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									  BASIC CAR REPORT                                      USED CAR CUSTOMER APPLICATION FORMAT

OWNER NAME: _______________________________________________________________________

Contact Number: Mob: _____________________________ Landline:

IDEAL TIME to CONTACT: __________________________ Email: ______________________________

Customer FULL postal Address: _________________________________________________________

Vehicle Name: ___________________________________________ Model:_______________________

Ownership details:       First Owner     Second Owner        Third Owner      Tertiary owner

PRICE Quoted in Rs.:                         Market Price:

SOFT DETAILS                                          HARD DETAILS
Vehicle Reg. No:                                       KMS Done:
Registered Date:                                       Fuel Type:
                                                       Fuel Injection type: Carburetor/ MPFI/
Registered Place:                                      CRDI/TURBO
Make of the Vehicle:                                   Engine Oil Condition: Good/ Avg./ Bad
Model:                                                 Electricals: All working/ Minor adjustments required
Color:                                                 Battery: New/ Used/ 2 yrs +
RC owner details:                                      Tyres: New/ Used/ 20,000Kms +
Insurance Validity:                                    OWNER ASSURANCE:
Tax Validity:                                          Suspension: Good/ working/ Tune up required
Emission validity:                                     Transmission: Good/ working/ Tune up required
Car Driven by:     Owner/ Driver                       Clutch: Good/ working/ Tune up required
Body Type:     Saloon/ Hatchback/ SUV                  Engine Performance: Good/ Avg./ Tune up req.
Power Steering: YES/ NO                                KPL(Kilometer/ Litre):
Power Windows: YES/ NO           2 Door/ 4 Door        Wheel Alignment last done:
Air Conditioning:       YES/ NO            Ordinary/ Climate Control
Rear Wiper/ Defogger: YES/ NO
Wheel Type: Original fitment/ Alloys           4 wheels/ 5 Wheels
Tyre Profile: Original fitment/ Altered                Altered profile:
Mirror Type: Ordinary/ Power Assisted
Tool Kit:     Original Kit present/ Not Present        Wheel Jack & Spanner: YES/ NO
Seating type: Original fitment/ Altered                Altered detail: Fabric/ Leather, Color:
                                                                                                              Customer profile document

Head lamps: Original fitment/ Altered                  Altered detail: Xenon/ All weather
Other Accessories:
Audio System type:                                     Brand:
Central Locking type:                                  Brand:
LCD system:      YES/ NO                               Brand:
Amplifiers:      YES/ NO                               Brand:
Speakers:      Two/ Four/ Theatre                      Brand:
Fog Lamps type:                                        Brand:

TEAM WANA                                                                                                     1

Terms & Conditions:

  a. The AD hosted on “TEAM WANA” is completely based on the information
     provided in this document. The „Remarks‟ added by the “TEAM WANA” analyst
     is also a part of the information hosted about the detailing of your car.
  b. The period of time for the respective AD hosting is going to be for
     45days only, and subject to renewal if necessary at extra.
  c. The AD will be run on a consultation update if not sold in first 30days
     of hosting and will get into a rapid „HOT DEAL‟ column as per the
     confirmation of information from the owner of the car.
  d. “TEAM WANA” is only an advertizing site with premium segmentation to make
     you highlight your sale and add value.

Disclaimer: “TEAM WANA” holds all rights of information projection of the
advertisement, and the information will be projected as per the regulations of
standards by “TEAM WANA”. All rights of the AD reserved only to “TEAM WANA”.

Customer Confirmation:

I/ We herewith confirm and understand that the information in this application
is true to my/ our knowledge and I/ We accept the Terms & Conditions of “TEAM
WANA” for hosting the advertisement and also abide by the same.

Signature: ___________________________ Name: _______________________________

Date: _______________________

For office use only:

Name of the “TEAM WANA” Executive: ____________________________________________

Region: ____________________________ District: ________________________________

Date of Registration: ___________________ Date of Expiry: _____________________

Type of AD:      Highlight AD      Special Highlight AD      HOT DEAL flash AD

Signature of the Executive: ___________________________

Date: _____________________
                                                                                  Customer profile document

Remarks/ Suggestions:

TEAM WANA                                                                         2

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