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					Teacher Leadership Academy
           February 8, 2011

              Candace Call
              Kemper Fitch
                Dot Harper
   Introductions
    ◦ Our Team
    ◦ Ouida Myers and Cathy Matthews – DPI
      Technology Consultants

   Quick overview of the Day
   Participants will understand conditions necessary for successful
    change to take place.

   Participants will ‘discover’ obstacles to change and possible
    methods for overcoming those obstacles.

   Participants will examine familiar change efforts, their outcomes,
    and be able to reflect on ‘lessons learned’ regarding ‘what went
    right’ and ‘what went wrong’ in leading change.

   Using quotes from 4 leaders in the field of educational change, the
    participants will be able to relate the assigned quote to change(s)
    they’ve experienced and report out what the quote means to them
    as teacher leaders.

   Participants will understand ‘loss’ as part of the change process and
    will experience some strategies for handling loss and ‘letting go’.
There is nothing more difficult to take in hand,
  more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain
   in its success, than to take the lead in the
     introduction of a new order of things.
               -   Machiavelli, The Prince
 Making   Change:
 ◦ Year 1
 ◦ Break (and project feedback)
 ◦ Debrief Year 1
 ◦ Year 2
 ◦ Break
 ◦ Making connections; final debrief
 Be   back by 1:15!
   Staying Positive in Negative Times     – Patterson and Patterson,
    ASCD, 2009, vol 67, no 2

   Change Initiative History   – Reeves, 2009, p. 148

   Break and Project Feedback

   Why School Change Fails     - Reeves, 2009, pp. 152-153

   Assumptions Basic to Successful Educational Change -
    Reeves, 2009, p. 154

   Confronting the Brutal Facts of Substantive Change – DuFour et
    al, 2006, pp. 190-191
   …Robert Evans (1996) found that even when
    change is recognized as positive, it is accompanied
    by a sense of loss and causes a kind of
    bereavement. Dufour et all (2006) p. 190

   Ritual closing…provides for transformation and
    capacity to move on with the continuity. Coble (2010)
    Revised CULTURE
 Questions?
 Final   comments?
   Dufour et al. (2006). Learning by Doing: A Handbook
    for Professional Learning Communities at Work.
    Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.

   Making Change Game, The NETWORK Inc.

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