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					  72 HOURS                                              THURS DAY SE PTEMBER 8, 2005

                 SUN SETTING
                 ON DRIVE-IN'S

2 • Movies

                                                                                                                                                            IN THEATERS
                                                                                                                                                            LAST WEEK

                         DAVID SW INDLE 'S

                         SWIMMING IN CELLULOID
    DIRECTOR ADDS PERSONAL STAMP                                                                                                                            UNDERCLASSMEN
                                                                                                             RECENT DVD RELEASES                            Starring: Nick Cannon
 RECENT THEATRICAL RELEASE                                                                                                                                  (“Shall We Dance,” “Love
                                                                                                                    B+ "Something Else"

                                                                                                             DVD SHOW
                                                                                                                                                            Don’t Cost a Thing”), Rose-
 "The Constant Gardener"                                                                                                                                    lyn Sanchez (“Rush Hour 2”)
                                                                                                                    A Volume 1                              Rating: PG-13
                  In 2002, a Brazilian film titled       volves British diplomat Justin Quayle (Ralph Fi-
                  “City of God” stormed onto the        ennes) and his activist wife Tessa (Rachel Weisz).                                                  A cop (Cannon) who looks
                  cinematic scene. It was an epic       The movie begins with Justin being informed of                          Doing sketch comedy         very young goes undercover
 film, weaving together multiple stories and char-       Tessa’s murder. Then the narrative                                    is easy. You get some
 acters over the course of several decades. It told     leaps back in time to depict Tessa’s                                                                at a prep school.
                                                                                                                              random idea – perhaps
 the true story of life in the poverty and crime-       and Justin’s relationship and the
 ridden slums of the City of God, a neighborhood        circumstances that brought them                                       with the aid of half a        THIS WEEK
 outside of Rio De Janeiro.                             to Kenya.                                                              dozen beers or an illicit
    Oscar certainly recognized “City of God.” It           Greatly surprising his diplomat                          G          substance of some sort
 received four nominations for cinematography,          friends, Justin chooses to investi-       S O M E T H IN G
                                                                                                   S O M E T H IN              – grab some friends and
 editing, adapted screenplay and director. Most                                                    E L SE
                                                        gate his wife’s murder. This pulls him E L S E                         a camera, and go shoot it.
 deserving was Fernado Meirelles, the film’s             deep into a labyrinthine conspiracy
 director, who created a vibrant, exhilarating          involving pharmaceutical companies using Africa
                                                                                                                  However, sketch comedy done well
 movie experience.                                      as a testing ground for their new drugs.             is a whole different ball game. To pull
    Thus, one should pay particular attention to Mei-      What separates “The Constant Gardener”            off consistently funny, clever, inven-
 relle’s newest project, “The Constant Gardener.”       from other thrillers is Meirelle’s personal stamp.   tive sketches is hard work. It requires
 With it, Meirelle makes a somewhat more conven-        Watching the film, it’s clear that it’s a product     creativity, ingenuity and discipline.          THE EXORCISM OF
 tional film – in English,                               of the director of “City of God.” Both films have                                                    EMILY ROSE
 not as heavy on the                                    an almost documentary quality. “City of God”
                                                                                                               Thus I’m very impressed with the team of
 flashy cinema-                                          dropped the audience right into a Brazilian slum     Ball State University students who joined      Starring: Laura Linney
 tography and                                           that featured young non-actors essentially           together to create “Something Else,” an        ("Love Actually"), Tome
 made with                                              playing themselves. “The Constant Gardener”          entirely student-run sketch comedy show.       Wilkinson ("Batman Be-
 “real” actors.                                         is similar in its depiction of Kenya. As Justin      They’ve created a lively show all their own    gins"), Shohreh Aghdashloo
 The film is an                                          wanders through a crowded marketplace, it’s                                                         ("House of Sand and Fog")
                                                                                                             – it doesn’t seem derivative of any of the
 adaptation of a                                        almost as though he’s in a real-life place instead
                                                                                                             wide varieties of sketch comedy shows          Rating: PG-13
 novel of the same                                      of on a movie set.
 title by John Le                                          “The Constant Gardener” lacks the emotional       past and present.                              Genre: Supernatural thriller
 Carré. It takes                                        kick and one-of-a-kind feel of “City of God,” but      Their first DVD compilation is a two-disc    A lawyer (Linney) represents
 place in                                               it’s still worth a look. (In fact, perhaps two or    set featuring four episodes and a wealth of    a priest (Wilkinson) who per-
 Kenya                                                  three looks, as its plot is incredibly complex and   bonus material. Some of the best sketches      formed an exorcism on a girl
 and                                                          nuanced.) As far as thrillers go, it stands                                                   and killed her.
 in-                                                                         heads above most of the crap    include a “VHI Behind the Music” of the
                                                                                                             Trix Rabbit, a bathroom attendant who
                                                                                that gets that label today.
                                                                                                           works at a fast food restaurant, Jesus           NEXT WEEK
                                                                                                           as a Jedi knight who returns to earth to
                                                                                                           experience college life at Ball State, and
                                                                                                           cast member J.D. Brake posing as an MTV
                                                                                                           reporter asking students ridiculous ques-
                                                                                                           tions at the MTV VJ search. There are also
                                                                                                           a couple cute, funny cartoons.
                                                                                                             Definitely keep your eye on this group,
                                                                                                           they’re putting out some great stuff.            JUST LIKE HEAVEN
                                                                                                             For more information on “Something             Starring: Reese Witherspoon
                                                                                                           Else,” visit http://www.somethingelsetv.         ("Legally Blonde"), Mark
                                                                                                           com. To order a copy of the first season          Ruffalo ("Collateral"), John
                                                                                                             DVD, e-mail executive producer Ben             Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite")
                                                                                                             Dewhurst at Ben@somethingelsetv.               Rating: PG-13
                                                                                                            com. The price is $10.                          Genre: A workaholic doc-
                                                                                                                                                            tor (Witherspoon) dies and
                                                                                                                        Visit http://swimmingincelluloid.
                                                                                                                                                            haunts her apartment. When
                                                                                                                    for extended
                                                                                                                                      reviews.              someone (Ruffalo) moves
 THE                                                                                                                                                        in, they develop an unusual
 GARDENER                                                                                                                                                   relationship.
                                                                                                                                             Best Bets • 3


