Chokhi Dhani- Great Ethnic Place to Visit

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					                            Chokhi Dhani- Great Ethnic Place to Visit

Chokhi Dhani is an ethnic village resort which is capturing the spirit of royal Rajasthan. Literally it
means a Fine Hamlet. The name Chokhi Dhani is aptly said as it is an ethnic village which offers a
perfect pastoral experience to its guests. Far away from the hectic urban life the thatch dwellings
offer an amazing experience of traditional living style.

The resort facilitates you to live comfortably in an ethnic environment. With an exquisite
Rajasthani touch this beautiful village resort makes your stay more enjoyable and memorable.
Staying in the traditional huts, eating scrumptious food and having fun of cultural activities leave
you with memorable experience.

Chokhi Dhani is one of its kind resorts which have become a popular attraction for tourists who
wish to see the village life of Rajasthan. Guests staying in this resort feel great to dine in a
traditional style of Rajasthan. The dining hall Sangri is famous for its typical Rajasthani food which
is served to the guests on a leaf platter. The mouth-watering food and warmth of service will last for
longtime in your heart. Bindola restaurant offers you to enjoy multi cuisine in an aesthetic
ambience of live soft music. You can relish best Indian, continental and Chinese cuisines here.

Chandi Mahal Bar is another beautiful place which has an elegant decor. The ceilings of this bar are
studded with over 100,000 mirrors that create an amazing scene. Here you can enjoy both alcoholic
as well as non-alcoholic drinks. The Victorian furniture, green marble floors and silver work bear
curtains in this bar truly represent the splendor of the place.

The accommodation at this beautiful village resort is also commendable. It comprises 33 royal
cottages, 8 haveli suits. All are spacious and adorned with ethnic decor. With its modern amenities
this village resort also ensures to provide all the comforts to its guests along with an unique

You can also visit the traditional photo studio which is situated inside the village to capture the
beautiful moments.

In Chokhi Dhani village you can enjoy the folk music and dance performances every evening. The
preview of real Rajasthan can be seen in the enthralling performances. The other attractions include
the puppet show, the magic show and acrobatics on a bamboo. The live show of nagkanya is also
famous here.

Be a part of a traditional lifestyle and relish delicious Rajasthani cuisines in the ambience of
soothing music. Enjoy every bit of this tour and have unlimited fun at Chokhi Dhani.

Chokhi Dhani is among the must see places of Rajasthan. This village resort has a lot to offer to
the tourists. Visitors come here to explore the charm of this popular attraction in Jaipur which
offers them a warm and magical atmosphere to its guests. By staying in a five star Chokhi Dhani
Resort you can experience the ethnic lifestyle and rich culture of Rajasthan.

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Description: Chokhi Dhani is a five-star village resort which is a famoust destination of Rajasthan. You can find here ethnic lifestyle, delicious Rajasthani cuisines, folk music and dance shows. Visit Chokhi Dhani and enjoy the rustic life style of Rajasthani village in a royal way.