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                        The Highlands                                                                             October 2010

                                   The Highlands Community Association Newsletter
      Volume 56, Number 9                                                                           www.highlandscommunity.o rg

       Community Input On The Youth Services Center Is Welcomed
       by Stuart Forrest, Chief Probation Officer, San Mateo County
                                                                                            exchanged about the decon-
                                                                                            struction of the Hillcrest facili-
                                                                                            ty has been timely, accurate,
                                                                                            and broadly distributed. Major
                                                                                            security lapses have been
                                                                                            addressed, and structural prob-
                                                                                            lems are being corrected.
                                                                                                During the next few weeks,
                                                                                            I would like to meet with
                                                                                            Highlands residents to discuss
           As a Highland’s resident for over 50 years, I came      the condition of the berm, or barrier, which separates
       to the position of Chief Probation Officer determined       the facility from homes on Cobblehill Place,
       that the Youth Services Center will make every effort       Allegheny Way, and Ticonderoga Drive. This is a
       to be a good neighbor to my community. This effort          major issue that impacts community and facility safe-
       includes:                                                   ty as well as the ability for adjacent homeowners to
       • Maintaining security measures that protect the            enjoy the security and privacy of their properties.
       community as well as the facility                               For several months, various security and landscap-
       • Encouraging input and dialog about department-            ing options have been thoroughly studied. We now
       community issues                                            require your input after you have an opportunity to
       • Providing the most reliable information available.        see and hear clear and reliable information.
           So far, I feel that the collaboration between               The meeting (date, time, location) will be
       department staff and representatives of the Highlands       announced through the mail and Internet. Your partic-
       Community Association has been productive and               ipation will be greatly appreciated.
       mutually supportive. As a result, information

                                      Highlands Community Association Election
                            The annual election of the HCA Board of Directors takes place at the
                                 November General Meeting. Nominations take place at the
                                                      October meeting.
                                                 Come out and participate!
                                            Questions? email

              HRD Meeting                              lowdown Deadline                         HCA Meeting
           Tuesday, November 9, 7 p.m.                   Friday, November 5                 Tuesday, October 26, 7:30 p.m.
             Rec Center Social Room                                                            Rec Center Social Room
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                 The Highlands
       2                                                                                                            October 2010

                             Indian summer weather has come           of the PTA fundraising projects that support the school’s
                         back as this lowdown is being prepared       educational programs. See the article on page 9 for
                         and children are already concentrating       other ways you can help the hard-working PTA volun-
                         on their Halloween costumes. No matter       teers.
                         what the weather will be like on that hol-       Sad News: I was very sorry to learn of the deaths of
                         iday night, if you’re driving, be sure to    two long-time Highlands residents, Nancy Risso and
                          keep your eyes open for kids who don’t      Caroline Bookspun. Nancy passed away in September.
       Rick Priola        always watch where they’re going when       She and her family purchased their Highlands home
       HCA President
                          they’re excited and wearing masks.          when it was only a year old. Many remember her late
       Check page 4 for information about the Rec Center’s            husband, cartoonist Mario, and his designs for July 4th
       Halloween Family Fun Night. It’s always a winner.              t-shirts. Their son Steve is currently a Rec employee.
           Youth Services Center: The September HCA meet-                 Caroline lost her long battle with leukemia on
       ing heard a presentation about the Youth Services Center       October 8. She and husband Arnie also raised their fam-
       by San Mateo County’s Chief Probation Officer (and             ily in the Highlands. Their son Mike also worked at the
       Highlands resident), Stuart Forrest. He emphasized the         Rec for a while after college. A celebration of Caroline’s
       importance of keeping our neighborhood informed about          life will take place in a month or two.
       the facility’s plans and receiving our feedback. We will          As always, I look forward to meeting you and
       be meeting with him on Oct. 18. See his article on page        seeing you at the HCA meetings. If you have ques-
       1 of this lowdown, which explains the process he intends       tions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at
       to initiate for this interaction.                    
            HCA Board Election: At the October HCA meet-
       ing, the Nominating Committee will present a slate of               HCA Meeting Tuesday, October 26, 7:30 p.m.
       nominees for the 2011 HCA Board of Directors, and the                                     Agenda
       floor will be open for nominations. The election takes              I. Call to Order
       place at the November meeting. With questions or for                II. Review and Approval of the Minutes
       more information, e-mail                         III. Sheriff’s Dept/CHP/CDR Cal Fire
            New Garbage Cans: I don’t think I’m the only one               IV. Treasurer’s Report
       who is a little confused about the different categories of          V. Reports
       garbage and trash that we will be dealing with when the               A. First Vice President
       new company’s program goes into effect. The required                  B. Second Vice President
       composting will begin after January 1. If you have any                C. Treasurer
       questions or are not sure about any part of the garbage               D. Membership
       and trash collection, call (650) 595-3900. You won’t be               E. lowdown
       put on hold, and you’ll get the information you need                  F. Public Utilities Committee
       promptly.                                                             G. Emergency Services Committee
            Highlands School PTA: You can support                            H. Land Committee
       Highlands School and get rid of those used printer ink
                                                                           VI. Old Business
       cartridges that somehow manage to pile up by dropping
                                                                           VII. New Business/Announcements
       them off at the school office for recycling. This is one