          BONNIE RAITT          DAVID GREY                      SWITCHFOOT                      TRACY CHAPMAN            PAUL McCARTNEY
          Souly Alike           Life in Slow Motion             Nothing is Sound                Where You Live           Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

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          ROBERT K. TANENBAUM           BOB DYLAN                                  ANDREA IMMER ROBINSON'S               ZADIE SMITH
          Fury                          The Bob Dylan Scrapbook 1956-1966          2006 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone   On Beauty

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4 • Music

 CHICAGO                                              INDIANAPOLIS
 Joss Stone                Brooks & Dunn
                                                      The Uptown Quartet        Woomblies              IMS Battle of Birdy’s        Monika Herzig
 Congress Theatre          Tweeter Center             Rathskeller               Rathskeller            Birdy’s                      CD Release Concert
 Tuesday                   Saturday                   Today                     Friday                 Friday                       IUPUI Auditorium
 7:30 p.m.                 7 p.m.                     6 p.m.                    7 p.m.                 9 p.m.                       Monday
                                                                                                                                    7:30 p.m.
 Bloc Party                                           Obituary, Napalm Death,   Vendetta Red           The Sivers, the Slurs
 Congress Theatre                                     Dead To Fall, Amongst     Emerson Theater        Locals Only                  Governonr Davis,
 Wednesday                                            The Swarm                 Friday                 Friday                       Steve Robbins, Jimmy V
                                                      Emerson Theater           7 p.m.                 9 p.m.                       Slippery Noodle Inn
 6 p.m.                                               Today                                                                         Monday
                                                      7 p.m.                    Hillbilly Happy Hour   Sindacato, the Warner Gear   8 p.m.
 Rolling Stones                                                                 with The Tumbleweeds   Melody Inn
 Soldier Field                                        Stockwell Road            and Jason Webley       Friday                       Hunker Down Monday
 Saturday                                             Melody Inn                Melody Inn             10 p.m.                      Hosted by 19Clark25
 6:30 p.m.                                            Thursdays in September    Friday                                              Birdy’s
                                                      7 p.m.                    7 p.m.                 Chubby Checker               Monday
                                                                                                       Indianapolis Zoo             9 p.m.
                                      THE             Eric Lowen and            The White Stripes      Saturday
                                   STONES             Dan Navarro               Murat Theatre          2 p.m.                       Johnny Rodes
                                                      Liberty Glen Clubhouse    Friday                                              and His Outlaw band
 MUNCIE                                               Today                     8 p.m.                 Rich Hardesty with DeSol     Stables
                                                      7:30 p.m.                                        Patio Nightclub              Tuesday
  Rockfest! BSU            Tiempo Libre
                                                                                Mike & Joe             Saturday                     8 p.m.
  LaFollette Field         Pruis Hall
                                                      The Low Life,             Patio Nightclub        8 p.m.
  Friday                   Friday                     Shiny Toy Guns            Friday                                              North Mississippis All Stars
  4 p.m.                   8 p.m.                     Patio Nightclub           8 p.m.                 Benito DeBartoli,            Bluebird Nightclub
                                                      Today                                            Eric Dockery                 Bloomington
  Jonas, Black Cloud       Hurricane Relief Show
                                                      8 p.m.                    Blue Rubies            Slippery Noodle Inn          Tuesday
  Theory, Maggie Kubley    Center Stage                                         and Friends of Ed      Sunday                       9 p.m.
  CJ's                     Saturday                   Michael Coleman           Slippery Noodle Inn    8 p.m.
  Thursday                 2 p.m.                     & the Backbreakers        Friday and Saturday                                 John Brown’s Body
  9 p.m.                                              Slippery Noodle Inn       8 p.m.                 Green Day                    Patio Nightclub
                                                      Today                                            Conseco Fieldhouse           Tuesday
                                                      8 p.m.                    Mustang Sally          Monday                       9 p.m.
ELSEWHERE                                                                       Stables                7 p.m.
                                                      David Mead                Friday                                              The Glitch Klique,
  Pat Green                Mr. Mojo &                 Radio Radio               8 p.m.                                              Spontaneous Sound
  Bluebird Nightclub       the Blue Gypsies           Today                                                                         Collective, Evans Brown Tio
  Bloomington              Paramount Theatre          9 p.m.                    Everett                                             Melody Inn
  Today                    Centre                                               Greene                                              Wednesdy
  9 p.m.                   Anderson                   Dave Ralston Band         Jazz                                                8:30 p.m.
                           Friday                     Birdy’s                   Kitchen
  Rascal Flatts            6 p.m.                     Today                     Friday
  Rivervend Music Center                              9 p.m.                    9 p.m.
  Cincinnati, Ohio         X-Fest
  Friday                   Verizon Wireless           Virgin Millionaires
  8 p.m.                   Music Center               Rock Lobster
                                                      9 p.m.
                                    1:30 p.m.
                                                      Two Times,
                                                      Little Voice
                                                      Melody Inn
                               Tracy Lawrence         Today
                              Little Nashville Opry   9 p.m.
                           Saturday                   Greg Ziesemer
                           7 p.m.                     Indianapolis
                                                      Arts Garden
                           Blackalicious              Friday
                           Bluebird Nightclub         12:15 p.m.
                           9 p.m.
                                                                                                                                  GREEN DAY
                                                                                                                                                 Culture • 5

