Official 2006 NPC Monster Mash Entry Form by AndrewBrocklehurst


									Eligibility – This is an NPC Drug Tested Event open to all drug free NPC registered athletes. Testing at Judges / Promoter’s Discretion by Urinalysis.
NPC Membership – Annual National Physique Committee memberships are necessary to compete and are available the day of the event for $85. If
                      you are already a member be sure to bring your card or an official NPC receipt for proof of membership.
Pure Novice Divisions – These divisions are for 1st time NPC Figure or Bodybuilding competitors only. NOTE – Female Bodybuilders and / or Bikini
                            competitors doing their FIRST Figure Competition from Women’s Bodybuilding / Bikini are eligible for Pure Novice.
Check-in – Early check in October 30 from 7-8PM at The Days Inn (info below). Athletes must have suit(s) available for Judge’s inspection.
             * Contest day - October 31, 2009 7:30AM – 9AM at the Theatre. NO Entries accepted after 9AM! Athlete meeting and Prejudging following.
Entry Fees - $60 for each entry. Entries must be post marked by 10/24/09. Entries after 10/24 accepted up to & including event day for a late fee of $25
Tickets – Available in advance starting Sept 15 * VIP $25 * Reserved $15 * Prejudging only $10 * Entries / Tickets can be paid by check, money order or
           PayPal. Visit or contact us at 513-825-3604 * Get your tickets early. The last 5 years were complete sellouts!
Crossovers – Crossovers (novice to open, masters to open etc) accepted for an additional fee of $35 per crossover. e.g.: Pure Novice + Open = $95.00
Prejudging / Evening Show – Prejudging after Check-in and competitor meeting (approx. 10AM). Evening show starts promptly at 6:30PM.
Presentation – No posing routine for Bodybuilders during prejudging * Evening Show: 60-Second routine to music. Costumes optional (see below)
Music – Evening music must be in the form of CD with only presentation music. No Profanity! Sorry, but Profanity = DQ
Attire – All suits must conform to the rules and guidelines of the NPC and must be available for inspection during check-in. No thongs, logos etc.
COSTUMES & PROPS - Costumes and props are permitted at the evening show only and must be safe & not prevent the judge’s view of the
                          Competitor’s physique. Costumes / props are optional and will not affect judging. For additional info please call 513-825-3604
Tanning Products – No Tanning Products permitted In the Building. NO Exceptions! All tanning products must be applied before the competition.
                       Or at the competition in the spray tan booths (provided for a fee by Liquid Sunrayz). Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
Awards – Presented to the top 5 in each class. Awards will consist of Custom Trophies top 5 in open divisions. Jackets to Overall Division Champions
Scores – Scores will be available after the show only from the official NPC Score site
Photos – Scheduled to be photographed and will be available on DVD after the show (details at the show or
      ** Absolutely No videos or photos may be available for sale without expressed written consent prior to the show from Ruether Productions. **
          Guest Hotel – The Days Inn - 3458 Commerce Drive, Middletown, OH 45005 * Phone: (513) 420-9378 Fax: (513) 422-4387
                                               BE SURE TO MENTION MONSTER MASH for discount rates.
   (No Refunds)        Please Clearly      Official 2009 NPC Monster Mash Entry Form               Please Print Clearly            (No Refunds)
Keep top portion. Detach & send w/payment(s). Make all checks Payable to: Rick Ruether * Send to: 10258 Springbeauty Ln * Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Name_______________________________________________                           _____________________________________________________ Age_________

Address _______________________________________________________City _______________________________State____ Zip ____________

Phone (______) ________ ________________ e-mail _________________________ @____________________ Est. Body Wt. Or Height _______
                                                                  ***** Crossovers ****
      Crossovers permitted between Open, Novice & Masters Figure, Open, Novice & Masters Bodybuilding, Open, Novice & Junior’s Bodybuilding.
No crossovers from Women’s Bodybuilding or Bikini to Figure. For Crossovers please mark all clesses on entry form and add additional entry fee of $35 ea
PURE NOVICE: To be eligible for the Pure Novice Bodybuilding or Figure Divisions you must not have previously competed in any NPC event in that division.

                                                               MENS BODYBUILDING                                                       WOMENS BIKINI
        WOMEN’S FIGURE                                           Special Men’s Classes                                                       (2 Classes)
  __ Pure Novice Figure (2 classes)               __ Pure Novice (2 classes) * __ Junior (23 & Under)                           __ Up to & Inc 5’4” * __ Over 5’4”
  __ Masters Figure (Over 40)                     __ Masters Men (Ovr 40) * __ Masters Men (Ovr 50)
                                                                                                                                  WOMENS BODYBUILDING
  __ Masters Figure (Over 50)                                Open Men’s Bodybuilding                                            __ Up to & Inc 114 ½ lbs
                                                  __ Bantam Weight – up to & Inc 143 ¼ Lbs
  __ Up to & Inc 5’2”                                                                                                           __ Over 114 ½ lbs
                                                  __ Light Weight – Over 143¼ up to & Inc 154¼ Lbs
  __ Over 5’ 2” up to & Inc 5’4”                                                                                                __ Women’s Masters BB (ovr 40)
                                                  __ Middle Weight Over 154¼ up to & Inc 176¼ Lbs
  __ Over 5’4” up to & Inc 5’6”                                                                                                 NOTE – Proof of age required for
                                                  __ Lt Heavy Wt – Over 176¼ up to & Inc 198¼ Lbs                                all Junior’s & Master’s classes
  __ Over 5’6”
                                                  __ Heavy Weight – over 198¼ Lbs                                               ** Please send copy with entry **
Read Entirely Before Signing Entry: In consideration of your acceptance of this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive all rights and
claims for damages I may have against the National Physique Committee, Ruether Productions their agents, The Miami University of Middletown, their representatives
and assigns, for any and all injuries incurred by me, in connection with these events and traveling to and from the events. I hereby give my consent, knowing full well,
without compensation for myself, for all video / audio rights, for the filming / taping of my performance in the aforementioned NPC event(s). I realize that I will not hold the
aforementioned persons / institution(s) responsible for any theft or damage incurred before, during, or traveling to and from the event(s). I understand that there will be no
refund on entries for any reason. I understand the preceding material and agree to all terms. IMPORTANT *I understand that this is a DRUG TESTED EVENT and by
entering this event and signing this entry I am willing to submit to any and all test(s) requested by the NPC and or promoter and understand all test results
are final and may be available to the public. Failed test(s) will be subject to disqualification, as well as failure to submit sample(s) for testing when requested.
I understand athlete’s failing drug test(s) agree to return any and all awards within 72 hours of notification at their own expense.

 Signature X________________________________Date ________Guardian (if under 18) X________________________________Date ________

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