       HCA Board Officers for 2010                                    HCA Committee Chairs for 2010
       President:                Rick Priola               574-8313   Land:                    Sam Naifeh           572-8787
       First VP:                 Jean-Pierre Bernard       357-7644   Public Utilities:        Wil Pinney           345-2546
       Second VP:                Gene McKenna              346-7348   Emergency Services:      Pam Merkadeau        280-9046
       Treasurer:                David Krakower      (415) 398-1100   Membership:              Liesje Nicolas       773-7805
       Secretary:                Denise Haas               372-0373   Technology:              Beverley Madden      574-1593
       lowdown Editor:           Dorothy Greene            341-1752
       lowdown Co-Editor:        James Nemschoff           570-5023
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                                                                                                  The Highlands
      October 2010                                                                                                              3

                                                                HCA MINUTES
      by Denise Haas, Secretary
                                                                                           gathered concerning the natural
                  HCA Meeting                                                              gas line the runs under/near
         Tuesday September 28, 2010                                                        homes in the north part of the
      I. Call to Order – the meeting                                                       Highlands. The Area 1 PG&E
      was called to order at 7:39 p.m. by                        SAVE ENERGY               supervisor who oversees the nat-
      President Rick Priola.                                 92% EFFICIENT RADIANT         ural gas line in our area is Frank
      II. Review & Approval of the                                                         Salguero (415) 722 7954.
      Minutes – Motion to approve the                                                      G. Emergency Services
      minutes of July 27, 2010, was                                                        Committee – no report
      moved by Wil Pinney, seconded                                                        H. Land Committee – no
      by David Krakower, and carried                                                       report
      unanimously.                                           Serving the Highlands
                                                             Community Since 1976          IV. Old Business – none
      III. .Sheriff’s Department/                                                          V. New Business/
      California Highway Patrol/CDF                               650-787-6286             Announcements – Chief
      Deputy Ward reminds residents to                                                     Probation Officer Stuart Forrest
      call the Sheriff if concerned about                                                  reported that in the next few
      solicitors. Cal Fire is working with             announced the deadline for sub-     weeks, the Youth Services
      the HRD to offer CERT training                   missions for the October lowdown    Center would like to invite resi-
      for residents in October.                        is Friday, October 8.               dents to discuss the security of
      IV. Reports                                      F. Public Utilities Committee –     the facility, the security of peo-
      A. 1st Vice-President – J.P.                     Wil Pinney is open to questions     ple who live near the berm, and
      Bernard announced that the HRD                   from people who are concerned       landscaping plans. He encour-
      budget was passed in August.                     about the natural gas line. Email   ages and solicits feedback from
      Margaret Glomstad reported on                    him at Jay    residents.
      repairs to the Rec Center deck,                  Beard, a Highlands’ resident,       VI. Adjournment – The meet-
      pool resurfacing, and the proposed               reported on information he has      ing was adjourned at 8:38 p.m.
      child development center funding.
      J.P. Bernard reported that he is
      forming a nominating committee
      for the HCA Board elections.
      B. 2nd Vice-President – no
      C. Treasurer – David Krakower
      presented the balance sheet, which
      reflects a surplus at this time.
      D. Membership – Liesje Nicolas
      reported on the membership and
      welcome party held in September.
      E. lowdown – Dorothy Greene

            Free Estimates * Free pick-up & delivery * Free rental car

          Two generations of Highlanders providing their neighbors with
                personal service and top quality auto body repair.