THEATRE                                                                                                            EVERYTHING ELSE
The Road to Gnaw Bone                  Plaza Suite                                Annie Get Your Gun                          Kafe Kuumba
Nashville Follies Musical Theatre      Zionsville Town Hall                       Indianapolis Civic Theatre                  VIP Accommodations
Nashville                              Zionsville                                 Indianapolis                                Spoken Word
Today                                  Runs Friday through Sunday                 Runs Thursday through Sunday                Indianapolis
7 p.m.                                 7:30 p.m.                                  through Sept. 25                            Every Thursday
                                                                                  For more information call,                  6 p.m.
Urinetown: The Musical                 How to Break a Leg:                        (317) 923-4597
Phoenix Theatre                        A Diva’s Guide to Success
                                                                                                                              Tom Simmons
Indianapolis                           John Waldron Arts Center                   Bright Ideas                                Crackers Broad Ripple
Today                                     Bloomington                             Mud Creek Players                           Comedy
7 p.m.                                       Friday and Saturday                  Indianapolis                                Today and Sunday
                                             8 p.m.                               Friday and Saturday                         8:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.
                                                                                  8 p.m.
                                              Rumors                                                                          Christopher Titus
                                              Franklin Cultural Arts              Inherit the Wind                            Crackers Broad Ripple
                                              and Recreation Center               Indiana Repertory Theatre                   Comedy
                                               Franklin                           Indianapolis                                Indianapolis
                                                Friday and Saturday               Wednesday                                   Friday and Saturday
                                                                                                                              8 p.m.
                                                 8 p.m.                           7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                              Big Band Dance Series
                                                      Bull in a China Shop                                                    Paramount Theatre Center
                                                      Epilogue Players                                                        Anderson
                                                      Indianapolis                                                            Sunday
                                                       Runs Friday through                                                    3 p.m.
                                                        Sept. 25
                                                          For more
                                                            information, call
URINETOWN:                                                   (317) 842-2811

 Tipton County Pork Festival    Monrovia Festival                  Heartnut Festival             Columbus Scottish Festival         Centennial Days Festival
 Downtown Tipton                Monrovia, Ind.                     Johnson County Park           Bartholomew County                 Westfield, Ind.
 Tipton, Ind.                   Runs Friday through Sunday         Edinburgh, Ind.               Fairgounds                         Saturday
 Runs Today through Sunday      3 p.m.                             Runs Friday through Sunday    Columbus                           1 p.m.
 11 a.m.                                                           6:30 p.m.                     Saturday and Sunday
                                Oktoberfest                                                      9 a.m.                             Hill Fest
 Indiana Avenue                 German Park                        Home Place Marketfest                                            Northview Christian Life
 Renaissance Festival           Indianapolis                       Home Place                    Fair on the Square                 Church
 Madame Walker Theatre          Friday and Saturday                Saturday                      Danville Courthouse Square         Carmel, Ind.
 Center                         4 p.m.                             8 a.m.                        Danville, Ind.                     Sunday
 Indianapolis                                                                                    Saturday and Sunday                Noon
 Tonight and Saturday           Indianapolis Greek Festival        Penrod Arts Fair              9 a.m.
 8 p.m.                         Holy Trinity Greek                 Indianapolis Museum of Art                                       Bean Blossom Blues Fest
                                Orthodox Church                    Indianapolis                  Mardi Gras on the Canal            Bill Monroe Music Park
 Fall Creek Heritage Fair       Indianapolis                       Saturday                      Cambridge City Canal               and Campground
 Falls Park                     Friday and Saturday                9 a.m.                        Cambridge City, Ind.               Bean Blossom, Ind.
 Pendleton                      4 p.m.                                                           Saturday and Sunday                Friday and Saturday
 Friday and Saturday                                                                             9 a.m.                             5:30 p.m.
 9 a.m.

