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					                                         The Congregational Church of San Mateo
                                                            United Church of Christ
                                                 225 Tilton Avenue • San Mateo, California 94401
                                650 343-3694     • email: • website:
                               Vol. 60                                        Issue #6 • June/July summer issue, 2011

Annual Church Picnic July 17th
Join us immediately after worship for an all church picnic at Ryder      A Note From Penny
Park, San Mateo. It is just beyond 3rd Ave. and Norfolk St. towards
S.F. Bay and two miles from the church. It has a newly renovated       We begin our summer Sundays this coming
children’s area, water play area, grass, picnic tables, restrooms      June 19th where we will have an opportunity
and access to the Bay Trail. Please carpool if possible. See church    to see our CCSM values brought beautifully
bulletin on July 17th for more directions on parking.                  to light by our special musical guests, Singers
   The CFE Ministry is providing chicken, hot dogs, chips, water       of the Street. Singers of the Street (S.O.S.) is
and lemonade. You should bring                                         a non-auditioned choir for people who are
sunscreen, anything you’d like to                                      homeless or marginalized, and those who
drink, a folding chair if you like (there                              support them. Their mission is to sing for
are picnic tables and a grassy area for                                justice, healing, and joy. S.O.S. is modeled
sitting). For your dish to share please                                on similar, highly successful choirs already
bring according to your last name:                                     operating in Australia and Europe. S.O.S.
A-I: salads, vegetables or fruit,                                      operates as a harm-reduction activity; its
J-R: starchy side (rice, beans, pasta),                                purpose is 1) to help singers to improve their
S-Z: dessert.                                                          self-esteem, 2) to provide a safe and fun
   Remember there is a water play                                      environment for socialization and community-
area—so bring a towel!                                                 building, and 3) to increase public awareness.
Sneak Preview:                                                            S.O.S.’s first rehearsal was in September,
August Sermon Series: Life Is A Musical!                               2010, and the group has performed at least
                                                                       monthly since then. S.O.S. is directed by Dr.
August will be full of fun Sunday sermons with important spiritual
                                                                       Kathleen McGuire, conductor of the Oakland-
lessons. We will look at the stories, characters and music from some
                                                                       based Community Women’s Orchestra and
of our favorite musicals: The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof,
                                                                       conductor laureate of the San Francisco Gay
Wicked, Les Miserables, and more! Come sing along and find yourself
                                                                       Men’s Chorus.
traveling a spiritual path with Maria, or Tevye, or Elphaba and
                                                                          We will be blessed by their ministry in our
Glinda, or Jean Valjean and never know when you will
                                                                       worship service. The children will be able to
be moved to break out into song!
                                                                       hear two of their songs as well as listen to a
                                                                       testimony by someone who found her self-
               Sunday Celebrations                                     esteem by being part of this group. S.O.S.
June 19    Is There Faith In The Future, Penny Nixon preaching         gives our children, and all of us, a different
           Father’s Day/Honoring Graduates                             way to view those who are homeless. We will
           Special Guests, Singers of the Street
                                                                       be able to see them as people with passions,
June 26    Love Unbound, David Cowell preaching                        with gifts, with hopes and with dreams.
July 3     Freedom, Bonnie/Greg preaching                                 I love their mission statement: “to sing for
July 10    To the Glory of God, Penny preaching                        justice, joy and healing.” Mother Teresa once
           Lessons from Bach                                           said, “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared
July 17    Let it Be: Lessons from the Beatles, Penny preaching
                                                                       for, forgotten by everybody—I think that is a
           Members Joining/Church Picnic                               much greater hunger, a much greater poverty
                                                                       than the person who has nothing to eat.”