                     CALL RICK OR THOM AT 341-1100.
                        2107 Palm Avenue, San Mateo
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                  The Highlands
       4                                                                                                            October 2010

                                  HIGHLANDS RECREATION CENTER

                        Preschool                     Highlands Science Camp               November. Pilates is a great class
                     We currently have                  Toyology 10/13-11/10               whether you are just beginning or
                 open enrollment for                Mystery Science 11/17-12/15            have never practiced the tech-
                 our Early Education                 Science Adventures changes to         nique. Pilates is a series of over 35
                 Program, which serves           Highlands Science Camp. The               exercises that can be performed on
       children ages 2.5-5. Our play-            Highlands Rec Center will now be          the mat, including flexion, exten-
       based program runs Mondays                running the Science Adventures            sion, lateral flexion, and rotation
       through Fridays from 8 a.m. to            classes, and very few changes will        exercises. A combination of basic,
       12:30 p.m. Please call Rebecca            be made. The times and dates will         intermediate, and advanced exer-
       Hitchcock at (650) 341-4251 or            be the same, with just a one-week         cises are introduced as you devel-
       e-mail           delay on the first session. All class-    op strength, flexibility, coordina-
       for more information!                     es will run from 12:05 to 1:30            tion. and mental awareness. No
                                                 p.m., with a built-in children’s          experience is necessary; all levels
               Preschool Nite Out                lunch time prior to the start of the      are welcome.
             Friday, Nov. 5, 6-9 p.m.            class. The Highlands Rec Staff will
           Sign up your children ages 2.5-       ensure that Highlands Science                Underwater Pumpkin Patch
       5 for a night of dinner, movie, and       Camp keeps the same quality of                  Sunday, Oct 24, 2-4 p.m.
       fun at the Rec! $22 per child, with       trained staff and selected science                               Come pick
       a $5 sibling discount.                    projects as Science Adventures                               out a pumpkin at
                                                 during this transition period. For                           our annual
         Halloween Family Fun Night              more information call Jeff at (650)                          aquatic pumpkin
         Friday, October 29 $5/person            341-4251.                                                    patch. Entrance
           Be a part of this year’s                                                        is free. Carving tools will be pro-
       Halloween Family Fun Night                         Pilates Mat Class                vided. Pumpkins will cost $6-$11,
       2010. Highlights include: BINGO,               Wednesday, 11/3-12/15                based on size. Hot apple cider and
       with multiple prizes from local               6:30-7:30 p.m. Rec Gym                other goodies will be for sale.
       businesses, Haunted House, Candy                         $60/65
       Walk, Costume Contest, and many              Pilates Mat class with instructor
       other family-oriented activities.         Laura Wratten will be back in                    Rec Programs: to page 10
       Don’t miss out on this opportunity
       to meet friends in the neighbor-                                                   SYLVIA MERKADEAU
       hood and enjoy a spooky night at                                                     Preview Property Specialist
       the Highlands Recreation Center.                                                             Bus 650.558.6840
                                                                                                    Res 650.573.9108
           Highlands Hoopsters 2011                                                   
             January 22-March 12                                                  
           Highlands Hoopsters is right
       around the corner. This co-ed
       instructional basketball league is                           BE AN INFORMED VOTER
       scheduled to run for seven weeks.
       Three divisions include: K-1st                    Go to THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS website
       Grades, 2nd-3rd Grades, and 4th-                   to learn more
       5th Grades. Sign-ups begin on
                                                             about the issues in the November 2 election
       November 1.
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                                                                                                       The Highlands
        October 2010                                                                                                                   5

                                               COMMUNITY NEWS

       Water System Upgrades are Underway
       by Dorothy Greene
                                                                                             Skyline Boulevard has been closed
           Among the pleasures of life in
                                                                                             between the southbound exit of
       the Highlands is our proximity to
                                                                                             Highway 280 and the intersection
       the beautiful, serene Crystal
                                                                                             with Crystal Springs Road. This
       Springs Reservoir. But the reservoir
                                                                                             closure will last at least three years.
       is more than a stunning view from
                                                                                                 In late October, the Crystal
       our cars or excursions on Sawyer
                                                                                             Springs/San Andreas Transmission
       Camp Trail. The Upper and Lower
                                                                                             System Project will begin to
       Crystal Springs Reservoirs, togeth-
                                                                                             upgrade the system of pipelines,
       er with San Andreas Lake, make up
                                                 After upgrading, this part of the Crystal   structures, and facilities that move
       the 23,000-acre Peninsula                 Spring Dam’s outlet structure will be       water from the reservoirs to our
       Watershed, which provides the             submerged and no longer visible.            water pipes.
       emergency and supplementary
                                                 tions indicated that replacement is             After Skyline Bridge is demol-
       drinking water supply to San Mateo
                                                 necessary. Demolition of the bridge         ished, the SFPUC plans to add 9
       County and the City and County of
                                                 will also pave the way for upgrades         feet at the top of the dam, widen
       San Francisco.
                                                 in the dam itself. This project got         the dam’s spillway and enlarge the
           Its infrastructure is old, and
       deterioration threatens the future of     underway in early October, and                         Water System: to page 10
       this vital resource. The City of San
       Francisco owns the reservoir as
       part of the Hetch Hetchy Regional
                                                                                Eva E. Voisin, Esq.
       Water System, and with the passage                                   Senior Real Estate Specialist
       of a $4.6 billion bond, the city’s
       Public Utilities Commission (SF
                                                                           Licensed California Attorney
       PUC) is launching a series of proj-                                    Experienced Negotiator
       ects to address needed improve-
       ments in the system. Some will                                      Highlands Resident since 1973
       affect the roads and areas near the
       Highlands.                                                         Realty World - Martinelli Properties
           Skyline Bridge, which is the                                   Crystal Spring Shopping Center

