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					Cook & Chill
    What is Cook & Chill?
    Cook & Chill is a simple, controlled system of advanced food preparation designed to provide more
    flexibility and ensure food safety in foodservice. The technique involves:

    • Preparing
    • Cooking
    • Blast chilling/ freezing
    • Keeping cool
    • Regenerating

    The production system itself is simple to operate if well managed, and completely safe.

    Why Cook & Chill?
    Cooking food kills bacteria and quick cooling down and immediately storing food at low temperatures
    limits their growth.

    Cook & Chill systems not only ensure higher food safety but also improvement for:

    • Food quality
    • Nutritional value
    • Flavour
    • Appearance

    With a high-grade Cook & Chill system, especially suited to your needs, you can avoid unnecessary
    risks and get new guests through higher quality products.

Cook & Chill Know-how
Eloma is thermal specialist and provides you with a well-balanced assortment of combi steamers.

The only equipment you will require for a small to medium sized Cook & Chill operation is a suitable Eloma
combi steamer and Blast Chiller or Chiller Freezer. You will also need suitable storage such as a
gastronorm refrigerator or coldroom (1°/4°C) for storing the finished product for up to 5 days, or a freezer
(-18°/-22°C) for frozen products for a storage up to several months.

Gain essential advantages by using Cook & Chill systems for buffet, banquet or “à la carte”.

• Increased productivity
• Reduced food waste
• Expanded menu
• Increased turnover

In many cases up to 30% increase in profits and faster amortisation on captial employed.

To ensure complete success your staff should be given specific training on the Cook & Chill operation.
Eloma is able to help you with this. The combination of innovation, performance and quality
management are the driving forces behind Eloma, resulting in superior Cook & Chill KNOW HOW.

Equipment examples
To make it easy for you to get started we have listed the most popular equipment combinations for Cook
& Chill. You can calculate approximately 3 cycles per machine by using the thermal hoods.

                                   Eloma                            Blast chillers /
Number of covers                                                                                          Cold storage
                               combi steamer                        Chiller freezers
                              Genius /MB 6-11                                                             Refrigerator /
         <30                                                             3 rack
                                  18 plates                                                                 Freezer
                              Genius /MB 10-11                                                            Refrigerator /
       30-50                                                            6-10 rack
                                  32 plates                                                                 Freezer
                          Genius /MB 20-11/12-21                                                         Refrigerator /
       50-100                                                            13 rack
                                62/77 plates                                                                Freezer
                             Genius /MB 20-21                                                           Modular or Roll-in
      100-300                                                       roll-in for 2/1 GN
                                  120 plates                                                               Coldroom
                          Genius /MB 20-21 + 20-11                                                      Modular or Roll-in
      300-500                                                       roll-in for 2/1 GN
                               120 + 62 plates                                                             Coldroom
                            2 Genius /MB 20-21                                                          Modular or Roll-in
      500-700                                                       roll-in for 2/1 GN
                              120 + 120 plates                                                             Coldroom
                            3 Genius /MB 20-21                                                          Modular or Roll-in
     700-1000                                                       roll-in for 2/1 GN
                           120 + 120 + 120 plates                                                          Coldroom
Please note these are approximate numbers – for detailed information on Cook & Chill products for your operation please contact your
local Eloma dealer.

The Cook & Chill Process


                                                                                             à la carte

 Blast chilling /
 Blast freezing


                                               Cooking / Regenerating

 Refrigerating /
 Freezer Storage


Using a Cook & Chill system makes your kitchen more effective and efficient.

   Can be used by any foodservice                                        Increased food quality, enables menu
   operation, large or small.                                            expansion – for more guests and
                                                                         higher turnover.
   Cook-Chill is simple to implement and
   operate.                                                              Saves time, energy and food waste –
                                                                         increases profitability.
   Makes compliance with latest HACCP
   and Food Safety Legislation simple.                                   Quite simply – will improve your
                                                                         business and profitability.

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