July 24    God’s Will Or Free Will? Steve preaching
                                                                       S.O.S. is abating the poverty of dignity by
July 31    What Now? Jerri preaching                                                                   Continued on page 5

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              Youth & Family News                                     Senior High Summer Cabin Trip
                                                                      We have eight students signed up for our Summer
Scholarships Recipients                                               Cabin fun and outreach trip! We’re going to a
Colin and Andrew Reid are recipients of the Macon Banks               great cabin next to the Yuba River in Grass Valley
Memorial Scholarships. Both attended El Camino High School.           to work with the Native American Tribal Council
                    Colin participated in a variety of sports and     there and have fun in the river! July 27th - July
                 clubs and the National Honor Society. Colin’s        31. SIGN-UP DEADLINE is July 15th! $25 holds
                 volunteer activities included working with Second    your spot! Sign-up early to hold your spot! Please
                 Harvest Food Bank and tutoring.                      contact Steve Naylor for more details! snaylor@
                    Andrew participated in both             
                 junior varsity and varsity sports
                 at El Camino, and also performed                     We Need Church School Teachers!
                 community service activities.                        You know the saying—It takes a village to raise
  Colin and Andrew have been actively involved                        a child? We are looking for your assistance. Our
with CCSM, including many volunteer activities.                       church is blooming with children! They are filling
Both participated in the outreach trips to New                        the steps at the children’s moment and taking all
Orleans and Pine Ridge.                                               the chairs in the Church School classrooms and
  Colin and Andrew plan to attend University of California Los        we love it; we love all their faces, excitement and
Angeles, Colin in psychology and Andrew in engineering.               participation. However, our teaching teams need
                David Tocchini, is this year’s Arthur Younger         more adults to teach the children! Wouldn’t you
                Scholarship recipient. He attended Aragon High        like to get to know these wonderful little people
                School, where he participated in Jazz Band and        a little more? You could be a teaching assistant, a
                sports and took cooking classes. David is a long-     craft leader in the classroom or a crafts leader at
                time Boy Scout; currently a Silver Palm Eagle Scout   a Children’s Festival. Or you could be a church
                and assistant scout master. He has also worked at a   school secretary or a toddler mom once a month.
                Boy Scout Camp teaching about nature.                 It is a small commitment that means the world to
                   David is motivated to help and participated in     these children. And you will have several shorter
CCSM mission trips to New Orleans, Fresno, and Pine Ridge.            friends to chat with during Coffee Hour. If you
  David plans to attend City College of San Francisco’s Culinary      are interested, please talk to Betsy, Barb Karlin,
Arts and Hospitality Program, and transfer to a college for Hotel     Renato Floresca, Jeanne Back or any teacher you
Management degree.                                                    know!

Jessica Duncan is the Dorothy Bracamonte
                                                                      Summer Church School:
Memorial Scholarship recipient. Jessica has come
to CCSM with her grandparents since she was
                                                                      Bible Super Heroes
young. She attended Mercy High School, and was                        Our Summer Church School begins Sunday, June
active in chorus and the music honors society. She                    19th and continues until September 4! The
also began ice skating when she was two, skated                       theme for this summer is Bible Superheroes! (Yes,
competitively, and is a skating school instructor                     they may have capes!) We will study Abraham
and summer skating camp counselor. Jessica also                       and Joseph, Esther and Ruth, Jonah and Lydia and
works part-time for a CPA.                                            more. Each character will have a special power
   She will attend the University of Southern California, where she   that is God’s gift to them. And some days these
plans to major in biological science or biomedical engineering.       characters may even come to visit.
                                                                         Our Church School program changes during
                                                                      the summer. We offer two classes: younger
Graduation Sunday, June 19th! Make Sure to
                                                                      children ages 3 through 1st grade meet in the
Congratulate our Senior High Students!                                Kindergarten class room; students 2nd grade
Colin and Andrew Reid, graduated from El Camino High School           through 8th meet in the Youth Room. Summer
and will be attending UCLA.                                           is a great time to try teaching. The curriculum
Jessica Duncan, graduated from Mercy High School and will be          is all written and your supplies will be ready so
attending USC.                                                        just pick the best date and join the summer team.
                                                                      See Betsy Woodward or Jeanne Back for more
David Tocchini, graduated from Aragon High School and will be
attending City College SF seeking a culinary degree.
Ryan Ashbaugh graduated from Aragon High School and will
attend Humboldt State University.

