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					           Zeus Publications have published my book of poetry Ocean of Dreams

                - COMING SOON!
                                              ABOUT ZEUS
   Zeus Publications Australia commenced business in 1997, as Australia's first e-book publisher
and on line e-bookshop.
   Now, we give aspiring new authors a chance to have their work published in traditional paper-
back format. We publish books of all genres, with the exception of pornography.
Our team is experienced in all facets of the publishing industry with collectively over 100 years
experience in the media in marketing, sales, promotion, management and production.
   In addition, we have experienced and published writers on team to evaluate manuscripts for
new authors. Our creative team understands the need for cover art which reflects the feelings and
story of particular books.
   Zeus Publications is a new-generation, full-service, publishing company that offers authors an
exceptional alternative to pursuing limited access to traditional publishing houses. We are a cus-
tom publisher, which means that our personal service and the care we take with each author and
each title is customized to the author's needs.
Our goal is to meet your publishing needs and to deliver the book you've always wanted, a book
you can be proud of.
   Zeus Publications offers individuals, corporations, community programs, and organizations
professional one-on-one attention. We understand the importance and uniqueness of your pro-
ject. That is why we put our effort and experience into partnering with you for the successful publi-
cation of your book. Zeus Publications helps you define your goals and shape your book to
achieve those goals.
   We work for you. As a fee-based publisher, our new technology, new services and new ideas
can help create, produce and market a successful book, even if you’ve never written or published

Where are our books printed? All books for Australian authors are printed in Australia - all books for over-
seas authors and books distributed overseas are printed in either the United States of America or the
United Kingdom. We believe in supporting the local industry and workforce wherever possible.

                                FROM MANUSCRIPT TO MARKET
Zeus Publications provides the expertise and resources needed to produce and distribute your book. We’ll
help with your manuscript, honour your creative ideas, and do everything necessary to complete your pub-
lishing project—from consulting to editing to design to print production to marketing and distribution.

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