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                                                                         Saturday, Sept. 10th is also Deaf & Hard of Hearing
                                                                         Awareness day at Six Flags Astroworld. Sponsored
                                                                         by Great Houston Deaf Connections. For more infor-
                                                                         mation contact

                                                                          October 8, 2005: 5:30 pm Board Meeting; 7:00 pm
                                                                         Regular meeting. Annual meeting and Officer Elec-
    SHHH HOUSTON CHAPTER                                                 tions. Please consider running for one of the chapter
    PO Box 572091                                                        offices.
    Houston TX 77257-2091
                                                                         October 19, 2005: HP’s 2nd Annual Accessibility
                                                                         Awareness Day at the Hewlett Packard Houston cam-
                                                                         pus. 10:00 am to 2 pm. Your chapter plans to have a
                   CHAPTER OFFICERS
                                                                         booth at this event. If anyone can assist at this booth
      Lois Johnson,                         please let your officers know. Note this is a Wednes-
      Dr. Sumalai Maroonroge,                         day when many of us have to work.
    Vice President: Pat DeLeon,
    Secretary: Bruce Leson,                      October 21-23: Camp Hear Me at Camp for All,
    Treasurer:Mary Honomichl,                                            6301 Rehburg Road, Burton, TX 77835. Sponsored by                                            the Hear Me Foundation: Educational Advocates for
    NewsLetter Editor: Mary Honomichl                                    the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Rates for Family Par-
                                                                         ticipants are 150.00 per family; Non members are of-
    September 2005                                                       fered a rate of 200.00 per family (max of 4 people.)
    Volume 6, Number 9                                                   For more information call 281-498-6725 or email
    SHHH is the largest consumer organization dedicated to      . The website is
    the well being of people with hearing loss. We believe       .
    people can help one another, be helped and participate               #########################################
    successfully in society. Our primary purpose is to edu-                                 Katrina’s Impact
    cate ourselves and those around us about the causes,
    nature and complications of hearing loss and what can be             Hurricane Katrina has impacted many of us. Some
    done to help. To join, please write us at the above
                                                                         of us have relatives who lived in the affected area
    address or come to one of our monthly meetings. Our
    meetings have the following facilities available to
                                                                         and many of us have been emotionally effected by
    attendees: Real Time Captioner and Induction Loop                    the fates of the survivors.
    System. If you need a sign language interpreter, call
    Martha Winters at (713) 660-9688 so she can make                     The City of Houston is sheltering around 25,000
    arrangements.                                                        refugees in the Reliant complex by the Astrodome,
             Meeting Room Location:                                      and numerous people in the convention center and
     Drive in through the guard gate to the first road                   other spots around the metro area. Some of these
    past Murkovky Hall and turn right to park along-                     people are hard of hearing or deaf. They may have
    side the road. The Residence Hall is between                         lost their hearing aids, CI processors, and other
    Murkovsky Hall and the Chapel.                                       ALDs, or not be able to easily get batteries for these
                Mark your Calendar:                                      devices. Several individuals in your chapter and in
                                                                         other agencies around the city are working to locate
    DARS Panel Discussion –Empower Yourself. Learn                       & identify these persons, and provide supplies as
    information about your rights to accessing commu-                    needed.
    nity services. September 8, 2005, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00                                   Ways you can help:
    p.m. Bayland Community Center                                        For Houston area, contact CAG interpreting service,
    6400 Bissonett, Houston, TX 77074                                    CSD of Texas in Austin, the Red Cross, and City of
                                                                         Houston's Citizen Corps to offer your volunteering or
    September 10, 2005: 5:30 pm Board meeting; 7:00                      housing to assist the deaf and hard of hearing fami-
    pm -regular meeting. Program to be given by Dr.                      lies who arrive in that area. Before you can enter
    Sunitra on ’Speech Communication Enhancement”.                       the Dome you will need to take a short training
    Please bring a dessert to share.                                     class.

