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									                                St. Wilfrid's

                                A Season to Celebrate and
      All Saints’ 2010
                                As summer draws to a close, anticipation builds for
                                the wonderful events that we enjoy each autumn. A
                                new school year, football season, an historic
Inside this Issue               political season in many parts of our nation,
                                baseball's post-season without (barring superhuman
     Fall Christian Formation   efforts and lottery-winner like luck) the Dodgers or
2    programs begin             Angels, and, of course, the return to the full activity
                                of parish life after a summer rest for at least some of
                                our programs. This autumn, however, promises to
                                be an especially memorable one for many reasons, a
     Celebrating 50 years of
3    Ministry in Huntington
                                few of which I will briefly discuss.

                                First, the Celebration of St. Wilfrid's 50th
     Confirmation classes       Anniversary will take place throughout the month of
     begin                      October. Special gatherings and events have been
                                planned, beginning with a dinner/auction/story-
     Blessing of the Animals
5    scheduled
                                telling/gifts and talents sharing evening planned for
                                October 2, and concluding with a Ministry Fair and
                                Visioning of what God's blessing and our
                                faithfulness might produce in the next 50 years.
                                Please circle the entire month of October, watch the
     Preschool begins new       Sunday Times for details, and join us for as many of
7    year                       the outstanding mission and fellowship focused
                                events as possible.

                                Second, autumn 2010 marks new beginnings in two
                                very important areas of ministry at St. Wilfrid's. In
                                April, we welcomed Debbie Pratt to our staff as
                                Director of St. Wilfrid's Preschool. The summer
                                (continued on page 2)

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All Saints 2010

A Season to Celebrate and                                 Fall Christian formation
Dream                                                     programs start Sept. 12
(continued from page 1)
                                                          On Sunday, Sept. 12, we begin the fall program for
program under Debbie has been one of the most             Sunday morning Christian Formation for children and
successful in recent memory, and the new school           youths.
year program looks to be a much anticipated
revitalization of the school. Additionally, we            Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
welcome Christopher Gravis to our staff on                Children ages three through fifth grade will meet for
September 1, as our new Minister of Music and             Catechesis. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is faith
                                                          formation for children in this age group. Catechesis,
Arts. Look for an exciting expansion of our liturgy       (sometimes called ―Atrium,‖ named for the room in
each week, as well as new musical offerings to our        which they meet) is based on Montessori principles and
monthly parish life. We will also welcome, for the        on the principle that children desire to draw near to God.
first time, Bishop Suffragan Mary Glasspool to our        This relationship is assisted by the adult, but directed by
parish for Confirmations in November. Her historic        God’s Spirit within the child.
consecration in May, along with Bishop Suffragan
Diane Bruce, marked the beginning of a fresh              Level I Children who are three by Sept. 1, along with
expression of mission on our diocese.                     four-year-olds and children who will attend kindergarten
                                                          will meet in Room 8 south. The catechist is Holly
Finally, though certainly not the end of the list of      Sjogren, with Denise Kinsella assisting
reasons why this will be a memorable autumn, the
                                                          Level II Children who will be entering grades 1 – 3 meet
challenges and prayerful attention to the ongoing         in Room 8 north. Catechists are Jane Pape and Gina
guidance of God's Spirit will mark 2010 as the            Bonnett.
launching pad for a future bright with God’s
promises. As earnestly as I invite your participation     Level III Children who will be entering grades 4 and 5
in the joyous events of the season ahead, I invite        meet in Room 10. Catechists are Susan Matthews and
your fervent prayers and sanctified imaginations to       Leslie Bartholomew.
be fully engaged as we dream together. We have
much for which to give thanks, and much for which         Classes will meet from 8:45 – 9:45 a.m.
to look forward.
                                                          Word of God for Children
                                                          Children begin in church with their families, then after
Together in the Service of Christ,
                                                          the opening prayer, they are sent forth with their presider
                                                          for a liturgy of the Word, prayers, and activity on a level
Michael D. Archer, Rector                                 appropriate for children. We gather in Room 10. Word of
                                                          God is offered year round and is directed primarily to
                                                          children ages four through eight. Older children
New church school year begins                             sometimes volunteer with the children. Children rejoin
                                                          their families in church at the Exchange of the Peace.
with autumn gathering on
September 12                                              Nursery Care
                                                          Year-round nursery care is available for our youngest
Summer is over, and school has begun already for some.    members in Room 1. Our experienced and loving
Come celebrate the beginning of our new church school     caregivers, Joann DeSmith and Cassandra Sauer, offer
year. Autumn Gathering 2010 will be a day of              attentive care to children up to age three.
celebration on September 12: welcoming new members
of St. Wilfrid’s, registration for Atrium (Catechesis),   For more information about our children’s ministry,
gathering of youth, commissioning of catechists, and      please contact The Rev. Christy Dorn.
acolyte games over in the park.                           (continued on page 3)