       72 HOURS
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6 • Cover Story                                                                                                                                                 Cover Story • 7

                  WHEN THE
                  SUN GOES                                           DOWN
                                 Future of drive-in uncertain as the se
                                                                                                         ason closes

                    Nathan Riggs ■ Asst. 72 Hours Editor
                           ki-Hi Drive-In will turn off the lights on Sept.
                           24 for the season and possibly forever.
                             Kerasotes Theatres purchased the 500 car drive-
                           in earlier this summer from a company who
                           leased to Teicher Theaters for three years. Kera-
                   sotes would not renew Teicher’s lease, which expires on
                   Sept. 30, owner of Teicher Theaters Alan Teicher said.
                    “I heard from my prior landlord that Kerasotes is tear-
                   ing the theater down,” Teicher said.
                    There are rumors that a truck stop will be built in
                   place of the drive-in, he said.
                    But Kerasotes Theatres has not made any decisions
                   about the property, president and CEO Tony Kera-
                   sotes, said.
                                      Please see DRIVE-IN, page 10                                                                DN PHOTO/JEFFREY FURTICELLA
                                                                               SKY-HI DRIVE-IN is located at the intersection of Highways 3 and 28.
8 • Reviews

REVIEWS                                                             RECENT RELEASE

                                                                    Devendra Banhart: "Cripple Crow"
                                                                                           In 2002, Devendra Ban-           importantly) what doesn’t. Elsewhere, the
                                                                                         hart’s debut on Young God          familiar croon, gorgeous finger-picked acous-
                                                                                         Records came down from             tic and moaning strings of Banhart’s previous
                                                                                         the heavens and mystified           work show up.
                                                                                         the few who were lucky               The lyrical focus has also changed for the
                                                                                         enough to appreciate its sur-      better, though he occasionally strays into
                                                                                         real lyrics and hallucinatory      goofy territory. It seems that Devendra has
                                                                                         charm. Last year, Banhart          matured a lot since his early days of “look how
                                                                          out of five    released two equally fantas-       weird I am” into a more peaceful, contempla-
                                                                                         tic records, "Rejoicing in the     tive songwriter. Following in the footsteps of
                                                                    Hands" and "Niño Rojo," which expanded both             his most transparent influence, Marc Bolan,
                                                                    his fan base and sound pallet a great deal.             Banhart has finally decided it’s okay to have
                                                                    Cripple Crow, Banhart’s first album for the              lyrics that make sense, and perhaps it’s even
                                                                    considerably larger XL Recordings, embarks              okay to use his newfound popularity to make
                                                                     even further away from what we’ve come to              a political statement, like on the Lennon-esque
                                                                         expect from this folk poet, while retaining        “Heard Somebody Say” or “When They Come,”
                                                                         all the things that made him so loveable           a delicate but powerful plea for peace.
                                                                        in the first place. This may be his biggest            Those who’ve enjoyed Banhart’s music since
                                                                       chance to prove that he truly is the musical         he first bleated and screeched his way into the
                                                                     messiah that the independent media has tried           public conscience will likely consider his more
                                                                    so hard to make him.                                    conventional sound to be a shot in the dark at
                                                                      Not content to simply tread water, Devendra           making it big, but little has actually changed
                                                                    adds more instruments, more meaning, more               about the integrity contained in his songs. No
                                                                    español, and more feeling to his songs. The             one can predict exactly how much popular ap-
                                                                    change is immediately noticeable on tunes               peal "Cripple Crow" will have until it drops next
                                                                    like “Long Haired Child” and “I Feel Just Like          Tuesday, but I encourage anyone who has the
                                                                    a Child,” where he experiments with a 1950’s            chance to hear it to listen with an open mind.
                                                                    rock sound and a distinctively community-               Banhart’s admirable ability to throw caution to
                                                                    minded aesthetic. Electric guitars, playful per-        the wind and his newfound interest in creat-
                                                                    cussion and joyous backing vocals accompany             ing songs that almost qualify as “pop” come
                                                                    Banhart in many places on "Cripple Crow," but           together to make what will undoubtedly be one
  DEVENDRA                                                          as always, this artist has a firm grip on exactly        of the finest releases of 2005.
  BANHART                                                           what belongs in a tune – and (perhaps more                ~Jon Rogers, contributing writer


  The Rolling Stones: “A Bigger Bang"
                         The Rolling         missed and irreplaceable Brian Jones      down. “Rain Fall Down” is easily the
                       Stones have always    and Bill Wyman? Or is it youth?           best song the Rolling Stones have
                       been a simple         Yeah ... it’s youth. The Rolling Stones   recorded in 20 years.
                       band. They have       used to be able to pull off the sexu-       Unfortunately, "A Bigger Bang" is full
                       never been big        ally perverse vibe, but when Keith        of misfires: tracks that fail to inspire
                       thinkers, forego-     Richards mumbles “Come on in/bare         much enthusiasm, are immediately
                       ing the political,    your breasts/and make me feel right       forgettable and, at times, insufferable.
                       statements that       at home,” on “This Place is Empty,” it      “Oh No, Not You Again” fails to de-
          ★★★          made the ’60s         sounds like dialogue out of the R.Kelly   liver the goods, featuring an un-
          out of five
                       memorable, and        sex tape, rather than a love song, mak-   inspired riff by Richards and
  aside from 1967’s "Their Satanic Maj-      ing it clear that The Rolling Stones      limp vocal by Jagger. File this
  esties Request," they haven’t strayed      have become just a tad irrelevant. But    under forgettable. “Sweet
  far from the blues and country-in-         then again, like an old man who can’t     Neo Con” attacks George
  flected rock ‘n’ roll that made them        quite give up his hardened ways, there    W. Bush (Isn’t everybody
  famous. Yes, the Rolling Stones have       is a certain charm here.                  these days?) in a manner
  always cared more about getting laid         The album starts off with a bang,       that reminds listeners why
  and getting high than peace, love and      with the first single “Rough Justice”      the Rolling Stones have
  big ideas. You would think senior          an old-fashioned Rolling Stones cut,      never been terrific topical
  citizenship would change Mick, Keith,      with a chomping Richards riff and         songwriters.
  Charlie and that guy from the Small        squealing slide guitars courtesy of         "A Bigger Bang" is not a
  Faces (just kidding, his name is Ron       Wood. Mick Jagger’s sexed-up lyrics       terrible album, but it sags
  Wood), but the Rolling Stones seem         amplify the attitude put across in the    under the weight of too
  determined to remain true to the           song. These guys are bad. Jagger hasn’t   much music (the album
  raw sexual sound that made albums          sounded this good in years.               is over an hour long) and
  like Sticky Fingers, "Let it Bleed," and     The album’s best track, “Rain Fall      under some particularly
  "Beggars Banquet" so damn good. "A         Down,” features a rolling, soulful bass   poor songwriting. The
  Bigger Bang," the first Stones album in     line and a classic riff from the master   Rolling Stones remind
  eight years, doesn’t depart from this      of classic riffs, Richards. Richards      me of the old Neil Young
  formula.                                   and Wood trade riffs and licks like old   lyric, “It’s better to burn
    But alas, something is amiss here.       pros, and Charlie Watts disciplined       out than it is to rust.”
  Is it the songwriting? Is it the long-     drumming holds the whole thing              ~Matt Erler, staff writer                                 THE ROLLING
                                                                                                                                                         Reviews • 9