    SHHH usually meets at 7 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month , St. Dominic’s Diocesan Center, 2401 E Holcombe, Houston TX 77021.
                                                                           Exerpts From Ray Wathen-Katrina Journal-Day 2
    The classes are being offered at several locations                         “ I made it to bed at 2:00 a.m., and then woke up at
    around the city. Watch the TV channels, check                          6:30 for no good reason at all. I think I got about 30 min-
    their websites or check the Houston Chronicle for                      utes sleep before getting ready for the day and heading for
    locations and times. We have reports from Teri                         the Dome with my ever-present Angel of Hearing Aid
    and Ray Wathen on their first and second days of                       Batteries, Pocket Talkers and other Mercy Materials for
    volunteering.                                                          the hard of hearing. Travel and parking was much
                                                                           quicker and easier this time, with very little wait in line.
    From Ray Wathen regarding the training class at 2nd                        We headed straight for the Command Post at Reliant
    Baptist Church:                                                        Center to see what suggestions my friend Don had come
                                                                           up with. He was not immediately available so I simply
    “We were furnished with assistive devices that worked                  signed in at the desk outside the Command Post and
    well so we understood what the speakers had to                         walked in to see if I could find him. He wasn’t there, but
    say. The leaders handled the multi-religious mission                   two other friends, Elaine and Cathy, were. I quickly got
    message very well, urging us all to put religious differ-              Teri inside to explain what she wanted to do, and they
    ences aside and to focus on the needs of the people we                 suggested we go across to Reliant Arena, where medical
    would be helping. I particularly liked a quote Dr. Ed                  triage and other services were located.
    used from Gandhi – “God dares not present himself to a                           On the way to the Arena, we stopped by the
    starving man except as a piece of bread.” We were                      Dome to deliver the books to our deaf reading friend from
    urged to focus on the immediate physical needs of the                  yesterday. We were helped again by Sister T.J., a Re-
    evacuees, to listen to their stories, and to present any               gional Center Chaplain from Pennsylvania who came
    spiritual or religious message we might bring at a later               down with the Red Cross to help out. We couldn‘t find
    time. “                                                                the book lady at first, but Teri delivered the books to her
                       From Teri Wathen:                                   daughter Patty later in the day. Patty said her mom was
    “On Saturday, Ray and I went to the Astrodome.                         taken to the hospital with some infection from flood water
    CAAG (the agency I work with) got a call that some                     that had seeped into her colostomy bag lines. She said
    Deaf folks needed a TTY. Two of the phone companies                    mom would be fine, and gave Teri a big smile and a thank
    have set up a bank of phones for people to use, and of                 you for the books.
    course, (there were ) no ttty’s or amplified phones. So I              12:00 noon – we got our first customer, a middle-aged
    just gave an old TTY to a Deaf family and they will                    woman who simply needed batteries for her hearing aid.
    share it among the Deaf folks there. We didn't want to                 We had the right size, and the woman was very grateful
    just leave it at the bank of phones, as we figured some-               and happy, leaving with a smile.
    one would walk off with it if we did.                                  1:05 p.m. – second customer, brought to us by a Phar-
             Then we set out trying to find someone who                    macy Nurse. He wanted his eyeglass frame tightened up,
    would get the word out that I have some donations of                   as he was about to lose a lens. I tightened it securely with
    hearing aids, batteries, services of Max(McCarthy, the                 the blade of a Swiss-Army type knife I had snuck past
    audiologist), services of SHHH, amplified phones,                      Homeland Security. He left with better vision and a
    PocketTalkers, etc. for folks with hearing loss. We                    bright smile.
    talked to several people and will go back tomorrow to                  5:00 p.m. – We gave out another pack of 675 batteries to
    see how we can help.                                                   a lady who really wanted a Dri-aid setup also. We told
             When I told one lady at the Red Cross station                 her Mad Max the Audiologist would be here soon, and to
    what I wanted to do, she took me to a 77-year old lady.                come back around 6:30 or so.
    This woman lost her hearing at the age of 7 to a high                  6:32 p.m. – the lady wanting the hearing aid and red ear
    fever. She never learned sign language, just read lips.                mold showed up, and Max examined her ears (clean as a
    She told us that she loved to read books. While brag-                  whistle, he said) and then promised to bring her a hearing
    ging to us that her husband built her a book shelf that                aid and some kind of temporary ear mold tomorrow
    was 10 shelves high and she had many, many books                       morning.
    that she treasured, her eyes swelled up when she said,                 So – as you in your area go to help these people in what-
    “And now everything is gone”. I will be taking her a                   ever way you can, don’t discount the impact you have in
    bag full of books tomorrow.                                            their life today. Whatever small service you perform may
              It was quite humbling walking through the                    be just what they need to continue for another day, and
    Dome. Several times I caught myself starting to cry, but               the smiles you receive in turn may be the greatest return
    I had to keep up a good front for all those folks who                  on the investment of your time and love you could ever
    have been through so much.”                                            hope for.”

