An Introduction To India Tours And Travels

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					An Introduction To India Tours And Travels

India – one of the most beautiful locations of South Asia is also among the popular countries of
the world. Therefore, this tourist hub welcomes more than a 5 million foreign tourists from
different locations of the world. A trip to this beautiful country can reveal numerous mystic
things regarding its culture, art, tradition, history etc. Known for its spectacular, India has
become a favored place of visit for travelers from all over the world. Each state of this wonderful
country is unique when it comes to the scenic beauty, nature of the people living in the country
and the hospitality of Indians.

India is such a diverse country that people visiting this place always love the way this country
depicts its feature of diversity. Diversity in culture, tradition, food, living habits and flora and
fauna of the country delight a tourist. Tourists are more attracted towards the cultural diversity of
this country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India depicts diverse kinds of culture and traditions
at the same time. Each tradition symbolizes the flavor and aura of the place a traveler visits. May
it be the Kashmiri outfit “phiran” or the “lunghi” of Kerala India has always be a country with
much diversity but united at the same time. Food habits also differ from one place to another, in
this country but it is assured that the foods are so palatable that one gets confused what to eat and
what to leave. In India one can find all types of religions and religious places at the same time.
Mosques, Churches, Temples and Gurudwaras can be found in each and every part of this

Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Kullu, Manali, are among the famous hill stations of
north India. Visitors enjoy snow covered mountain peaks covered and adventure sports like
trekking, mountaineering and skiing. The capital “Delhi” and the financial capital „Mumbai‟ are
worth visiting. The city of Mumbai, also known as the dream city is home to the world famous
“Bollywood” and the “Bollywood stars”. In the southern part of India, places like Kerala and
Goa are famous for the exotic beaches which are a paradise for the tourists. Water sports are a
part and parcel of such places.

One of the major tourist attractions in India is „Taj Mahal‟ which is one of the Seven Wonders of
the World. A masterpiece of beauty and a symbol of love, Taj Mahal was built by Emperor
Shahjehan for his lovely wife Mumtaz. Rajasthan, a state with numerous scenic spots, majestic
forts, pristine lakes and oasis is a tourist hub as well. One can always plan of Safari through its
sun kissed “Thar Deserts”. Kerala – also known as “God‟s Own Country” is one of the most
beautiful states in India, famous for its backwaters and serene atmosphere. The flora and fauna of
this state attracts a lot of tourists each year. One would never prefer to miss the trip to the well
known paradise on earth – Kashmir. This north Indian State is so beautiful that it has been truly
called as “the paradise on earth” by Emperor Jahangir.

India offers you a variety of attractions to explore. Therefore, one should have ample time to
visit, explore and enjoy the beauty of this country.
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