                                                     FOAM ROOFING
       section of Skyline Boulevard atop                                          Cell 650-440-0095
       the lower Crystal Springs Dam,
       was found to be seismically unsafe                           
       in 1986, and subsequent inspec-

                                                         New Construction - Reroofs - Recoats - Repairs
                                                         JACKSON CONTRACTING INC.
                                                           (650) 578-1500 or (510) 483-1500
                                                    Specializing in Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing and Waterproofing

                                                         “The Last Roof You Will Ever Need”
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                                                                                                                       October 2010
                  The Highlands

                                                       COMMUNITY NEWS

               New Residents Welcome Party Was A Great Success

           More than 60 people turned out for the HCA-                        Liesje Nicolas and her co-host Melissa Wilson, the
       sponsored Welcome Party for new residents at the                       event featured four types of ice cream and a casual
       Rec Park on September 21. The weather cooperated                       atmosphere that encouraged people to connect. The
       as children enjoyed the playground while their par-                    trade-mark Highlands energy was there in full force.
       ents had a chance to meet each other and Highlands                         Twenty Highlands homes have been purchased
       “oldies” who came out to meet the newcomers.                           since September 2009, and there are new residents
       Among the latter were HCA President Rick Priola,                       who are renters as well. All receive free six-month
       Sylvia Merkadeau, Florence and Rolf Beier, and                         membership in the Rec Center from the HRD. We
       Dixon Reilley. Organized by HCA Membership Chair                       look forward to their joining the HCA in 2011.

                                                                                          Nonpartisan Election
                                                            Walter Yee
                                                         744 Polhemus Rd.
                                                        San Mateo, CA 94402
                                                         650-341-1288                        Many people have already voted, but if
                                                         you’re still in need of nonpartisan voter
                                                                                          information, see,
            HOME – AUTO – LIFE – UMBRELLA – COMMERCIAL – LIC# 0804834                     our county’s Chief Election Officer’s

             #1 Highlands Agent
                                                                                          website, or, the League of
                                                                                          Woman’s Voter Service website.

                                               CURRENT LISTINGS
                                   50 Lundys Ln.- Dramatic high-end contemporary
                                  cul-de-sac location w/panoramic views. 4BD/3.5BA,
                                    office, fam rm, 2 re-finished wrap around decks.
                                                  Listed @ $1,698,000
                                    1256 Laurel Hill Dr.- Spectacular Mediterranean
                                  style Whitecliff home features 4BD/2.5 updated BA,
                                     2 offices, 3 car garage w/gourmet style kitchen.
         Glenn Sennett                             Listed @ $1,138,000
        Coldwell Banker
       Cell: (650)208-7355        2315 Ticonderoga Dr., San Mateo- Beautiful town-
                                              home 2BD/2.5BA + loft.
                                               Reduced to $598,000
           Let a Proven
           Professional                              PENDING
           Manage Your            1784 Lexington Ave., San Mateo- Updated 3BD/2BA
             Largest               Backs to open space with views. Listed @ $899,000
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      October 2010                                                                                                               7
                                                                                                 The Highlands