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Time to Clean the CE Storage Closet                    Peace Village Camp: August 8-12
Saturday, June 25, 9:00-11:00 a.m. is the time         Peace Village is an interfaith peace education camp, developed
to clean out our Christian Education storeroom.        in collaboration by the Muslim Children’s Garden School,
We have an abundance of art supplies in our            Peninsula Temple Beth El, and CCSM for kids ages 6-12. Under the
storeroom that just need to be organized. From         leadership of skilled teachers and trained teen/young adult group
9:00 until 11:00 a.m., we will spend our time          leaders, villagers will learn about peacemaking through learning
sorting, organizing, labeling and tossing items to     experiences in peaceful conflict resolution, the arts, cooperative
make the storeroom a usable treasure trove for         outdoor games, media literacy, different religious practices, yoga,
teachers. Anyone who loves cleaning closets is         community service opportunities and more. Peace Village will take
welcome to help!                                       place the week of August 8-12 at both CCSM and Peninsula Temple
                                                       Beth El. So far, more than 30 villagers have registered.
Fall Church School Teachers’
meeting, Saturday, August 20                           Peace Village Needs Volunteers
9:30-11:30 a.m.                                        Would you like to be part of the peacemaking program during
As August rolls around, our teaching plans and         an exciting week of peace related activities? We need assistance
ideas will be taking shape. Plan to attend this        with such things as purchasing food and supplies; providing and
meeting just for teachers so we will be prepared       serving healthy snacks; fixing lunches for the staff; providing free
for the fall. Our children love coming to Church       time supervision and games after lunch; cleaning up after lunch
School so our goal is to continue to build this        and at the end of the day; preparing for crafts; assisting with
enthusiasm. In the meeting, we will be inspired,       crafts and other activities, and/or being an all-purpose on-the-spot
energized and jazzed for the fall curriculum plus      helper.
ready for Homecoming Sunday, September 11.                To sign-up or to get more information, please contact Lee
Please remember your calendar so we can plan           Mullery 650-348-5512 or
schedules. Breakfast goodies and childcare will
be provided. Call Betsy if you have questions, 650

Nepalese School Library Progress Report
By Melodie Lew                       grateful for the books which         foreigners to visit his home.
   With the help of Jennifer         made up the original library            Mr. Shrestha and the teachers said the students
Longren and Lucy Lee to              (delivered in 2009) as well as the   at the school were limited in their educational
organize the children’s book         additional educational materials     opportunities unless they learned English well
exchange benefiting last             from this trip.                      enough to pass a national examination which
summer, CCSM’s Nickels for              It was exam time in Nepal so      would allow them to pursue any education
Nepal efforts, and Jennifer          our contact with the students        beyond what would be comparable to our 8th
Lew-Andrews family’s tapas           was limited; however we              grade. Mr. Shrestha felt the best way to teach
party—my son, Chris, and I           drank sweet tea and had long         English would be through an English immersion
were able to bring more supplies     conversations with the staff and     program beginning in kindergarten and adding a
to the library we started at Divya   several parents who seemed to        grade each year. Private schools in Nepal teach in
Jyoti Lower Secondary School in      be members of what might be          English. We marveled at their dream and decided
Nepal. We were able to purchase      comparable to a school board in      to support them in purchasing the first year’s
three boxes of books, some           the U.S. Chris and I were able       curriculum materials with some unspent funds.
basic science equipment, three       to deepen our relationship with         Many challenges remain for the school. There
computers with battery back-         the teaching staff, Mr. Shrestha,    is no reliable source of electricity. With the
up, and some sports equipment        the school superintendent, as        exception of one teacher whose university major
in Kathmandu. We drove the           well as Sunil and his family. We     was English, the English skills of the teachers
materials to the school in           clapped as the normally stern        themselves is not strong. I am researching other
Chitwan Province. All were very      looking Mr. Shrestha danced a        non-profit organizations which might be working
                                     well-known and lively Nepalese       nearby, learning all I can about solar power, and
                                     dance to music played on the         learning how best to provide the teaching staff
                                     three instruments which the          with support for the English immersion program.