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                                                                                                      St. Wilfrid’s Clarion

                                                            Confirmation is considered a sacrament in the church –
Fall Christian formation program                            an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible
                                                            grace. The outward sign in the laying on of hands by the
starts Sept. 12                                             Bishop and the inward and invisible grace is the
(continued from page 2)                                     affirmation of a mature faith. We hope all high school
                                                            students and adults will consider participating in this
                                                            year’s confirmation classes.
Living the Good News
Youth entering grades 6-8 are meet weekly for Christian
Formation in the Youth Center. This curriculum is based
on the Revised Common Lectionary, and explores the
scriptures that we all hear in worship weekly in a youth-   Contemplative Prayer Group
friendly format.
Instructors are Bob and Pat DeJong.                         Re-convenes on Thursday
For more information about our youth ministry program,      Evenings
please contact The Rev. Allison English.                    Beginning Thursday, September 23, all are invited to
                                                            gather for a spacious time of silent, contemplative
                                                            prayer. Please join us as we venture to find a peaceful
                                                            place to experience God at the center of our being and
                                                            welcome the movement of the Holy Spirit in this ancient,
Adult and Youth                                             mystical form of prayer. We will meet in Room 11 from
                                                            6:30pm-7:20pm. Questions? Please contact the Rev.
Confirmation Classes set to                                 Allison English.

begin on September 19
All adults interested in being confirmed members of the
Episcopal Church are invited to sign-up for an 8-week
Confirmation Class beginning on September 19. The
class will serve as a formation journey that culminates
with a Confirmation service on Sunday, November 14.         St. Wilfrid’s Celebrates 50
Adult Confirmation Class will be team-taught by             Years of Parish Life this
members of the clergy. The class meets weekly on
Sunday Mornings in Room 11 during the formation hour        October
from 8:45am-9:45am.
                                                            Each October, our parish has opportunity to celebrate
A Youth confirmation program is scheduled to also           the feast day of our patron saint, St. Wilfrid of York.
begin on September 19. The Youth will use the               This October, we have the very special opportunity
curriculum Confirm Not Conform – a curriculum               not only to celebrate this festival day, but to spend the
designed and implemented in the Diocese of California       entire month of October celebrating 50 years as a
to encourage students to engage, question, consider, and    parish in Huntington Beach.
confirm their Christian faith.
                                                            Mark your calendars for the following special events
The Youth Confirmation Class will meet weekly on            that will serve to celebrate our history as a parish and
Sunday mornings during the formation hour from              the common life, vision, and mission of our
8:45am-9:45am through the month of April. Youth will
take part in area confirmations with youth and adults
                                                            (continued on page 4)
from all over the Diocese of Los Angeles at St. John’s
Cathedral in the spring.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                           3
All Saints 2010

50 years of ministry in HB                                 “HOLEY DAY” PLAY
celebrated                                                 Join us for the annual St. Wilfrid’s golf tournament
(continued from page3)
                                                           at David L. Baker golf course on Saturday, October
                                                           16. Putting contest is at 12:00 Noon. Six Closest to
                                                           the Pins! Shotgun start is at 12:30pm. $75.00 per
Saturday, October 2 5:00pm-10:00pm                         person entry fee includes prizes and
Celebrating 50 Years of Mission                            dinner. Discount for foursomes.
Dinner, Silent Auction, Show, and Multimedia               Sign up to play or sign up to help.
presentation of our History                                You can donate prizes or sponsor holes.
Join us for this special night that will kick off this      Come to dinner with golfers and
month of celebration. We’ll spend the evening              Dave Shiffer. Support Youth and
sharing a special meal, enjoying a showcase of the         Children Ministries!!! Call or see
talents of various parishioners, and hearing stories       Chuck Bartholomew, 714-898-9896, or
from the past 50 years at St. Wilfrid’s.                   Vic Horton, 714-962-0827.