                                               COMMUNITY NEWS

       Highlands Book                          Senior Network News
       Group                                   by Cliff Donley
                                                                       Since living      are open to discussion of such
      by Jo Nassutti
                                                                   forever does not      matters, please come to our meet-
                        The Book Club                              seem to be an         ing at the Rec on November 18 at
                    usually meets on the                           option at this        10 a.m., and we shall talk about it.
                    first Tuesday of the                           time, it is my        Mr. Troy Collins, President of
                    month, at 10:15 a.m.,                          intention to make     McKinley Financial Group, will
                    in the Exercise Room                           dealing with my       be there to share some of his expe-
       at the Rec Center.                      departure when the time comes as          riences. We plan to provide some
           Our choice for November 2           simple as possible for my family          hand-outs and refreshments.
       is Evidence of Things Unseen by         survivors. Preparation and mainte-            Holiday Potluck: Be sure to
       Marianne Wiggins. It has been           nance of a survivor guide is essen-       Save December 16 for a Holiday
       called an uncommon masterpiece.         tial. It is not an easy task, but with    Potluck lunch at the Donleys.
       The novel deals with the ethical        the help of some expert advice it is      Look for more information in the
       and emotional issues arising from       doable and well worth the effort.         next lowdown.
       World War II and the use of an              If you have similar wishes and
       atomic bomb to bring it to an end.
           Our book for December 7 is
       Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. This
       is a vivid portrait of life in pre-
                                                            Judy’s Homes for the Elderly, Inc.
       war Shanghai and takes the reader               Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (Lic#415600586)
       through the Japanese invasion of          We provide personalized care of the highest quality
       China. The novel follows two sis-          • 5 locations in San Mateo
       ters though the difficult war years        • Private rooms with half baths
       and then to their immigration to           • Assistance with daily needs for all levels of care, including Hospice
       the United States, where new
       problems confront them                    Call Judy at (650) 346-9410 for a tour or more information.
         Questions? call Jo Nassutti at
                650-345-8915.                                               Exclusive Listing & Selling Agent!
        Curious? come by and observe.                                             16 Successful Years of Experience

       Old School Pictures
                                                                             Specializing In:
                                                                               • Residential Property Counseling & Sales
       Are Still Available                                                     • Parent/Grandparent Participation Counseling
                                                                               • Income Property Sales & Exchanges
                     Old school pictures                                       • Market Analysis & Evaluation
                                                                               • Probate & Trustee Sales
                  dating back to 1957                                          • Mortgage Delinquency & Short Sales Counseling
                  from both Highlands                Simin Hashemi
                  and Buena Vista                   Coldwell Banker            For a market analysis and consultation of
                  Schools are still at the         Top 1% Nationwide         your home and to find out more about Simin’s
                  Rec. They are free for            Senior Marketing                  unique marketing system,
                  the taking. Here’s an                Consultant
                  opportunity to remi-                                            Please call Simin at: 650-558-6844
                                                    Previews Specialist
                  nisce with your children         Relocation Specialist          E-mail:
       about the “old days,” and enjoy             Direct:(650) 558-6844          Website:
       the memories.                   
                                                                                        HIGHLANDS RESIDENT
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                         The Highlands
                                                                                                                     October 2010