                         IN MY HEADPHONES REVIEWS
                         JONAT H A N SA NDER S’

                                                                                       RECENT RELEASE

                                                                                       Between the Buried and Me: “Alaska"
             Canadian Invasion
       Audience determines outcome of new release
                                                                                                             A year and a
                                                                                                           few months after
                                                                                                           the release of the
                                                                                                           crushing “The
                                                                                                           Silent Circus,”
                                                                                                                                   displays of technical ability — are much
                                                                                                                                   smoother than before and seem less for
                                                                                                                                   their own sake than as simply what fits.
                                                                                                                                     For the most part, the sound
                                                                                                                                   doesn’t deviate too much from the
                                                                                                           North Carolina-         band’s first two albums, and al-
RECENT RELEASE                                                                                             based technical-        though the heightened musicality
                                                                                                           melodic death           makes the album more listenable, it’s
Our Lady Peace: “Healthy in Paranoid TImes"                                                   ★★
                                                                                             out of five
                                                                                                                                   nonetheless hard to make it through
                                                                                                                                   the whole thing in one sitting.
                        Oh Canada,          does a better job than most at voicing     tion-fits act “Between the Buried and          Fortunately, songs like the instru-
                      where something       his argument without falling back on       Me” returns with the next step in the       mental “Medicine Wheel” offer a
                      lacing the water      cliches.                                   band’s evolution, “Alaska.”                 welcome reprieve from the relentless
                      seems to give           It’s not all angry protest music                              “Alaska” clearly       thrashing. Further electronic influence
                      artists amazing       though. Maida may be sitting on his                                features a stron-   is felt on the synthesizer-drenched
                      talent with only      best single yet in “Boy,” which blends                               ger interplay     opening of “Selkies: The Endless
                      one drawback          early U2 with Coldplay and classic                                    between the      Obsession,” and vocalist Tommy Rog-
                      — Americans will      Our Lady Peace grunge to create the                                   band’s mem-      ers pulls out a little Mars Volta-esque
     ★★★★             virtually ignore      kind of single Top 40 radio clamors                                   bers, as the     vocals at the end of the time-stretching
      out of five
                      you. Our Lady         for. “Boy, you’ll be running but can’t                                transitions      “Backwards Marathon.”
Peace fits that mold perfectly. Their        get anywhere! Don’t carry the weight                                  between the        As the out-of-nowhere instrumental
sophomore album, “Clumsy,” was their        of the world ...” The song is so well                               band’s typical     lounge track “Laser Speed” closes the
only effort to go Platinum in the United    orchestrated, it’s bound to be popping                             devices — a         album, there isn’t exactly a feeling of
States. Grunge is dead, people said, and    up on stations everywhere this winter.                             metallic grind,     catharsis or any sort of summation.
turned their ears toward rap rock.            “Healthy In Paranoid Times” proves                              soaring melodic      Instead, more of a “What the hell just
  Oh for shame!                             once again that whoever said grunge                                   passages and     happened here?” reaction. If that’s
  The band has forged on, however, and      should stay dead forever belongs in an                                       dizzy-    what the band was going for, it hit
should be called the hardest working        asylum. While the band has updated its                                           ing   the nail on the head.
band in rock. Their sixth album in a        sound over the years, there’s plenty of                                                  ~Christopher Steffen
decade, “Healthy In Paranoid Times”, is     what made their early albums work for                                                    Oklahoma Daily
a raging statement from start to finish      diehard fan. Success of the album in
that the band is in peak form, daring       America, however, is going to depend
American listeners to ignore it. It is      on what Columbia is willing to do to
by far the band’s most cohesive work        promote it. The band rarely gets press
since their song “Superman’s Dead”          in the likes of Rolling Stone, and the
was all over the alt rock airwaves. But     only single to get airplay recently was
will Americans even hear it?                “Somewhere Out There” off Gravity. If
                                            Americans are going to hear “Healthy
 Looks like the Holy Ghost is gone          In Paranoid Times,” people are going
 Now you’re afraid of yourself              to have to get out there and spread the
 Over your shoulder you have to watch       word about this great Canadian band.
 Heaven fall into Hell ...                  Based on what has happened with
                                            past releases, I fear without a persis-
  Boom! With that short falsetto intro      tent advertising force in this country,    BETWEEN THE
by Raine Maida, the band crunches           “Healthy In Paranoid Times” will prob-     BURIED AND ME
into overdrive on “Angels/Losing/           ably disappear as quickly as “Gravity”
Sleep” which is a fitting beginning for      did in 2002.
an album that covers such a range             What a shame.                            RECENT RELEASE
of sounds. With this one track, the
band lifts elements from all five of
their previous albums to create the
                                            On the Web                                 Dredg: “Catch Without Arms"
ultimate opening for this one.              Visit                          Don’t let the        to discount Hayes’ abilities, but his
  Recorded over a three-year period,                                                                        name fool you.         voice gives one the impression that
                                            for mp3 samples of music reviewed,                              Dredg is no            he belongs in a heavier, more hard-
the album incorporates a good deal
of the non-American view of the Iraq
                                            links to artists' pages and more.                               grungy, dark, hard-    core rock genre.
war — Maida and his wife spent a                                                                            hitting heavy metal      On “Zebraskin,” the music turns
good period of that time working                                                                            band. The new          into a soft jazz that sounds like it
overseas for the War Child charity,                                                                         album makes that       might be better suited for elevator
and his anger at the Bush administra-                                                                       point repeatedly.      speakers. The title track, “Catch With-
tion shows through. On songs like                                                               ★             “Catch without       out Arms,” is (rather ironically) about
                                                                                             out of five
“Where Are You” he rages against                                                                            Arms,” is the          staying true to one’s feelings and not
people who sit on the sidelines and                                                    band’s third studio album. And for          compromising musical style just to
watch as the world falls apart around                                                  this band, the third time is most defi-      please an audience.
them. In “Wipe That Smile Off Your                                                     nitely not the charm.                         Bright spots on the album include
Face” he yells at Bush directly, though                                                  The California-based group has            “The Tanbark is Hot Lava” and
subtly: “I’m not your friend and I wont                                                only recently managed to break free         “Sang Real.”
pretend that I’ve come here for peace,”                                                from the underground music scene              The end result: an altogether unim-
Maida sings over a stuttering synth                                                    and begin to achieve widespread             pressive, largely unmoving, mediocre
line. “I’m not afraid, I’m gonna make                                                  mainstream airplay and popularity           attempt at groundbreaking alt-rock
you pay, gonna wipe that smile off                                                     with the release of the new record’s        that misses its mark by a long shot.
your face. This is war!” It’s the perfect                                              first single “Bug Eyes."                     This album hardly scratches the sur-
anthem for the large portion of the                                                      The instrumentals are fairly decent.      face of a band that has the capability to
world that would love to side with                                                     Then the vocals enter in ... strained       do so much better musically.
America in a war on terror, and Maida
                                                OUR LADY PEACE                         and whiny, almost out of place. Not           ~Lisa Lewis, Daily O'Collegian
10 • 72 HOURS

