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					         >'     Barnes Consulting Firm

                                                                                     Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On behalf of Barnes Consulting Firm, we would like to personally welcome you into our program, and
congratulate you on making an important decision that will change your life. We are honored that you've
chosen Barnes Consulting Firm as your credit restoration specialists, and are committed to providing you
with award-winning customer service with satisfying results. Our hope is that we form a partnership to keep
your credit standing as healthy as possible, no matter what financial circumstances lies ahead.

We like to make the credit restoration process simple and rewarding, so we remain interactive with our
customers throughout their journey. We will share our expertise with you, keep you informed of the
statuses of our disputes, and keep an open dialogue for any questions/concerns you may have. At the end
of your journey, we will help to achieve positive new lines of credit and provide resourceful information to
maintain your credit in good standing. With patience and perseverance, we are there every step of the way
to achieve credit worthiness.

Before we delve into the credit process, we need to make sure we have every key component to complete
our enrollment process:

    "         Signed service agreement
    "         Application Form
    "         Copy of verified documents (proof of address-phone/utility        bill/bank statement, social
              security number, valid driver's license, birth certificate)
    ./        Signup for 3-in-1 Credit Monitoring with TrueCredit (14.95 p/mo) at
     or Equifax at           (Please supply username/pass

The enrollment process begins once your application, TrueCredit/Equifax signup information,          service
agreement, and supporting documents are received by our Processing Center.

You will receive a welcome call within 48 hours to verify your service agreement, review consumer rights,
explain the dispute cycle process, and engage in a roundtable session of your credit report.

To ensure we continue to make the process as fluent as possible, below are some important            keys to

              You must communicate any change of address to our processing center (via fax, mail or email)
              You must forward any and all correspondence from the three credit reporting agencies to our
              processing center without delay. Failure to do so may result in inaccurate dispute letters. (It is
              advised that you retain a copy for your records)

  ~_~ogether             to help you live the satisfying life you deserve and thank you again for choosing your
                 ngs with Barn     onsultlng'    m!

                                      223   US 70 E Ste 135 Garner, NC       27529
              Mobile   #1-252-363-7919           Toll Free:   888-316-9725    Facsimile:   888-316-6167
      '" Barnes Consulting Firm
                    CUSTOMER INFORMATION            & INSTRUCTIONS

1. NAME/ADDRESS       INFORMATION:      Your current name as well as any other name(s)
(AlKJA "also know as") that you may have used is vital in helping us to process your
account as quickly as possible. Please review the Name and Address information on
all paperwork that you receive from the credit bureaus to insure accurate and up to
date information. Please circle any name and address information that isn't correct.
Please do this directly on the paperwork and indicate your correct name and address.

2. Name and Address information must be kept current. If your mailing address changes,
it is IMPERATIVE that you notify us as soon as possible and provide us with a copy of
two bills/statements that indicate your NEW MAILING ADDRESS.

3. We do not cover any new items that may appear on your credit files after we order the
initial reports. We will only cover all negative items on the original credit reports at the
time we make the initial order.

4. Two (2) to four (4) weeks after we begin, you will receive letters from Trans Union
and Equifax Credit Bureaus (Experian does not send these letters out). The first letter
will inform you that they are doing an investigation and will notify you within 30 days of
the results of the investigation. This is a good letter so don't panic. The second letter
may ask you questions such as: Are you dOing business with a credit repair company?
Are they charging you too much? Will you fill out a questionnaire? If you inform the
credit bureau that you are having your credit repaired, they have the right to stop the
process and lock your file. Please send ALL of these letters to us! Remember you are
paying us to do ALL of the work for you. You are responsible for providing us
with any materials (Originals) that you receive from any credit bureau. If they
lock your file because you failed to follow these instructions then you have
forfeited your investment and are not entitled to any refund whatso-
ever. Mail any and all letters/correspondence received to us at the above address.
We recommend that you keep a copy of everything for your own records since we do
not keep every letter/document that you send us beyond the time required for
processing. If you fail to send us any correspondence within a continuous 6-month
period, this program will terminate and you will have to pay a fee to have this program

5. Every four to six weeks, you will receive new credit reports with new results. We need
those as well. These reports will inform you of what has been accomplished or
"deleted" and what has been "verified".