A silent auction, featuring various services, as well as
fun and useful items, will be available for bidding. All
proceeds benefit the Teens for Tanzania missionaries.
Sunday, October 10 10am - One Service
Celebrating 50 Years of Worship
Celebrate the patronal feast day of St. Wilfrid of York
All parishioners present, past and future are invited to
this time of worship that honors the life and legacy of    Contribute to Making the 50th
St. Wilfrid of York, as well as the life of the parish
that bears his name.
                                                           Anniversary Dinner a
Saturday, October 16                                       We need your gifts of time, talent and treasure.
Celebrating 50 Years of Fellowship
Annual Golf Tournament                                     We are looking for people to share stories about events
All parishioners are warmly invited to this annual         and memories of the last 50 years at St. Wilfrid’s. Do
tradition out on the green at Mile Square Park. Sign-      you have memories from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or past
ups take place in the courtyard following worship          decade that you would like to share?
throughout the fall.
                                                           We are also looking for people to share their talents (via
Sunday, October 29                                         music, song, art, comedy, dance, drama, etc.) with us.
Celebrating 50 Years of Ministry                           All storytellers and talented people will have three-
Ministry Fair and Commitment Sunday                        minute spots to share their gifts and memories with all
It is the work of the baptized community that has          present.
made ministry happen at St. Wilfrid’s for the past 50
years. Join us as various groups at St. Wilfrid’s          Finally, the 2011 Teens for Tanzania Mission Team is
showcase their ministries and invite all to participate    looking for items to auction off at the 50th Anniversary
                                                           Celebration Dinner on October 2. Do you have time
in the vibrant life of our parish.
                                                           share points, a piece of original art created by you, a
                                                           service you can provide, or other desirable treasure
                                                           you’re willing to donate?

                                                           Please contact Rev. Allison at
                                                  to offer your gift of talent,
                                                           story, and/or items and services you wish to donate.

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                                                                                                        St. Wilfrid’s Clarion

                                                             I really hope I get the chance to go back
                                                             and I wud luv for you to visit their web
                                                             site and see wat I saw
                                                             on the trip.

                                                             By the way, on the home page of their
                                                             website, there is a YouTube video there.
                                                             View it! All those people in it were people
                                                             who I met and talked to! And the farm in the
Blessing of the Animals                                      background was where I worked. Hope ur all
                                                             having a fantastic summer and livin it to
Scheduled for October 3                                      the fullest!!! Bye!!

Attention dogs, cats, hamsters, humans and all other         Victoria Anne!
All creatures great and small are invited to the annual
Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, October 3 at 4pm.
Animals and owners will gather in the courtyard and
move into the church for a brief and Spirit-filled time of
prayer and blessing.                                         High School Youth Invited to
                                                             Diocesan Events
Youth Summer Mission to                                      This fall brings exciting opportunities for our high
Oxnard Farm Through the                                      school-aged youth. Please save the dates and sign-up by
                                                             the deadlines.
Eyes of Youth                                                Nightwatch at the Cathedral
                                                             Saturday-Sunday, October 30-31
E-mail by Victoria Sneddon, sent to her friends on
                                                             Ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night
7/24/10, published with permission, written in “teen e-
                                                             in a cathedral? This is your chance to find out! All high
mail speak.”
                                                             school youth in the Diocese of Los Angeles are invited to
                                                             Nightwatch at the Cathedral at St. John’s Los Angeles.
July 24, 2010
From:     Victoria Sneddon
To:       Friends                                            Nightwatch is an opportunity to explore the ―thin places‖
Subject: Join the Farm!!                                     between you and the Divine, as well as an excellent
                                                             opportunity to make new friends. Suffragan Bishops
Hey! Just came back with my youth group                      Diane and Mary plan to lead the youth in a night of fun
from a farming trip in Oxnard at a place                     and spiritual exploration. Nightwatch culminates on All
called Join the Farm! It was truly                           Hallow’s Eve morning with a special Eucharistic feast.
inspirational and very moving.
                                                             Diocesan Convention Youth Program
On that trip, we were able to go on a
certified organic farm where we weeded,                      Friday-Saturday, December 3-4, 2010
harvested, and explored. We also went around                 Don’t miss this special opportunity to serve the church
Oxnard and nearby cities to visit places                     and have a lot of fun out in Riverside this Advent! All
where the homeless went during hard                          high school youth are invited to serve as volunteers for
times. There we fed them and/or helped                       this year’s Diocesan Convention. The Youth Program
package food that wud be given to the poor.                  includes fun activities for all who participate, and a
                                                             chance to get more involved in the life of our greater
We also visited Santa Cruz Island for a                      church.
day and hiked 7 miles in total! We also
went swimming there and learned wat COLD                     Youth MUST sign up by Tuesday, November 2 to
really meant! We also saw dolphins on the
                                                             participate! For more information, please contact the
trip to Santa Cruz.
                                                             Rev. Allison English at