                                                                                                                                                  DN PHOTO/JEFFREY FURTICELLA

  Drive-in: Theater lets moviegoers relax, enjoy quiet atmosphere
  Continued from PAGE 6                       been made, some Ski-Hi employees                This feature will also help those who     much about the savings; they just
                                              are expecting destruction.                    can never decide which movie to see.        like the drive-in environment better,
    “Where Mr. Teicher got that, I don’t        “It’s not locked and sealed, but I          Since Ski-Hi has two screens playing        potholes and all.
  know,” he said.                             think those are the plans right now,”         two different movies simultaneously,          “Our prices are a lot cheaper,” Mid-
    When Teicher leaves, Kerasotes will       three-year Teicher employee Brandon           it is possible to park in a position that   kiff said. “But a lot of people come
  estimate how much money is needed           Midkiff said.                                 allows you to watch them both at the        out here, and they don’t even know
  to be invested in the drive-in to repair      The theater on the corner of U.S.           same time. A simple switch of the dial      what’s playing; they just like the
  severe deteriorations.                      Highways 3 and 28, six miles north of         will change which movie you hear.           atmosphere.”
    The building for concessions and          Muncie, was first opened in 1952.                Since the addition of a second              People enjoy watching movies under
  restrooms is in need of restoration,          Many Ski-Hi patrons                                          screen about five years     the stars, sitting in their own cars
  and the potholes in the driveways           have been watching          Don't be late                      ago, Ski-Hi offers         and chairs and being able to lie down
  are reminiscent of McKinley Avenue          movies there for years      The first movie begins at 7:55 double features on              if they want to, he said.
  before this summer.                         and are confused about p.m., followed by a short in-           Friday, Saturday and         Basically, all the restrictions at an in-
    Kerasotes Theatres will also be do-       the rumors surround-        termission. The second movie Sunday for the regular           door movie theater are kissed goodbye
  ing market research in the next few         ing the future of the       starts at 10 p.m. Both movies admission price of $6           at the drive-in. If you want, you can
  months to understand why atten-             Muncie pastime.                                                for adults and $3 for      lie on the ground, walk around, smoke
                                                “I heard they were
                                                                          can be seen for the price of       children.                  cigarettes and enjoy your own food and
  dance has fallen from last year. The                                    $6. For more information and
  company will make a decision on the         going to demolish it,”                                           The first features        drinks, although alcohol is prohibited.
  drive-in only after the estimate and        Muncie resident Chris       movie names, visit http://www. begin at 7:55 p.m. and           But, there are no ushers with
  research are complete, maybe some-          Caudill said. “I’ve been           are followed by a short    flashlights to regulate the audience.
  time around May, Kerasotes said.            coming here since I was drive_in.                              intermission. The sec-     Nobody will kick you out for making
    Ski-Hi is the only drive-in owned by      a kid. I remember when                                         ond features usually       out with your date. If you have to talk
  Kerasotes, the 10th largest motion          I saw ‘Return of the Jedi' here.’”            start around 10 p.m. Many people            through the whole movie, go ahead
  picture exhibition company in North           Caudill said he hopes Kerasotes will        see this two-for-one deal as the main       and give away the ending; nobody
  America.                                    continue operating the drive-in next          reason to go to the drive-in.               will hear you.
    Kerasotes has pushed Tiecher Theaters     year and not tear it down because he            “You can’t hardly rent movies for            The rule at the drive-in is mostly
  out of business before, assistant manager   enjoys the drive-in much more than            that now,” Melissa McClintick of Lapel      live and let live: Don’t bother others
  at Ski-Hi Kari Rennekamp said.              an indoor theater.                            said. “Here, you get two good movies        and others won’t bother you.
    “The same thing happened at the             “It’s more laid back, and you can re-       for a good deal. Plus, I’ve got a Jeep        “People have sex, people smoke
  mall,” she said.                            lax without people talking all around         so I can lay back and relax.”               weed, people drink beer,” Rennekamp
