RE
needed to, and got directions to the         and hot. We were doing our best to          A DOG PERSON
Home Show set. I'm a terrible navigator,
so poor Karen had to find her own way,
                                             keep them out of the sun, but it was
                                             almost impossible. Finally, we moved
plus I was so excited at seeing all the      inside for the opening number--you
buildings, lakes, and sets that I honestly   guessed it, the theme from The Love           ...You reach into your pockets for
hadn't paid much attention to the            Boat! Karen was told to bring her           change and pull out liver treats, dog
directions that were given to us. We         "friend"--that was me! I was in a panic!    kibble and pickup bags.
parked on the street below the yellow        I didn't get to go to makeup and I didn't     ...You order a tailor-made dog jacket
house where the show is filmed,              want to be on TV! I wasn't ready for        to keep your dog warm, but all your
unloaded the dogs, and made our way          this! But...being a good sport, I tagged    clothing comes off the sales racks.
up the hill. On the way, we passed a         along. (I lie--I was thrilled!) Did I         ...You sit through a really bad movie
huge spread of breakfast foods under a       mention that this was a live show?          or don’t answer a ringing phone
canopy. Someone asked if we wanted           YIKES!!!                                    because your dog was sleeping in your
coffee, so we helped ourselves to               No mistakes, please. They held up        lap and you didn’t want to disturb him.
coffee, plus muffins, donuts, fresh fruit,   cards with the words to the song and          ...The most common injuries in your
cereal, bagels and spreads, and even         we were on. Thank goodness the dogs         household result from tripping over dog
pop tarts (nowhere to toast them,            had a bigger part than I had. I couldn't    toys.
though). We found out later that this        see the cue cards so I was just winging       ...No one wants to ride in your car
was for the crew and we were supposed        it. All I could think of was please keep    because they know they’ll get dog hair
to eat the food in the "Green Room",         the camera away from me. We made it         on their good clothes.
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California - Orange County & Greater       (909) 861-4116                           help in our efforts to find homes for ex-
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thank the following who have donated       Dr. Karla Nichols and Dr. Hewson
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 (714) 971-6211                            Dr. Peter Vogel
                                           Southern California Surgical Group       With the coming of their second
                                           17672 Cowan Avenue, Suite A100           greyhound, Axel, they traded it in on a
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 Los Angeles, CA 90025                                                              we have been able to purchase a top of
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                                                                                    the line, fiberglass trailer which can
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                     Corner of Rockfield & El Toro Rd., Lake Forest
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    Aug. 3           SHOW & TELL - PetCo                                     10 - 2
                     25592 El Pasio, Mission Viejo
                                                                                        finding loving homes for former racing
    Aug. 9           SHOW & TELL - PetCo                                     10 - 2     greyhounds from dog tracks across the
                     430 N. Euclid Ave., Anaheim                                        country. We attempt to raise public
    Aug. 16          SHOW & TELL - PetCo                                     10 - 2
                     13420 Whittier Blvd., Whittier                                     awareness that these ex-racers make
    Aug. 17          SHOW & TELL - PetSmart                                  12 - 3     excellent pets and are available to
                     2550 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill                                    qualified homes. Anyone interested in
    Aug. 23          SHOW & TELL - Blacksmith Corner                         10 - 2
                     17647 Lakewood Blvd., Bellflower                                   adopting a greyhound, making a
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                     sponsored by PetCo - Irvine Regional Park, Orange                  Beach, CA 92646.

Pets of
AmericaGreater Los Angeles
CA - Orange Co. and
9642 Bay Meadow Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
by Carol Simpson