                                                            COMMUNITY NEWS

       Grow & Thrive This Winter with                                                               Highlands lowdown
       Community Education                                                                    Editor and Business Manager:
                                                                                                      Dorothy Greene
       by Lily Lau, Director of Community Education, San Mateo County Community                   phone: 650-341-1752
       College District                                                                     email:
          Enjoy the sunset colors of fallen         Cornucopia Floral Design on              mailing address:1879 Lexington
       leaves, the crisp, cool weather and          11/21. Impress your guests with the        Ave., San Mateo, CA 94402
       these opportunities to nurture your          perfect bottle of bubbly after taking       The lowdown is published
       mind and soul this winter. Whether           Sparkling Wines Around the World        monthly except August and
                                                                                            December by the Highlands
       you are looking to develop your              on 11/6. Grace your family and          Community Association (HCA),
       skills, explore an interest, get             friends with your personal touch        1851 Lexington Ave, San Mateo, CA
       healthier, or grow professionally,           and creativity by making Gifts for      94402. Entire contents copyright
                                                                                            2010 by The Highlands Community
       Community Education has some-                the Holidays in our workshop on         Association, except where noted. All
       thing great for you!                         11/6, or Ye Olde Gingerbread            rights reserved.
           Grow & Thrive! Develop your              House on 12/6, or Create a Unique            Opinions expressed are those of
                                                                                            the contributors. Acceptance of
       brain to the next level and thrive           Upcycled Shopping Bag on 11/13.         advertising does not constitute
       with Level 2 of: Guitar (starting                Broaden your world and dis-         endorsement of any products by the
       10/26), Conversational French                cover a wide range of classes,          HCA. Editor reserves the right to
                                                                                            accept or reject and/or edit any
       (starting 10/30), Spanish (starts            workshops, and fun activities           material submitted for publication.
       10/14), or Italian (beginning 11/3).         offered locally, at convenient times,       Articles, Letters, and Photos
       Move beyond shooting digital pic-            and affordably priced. For more         must include your name, address
       tures on auto mode and expand                information, visit us online at         and phone number. Any material
                                                                                            accepted may be edited to fit space
       your photography skills in Digital , or        or lowdown standards. Items may
       Photography 102 (on 10/23).                  call us at (650) 574-6149. You can      be submitted through any of the fol-
           Discover! Want a great winter            also give someone special the gift      lowing means, in order of prefer-
                                                                                            ence: email lowdownedi-
       workout? Enjoy the art of Belly              of a Community Education e-gift, or typed double
       Dance for Fitness and Fun, begin-            card, good toward their choice of       spaced, or legibly handwritten.
       ning 10/28. Discover how you can             any class, workshop, or activity we     Photos can be color or black/white
                                                                                            and can be delivered to the email or
       become a Notary Public in one day            offer.                                  postal address. Mail or drop off
       on 11/13.                                                                            contributions to lowdown, 1879
           Get Ready for the Holidays               College of San Mateo’s Spring           Lexington Ave., SM 94402.
                                                    Semester (academic classes) begins             Ads should be submitted in
       Create a warm and welcoming                                                          electronic format, preferably
                                                    January 18, 2011. The spring 2011
       home environment by making your              Schedule of Classes became avail-       Microsoft Word or Quark. Display
       own Natural Scented Festive                                                          ad rates are $12.50 per column
                                                    able online at collegeofsanma-          inch. Ask about inserts. Classified
       Candles on 11/20 or prepare a       on October 6 and       ads must be paid for in advance.
       beautiful centerpiece for your               in the community (printed publi-        Cost: $3 up to 15 words, $1 for
       Thanksgiving table with                      cation) on October 18 and 19.           each additional five words.
                                                                                            Classified ads are free for anyone
                                                                                            giving away or swapping Eichler
                                                                                            fixtures or providing repair tips.
                                                                                                Neither the lowdown nor the
                                                                                            HCA is responsible for the accu-
                                                                                            racy of any information in the
                                                                                            display or want ads. Readers
                                                                                            are encouraged to check that
                                                                                            licenses are current and to get
                                                                                            references. Subscriptions for
                 Services offered include training reinforcement,                           non-residents of the Highlands
                                                                                            are $25 per year. Individual
                         exercise, and overnight care for                                   issues are $2.50 each,if avail-
                                your loving critters.
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        October 2010
                                                                                             The Highlands


       Highlands School                         UMC News                              Attention
       News                                     by Christina Brown                    Highlands Artists
       by Mary Tsao                                     Open Heart ~ Open Minds       by Nancee McDonell
                                                              Open Doors
           The 2010-2011 school year is                                                                 Silicon Valley
       in full swing and the kids, parents,         The Crystal Springs United                      Open Studios is now
       and staff are adjusting well to the      Methodist Church is beginning a                     accepting applica-
       new 8 a.m. start time. We hope it’s      Samoan Language Ministry serv-                      tions for next spring.
       working for the greater Highlands        ice. The Sunday schedule begin-                     A group of us in the
       community, too.                          ning in October will be as follows:                 Highlands participat-
           Thank You to all of the                 10:00 a.m Main Worship             ed last May. It was a great way to
       Highlands parents and community                           service in English   show and sell our work. Check it
       members who have made a contri-             10:30 a.m Sunday school for        out at We can get
       bution to the Highlands                                   all children         a discount on our fee if we have a
       Educational Enrichment Fund                 11:00 a.m Fellowship for all       lot of participants.
       (HEEF). We are working on final-            11:30 a.m Children’s choir             The next meeting of the
       izing a proposal to bring music                            for all.            Highlands Art Group will take
       instruction to our students. This is        12 noon       Samoan service       place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday,
       one of the many programs directly                         Vaili Certifified    Nov. 10, at Melissa Wilson's
                                                                 Lay Speaker          home. For more information and
       funded by the PTA that wouldn’t
                                                    On the first Sunday of every      to RSVP, call (650) 345-4304 or
       be possible without your support.
                                                month we worship and have Holy
            Recycle Ink Cartridges                                                    e-mail
                                                Communion together at 10 a.m.
           Thank you also to those who
       support Highlands School by
       bringing in ink cartridges for recy-
       cling. Drop yours off at the school
       office. Every little bit helps.
           How to Contribute
           If you would like to help
       Highlands School with a contribu-
       tion to HEEF or to learn more
       about the Highlands Parent
       Teacher Association (PTA), con-
       tact co-presidents Linda Siguenza
       ( or Ed Chang
           Dates for Your Calendar
       October 26 – PTA Board Meeting
       October 27 – Family Dinner
       Night at Jack’s Prime, 3723 South
       El Camino Real, San Mateo. It’s a
       gourmet burger restaurant. (Tell
       them you’re there to support
       Highlands Elementary!)
       October 29 – Halloween Parade
       on the Highlands School campus
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                  The Highlands
        10                                                                                                          October 2010