    When Kerasotes built ShowPlace 12,        you,” he said. “I don’t wanna hear              Ski-Hi also offers a wider selection      said. “It’s the drive-in.”
  the owner of the property, Simon,           some dude chatter about what he’s             of concessions at cheaper prices.             One time, two parents complained
  cancelled Tiecher’s lease because they      having for dinner tonight.”                   While popcorn, nachos, candies and          to the manager after their children
  did not want two competing theaters           If people are disrespectful at the          sodas are the traditional choices at an     pointed out that there were two
  on the property, Rennekamp said.            drive-in, movie-goers can simply roll         indoor venue, Ski-Hi offers those and       people having sex in the car beside
    “We’re getting edged out by the big-      up the windows or turn up the vol-            everything from footlongs and corn          their van, she said.
  ger fish,” she said.                         ume on their car stereos. The movie’s dogs to pizzas and buffalo wings at                   “The manager told an employee to
    Despite Kerasotes’ claims that no         sound is transmitted through the              prices that won’t gouge your wallet.        have them move the car,” Rennekamp
  decisions about the drive-in have           radio on 90.5 or 91.5 FM.                       But some people do not care as            said.
                                                                                                                                                   72 HORUS • 11


                     PHAT FESTIVAL

Jefferson Street
Tipton, Ind. 46072
(765) 675-2342
Annual festival
including various
activities, food

                     Chopped full of fun
and entertainment
Friday, Saturday
and Sunday;
times vary for
specific events         Today marks the start of the 37th annual     Princess and Queen’s Pageant, a car                Pork festival tasty time for all
                     Pork Festival, held in Tipton, Ind. The fes-   show, an eight-kilometer race, a carnival          Got the hankerin’ for a tasty pork product this
Cost: FREE           tival, which began in 1969, was created to     and a poker run.                                   weekend? Point your wagons west to Tipton for
                                                                                                                       the annual Pork Festival. Just head north on
                     celebrate the secret recipe used on pork         The festival also will feature two concerts.
(unless you plan     chops at a cookout on the Tipton Court-        Friday night is country night, featuring “Little
                                                                                                                       Wheeling Ave. and turn left on State Rd. 28, and
                                                                                                                       you will be enjoyin’ your chops in no time.
on trying the        house lawn.                                    Texas." Saturday night is rock night featur-
                       “It’s always been about the pork chops,”     ing the 1970s band Ambrosia, from Califor-                                             5
famous pork          Randy Byal, manager of the Tipton Coun-        nia. Both concerts are free for guests, as are
                     ty Pork Festival Committee said. Byal          all other events at the Pork Festival.                                            69
                     was asked to join the committee 30 years         “One neat thing we do is give the local                           26
                                                                                                                                                                        0       5

                     ago when he took a job at the Tipton Tri-      clubs and organizations a chance to fund-
                     bune. Over 10,000 pounds of pork chops         raise,” Byal said. More than 200 venders                      19
                     are used throughout the three-day pe-          will be at the Art Show and Arts and Craft               28
                     riod, Byal said.                               Market to sell their handmade pieces.                                               332
                       “We have a few sponsors, but the sales         “We expect more than 100,000 people                                                              Muncie
                     of the pork chops fund all the other ac-       over the three days,” Byal said. It’s a
                     tivities,” Byal said.                          community-wide event, but everyone is               31

                       Tonight’s festivities kick-off with a pa-    encouraged to stop by and savor the age-                                                       3
                                                                                                                                   37        69
                     rade. Numerous events are scheduled for        old tastes.
                     the three-day festival, including a Pork       ~Ashley Grove, 72 Hours Editor                     SOURCE: YAHOO.COM            DN GRAPHIC/DAVID BRZEZINSKI
12 • 72HOURS

