Sumo Chocolate Mousse by liaoqinmei


Sumo Chocolate Mousse M-5577
          ready-to-use chocolate mousse mix

 Characteristics                       Specifications
                                       Ready to use chocolate mousse mix powder,
 Description                           formulated for the production of quality aerated
                                       chocolate mousse with butter fat.
                                       Sugar, full fat milkpowder, skimmed milk powder,
                                       gelling agent (gelatin, carrageenan (E407)),
 Composition                           emulsifier (lactylated ester of mon-diglyceride
                                       Components meet EC purity standards.

 Appearance                            Brown powder

                                       35% Chocolate Mousse Mix M-5577 mixed with
 Indicative dosage
                                       65% water of 30-40°

 Heavy metals                          Meeting requirements of the EC
 Microbiological analysis:
      • Total plate count              Max. 10 000 cfu/g
      • Yeast and Moulds               Max. 1 000 cfu/g
      • Salmonella                     Absent in 25 g
      • E-Coli                         Absent in 1 g
      • Coliforms                      Absent in 1 g

 Shelf life                            1 year

 Origin                                Europe

      The information in this datasheet is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate.
      Any recommendations or suggestions are made without warranty or guarantee since
      the conditions of use are beyond our control.

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