                                     school possessed. Sunil asked        I remain in contact with Sunil and several other
                                     us over to his home for dinner.      Nepalese who are committed to improving the
                                     I reminded him that a mere           school. It will take time to complete the research
                                     three years ago, I was one of two    so our next trip will be in fall 2012.
                                     people who had been the first
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Summer Speaker Series
Join us before church at 9:15 a.m. in the Fireplace Room for lively
presentations this summer by some of our most interesting members.
July 10th: What is
“Noetic Science?”
Presenter: Anne Anderson has been interested in this field for most
of her life though she didn’t know what to call it until recently. She
is a former Teaching Director for Community Bible Study. Now she          Summer Nights
enjoys exploring the many paths to The Holy.                              One Wednesday a Month, Nightclub
July 17th: International Point of View: Hear A Well-Informed
                                                                          Celebrating different ways to connect with the
Perspective On Current International Affairs
                                                                          Divine in each of us.
Presenter: Mike Armacost: In his current role, as Shorenstein
                                                                          June 22: ART, July 20: MUSIC, August 24: FOOD
Distinguished Fellow, Michael Armacost has been at Shorenstein
APARC since 2002. Between 1995 and 2002, Armacost served as                 If you’re an artist, a musician, or a foodie...
president of Washington D.C’s Brookings Institution, the nation’s         YOU have something to offer at these Gatherings!
oldest think tank and a leader in research on politics, government,       Contact Steve Naylor to get involved.
international affairs, economics, and public policy. Previously,
during his twenty-four year government career, Armacost served,           Ellipsis Small Group House
among other positions, as undersecretary of state for political affairs   Gatherings!
and as ambassador to Japan and the Philippines.                           These weekly Wednesday events will happen every
                                                                          week (except on Ellipsis...Club Celebrations). The
July 24th: How Is Your Memory? Evaluating Memory in the                   focus will be on sharing in the spiritual journey.
Individual and Its Relationship to Alzheimer’s Disease                    We will participate in guided meditation, reflection
Presenter: Peter Bayley is a Senior Clinical Research Scientist           on the Divine within us, and sharing dinner.
at the Stanford/VA Aging Clinical Research Center located at the          We are still putting together the rotating house
Veteran’s Affairs hospital in Palo Alto. He has a PhD in Alzheimer’s      schedule for July and August. If you would like to
disease from University of California, San Diego. He has a strong         be involved please contact Steve Naylor at snaylor@
interest in finding new treatments for diseases that affect the brain
and have been involved in neuroscience for over 20 years, in both
academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

July 31: Behind The Scenes
In A Criminal Jury Trial:
What Really Happens.
Presenter: Jon Karesh is a trial judge for the San Mateo County
Superior Court. Jon is a San Francisco native and studied law school
at UC Berkeley. He was deputy district attorney for 12 years and has
been a judge since 2001 and is now a Superior Court judge. Jon has
presided over more than 130 jury trials as a lawyer and judge.

August 7th: Social
Media And How It Is
Changing Our World                                                        (left) Betsy thanks this year’s Church School Teachers and leaders.
Presenter: Charlene Li                                                    (above & below) Annual Meeting 2011.

is a partner at Altimeter
Group, a social media
guru and the author of
Open Leadership, and
co-author of Groundswell.

August 14th : Rock Hounding And Lapidary Work
Presenter: Phil Lind is an educator and a principal in Redwood
City. Betsy and Phil have delighted families over the years, with
their “rock collecting” Pick-a-Party and dinner and now he will
share some of the delights with an interested audience.
The Pine Tree • Page 4
Join an Affinity Group
Summer is a great time to join an affinity group!                     Joys & Concerns
Monday Night Book Group will meet                     Prayers of Joy and Gratitude
Monday, June 27, 2011 from 7:30-9:00 p.m.             Betty Brooks turns 91 on June 22; Julie Lauh turns 92 on June
in the Fireplace Room. Our June book is Angry         30; Ruth Robinson turns 93 on July 23; Elsie Phillips turns 91
Housewives Eating Bon-Bons by Lorna Landvik.          on August 3. Congratulations to all of you!