6. If you do not receive any correspondence from the credit bureaus for a total of six
weeks, be sure to inform us, your participation is needed every step of the way, we will
investigate the process of your credit restoration at all times however it is important
that you are on top of this process along with us.
                            Barnes Consulting Firm

Client Name(s) :

Client Name(s) :

Street Address :

City, State & Zip:

Telephone Number:


 Email address:

 Social Security Number:

 Date of Birth: (1)

 Equifax User Name:                                    Password:

 Equifax Secret Question:

 Equifax Secret Question Answer:

Documents Supplied:

Valid Drivers License
Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Proof of Address(phone bill, utility bill, etc..)
Proof of Account with Equifax or Credit Check Total.

BamesConsulting Firm         223 US 70 East Suite 135                  Garner, NC 27529
  Office: 1-888-316-9725                                           Fax; 1-888-316-6167
                                                      Application Form
                                                223 us 70 E Ste 135 Garner, NC 27529
                  Email:      support@   Website:

    HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT                US?    0 WEBSITE D GOOGLE 0 YAHOO                     SEARCH

    D   FRIEND/FAMILY:            D OTHER:

                                             APPLICANT           INFORMATION


    AKA Name (If
    City, State, Zip Code

                License No
                License No
                                                                   I   Driver's
                                                                                  License   I
    Social Security          No

    Date of Birth

    E-Mail Address
    Telephone      No

    By signing below, the undersigned applicant agrees to authorize Barnes Consulting Firm to obtain credit reports
    from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion for the purpose of establishing,     investigating, and verifying any/all credit.
    The undersign also affirms that the facts set forth in it are true and complete.   The undersign understands that if
    accepted as a Barnes Consulting Firm client, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations        made
    on this application may result in immediate dismissal of the program.

I   Print Name(s)       II

    Signature    of
    applicant                                                                                     I   Date

    Signature of co-
    applicant, if for
    joint account                                                                                     Date

                                                  Document Checklist
    The following    documentation   will need to be submitted       along with this application.     All materials  must be
    mailed to the address above.     Please no faxed copies.         You may also scan/email      the application   and
    documents     using the email address provided above.
         ./   Driver's License/State     This must be a readable copy of a Driver's License or State 10. If copy is not
              ID                          legible, it will delay processing.
                Copy of 2 bills in your      Bills must have your name and full address printed on them.     (Example:   phone
                name                         bill, utility bill, etc)
                Proof of SS#                 Must have 2 separate sources with proof of SS# printed on it. (Example: Copy
                                             of SS card, W2, 1099, pay stub with SS# on it, anything from the IRS with SS#
                                             on it.

                                 Notice of Consumer Credit Rights

You have the right to dispute inaccurate information in your credit report by contacting the credit bureau
directly. However, neither you nor anyone else has the right to have accurate, current, and verifiable
information removed from your credit report. The credit bureau must remove accurate, negative information
from your report only if it is over 7 years old. Bankruptcy information can be reported for 10 years.

You have a right to obtain a copy of your credit report   from a credit bureau. You may be charged a
reasonable fee. There is no fee, however, if you have     been turned down for credit, employment, insurance, or
a rental dwelling because of information in your credit   report within the preceding 60 days. The bureau must
provide someone to help you interpret the information     in your credit file.

You are entitled to receive a free copy of your credit report if you are unemployed and intend to apply for
employment in the next 60 days, if you are a recipient of public welfare assistance, or if you have reason to
believe that there is inaccurate information in your credit report due to fraud.