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                             5
All Saints 2010

Youth Group Resumes                                           Please visit our Web site at or
                                                              contact Margaret Nolde at 714-330-1156 or
September 11-12                                     

The Youth of St. Wilfrid’s will kick off fall
programming on Saturday-Sunday, September 11-12.

The Youth and Brotherhood of St. Andrew will team up
and start off the year with a car wash, fundraising for the   Tanzania Youth Mission
Tanzania Mission. All Parishioners are encouraged to
get their car washed for $5 and have a BBQ lunch in
                                                              Team Plans Projects for
Sacquety Hall for $3. Purchase your tickets at the event
or from a Youth Group member in advance.
                                                              Summer 2011
                                                              So, just what will the youth and adult leaders be doing
The Annual Acolyte X Games is scheduled to follow             during their mission to Tanzania next summer? During
10am worship on September 12. Youth and children              their two-week mission, the team plans to complete some
who either participate in the acolyte program or who are      important short-term mission projects in hopes of
interested in doing so are invited to this fun event.         maintaining our long-term mission presence and
Weekly Sunday Night Youth Group begins on
September 12 from 6pm-8pm. All students entering 6th-
                                                              St. Wilfrid’s Youth Mission Team will be serving the
12th grade are warmly invited to attend.
                                                              students at Peace House Secondary School
                                                              ( in Tanzania, a school for
                                                              orphans and other vulnerable children.

                                                              Our planned projects will be construction while students
                                                              are in class and working with the kids after their classes
                                                              end each day, tutoring conversational English.
Girls Friendly Society                                        The team also plans to serve at Nyota Kindergarten in
invites St. Wilfrid girls to                                  Arusha and Endupoto Primary School, where St.
                                                              Wilfrid’s has had a strong mission presence in the past
join at St. John the Divine                                   several years. The team plans to provide a soccer field
                                                              for Endupoto and work with the children at Nyoto
Calling all Girls! The Girls Friendly Society (GFS,           Kindergarten.
established in 1877) invites St. Wilfrid girls to join the
nearby branch at St. John the Divine in Costa Mesa. GFS       In addition to seeing first-hand past St. Wilfrid’s parish-
is a worldwide organization with opportunities for            supported mission projects, the team will meet the Holy
scholarships and travel. At meetings, girls work together     Cows and Chickens and their owners, purchased via the
in age-appropriate groups to earn badges which deepen         efforts of our Youth’s Holy Cow Breakfast events over
their knowledge about the Bible, church traditions and        the past two years.
Christian values. They also participate in community
service projects. Enrichment activities such as holiday       The mission trip will culminate with a time of rest and
crafts, baking, and games add fun to this after-school        recreation on a 3-day safari, rewarding their hard work
activity.                                                     and efforts to improve the lives of the Tanzanian people.

Girls from age five through high school are welcome.          For more information, view the Road to Tanzania
Meetings are on the second and fourth Mondays of the          website at
month, from 3:30 to 5 pm. The first meeting will be on
September 27 in the parish Sunday school rooms at St.
John the Divine, 183 E. Bay Street, Costa Mesa, 92627.