The library has about 25 copies, editions on CD,      A park in Oakland was named, honoring Wade Johnson, who is
tape and large print. The book is lighthearted and    Vera Pitts’ father. The park was dedicated on May 21, 2011.
fun, focusing on five friends in a book club! Join    Claire Brown who was attacked by a rhino in Nepal. Prayers
us for a lively discussion before you head out for    of joy for her safety, and also, prayers for the full recovery of Ty
vacation. Susan Stoehr is our contact for more        Go, the young man who is responsible for keeping Claire safe. Ty                      experienced several broken bones.

Time Out for Lunch (or Dinner) with
                                                      Prayers of Comfort
Camaraderie, Conversation and Comestibles!
                                                      For the people in the Joplin, Missouri area who have suffered
For the past year, several groups of eight from
                                                      loss of family, friends and property in the recent tornadoes.
our church community have been meeting
occasionally for lunches or dinners in their homes.   For the people of Mississippi who have experienced extreme
The groups made up of individuals and couples         flooding.
have found the participation rewarding, interesting   For the people of Japan as they continue their recovery efforts
and informative. It is time to reassemble the         after the disasters of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant melt
current groups and invite interested parties to       down.
join. For further information, contact Trudy          Margot Lenigk, passed away May 12, 2011.
Duncan, or 573-7053.                 Rev. Landon Tracy Archer Summers, husband of Rev. Dr.
                                                      Boyung Lee (Associate professor at Pacific School of Religion)
Wise and Wonderful Seniors                            and family; also Rev. Summers’ church Burlingame United
Wednesday, June 15: Seniors’ Gathering,               Methodist Church. He passed away May 15, 2011
10:30-11:30 a.m. Senior Summit II:                    Mario Bojorquez, father of Tita Arevalo, passed away May 30,
It is one year after we first began planning          2011.
programs for seniors. So please come and add
                                                      Darren Dieguez, son of Nancy Dieguez died on May 31, 2011.
your comments to our evaluation of what worked,
what did not and what grand adventures we wish        Christian Martinovich, friend of Phyllis Mead, passed away.
to plan next year. Everyone please share your
thoughts and suggestions. Healthy refreshments        Prayers of Healing and Support
are promised!                                         Steve, friend of Kelly McCarty, as he deals with life transitions
                                                      with his children.
Golf Tournament                                       Martha Ruiz, mother of Cori McCarty’s friend, struggling with
The rained-out CCSM Golf Tournament has been          health issues.
rescheduled to July 2 at Deep Cliff Golf Course.
                                                      Tony Russell, father of Steve Russell, had bypass surgery on
We will start play at 10 a.m. and celebrate our
                                                      June 9 in MA.
great rounds with a BBQ later that evening. Please
contact Linda at to           Kumar Shrestha, the trekking guide who introduced Melodie
reserve your tee time.                                Lew to the school, was in an accident. Mr. Shrestha’s duties
                                                      include that of school superintendent of the Nepalese school
                                                      where we have started the library.
                                                      Hayden Pheif (10), friend of the Zimmerman family. Hayden
A Note From Penny                                     has been in UCSF for several weeks and is continuing to struggle
Continued from page 1                                 with pneumonia and F.O.P.
this opportunity for people to make music             Dorothy Kretchmer, aunt of Jim Shaul, is experiencing
together, to feel good enough about themselves        significant health issues. Please pray for the family at this time.
and to present that music to others. We are           Prayers for 7-year-old Mason, Elizabeth (friend of Genel
fortunate to have them as our guests.                 Morgan), Sandi Blodgett, Christine Cameron, Rosemarie Pero,
   Visit to learn more     Zee and Cliff Larrew, and others as they travel their different
about S.O.S. Hope to see you on June 19th.            journeys with cancer.

