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									Learn Another Language…Know Another World
SPI Offers High Quality Language Immersion
    Programs for High School Students

 Prepare for Life…
      Enter the global community SPEAKING!
Betsy Arnold                   Gloria Munguia Jeremy Goodwin
CFISD Teacher of the Year      TFLA Teacher of the Year    SPI Co-Founder & Director


    Mary Diehl
    TFLA Teacher of the Year
                                      Rose Potter
                                      Eanes ISD Teacher of the Year &
                                      SPI Co-Founder
SPI does NOT facilitate large group, multi-city bus tours.

          Immersion is the ANSWER!
Think of your summer plans as
 an investment in your future.
Good advice makes a HUGE difference.

BUT… what          BUT… what        BUT… what        BUT… what
about leaving    about earning $$   about sports     about summer
my friends for   for a car? Or      practice?        camp? Or
a month?         college?           Or drill team?   summer school?

NO BUTS! There is no more VALUABLE way
   for students to spend their summer.

The investment that pays you back…
      for the rest of your life!
Develop Fluency in a Foreign Language!

 Increase your career skills and build
      international friendships!
        Prepare for College

Makes the college transition easier!
PLUS you enter college with credit!
Gain an Appreciation for Art & Architecture!

    Discover the wonders of the world!
 Foster International Friendships

Make friendships that last a lifetime
Build Confidence, Character, & Maturity

   You grow in immeasurable ways!
     5 Essential Elements…

1. Students and directors use
   the language of study
   throughout the program.
2. Students study at an
   accredited foreign university
   or language institute where
   they receive an official
   transcript they can use to
   petition for college credit.
      Education – Classes that inSPIre

Students will take fun yet intensive language
   classes 3-4 hours a day. Courses are
 designed to help prepare students for the
AP/IB exams AND improve their verbal skills
     5 Essential Elements…

3. Students participate in high
   quality excursions to sites of
   cultural & historic importance
   with teacher-guides that
   understand their level of
   comprehension, their U.S.
   curriculum and their interests.
    The Best Classroom- Experience!

Overnight & Weekend Cultural Excursions
     5 Essential Elements…

4. Students live with a caring
   homestay family in a small
   manageable city where they
   are required to use their
   developing language skills as
   they safely explore & live in
   the local community.
   Homestay Families – True Immersion

                    Welcome Home!

And you’re on your way to fluency…
    5 Essential Elements…

5. The On-site Program Directors
   are mature, experienced
   teachers who serve as
   mentors, caregivers,
   motivators, and model
   immersion students. They
   conduct the entire program in
   the language of study.
On-Site Directors– Caring Leaders
    Master Teachers
What Are SPI Programs Like?
The Immersion Experience…
                What’s Included?
• Detailed Pre-Departure Orientation Information
• SPI Travel Guide for Host City and Excursion Sites
• Travel Smart Orientation Upon Arrival
• On-Site Bilingual Directors & Local Guides
• Overnight & Weekend Cultural Excursions
• Tuition and Books at a Foreign University or
  Language Institute
• Room & Board with Homestay Family
• Basic Medical Insurance (Complete Policy Online)

   It’s ALL Online! www.spiabroad.com
        What’s NOT Included?
 •   Airfare
 •   Spending Money
 •   Optional Afternoon/Evening Activities
 •   Local Transportation Costs
 •   Meals on Excursions

It’s ALL Online! www.spiabroad.com
              Flight Arrangements

 You are responsible for booking your own flight!
  SPI does not include airfare in the program
price for your convenience. SPI designates an
    international flight upon which we ask
 students to travel. Assistant Directors or SPI
Staff will travel on this flight. Exact itineraries
  & booking instructions are on the website!
             Flight Arrangements

   If students do not travel on the designated
 flight, SPI charges a $350 fee to compensate
for day of travel flight monitoring by SPI in the
   event of delay and to discourage students
         from not traveling with the group.
               College Credit

       2 Ways to Earn College Credit:
1. Transcript from your work abroad with SPI!
       2. AP & IB Exams (BEST WAY!)
            Foreign School Credit

 1. SPI receives official transcript from school
2. SPI sends you the official copy which you will
         use to petition for college credit
 3. Once you have been enrolled in a college,
     mail the official transcript for evaluation

15 Classroom Hours = 1 Hour College Credit
University Credit Acceptance Policies Vary
              Greatly therefore
     The SPI Experience

What Students Say…
   “I can’t think of any one experience that
 prepared me for the rest of my life like going
      to Spain with SPI did. It was simply
  indescribable. Nothing has ever made me
believe more in myself, or given me so much
value out of my time. I left on that trip simply
    to learn a language, and without even
 knowing it at first, came back more prepared
than ever for the rest of my life.” ~ Kim (2005)
“My favorite part was the excursions. They
really allowed for us to be immersed in
the Mexican culture. Bernal and the Pyramids
were amazing!” ~ Mike (2007)
“My homestay mother was the best part of my
experience! It opened my eyes to how hospitable
and kind the French people and culture really
is. Paris was by far my favorite excursion and I
can't wait to go back and live with my host
family again!” ~ Izabel (2008)
SPI ONLINE! – Everything you need!

Explore! Learn! Grow! Experience!
The people you share your experience with…

…will become your friends for life.
   Learn Another Language…
       Know Another World


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