   6                . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                        St. Wilfrid’s Clarion

                                                              The Preschool Begins an
                                                              Exciting New Year
                                                              St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Preschool begins its fall program
                                                              on Thursday, September 9th. The preschool is open from
                                                              7:00 am to 6:00 pm with a year round schedule. The
Children’s choir seeks new                                    change in hours and days of operation is designed to
                                                              extend St. Wilfrid’s outreach to meet the early care and
members                                                       education needs of all families within the West Orange
                                                              County area. The preschool offers half day and full day
Kids—come make a joyful noise. Our children’s choir,          programs with a choice of two day, three day, or five day
under the direction of Natalie Lim, sings during the          enrollment. The half day program is from 7:00 am to 12:
10:00 service several times a year. Rehearsals are most       30 pm. Children must be two years old by the first day
Sundays for 30 minutes or so. If you are interested in        of school. Children who are not toilet trained are
adding your voice to the beauty of our liturgy, please talk   accepted for enrollment. St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal
with Rev. Christy or call Natalie Lim at 714- 962-8798.       Preschool welcomes families of all faiths and beliefs in a
                                                              partnership of providing children with an excellent first
                                                              school experience. We are a diverse community of
                                                              learners and worshippers bound in love and trust.

                                                              As always, St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Preschool will
                                                              continue our commitment to the highest standards in
                                                              early childhood education. This year, the staff will be
                                                              implementing the new California Preschool Learning
Parenting in the 21st                                         Foundations from the California Department of
                                                              Education and the National Association of Education for
century offers peer support                                   Young Children’s Developmentally Appropriate
                                                              Practices, 3rd edition. The foundation for curriculum
                                                              planning, child assessment and parent conferences will
We are parents supporting parents. If you are a parent, a     be the California Department of Education: Child
grandparent or a parent-to-be, you are welcome—we’re a        Development Division’s Developmental Profile.
friendly group. Join us for tips, conversation and support.   (DRDP) Our goal is to assure parents that St. Wilfrid’s
Bring a friend. We usually meet on the second Sunday of       is accountable to meet and exceed all California
each month (no meetings in December, July or August)          standards for preschool education.
during the Education Hour (8:45 – 9:45 a.m.). Below are
upcoming meeting dates and topics:                            This year, St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Preschool will offer
                                                              students the opportunity to participate in special classes
                                                              in dance, music, and gymnastics. Conversational
       Sunday, Sept. 12:         Sharing Experiences
                                                              Spanish lessons will become part of the regular
       Sunday, Oct 10:           Back to School: school-
                                                              curriculum. Weekly Chapel will be directed by School
                                  related issues facing
                                                              Chaplain, The Reverend Christy Dorn. The Children’s
                                  kids today
                                                              Garden will continue to provide a growing, outdoor
       Sunday, Nov. 14:          Putting Christ Back         classroom. New snack recipes and science activities will
                                  into Christmas              be implemented using information and materials from
                                                              this year’s American Horticultural Society’s Children
We typically meet in Room 11 or in the Office Lobby           and Youth Gardens Symposium. The preschool hopes
area. Check your Sunday Times for meeting place.              to establish a Parent Garden Committee.
For more information, please contact Rev. Christy or call     Deborah Pratt, Director
Jenn Schultz at 714-475-9410                                  St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Preschool

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                             7
All Saints 2010

Beach Cities Interfaith
Services thanks donors
BCIS wants to thank everyone who contributed to the
backpack program. Thank you to those who contributed
back packs and school supplies, and to the children and
helpers who packed them. Our clients are blessed to
have these. I’m thinking of one family with nine
children who owns a landscaping company with
decreasing business, and as a result has a very hard time
making ends meet.

Here are some interesting facts about BCIS for January
through June 2010:
     Groceries were given to 5,173 people.
     Lunches were given to 1,879 people.
     We helped 69 people obtain California IDs or
        driver licenses.
     We helped 20 people with prescriptions ((with as
        many as 4 prescriptions, each totaling over
     We helped 157 households with utilities.

Thank you for all your help with grocery contributions
and finances. At times this summer BCIS has struggled
to give our clients a full bag of groceries. However, we
have been fortunate to receive deliveries from the food
bank approximately every two weeks and with the
grocery contributions from St. Wilfrid’s and other
churches, we have never turned anyone away without

Thank you for caring by sharing.