                                                                                                         The Pine Tree • Page 5
Next Steps for Expanding                              BOM Appoints
Our Extravagant                                       Local Outreach Project Task Force
Welcome!                                              By Veril Phillips, Vice Moderator
By Linda Skromme, Moderator                               The Board of Ministries is pleased to announce its appointment
                                                      of the Local Outreach Task Force, charged with developing a five-
   As we get closer to our goal of $1.5 million in
                                                      year strategic plan for CCSM to provide services for the community
pledges over five years from the Capital Campaign,
                                                      surrounding our campus. The primary early focus of the task force
I want to announce our next steps. A construction
                                                      will be to determine a single service (or very closely related services)
committee and process has been approved by the
                                                      that CCSM can usefully offer to residents of North Central San
Board of Ministries to affirm and agree on the
                                                      Mateo, especially to the prominent Latino community. The task
scope of the work, obtain competitive contractor
                                                      force will present its recommendations to the MSJ and to the Board
bids, verify the feasibility of the scope, select a
                                                      by the end of 2011.
contractor and negotiate a construction contract,
                                                          Initial members of the task force are Linda Kilby, Donna Lindsay,
reaffirm scope, work with the architects to
                                                      Jim Lindsay, Lee Mullery, Mike Mullery, Penny Nixon, Julien
secure city building permits, and monitor the
                                                      Phillips, and Veril Phillips (Chair). Others who have recently joined
construction as it happens.
                                                      the task force are Cristina Avila-Summerville, Melodie Lew, Kristi
   This committee will report to the SFO ministry
                                                      Skjerdal, and Gene Summerville. If you might be interested in
and the Board of Ministries. The Board will keep
                                                      joining the task force, just let me know at or
the congregation informed during the project.
                                                      650 393-9561.
We will be able to get a time line in place once we
                                                          In its first two meetings, the task force brainstormed a potential
know the congregation’s financial commitment
                                                      list of services to be short-listed for further research: immigration
and pledge payment schedule to the proposed
                                                      workshops (building on CCSM experience in May 2010), blood
projects. If you have made your commitment, I
                                                      drive, a teen center, interaction with existing ethnic churches, a
say “thank you.” If you would like to participate,
                                                      “safe” referral agency for existing services, shelter for homeless,
please feel free to call me or Pearly.
                                                      food for hungry, advocacy (for jobs, affordable housing, immigration
   The members on the Construction Committee
                                                      reform, etc.), adult ESL classes at night (together with family
are: Jim Berthelsen (representing Sacred Space
                                                      dinner and games for children), and planting a Spanish-speaking
Renewal Committee), John Fyfe (representing
                                                      congregation within CCSM. The task force has reviewed two
Memorial Garden Committee), Clayton Lee
                                                      videos, Dying to Live and The Visitor, with a view to providing the
(representing SFO and SSR), Jim Shaul (CCSM
                                                      congregation with opportunities during the summer or fall to learn
campus / building expertise and Memorial Garden
                                                      about immigration issues and to discuss progressive Christian
Committee), Bahram Mozayeny (engineer/
                                                      responses. Watch for announcements of these opportunities in the
construction expertise and SSR and Memorial
                                                      near future.
Garden Committees). We may have one or two
                                                          Speaking of opportunities, please plan to attend the CCSM
more members joining in the next two weeks.
                                                      Border Immersion Trip for Adults meeting September 13-18,
What an exciting time to be a part of CCSM!
                                                      2011. Senior Minister Penny Nixon and Vice Moderator Veril
                                                      Phillips will co-lead a transformative educational experience. We
                                                      will travel to and stay in facilities at Centro Romero in San Ysidro,
                                                      CA, a bi-national region of wealth and poverty in close proximity
                                                      to Tijuana, Mexico. In the video at Centro Romero’s website (http://
                                             Brenda Joyner remarks, “These
                                                      people (who flee Latin America to work in the U.S.) live this way in
                                                      order that we can live the way that we live. And that’s what makes
                                                      it personal.” What a profound statement! Please contact Veril for
                                                      information and Penny for scholarships. No commitment is needed
                                                      at this time, but we want to know of your interest in order to
                                                      conduct additional planning.