                                                     COMMUNITY NEWS

         Rec Programs: from page 4                  Water System: from page 5
         QuickBooks Specialist Needed            stilling basin. Other projects will    quarterly Fact Sheet mailed to our
           We are currently looking for a        also follow.                           neighborhood. We’ll try to keep
       QuickBooks specialist who can                  See for       you updated in the lowdown too.
       help with the transfer of data from       information on all the SFPUC’s
       the old version to the newer ver-         local projects, and look for the
       sion. If you can help or have a ref-
       erence to someone you know,               Plans for Rec Early Education Center
       please call Jeff at the Highlands         by Margaret Glomstad
       Recreation Center, (650) 341-4251.
                                                               The Rec has almost       to serve infants through pre-k,
           Highlands Rec on Twitter                            completed a decade-      complete with three classrooms
          Please follow the Rec Center on                      long project on an       and two playgrounds! The new
       our new Twitter account:                                Early Education          facility will also include an adult                           Center. The plans are    multi-purpose room complete with
       Updates will be sent regarding            currently in the San Mateo County      courtyard! In addition, the build-
       upcoming Events, Classes, and any         Building Department for approval.      ing will have an office and two
       news about the Rec Center.                The financing of the project is also   bathrooms. Keep your eye out for
                                                 in progress. The center will feature   new information on this develop-
                   Pool Closing                  all day care from 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.     ing story.
          The Rec Center pool will be
       closed from 11/1-12/17 for retiling
       and refiberglassing. If you have a
       monthly membership, you will not                                         Relocating in the Sacramento Area

       be charged for that time period. If
       you have paid for the year, your
       membership will be extended the
       length of time the pool is closed.
       The Swim Team will continue to
       practice during this time at the
       College of San Mateo with the
       same practice hours. Please call
       Bryce if you have any questions at
       (650) 341-4251.

             20TH CENTURY DESIGN
                      BUY SELL
                  WED – FRI 2 TO 6
                     SAT 12 TO 5
          1630 PALM AVE. SAN MATEO 94402
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        October 2010
                                                                                                                   The Highlands

                                               CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
       IMPROVE YOUR GRADES NOW! All                    PET SITTER/DOG WALKER                            ROBERT’S HANDYMAN SERVICE
       subjects for students in grades K to 8. Math    Do you need pet care by a mature                 Remodeling, bathrooms, fences, stucco,
       groups a specialty. Lessons based on stu-       Highland’s resident mom who is avail-            small jobs. Highlands references available.
       dent's skill level and learning style.          able mornings and late after-                    Call 650-771-6952.
       Credentials: Special Education and              noon/evenings? Call Leslie at (650)
       Professional, Clear Multisubject. Call          578-1087. Great local references                 HDTV WALL INSTALLATIONS - Wall
       Cindy at 533-8913 or e-mail cindystutori-                                                        fish cable and phone for concealed wiring.                                    COMPUTER GURU FOR HIRE Need                      Audio/Visual specialist. E-mail joel-
                                                       help setting up a MAC or PC? Want to go or phone 650-759-6511.
       MASSAGE THERAPY - here in your                  wireless in your Eichler or learn how to use
       neighborhood. Certified and 10 yrs experi-      that new iPod? Technical handyman ranging        MEDINA HOUSECLEANING
       ence. Only $55/hr. $25 extra at your house.     from computers to home audio/video – no          SERVICE - residential/commercial/
       Call Marisa at 483 7395.                        job too small. Local IT professional. Call Uy    windows/carpets. Highlands references for
                                                       at 773-6356.                                     13 years. Licensed, insured.
       PLUMBING/REMODELING/OPEN                                                                         408-509-3448.
       DRAINS, replace water heaters. All jobs         LOCAL HIGHLANDS HONEY
       welcome. Lic/bonded. Highlands                  New, from our site on the slopes – “Bunker       HANDYMAN, REMODELING,
       resident. Call 650-921-9711.                    Hill Blend.” Other local flavors available.      SIDING decks, fences and painting.
                                                       Raw, no chemicals or medications.                Reasonable rates. 25-years experience/15
       MAYRA'S HOUSE AND WINDOW              , 650-345-2008.             years with Eichlers. Call Mike Kinsey,
       CLEANING - Reliable, dependable,                                                                 650-679-4552.
       many Highlands references. Call                 RETIRED BUILDING CONTRACTOR
       299-8985 for free consultation.                 looking for smaller jobs, including dry rot
                                                       repair, tile work, windows, crown molding,
       RESPONSIBLE 8th GRADER AVAIL-                   and roof skylights. References about license
       ABLE to pet-sit dogs or small animals.          available. Call 650-637-7748.
       Call Jonathan at 346-4215.