   8                . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                              St. Wilfrid’s Clarion

                                                          11 Veterans’ Day
                                                          12 OFFICE CLOSED in observance of Veterans’
                                                             Day holiday
                                                          14 Bishop’s Visit at all services today – meet our new
                                                             Diocesan Bishop
                                                             Parish nurses here today, Sacquety Hall
                                                          20 Wisdom monthly luncheon meeting 11:30-2 in
                                                             Sacquety Hall
        September, October                                21 Alternative Christmas Market after all services in

     & November 2010 Calendar
                                                             Sacquety Hall
                                                             EFLAGS potluck luncheon in Sacquety Hall after
                                                             10am service
Sept. 6 LABOR DAY, Office Closed
                                                          25 THANKSGIVING DAY – 10am service
     7 Preschool Orientation, 6-8pm in Sacquety Hall
                                                         25-26 OFFICE CLOSED IN OBSERVANCE OF
    11 Youth/Brotherhood of St. Andrew Car Wash,               THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY
                                                          28 Advent Wreath Making event in Sacquety Hall
    12 Autumn Gathering, Fall programs begin                 after all services
        Parish nurses here today, Sacquety Hall
    19 Confirmation Classes begin for both Adults and
       Youth, 8:45-9:45am, Room 11/12
        Newcomers’ Reception in the office after 10am
        EFLAGS potluck luncheon in Sacquety Hall after
        10am service
Oct. 2 50th Anniversary Dinner/Show/Silent Auction,
       5-9pm in Sacquety Hall
     3 Blessing of the Animals, 4:00pm, in the church
    10 Patronal Feast Day and 50th Anniversary
       Celebration – one combined service at 10am
        Parish nurses here today, Sacquety Hall
    16 Annual Golf Outing and Banquet – more info and
       sign up on the patio after Sunday services
    17 EFLAGS potluck luncheon in Sacquety Hall after
       10am service
    24 Commitment Sunday and Ministry Fair on the
       patio and in Sacquety Hall after all services
    31 Trunk or Treat for Halloween, 6-8pm in the
       parking lot

Nov. 7 All Saints’ Sunday
        Daylight Savings Time Ends

   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                    9
All Saints 2010

Vestry members/Commissions
                                                             Rector Emeritus        The Rev. Canon Charles Sacquety
Stewart Lumb (’11)        Finance & Budget; Christian
(Senior Warden)           Formation; Building & Properties           
                                                             Parish Administrator Cathie Mawhirter
Bonnie Christie (’11)     Pastoral Care
(Junior Warden)                                                      
                                                             Sexton                 Alfonso San Agustin
Gina Bonnett (’13)        Children, Youth & Families;
(Clerk)                   Outreach & Evangelism

Eric Anderfaas (’13)      Christian Formation, Policy &                     About the Clarion
                                                                      The Clarion is a publication of:
Bob DeJong (’13)          Fellowship; Children, Youth &               St. Wilfrid of York Episcopal Church
                                                                18631 Chapel Lane, Huntington Beach CA 92646
Holly Derheim (’13)       Christian Formation; Preschool                     Phone: (714) 962-7512
                                                                              Fax: (714) 962-4538
Dave Dorff (’11)          Policy & Personnel;
                          Finance & Budget                              Preschool Phone: (714) 968-3100
                                                                       Emergency Pager: (714) 359-9441
Larry Garcia (’12)        Worship & Special Services,             Office hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon - Fri
                          Pastoral Care
Leith George (’12)        Children, Youth & Families;            Communications:
                          Outreach & Evangelism

Debbie Hali (’11)         Worship & Special Services;
(Alternate)               Fellowship

Denise Kaprielian (’11) Preschool; Children,                               Worship at St. Wilfrid’s
                        Youth & Families                                         Sundays
Shannon Kassoff (’12) Outreach & Evangelism
                                                                Holy Eucharist 7:30, 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Elaine Meigs (’11)        Worship & Special Services
(Alternate)                                                          Christian Education Hour 8:45 a.m.
                                                                                Childcare 8:30 – noon
Kirt Smoot (’12)          Building & Properties;
                          Outreach & Evangelism

                   ______________                                                   Weekdays
Rector                  The Rev. Michael Archer
                                                                  Wednesday Morning Eucharist 7:00 a.m.
Associate Priest        The Rev. Christy Dorn
Associate Priest        The Rev. Allison Rainey English      “St. Wilfrid’s is a Christian community seeking to
                       know and unconditionally share God’s unfailing

   10                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                      St. Wilfrid’s Clarion

St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Church
18631 Chapel Ln.
Huntington Beach, CA 92646


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