                                                          The Board sees the work of this task force as one avenue to pursue
                                                      CCSM’s three priorities: voice for progressive Christianity, our
                                                      commitment, action, and effectiveness in social justice and outreach,
                                                      and to deepen and grow our beloved community. We seek your
                                                      support and feedback as we embark on this endeavor.

                                                      Congratulations Moderator Linda Skromme and Vice Moderator
                                                      Veril Phillips sign on for second term.
The Pine Tree • Page 6
Minister of Music and Art                              To Care is To Do
Search Team Update                                     First Sunday Food Collection for Call Primrose
By Marge Boyd, Chair                                   As on the first Sunday of every month, please bring your donations
                                                       of non-perishable food to church Sunday, July 3rd and place them in
   CCSM’s Minister of Music and Art Search Team
                                                       the marked container in the Narthex.
has been busy reviewing resumes from more than
                                                          Any non-perishable foods are welcome. But if you are looking for
18 individuals who have applied for the position.
                                                       ideas, items currently in particular demand includes: Rice-A-Roni,
We have been impressed by the depth and breadth
                                                       potato buds (instant potatoes), peanut butter & jelly, cereal, hearty
of experience and talent of these folks and we find
                                                       soups and stews.
the elimination process challenging. Our next
                                                          Thank you for your continued generous support. Did you know
steps include conducting telephone interviews
                                                       that Call Primrose gives out 30,000 bags of food per year to those in
with those we feel meet the job posting’s criteria,
                                                       need? Together we make a difference. Contact Tracy Fallon 650 245-
scheduling in-person interviews with finalists, and
structuring auditions for the two or three top picks
with our choir, staff, and other program directors.
   Our timeline for interviews and auditions           Family Shelter Volunteers Needed July 10-17
extends through mid-August, and we are excited         There are still many slots to fill for the upcoming host period for the
about the possibilities that lie ahead for our music   rotating family homeless shelter. We need volunteers on some days
program!                                               for food (preparation and serving, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.), hosting (6-8:30
                                                       p.m., eat and interact with guests), children’s homework/activities
                                                       (6:30-8:30 p.m.), and overnight (8:30 p.m. to 7:15 a.m.; sleep in the
                   Keeping it in the Family—           Buckham Room on aerobeds). There are also opportunities to help
                   Announcing CCSM‘s 2011-12           with setup on July 10 (3:15 to 5:15 p.m.), takedown on July 17 (after
                   Intern, Rajeev Rambob               the service), meet and load the van on July 17 (2:30 to 3 p.m.) and
                   Look for his introduction           laundering sheets and pillowcases (take away on July 17).
                   article in the next issue of           Volunteer Shopper Needed: We also need a person to check and
                   The Pine Tree.                      replenish supplies like napkins, cups, breakfast and lunch makings,
                                                       and beverages at the beginning of the rotation and midweek. You are
                                                       fully reimbursed. This could be an ongoing commitment each time
SAVE THE DATE:                                         we host (usually 4 weeks a year). Please consider this commitment
                                                       your commitment to CCSM.
Leadership Retreat                                        Take this opportunity to be the hands and face and feet of God to
All Welcome                                            our temporarily homeless guests. Sign up after the service in Kloss
                                                       Hall, or contact Linda Kilby (299-1531,
Saturday, August 27th,
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.                                 Collection Drive for Annie’s Blankets
Speaking Christian—What does Christian                 Please bring your used and clean blankets and towels to church in
language mean to progressive Christians? How           July and August for donation to Annie’s Blankets. Annie’s Blankets
do we use Christian language and maintain our          is a non-profit organization that provides comfort to lost and injured
extravagant welcome? How do we talk about our          companion animals, and to promote public awareness regarding
beliefs in a pluralistic world? How do we get the      the needs of homeless and ailing pets in the Bay Area and Central
progressive message out into public discourse          Coast. Lucy and Madeline Lee will have a barrel for donations in the
instead of letting the religious right do all the      Narthex, and be collecting on behalf of the Crystal Springs Chapter
talking?                                               of National Charity League, Inc., for Annie’s Blankets. Any questions
   Come for lively discussions and interesting         can be addressed to Lucy Lee at (650) 349-9976 or llee@fbcl-visa.
teaching and dialogue. Concurrent children’s           com.
program offered also.
