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Dear Parents,

An emphasis of the Kindergarten program is to foster a love of books and an interest in
reading. Parents play an important role in reaching these goals. Keeping this in mind, I
will share my plan with you for celebrating birthdays in my classroom.

Your child’s birthday will be a special day in school. Children whose birthdays do not
fall within the school year will have a birthday celebration on a prearranged day
throughout the year. As an alternative to party treats, parents are asked to donate a new
or gently used book of their choice to the classroom library. A picture of your child along
with their name and birthday will be placed in the book as a remembrance of this special
day. Please gift-wrap the book so that your child may open it in school with the class. We
encourage a parent or another adult (grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor, etc...) to come to
school to read the book to the entire class. If this is possible, please call or write a note to
arrange a convenient time.

During your child’s birthday celebration, I will also share his or her Super Star Book. I
ask that each page symbolize one year of your child’s life. Each page should include one
or two sentences about your child’s life during his or her first year, second year, third
year, of life. You can include illustration and/or photographs to compliment each page.
Each child will take home his or her book for a kindergarten birthday keepsake with all
their friends’ signatures on the back page at the end of school year.

I am looking forward to combining the pleasure of reading with the excitement of
birthdays. It will be great fun for all!


Annie Borns

School Phone 696-4600
Home Phone 697-6925

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