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									election nomination form

This Election Nomination Form is for completion electronically. Candidates are reminded that if they wish
to be nominated for more that one position that they are required to submit a separate form for each
nomination. Please refer to the back of this form for the method of submitting a nomination and for
extracts from the GSNet Terms of Reference relating to nomination for elections.

Closing date for all nominations is 21 August 2009. Complete forms and all confirmation e-mails
must be returned to the GSNet Secretariat (kathryn.miller@ice.org.uk) by this date.

Candidate Statement


I wish to stand for the position of Deputy Chair / Vice Chair / Honorary Secretary* (delete as required)
in the forthcoming elections. I have read and understood the Election rules given in the Terms of
Reference and confirm that I am eligible to stand for election to this position. I also confirm that I have
agreed my nomination with the Proposer and Seconder given below. In submitting this nomination form, I
agree to abide by the GSNet Election Procedures appended to the Election Calling Notice and the
decisions of the Scrutineers.


               Proposer                                     Seconder

Personal Statement

Candidates are encouraged to submit a Personal Statement, outlining why they wish to stand and what
they hope to achieve in this role. Personal Statements will be circulated to Committee Members eligible
to vote before the meeting the elections take place in. Personal Statements should be limited to 500

Institution of Civil Engineers                      -1-                                          9 July 2009
election nomination form

Notes on submitting the nomination form

1. Candidates should complete the Candidate Statement and Personal Statement and include the names
and e-mail addresses of a Proposer and Seconder. Once complete, this form should be mailed to the
GSNet Secretariat cc’d to both the Proposer and Seconder at the e-mail addresses given in this form.
Candidates are also encouraged to submit a photograph with their nomination form.
2. Once the Proposer and Seconder have received the e-mailed form, they are requested to confirm by
e-mail to the GSNet Secretariat that they endorse the Candidate for the election. Confirmation e-mails
should ideally be sent within three weeks of receipt of the initial mail, and no later that the closing date for
the nominations given at the top of the form, whichever is the earlier date.
3. Only once e-mails are received from the Candidate, Proposer and Seconder will the nomination be
considered valid.
4. If the Candidate wishes to stand for more than one position, a separate form must be submitted for
each nomination.

Extract from GSNet Terms of Reference (please see GSNet website for full Terms of Reference)


15. All candidates must be Graduate or Student members with a minimum of two meetings service on the
Committee at the commencement of their term of office.
16. All candidates must be nominated and seconded by members of the Committee and no member may
nominate or second more than one candidate per post. No member may nominate or second himself or
17. All nominations must be submitted by the deadline. Voting will take place at the meeting. In the event
that no nominations for a post are received by the deadline, the Committee may accept nominations from
the floor at the meeting at which the vote for that post is taking place.
18. Board Representatives are nominated by the Committee, from time to time, subject to the rules of
those bodies.


19. All votes (with the exception of votes to amend this document) shall be by simple majority. Where a
vote is tied, the Chair shall exercise a casting vote. The vote may be by show of hands, or by secret
ballot, as decided at the meeting.

20. All members of the Committee with the exception of members of Council and co-opted members may
vote in elections.
21. Postal or proxy votes are permissible in election, where this is agreed by the Scrutineers and an
intention to do so has been registered with the Secretariat. Those eligible to vote will be those on the
Committee Membership list at the start of the session in which the elections take place.

Institution of Civil Engineers                        -2-                                             9 July 2009

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