  It has been a year since Downtown
Julie Brown was rescued from the L.A.
pound, along with three other grey-
hounds. Julie was very pregnant and
due any day. On May 13th, 1996, she
delivered eight puppies by C-section,
and what a beautiful group of children          Rudy, Jordyn, Taylor, Farra and Devin.
she had: three boys, five girls! Now I'm        that's why he's around 90 pounds now.
sure most of you have wondered what             Farra is as graceful as the day she was
happened to them, so I'll try and do my         born. Her favorite things to do are
best to catch you up on their activities.       chew and fight for her spot on the sofa.
  Judith Pickle of Redondo Beach                She and Rudy give new meaning to the
adopted Laceie, now renamed Indy.               phrase "couch potato". I almost think of
She jogs with Judith every day. Indy has        these two puppies as Beauty and the
not lost much weight, but Judith has.           Beast. Farra likes to drink out of the
Indy shares her home with a cute little         pool and from time to time take a
                                  dog           relaxing dip in the Jacuzzi; Rudy
                                  named         couldn't care less. Now if there was
                                  Gizmo.        food around it would probably be a
                                  They play     different story. Rudy has learned to
                                  for long      open the French doors, to Susan's
                                  periods of    surprise. Upon returning from a trip to
                                  time          Big Bear, they couldn't find him and
                                  together.     were panic-stricken. As they looked,
                                  Judith says   they noticed the French doors ajar. To
                                  that Indy     their surprise, in the family room was
                                  has energy    Rudy sleeping in his and Farra's favorite
                                  to spare      spot on the sofa like nothing ever
                                  and likes     happened. Watch out, Susan! Next
                                  to remove     you'll tell me that Rudy has learned to
                                  things        open the refrigerator!
                                  from the        Angela and Mickey Zolezio of Chino
 Gizmo and Indy (Laceie)          coffee        Hills adopted Cody and Raven. Once
                                  table with    again we were able to place two
her tail. Indy races from room to room          siblings together. Cody has not changed
looking for things to get in to. Her            in color--he remains pure white with no
feelings still get hurt if she is scolded       other markings. Raven is black and
too loudly, so Judith is very gentle with       sleek. They share their home with two
her corrections. Judith has stated to me        cats, Woody and Runt. I have had the
on several occasions how much Indy              privilege of visiting Angela's home on
has changed her life and how much she           several occasions to witness the
adores her. Each day is new with                remodeling these pups have done: they
adventure, according to Judith.
  Susan and J. Barnes, along with their
three beautiful girls Jordyn, Taylor, and
Devin, live in Yorba Linda and adopted
Rudy and Farra, whose names have
remained the same. Rudy is totally
motivated by food. He and the baby,
Jordyn,are best friends. Rudy learned at
an early age that staying by the high
chair is the ideal place to be. He comes
running when he hears the click of the
high chair tray and waits patiently for
Jordyn to drop him some treats. Maybe                       Raven and Cody
started out trying to redesign the           didn't have the heart to separate them.      When night falls and lights are out, two
kitchen cupboards and have now               Julie has the eyes of an angel and           tired puppies, one mother Julie,
moved toward the bath. Raven tries to        managed to worm her way into Javae's         Maggie, and finally Javae (with very
sneak upstairs when Angela's not             heart the first day they met. So sud-        little room) snuggle down in a full bed
looking, trying her hardest to steal an      denly Javae went from no greyhounds          for one more night of rest, waiting for
untended cat toy. Cody is a big              to three in one day. Besides this trio,      another day to plan their attack on the
momma's boy, always wanting to be on         she also has a little poodle mix,            next unsuspecting victim.
top of Angela. At times, when they                                                           The difference between these grey-
quiet down (which is rare) you'll find                                                    hound puppies and our track hounds is
all of them asleep on the sofa, includ-                                                   that these will always know what it
ing the cat. Angela has attended several                                                  truly is to be just that: a puppy.
GPA events with the two. They are very
active, but know what time out means.
  Johanna and Matt Dragner of Laguna
Hills fell in love with and adopted
Zoie. She now shares her home with
Kellie, a shepherd mix, and PeeWee,
the cat. Zoie was very headstrong as a
puppy, and she still is. Zoie spends a
lot of time with Johanna visiting outside
coffee shops and on occasion the
equestrian center for the disabled            Javae with Bandit standing over sister
where Johanna volunteers on week-              Brandy (left) and Mama Julie (right).
ends. I see Zoie frequently when
Johanna stops by the house after Zoie's      Maggie, who is Julie's best companion
visits with the vet. Several times Zoie      and playmate. I have been to Javae's
has been able to play with her other         house many times. There once was a
siblings, as well as see her mother Julie.   beautiful lush green yard with rows of
Johanna says Zoie's like a streak of light   flowers bordering the fence. The ferns
running from the front to the back of        were lush and green. Welcome to
                                              reality with two greyhound puppies! I
                                              made my way through the dust-laden
                                              floor, past the five foot high baby gates
                                              that hold the beasts at bay, and was
                                              greeted by two bouncing kids--Brandy
                                              and Bandit. Julie stood back and
                                              waited for her turn to be petted. I
                                              quickly found out never wear white to
                                              their house unless you're OK with a
                                              new fashion look. The backyard was a
                                              barren land of the forgotten. Not a
                                              blade of grass had survived the beasts.
             Zoie and Kellie                  The flowers were gone, too afraid to
                                              come above ground for fear of being
the yard with Kellie lagging behind          ripped to shreds. Even the cactus could
doing her best to keep up. Some of the       not survive the wrath of the beasts.
things Zoie has done are: jump into the      Three feet from the patio were the limp
Jacuzzi, dig holes, taste the corners of     remains of what was once a stuffed toy.
the sofa, as well as stick her nose into     Oh my! It had been beheaded some-
everything she can find. One thing for       time during the day, its insides tossed
sure, it's never dull around the Dragner     about like snow. Brandy was surely
home. Zoie's cute and definitely knows       born with wings. She can clear a safety
it. She and Johanna have also attended       fence four feet high with a foot to spare,
several GPA events this past year.           so now the vegetable garden is on alert
  Javae Ferrier of Garden Grove took on      of her whereabouts. Maggie holds her
the biggest task of all: she adopted not     own with them, but chases tirelessly as
only Brandy and Bandit, but Julie, their     if she were a rabbit on the run. Julie, on
mother, as well. She couldn't decide on      the other hand, is always looking in
just one, and after seeing Bandit            several directions at one time, ready to
become so attached to Brandy, she            scold and correct when necessary.

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