                                                       PIA Meeting
                                                       Our local CCSM PIA (Peninsula Interfaith Action) group is meeting
  Office Staff Schedule:                               Monday, June 27 at 7:15 p.m. in the Buckham Room. We will be
  Penny:    June 30 to July 9, Synod/vacation          discussing how CCSM can contribute to current PIA initiatives,
  Betsy:    June 28 to July 15, vacation               collaboration with the CCSM neighborhood outreach group and
  Jerri:    July 1 to 15, vacation                     possible CCSM community organizing activity. Anyone is welcome
  Steve:    June 29 to July 5, Synod                   to attend. For more information contact Linda Kilby (299-1531,
  Pearly:   July 18 to 22, vacation           or Harry Dehlinger (589-5287, hhob@juno.

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Global Missions Highlight                                                  Hospitality Corner:
By Jerri Handy                                                             Sign Up To Be A Host For
   It is curious to me that the people of Thailand are struggling
with issues of citizenship; their struggles are a bit different than       Coffee Hour—Yummy!
the struggles we face in the United States. Understanding what             Become part of a wonderful group of church folks
citizenship means in their context may give us food for thought            who provide the refreshments in Kloss Hall after
as we continue to talk and change our understanding of what                church on Sundays. This is a great way to get to
citizenship means here in California.                                      know fellow church members and share your
   The Church of Christ in Thailand                                        special delights with us! As our church grows, we
(CCT) was started by missionaries                                          need your help!
in the early 1800s. Now it has more                                           Hosting: Participate by bringing cookies/fruit/
than 900 churches nationwide, and                                          cheese/veggies to church and serving during coffee
150,000 members. Global Ministries                                         hour approximately three or four times a year with
partners with CCT to minister to the                                       two other individuals/families. (You don’t have to
1.2 million people in Thailand who                                         make the coffee.) Your team sets-up, serves, and
belong to ethnic minority groups,                                          cleans-up (usually done by 12:30 p.m.) It’s a great
such as the Karen, Hmong (Meo), Yao                                        way to get to meet people.
(Mein), Akha (Egaw), Lahu (Musoe),                                            Baking: If you just love baking and want to help
and Lisu.                                                                  by providing baked goods for the coffee hours
   Many hill-tribe people, although they were born in Thailand,            team on occasion, we can use your help, too!
do not have birth certificates, meaning they have no citizenship,             Sign-up with Deanna Riding at deannariding@
no identification documents, and no legal identity. The lack of   or 650 574-0557.
citizenship means that these ethnic minorities are considered illegal
aliens in their own land and have little access to basic services like
education and health care, employment, and the right to own land.
   Searching for identity and citizenship for ethnic minorities in
Thailand is a new project by CCT. Nine volunteers help villagers
apply to become Thai citizens. The project expected 100-200
individuals to receive citizenship documents in the first year of
the project. As of August 2010, almost 1,000 people had filed for
citizenship. Of those, 210 had been granted citizenship and an
additional 776 were registered and waiting.
   Among the 210, Mayuree and her three younger sisters recently
became Thai citizens. Their father and mother had obtained
citizenship years ago but, due to the lack of education Mayuree’s
parents did not know how to register their children. Mayuree said
“I am very happy to receive the citizenship. I am a Thai now. I am
happy because I can go to school and obtain public services that
other Thai people receive.”
   Please pray for this new project, and the impact it has on
improving the lives of so many.
   Global Ministries works with the Church of Christ in Thailand to
fund the Citizenship project.                                                                 A newsletter for the families & friends of the
                                                                                              Congregational Church Of San Mateo, U.C.C.

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It was the standard practice that every quarter members and friends         Pine Tree, 225 Tilton Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401.
of CCSM, who made a pledge and/or donation to support the 2011
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In an effort to reduce waste and create efficiency, pledge reports
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