                           KASEY B R ADL EY AN D JAS O N LU E B K E ' S

                          CHEW ON THIS!
            A bar that breaks the boundaries
                     Mr. Mouse offers better-than-average bar food, atmosphere to boot
    In their search for the finest dining    beverage from the sizeable bar cost me         their regular form or in spicy/Cajun                 There is crap hanging in literally,
  Delaware County has to offer, the in-      less than $10 with a tip for my friendly       form. Booyah!                                        every inch of the bar. It’s wacky, it’s
  trepid and hungry Jason and Kasey         waitress/barkeep.                                                                                   tacky, it’s downright American.
  left Muncie to find a far-from-mousy                                                        J: The quality of the food really com-
  meal. Their search brought them to         K: Exactly. Another surprising factor         pletes the food trifecta; cheap, good                  J: The tie rack on the back wall really
  Yorktown's Mr. Mouse. How does it         that I didn’t expect was the quality of        and lots of it. I would seriously consider           caught my attention. Guys coming into
  stack up to Muncie eateries? Find out     the food. A burger is a good way to test       placing an order for take-out the next               Mr. Mouse are asked to take off their
  in the latest Chew on This!               how the rest of the food could be sim-         time I have people over, but you cannot              ties, in accordance with the casual feel-
                                            ply because it’s so basic. I have to say,      get the atmosphere of Mr. Mouse to go.               ing. So the dress code mates the feeling
    Kasey: Mr. Mouse is, more or less,                                                                                                               of the bar; anything but stuffy.
  a bar in Yorktown. That being said,
  Mr. Mouse offers a variety of your                                                                                                                  K: This lackadaisical attitude
  standard bar munchables and be-                                                                                                                   may have also rubbed off on the
  yond. Not only could you get a bas-                                                                                                               employees. If there was anything
  ket of jalapeno poppers, you could                                                                                                                the joint could have used, it was
  also chow down on a pork chop or                                                                                                                  a good wipe-down, pressure wash
  sandwich.                                                                                                                                         and/or sandblast, because there
                                                                                                                                                    was a layer of dust coating nearly
    Jason: I would like to address the                                                                                                              every decorative surface - the nov-
  idea of bar food. I think too often                                                                                                               elty balloons and so on.
  bar food gets a bad rap. And it may
  be true that many bars do serve up                                                                                                                  J: That many be so, but there is
  food people wouldn’t eat unless they                                                                                                              certainly no dust on the pool tables,
  have had a few. Mr. Mouse takes nor-                                                                                                              jukebox, cigarette machine or the
  mal bar food and really takes it up                                                                                                               microphone for karaoke. These items
  a notch. They don’t serve bar food,                                                                                                               are too well used to collect dust.
  they serve food; at a bar.
                                                                                                                                                      K: Indeed. This brings us further
    K: Okay, you’re right, I’ll admit it.                                                                                                           into the Mr. Mouse environment. Not
  It IS actual food. Mr. Mouse has a                                                                                                                only do we have all sorts of electronic
  selection of appetizers, sandwiches                                                                                                               poker machines and so on, we’ve got
  and entrees that range from grilled,                                                                                                              a dance floor and all kinds of stuff.
  to fried, and the portions are sur-
  prisingly large. For instance, I had                                                                                                                J: The weekly band performances
  the Mr. Mouse Burger — a burger                                                                                                                   really bring in the crowds. With live
  that would typically cost $6 or $7                                                                                                                music, a fun atmosphere and plen-
  anyplace else.                                                                                                                                    ty of drinks, I could think of worse
                                                                                                                                                    ways to spend a Saturday night.
    J: My tenderloin sandwich was
  HUGE. It really would have taken                                                                          DN PHOTOS/JEFFREY FURTICELLA              K: Agreed. Mr. Mouse sets the bar
  three hamburger buns to cover it. My      I’ve never had a burger of Mr. Mouse                                                                for bars. However, I could also think of
  side of onion rings were fried to per-    caliber at any diner. These people are          K: This is definitely another thing to               many better places to grab a bite to eat.
  fection and was certainly more than       definitely not slouching. Another bo-           account for. If there’s one thing Mr.                All in all, Mr. Mouse has great food for
  I could eat. These items paired with a    nus — you can get your fries in either         Mouse has in spades, it’s atmosphere.                a bar, but it’s still a bar at heart.

                                               Mr. Mouse                  9101 West Smith Street, Yorktown, Ind., 47396
                                               Hours: Open 11 a.m. to midnight       Atmosphere: Bar type atmosphere,             Jason's rating:        Kasey's rating:
                                               Monday through Thursday and 11        casual to the extreme.                           ★★★                    ★★★      1/2
                                                                                                                                      out of five            out of five
                                               a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday.   Menu: Average choices, above average         The Good: Big bar, different than campus-area
                                               Phone: Reservations are               food. Limited vegetarian options, many       establishment.
                                               encouraged. For more information      fried items.                                 The Bad: Only one beer on tap. Minors not allowed
                                               call, (765) 759-7987                  Menu: Cheap for what you eat. Dinner         after 9 p.m.
                                                                                     is higly affordable, easy to stay within a   The Ridiculous: The amount of flair covering the walls
                                                                                     budget.                                      of Mr. Mouse.

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