           Hwy 280 or 101 to Hwy 92 • De Anza Blvd., Polhemus Road • San Mateo, CA
         Allstate Insurance:    Bob O'Loughlin                  286-2140        Stephen R. John, D.D.S., Periodontics               571-1900
                                & Mike Munday                   286-2141        Little Hunan Restaurant (Home Delivery)             571-1575
         Alterations to Go                                      341-6360        Merry Maids                                         572-8200
         The Bar Method (Yoga, Pilates, Ballet )                573-3330        Papagayo Mexican Grille (Catering)                  578-1966
         California Cancer Care                                 341-9131        Rainbow Pizza (Home Delivery)                       571-1848
         Crystal Springs Chiropractic, Dr. Jordan Savara        574-1456        Realty World, Martinelli Properties                 578-1300
         Crystal Cleaning Center                                342-6978        Renew Laser Clinic, Dr. Adele Makow,                341-3600
         Dental Care -- opening soon                                                                 Laser Skin Care
                                                                                Renew Life Center, Dr, Julieta Gabiola              341-3600
         Crystal Springs Fish & Poultry                         212-7921                Primary Care, Internal Medicine
         Crystal Springs Pet Hospital                           341-3438        Ritz Salon & Spa                                    570-5750
         Citibank (West) FSB                                    525-9028        Safeway                                             341-4039
         CVS Pharmacy              (572-2514, Drive Up)         572-2438        Shoe Repair                                         349-4209
         Design Jewelry                                         345-7870        Starbucks Coffee                                    345-0483
         Dianda’s Italian Pastry                                570-6260        Tasty Treats - opening soon
         Esposto's Deli (Catering)                              525-1970        U.S. Postal Services                                570-5562
         Japanese Kitchen Wakuriya                              286-0410        Wireless Link-Verizon                               577-9700

           The Feeling of a Country Village                                 San Mateo's Own Quality Shopping Village
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                                                Highlands Community Association                        PRSRT STD

                                                1851 Lexington Avenue                                 U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                        San Mateo CA
                                                San Mateo, CA 94402
                                                                                                      Permit #189

       From Cell Phone:         363-4911
       PGE                  800 743-5000
       Cal Water                343-1808
       Fire Prevention:         573-3846
       Sheriff’s Office:        363-4763

                                                       Printed on recycled paper

                                   A VIEW FROM THE HIGHLANDS

       Newcomers Bring Energy, Talent, and Creativity to the Highlands
       by Florence Beier
                             Kevin and         Eric Russell and Gretchen              Mark Luechtefeld and Betty Chen
                             Michelle          Michaels came here from Seattle        moved next door to us in July. The
                             Chen, who         after Eric got a new job with an on-   former owner, Marcia Pagels, was
                             settled here      line game company. Gretchen gave       an environmental leader, so we were
                             just one month    up winery work to focus on her art,    all happy that Mark has been an
                             ago, are new-                                            environmental lawyer, representing
                             lyweds ready                                             San Francisco Baykeepers. Now he
                             to establish a                                           is in software sales. Mark and Betty
                             family in the                                            came to the Highlands with 5-year-
                             Highlands.                                               old Kati in search of a neighborly
                             Their story is                                           community. They report that they
                             so romantic!                                             have found it, with friends on all
                             They met for                                             sides, a block party, and the wel-
       one day in Hong Kong, dated “long                                              come event at the Rec Center.
       distance,” and then Kevin quit his                                             They’ve put a new slate floor in
       good job in San Francisco to court                                             their house, and are looking forward
       Michelle in Hong Kong. After a civil    modern painting on acrylic panels.     to planting a vegetable garden, rid-
       ceremony in San Francisco, they         She has already joined the             ing bikes, and hiking at Edgewood
       plan another celebration in March.      Highlands Art Group. With 8-year-
       Kevin, a UCLA grad, is an attorney,     old Elizabeth and 3-year-old
       and Michelle worked in banking and      Katarina happily attending
       software engineering. They are trying   Highlands School and HRD pre-
       out new ideas about carpet and paint,   school, they all feel fully involved
       but mostly need furniture. When I       in the community. So far in their
       asked what language their children-     house, they’ve removed the wall
       to-be would learn, Kevin replied,       paper and painted the dark brown
       “negotiation.”                          ceilings white. Their hobbies are
                                               surfing, cooking, and wine.

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