You have the right to sue a credit repair organization that violates the Credit Repair Organizations   Act. This
law prohibits any deceptive practices by credit repair organizations.

You have the right to cancel your contract with any credit repair organization for any reason within 3 business
days from the date you signed it. Credit bureaus are required to follow reasonable procedures to ensure that
the information they report is accurate. However, mistakes may occur.

You may, on your own, notify a credit bureau in writing that you dispute the accuracy of the information on
you credit file. The credit bureau must then reinvestigate, modify, or remove inaccurate or incomplete
information. The credit bureau may not charge a fee for this service. Any information and copies of all
documents you have concerning an error should be given to the credit bureaus. If the credit bureau's
investigation does not resolve the dispute to your satisfaction, you may send a brief statement to the credit
bureau, to be kept in your file, explaining why you think the record is inaccurate. The credit bureau must
include a summary of your statement about disputed information with any report it issues about you.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates credit bureaus and credit repair
organizations. For more information contact:

The Public Reference Branch
Federal Trade Commission
Washington, D.C. 20580

Clie nt Sig natu re                                   _



THIS AGREEMENT, effective ,_by and between Barnes Consulting Firm, (hereinafter referred to as
Consultant), a limited liability company, and    (hereinafter referred to as Consumer), an individual
(collectively the "parties").

WHEREAS, Consumer has a vital interest in establishing and maintaining his or her credit worthiness and credit
standing in order to obtain and use credit.
WHEREAS, Consumer is desirous of improving his or her credit report, credit history or credit rating.
WHEREAS, Consultant provides services to consumers to provide advice or assistance to any consumer to improve
his or her credit report, credit history or credit rating (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Services").
WHEREAS, Consultant is prepared to provide such Services to Consumer.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and mutual covenants herein contained, the parties hereto
agree as follows:

No services may be provided by any credit repair organization for any consumer
a. unless a written and dated contract for the purchase of such services has been signed by the consumer; OR
b. before the end of the 3-business-day period beginning on the date the contract is signed.

Consultant shall perform the following services to include but is not limited to the following:
a. Consultant shall review and interpret Consumer's credit report statements and information with Consumer and
Counsel Consumer about the information contained on such reports and statements;
b. Consultant shall prepare for Consumer written correspondence to be mailed to each of the three generally
recognized Credit Reporting Bureaus, i.e. Experian, Trans Union and Equifax, stating the basis for challenging and
disputing the validity and completeness of non-accurate information contained in a file on the Consumer maintained
by that consumer reporting agency; and
c. If Consumer desires, Consumer may cause to be delivered to Consultant the information Consumer receives
from each of the Credit Reporting Bureaus, Consultant will review and prepare follow up correspondence to be
mailed to each of the Credit Reporting Bureaus in response to the information provided by the Credit Reporting

                                        ARTICLE 3.0- COMPENSATION
a. Upon completion of the written correspondence described in Article 2.b, Consumer shall pay Consultant for
performance of services in the amount of $            for fees associated with setup costs, processing, credit
monitoring, and disputes. This service will work on Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, ----------------


a. Consultant shall perform the Services provided for in ARTICLE 2.0 beginning on the 4th business day following
the execution of this Contract and shall complete the performance of such services no later than the 7th business day
following the execution of this Contract.
b. Upon receipt of statements and reports of Consumer's files with the Credit
Reporting Bureaus, if Consumer delivers said statements and reports generated by the Credit
Reporting Bureaus and requests Consultant's assistance in interpreting said statements and
reports, and providing follow up services, including drafting further correspondence to the Credit Reporting Bureaus,
Consultant shall do so within 30 days of Consumer's follow-up request.
c. Consultant shall complete all services for Consumer, including follow up interpretation and credit counseling for
Consumer within 180 days from the date this contract was signed.