    SHHH usually meets at 7 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month , St. Dominic’s Diocesan Center, 2401 E Holcombe, Houston TX 77021.
                     Volunteering Notes
                                                                                               Chapter Treasury Report
    From Arthur Craig, Pastor of Woodhaven Bap-
    tist Church:
                                                                           June 2005
    “There are about 15 deaf people that we have found at                  Beginning Balance 06/01/05                         $2,182.00
    the AstroDome. We worked all day Friday getting them                     Receipts:
    together. Many are separated from their families. Other
                                                                               May Raffle                                         $22.00
    may have be sent to Dallas or San Antonio. We're net-
    working with Pastors and churches in those areas to see                    Dues & Donations                                  $40.00
    if we can link some of the deaf up with their families.                    St. Paul Travelers Grant                         $500.00
    You can go to the AstoDome to volunteer. First you will                  Disbursements:
    need to enter on Kirby. Go to Reliant Center to register                   None
    as a volunteer and go through a brief training. Then head              Ending Balance 06/30/05                            $2,744.00
    over to the Astro Dome. You will be given an wrist                     July 2005
    bracelet to wear which will get you in anywhere there.                 Beginning Balance 07/01/05                         $2,744.00
    You will enter the East Gate, go down the ramp, turn
                                                                              Dues & donations:                                    $5.00
    left and walk down about the third aisle. Look for a big
    yellow sign that reads: "DEAF" you will find them                                                                             $12.00
    there.                                                                                                                        $15.00
    Donations specifically to the deaf can be made through                   Disbursements:
    Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church. We need cash, per-                         PO Box Renewal-1 year                              -$68.00
    sonal items, wipes, non-perishable food, snack food,
    etc.”                                                  Ending Balance 07/31/05                            $2,728.00
    Woodhaven Baptist Church, 9920 Longpoint Drive,                        August 2005
    Houston, 77055                                                         Beginning Balance 08/01/05                         $2,728.00
    #######################################################                  Receipts:
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Com-                    Safeway                                           $25.45
    munications Commission (FCC) has created this Web                          Dues & Donations:                                 $12.00
    site to provide crucial emergency information for con-                      Cash from August raffle                          $13.00
    sumers, communications industries, and state and local                   Disbursements:
     governments in the areas affected by the hurricane.                        Accounts Payable:
                                  (M Honomichl-June N/L=$145.72
    ##################################################                      M Honomichl-July N/L $63.71
                    HAT Training                                            M.Honomichl-Aug N/L $153.12)                       -$362.55
    Congratulations to our chapter Treasurer, Bruce
    Leson, who was selected to attend the National                         Ending Balance 08/30/05                            $2,415.90
    SHHH HAT (Hearing Assistive Technology ) train-
    ing at the UT-Dallas Carroll Speech and Hearing                      At the August Board meeting your officers approved
    Center the weekend of May 20th. Here is what he                      the following two donations be made from the Chap-
    had to say about the experience:                                     ter Treasury:
    “The array of ALDs were unbelievable to me. I                        To SHHH National in Memory of Mary Childress:
    never saw such an assortment and I guess this is                             $150.00
    similar to all that is shown and demonstrated at the
    SHHH conventions. Esther Kelly gave several                          To TCRA CART Foundation in Memory of Cindy
    presentations. There were 12 trainees including                      Colvin:       $100.00
    one each from New Jersey, Georgia and Okla-
    homa. The food was wonderful with snacks, yet;                       These two checks are being mailed this month.
    and the new friends and associates, that I encoun-
    tered made the trip most enjoyable. I have a ton of                  Signed:
    reading to keep me busy for weeks to come. This                                   Mary Honomichl, Treasurer
    was like experiencing 10 or 12 of our programs
    compressed into one weekend. “

    SHHH usually meets at 7 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month , St. Dominic’s Diocesan Center, 2401 E Holcombe, Houston TX 77021.

                 CAPTIONED ENTERTAINMENT                                                       Disclaimer:
     AMC Studio 30, Dunvale @ Westheimer:
                                                                            Mention of goods or services in articles or advertisements
                   40 Year-Old Virgin-Sept. 4 to 6
                                                                            does not mean SHHH endorsement, nor should exclusion sug-
    The captioned movies are now being held on Sundays thru
                                                                            gest disapproval.
    Tuesdays only. Watch your daily paper for updates.
    AMC 30 also has Rear Window Captioning!!                                                    HEARING SYSTEMS INC.
                                                                                            NEW LATEST DIGITAL HEARING AIDS
    (None announced at press time)                                                           Widex, Oticon, Seimens, Phonak, Unitron
    Theatre 25 only. You must go to the Guest Services desk &                             Demonstration Room / Large Stock of TTY’s
    request the ‘plexiglass screen for captioning’. They will                                 And other Assistive/Alert Device
    want some form of ID.                                                                    Audio Loop, FM and Infrared Systems
    Those seats near the top or about five rows down are the                     Earmolds - Batteries - Testing - Assistive Products - Hearing Aids
                                                                             Max McCarthy, M.A., CCC-A                       Les Callaway
    best. The large display that shows the words is on the left hand
    side once you enter the theatre, so its probably wise to sit near             855-
                                                                            (281) 855-8916 (Voice/TTY)    4654 Hwy 6 N, Ste. 201
    and around this area.                                               Houston, TX 77084
     Place the plexiglass in the cupholder and mold it to your de-          __________________________________________________
    sired position in order to see the text reflect off of it. Be sure to
    return the screen to Guest Services and get your ID back.

    Edwards Greenway Palace 24 , 3839 Weslayan, has been
    showing the same movie (as AMC 30) on Wednesdays and
    Thursdays. They are showing the ‘OC’ in front of the
    movie that is captioned, so check or
    the daily newspaper for name and movie times.

    IMAX @ Museum of Natural History-Rear Window Cap-
    tioning- Anytime –Ask for the device at the door.

    Alley Theatre-615 Texas Avenue,
      For tickets to the Alley Theatre call the Box office at 713
    228-8421 (voice) through Relay Texas. -Click on “Education and Commu-
    nity” on left side, then click on “Programs for the Audi-
    ence” then on “Special Services”. **Discounted tickets are
    available from Illuminations Arts: (713) 529-6910
    Voice/FAX (813) 529-6909 TTY**
    Open Captioned Future Shows:

    Broadway Series-see
    houston for shows at the Hobby Center for the Performing
    Arts. Only one show of each performance is captioned.
     The TDD# for tickets is 800-755-6244, or phone (713) 627-
    3570. Be sure to request tickets in the best spot to read the

    Theatre Under the Stars:
    Check for details and ticket information.
    2004-2005 Captioned Performances at TUTS:

    Single tickets are available at 713-558-8887 or online, or at
    the TUTS box office, M-F 9am-6 pm; Sat.-Sun 11am-4 pm.

    SHHH usually meets at 7 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month , St. Dominic’s Diocesan Center, 2401 E Holcombe, Houston TX 77021.