                                 ARTICLE 5.0 - OBLIGATIONS OF CONSUMER
a. Consumer shall provide Consultant with the information necessary to make a fair and reasonable interpretation of
Consumer's credit history.
b. Consumer shall not make any statement to Consultant which is untrue or misleading with respect to Consumer's
credit worthiness, credit history, consumer transactions or basis for disputing any information reported on
Consumer's credit report files.

                                  ARTICLE 6.0 - RIGHTS OF CONSUMER
a. Consumer has and shall enjoy the legal rights expressly specified in Attachment A, "Consumer Credit File Rights
Under State and Federal Law" which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference as part ofthis contract.

                                  ARTICLE 7.0 - RETENTION OF CONTRACT
Consultant shall maintain on file, for a period of two years after the date the contract is signed, an exact copy of the
contract, signed by the Consumer, acknowledging receipt and execution of the Contract.

                             ARTICLE 8.0 - LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY
Consumer empowers Consultant, and its employees, and agents to perform or engage in an act on behalf
of Consumer related to untimely, inaccurate, unverifiable information covered in Consumer's personal
credit file, including and without limitation, the right to obtain the Consumer's credit reports and profiles
from credit reporting agencies and credit bureaus. The specific acts necessary to accomplish the purpose
of this agreement shall be at the sole discretion of Consultant's professional judgment. The specific acts
shall require periodic ordering of consumer credit reports by Consultant. The specific acts may include
written and oral communication regarding disputes and negotiations with various agencies and entities
disseminating credit data concerning Consumer. The various agencies and entities include, but are not
limited to, credit reporting agencies, credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies. Consumer
authorizes Consultant to order consumer credit reports from time to time. Consumer hereby directs and
authorizes Consultant to verify and dispute all unverifiable, untimely, inaccurate credit items and those
items determined by Consultant to potentially have a negative impact on Consumer's credit. Consumer
specifically waives his or her right to privacy regarding those communications between Consultant and
the various agencies and entities disseminating credit data regarding Consumer.

                              ARTICLE 9.0 - RIGHT TO CANCEL CONTRACT
In accordance to the Federal Credit Reporting Act Section 407 (b), you may cancel this contract, without any
penalty or obligation, at any time before midnight of the 3rd day which begins after the date the contract is
signed by you. To cancel this contract, mail or deliver a signed, dated copy ofthis cancellation notice, or any
other written notice to Barnes Consulting Firm.

I, the undersigned, also acknowledge receipt of my Consumer Credit Rights and two copies of the Notice of Cancellation form,
in accordance to the Credit Repair Organization Act.

                             NOTICE     OF       CANCELLATION

You may cancel this contract, without any penalty or obligation, at any time before midnight of the 3rd
day which begins after the date the contract is signed by you.

To cancel this contract, mail or deliver a signed, dated copy of this cancellation notice, or any other
written notice to Barnes Consulting Firm at 223 US 70 E, Ste 135 Garner, NC 27529 before midnight of
the 3rd day after the contract is signed by you.

I hereby cancel this transaction,

x.~                                         _
Client Signature                                        Date


                                    NOTICE OF CANCELLATION

You may cancel this contract, without any penalty or obligation, at any time before midnight of the 3rd
day which begins after the date the contract is signed by you.

To cancel this contract, mail or deliver a signed, dated copy of this cancellation notice, or any other
written notice to Barnes Consulting Firm at 223 US 70 E, Ste 135 Garner, NC 27529 before midnight of
the 3rd day after the contract is signed by you.

I hereby cancel this transaction,

x                                           _
Client Signature                                        Date


                                                                                              form 2   165

                                             DEBT ASSESSMENT

Fill in the blanks to list all of your monthly debts. Total the items at the bottom to get the number for your total
monthly debts.

      NAME OF CREDITOR                   ACCOUNT     NUMBER              TOTAL DUE           MONTHLY PAYMENT

                                                   Total amount due:                    _

                                                              Total monthly payments due:                        _

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