             SHHH MEMBERSHIP                                                              SHHH Houston Chapter
    SHHH - Self Help for Hard of Hearing People Inc., is a na-            SHHH Houston Chapter is an affiliate of SHHH National. Please re-
    tional organization headquartered in Bethesda, MD. You                member that making a donation to the SHHH Houston chapter does
    are invited to join the national organization, SHHH dues,             not automatically make you a member of National. We encourage
                                                                          you to join both so you may receive maximum benefit from your
    payable annually in the month of joining, are $25 a year
                                                                          membership. Suggested SHHH chapter donations are $12 per year
    and include a subscription to the bi-monthly, award win-              for individuals, or $20 per year for a family, which includes a sub-
    ning SHHH Journal, which is always filled with interesting            scription to the monthly newsletter.
    and pertinent articles on hearing loss.                               Date____________________
    Renewals of National membership dues are billed directly              Name___________________________________
    by National.                                                          Street_____________________________________
                                                                          Home Phone: (          )________________________
    Address_______________________________________                        Circle: V or TTY or both
                                                                          Business Phone: (      )______________________
    City___________________________________________                       Circle: V or TTY or both
                                                                          Fax: (     )_________________________________
    State___________________Zip____________________                       Birthday (mm/dd)___________________________
                                                                          Anniversary (mm/dd)________________________
    Email:_________________________________________                       E-Mail Address:________________________________
    Annual Dues:
                                                                          Would you like your Email address added to the chapter
     Individual/Couple/Family $25 __________________                      group list on Yahoo Groups?         Yes   or    No
     Student       $20        ________________________                    Suggested SHHH Houston Donations – includes
      Professional $50       _________________________                           newsletter subscription:
     Non-Profit Org & Libraries $50 _________________                      Individual ($12)               $______________
     Corporate       $100 ________________________                            or Family ($20)            $_____________
                                                                          National’s Founder’s Day
    Make Check Payable to “SHHH” and Mail to:                                  contribution (voluntary) $_________________
                Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH)
                                                                          Additional Tax Deductible Local contribution –
                7910 Woodmont Ave., Suite 1200
                 Bethesda, MD 20814                                       helps pay the newsletter and outreach expenses
    Or you may join online by credit card at :                                             (voluntary)        $________________                                                          Total enclosed       $________________
              Hard of Hearing Program of the                              Would you like to include the above personal information
            Communication Axess Ability Group                             in the membership directory?       Yes or     No
                                                                          Make checks payable to: SHHH Houston Chapter
    Communication Axess Ability Group proudly offers Hard                  and mail to:             PO Box 572091
    of Hearing Services (HOH) through a grant from the                                               Houston, TX 77257-2091
    Texas Commission of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The
    basis for HOH is to eliminate communication barriers and              Reminder: We welcome your donations in memory
    to facilitate communication access through projects to                of , or in honor of, a loved one, or to commemorate
    expand or otherwise improve the provision of services to              any life event.
    individuals who are hard of hearing, late deafened or oral
    deaf.                                                                 —————————————————————
    The Group also provides an equipment demonstration
    room for the Specialized Telecommunication Assistance
    Program (STAP) conveniently located at 1445 N. Loop
    West, Suite 310, in Houston. To schedule an
    appointment, speaking engagement, seminar or
    conference, call 713.807.1176, or email For more information,
    see the Group’s website at .

    SHHH usually meets at 7 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month , St. Dominic’s Diocesan Center, 2401 E Holcombe, Houston TX 77021.

    2401 E. HOLCOMBE, HOUSTON, TX 77021.
     We will meet in the classroom in the Residence Hall. Drive in
    through the guard gate to the first road past Murkovky Hall and turn
    right to park alongside the road. The Residence Hall is between
    Murkovsky Hall and the Chapel. On entering the hall, sign in, and
    turn left to the classroom which has 2 double doors.

    PO BOX 572091
    HOUSTON TX 77257-2091


    SHHH usually meets at 7 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month , St. Dominic’s Diocesan Center, 2401 E Holcombe, Houston TX 77021.

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