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Appendix A
The measures which are included in the tables below have been determined by taking suggestions and priorities coming out of the
consultation, getting expert opinion on their practicality, effectiveness and cost which could then be used to select actions. Lead
organisation, where identified, are marked in bold. Inclusion of names not in bold indicates organisations that are, or could, work in that
area to help develop actions. The list is not complete and will evolve as environmental, social and economic programmes are developed.

Actions are designated a status, according to the following criteria.

   Ongoing                          Project developed and running
   Under development                Project approved and being developed
   Under consideration              Project being discussed as an option
   Idea                             Project not yet discussed in detail

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Appendix A1. Actions that will enable Middlesbrough to monitor and report its greenhouse gas emissions.
No.    Title          Relevant groups Action                                      Possible outputs                           Status
                       (bold means lead
                       partner(s) identified)
GHG.1   Greenhouse Gas Middlesbrough          Compile overall inventory of greenhouse gas   Three yearly written report on   ongoing
        Monitoring     Council (Community emissions and provide three yearly updates        Middlesbrough's GHG emissions
GHG.2   Carbon savings    Middlesbrough      Keep track of carbon savings generated from Annual written report of known      ongoing
        tracker           Council (Community ongoing projects and carbon increases from carbon savings and increases.
                          Protection)        known developments and traffic increases.
GHG.3   Council           Middlesbrough      Keep track of emissions from council           Annual written report of known   ongoing
        Greenhouse gas    Council (Community operations and report figures and major        carbon savings and increases.
        emissions         Protection)        carbon saving initiatives.

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Existing actions
The section below catalogues the existing plans, strategies and projects that will influence greenhouse gas emissions until 2010. Key
features of the table include
 Existing commitments that, if met, will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
 National forecasts of changes in individual habits, such as transport and energy use.
 Projects that are ongoing or under development that, if realised, will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
 Estimates of the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that each measure will result in (negative numbers). For actions that will
   generate increases in carbon emissions, these are included as positive numbers

Appendix A 2. Existing Plans, Strategies and Projects that will result in greenhouse gas emissions reductions.
Area       No. Title            Lead                Delivery mechanisms and Key outputs and targets Status                             Measurable
                                organisations       linkages to the Action                                                             CO2 savings
                                                    Plan                                                                               (tonnes/yr)

General     P1   Regional       One North East      Relevant sections include:          Economic growth, based on       Updated 2002        -
                 Economic                            B1.1 Increasing productivity of   innovation, new technology and
                 Strategy                                businesses                     improved transport, developed
                                                     B5.1 Improving transport          along sustainability principles
                                                     B5.3 High quality buildings
                                                     B6.3 Improving the
                                                     D1 Creating a sustainable
                                                         North East
            P2   Middlesbrough‟s Middlesbrough      Theme groups co-ordinate           Delivering the vision of        Structure            -
                 Community       Partnership        delivery in areas of Environment,  Middlesbrough, which includes   reviewed 2004
                 Strategy                           Transport, Economy, Health         focus on sustainable
                                                                                       development and tackling
                                                                                       climate change.
            P3   Tees Valley    Tees Valley         Sets out vision for development of Co-ordinated development        Published            -
                 Vision         Partnership         Tees Valley, improving economy, across the Tees Valley             2003
                                                    environment and social

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P4   Middlesbrough    Middlesbrough Primary     Contribute to Healthy Homes          Reduction in cold, damp    Ongoing              -
     Primary Care     Care Trust                 project, Healthy Living Centre        homes and fuel poverty
     Trust Business                              and Health through Warmth            Increase in walking and
     Plans                                       Scheme                                cycling
                                                Promote increased health
                                                 activities, like cycling and
P5   Renew Tees      Renew Tees Valley          Facilitating inward investment,   Economic regeneration of the     Ongoing            -
     Valley Business                             business                          Tees Valley via the promotion of
     Plan                                        expansion/diversification.        renewables and recycling
                                                Championing ideas and             industries, with an emphasis on
                                                 projects in renewables and        on jobs and wealth creation.
P6   Middlesbrough    Middlesbrough Council     Sets future development            Projections of changing     Next version to Housing
     Local Plan                                  framework of Middlesbrough          energy demand               be produced               -9000
                                                Gives guidance on                Encouragement of low-         2007
                                                 development type                    carbon developments                         Commercial
                                                                                  Incorporation of sustainable                           13500
                                                                                     development principles
P7   Environmental    Middlesbrough Council Sets out 15 priority areas for       Co-ordination of council‟s work Last reviewed -
     Sustainability                         sustainability work for the council, sustainability work through     2004
     Strategy                               including renewable energy,          Environmental Sustainability
                                            climate change.                      Officer Group
P8   Environmental    Middlesbrough         Sets out policy to ensure            E.g. 56% of HBS and Council     Under review              -6660
     Purchasing       Council, HBS          procurement with minimal             buildings powered by green
     Policy                                 environmental impact                 electricity
P9   Vehicle          Middlesbrough Council    Policy sets out requirement to  33 LPG vehicles                  Implemented   -
     Procurement                                purchase environmentally        2 hybrid petrol/electric
     Policy                                     friendly vehicle and fuels         vehicles
                                                                                trials of 5% biodiesel
P10 Air Quality       Middlesbrough Council Aims to reduce the causes of air To meet all air quality health       Published     -
    Action Plan                             pollution, which includes          targets by legal dates.            2003
                                            promoting alternative transport,
                                            cleaner fuels and vehicle testing.

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Saving      P11 Home Energy      Middlesbrough             Energy efficiency             HECA target achieved by 2004, Runs to 2005                -45000
Energy          Conservation     Council, Tees and          improvement work on           26% since 1996, equivalent to
                Act              Durham Energy              Middlesbrough Council         10% savings since baseline year
                                 Advice, National           housing stock                 of 2000
                                 Energy Action          Promotion of energy efficiency
                                                            advice and grants to all
            P12 Building         Middlesbrough Council Middlesbrough Council enforces       Improving energy efficiency       Next major       -
                Regulations                            the Building Regulations which        of new builds                     change 2005
                                                       include measures to improve         Improving energy efficiency
                                                       energy efficiency                     of replacement items
                                                                                             (windows, boilers)
Improving   P13 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Council       Ttransport improvements        Overall target of limiting traffic   Next review in       -23500
Transport       Local Transport                            including bus information      growth to 10% by 2010, as            2006
                Plan                                       systems, green travel          opposed to 17% which is the
                                                           corridors, public debates      expected projection
                                                        Promoting alternative travel
                                                           choices across the Tees
                                                        Implementing cycling and
                                                           walking strategies
                                                        Implementing school and
                                                           workplace travel plans
            P14 National Road Dept. of Transport       Traffic level forecasts            Increase of about 22.5%              Published            36000
                Traffic Forecasts                                                         predicted from 2000 to 2010          2003

            P15 National Road Dept. of Transport       Vehicle efficiency improvements  Average vehicle fuel            Published                   -21200
                Traffic Forecasts                                                       consumption expected to         2003
                                                                                        decrease by 12%, offsetting
                                                                                        some of the effect of increased
Reducing    P16 Municipal Waste Dept of Environment,   Estimates of increased municipal Waste increasing at 3% per year Last updated                 4000
Waste           predictions     Farming and Rural      waste                                                            2004

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            P17 Joint Waste       Middlesbrough             Kerbside collection of waste       Targets of 18% recycling by  Runs to 2020                  -14000
                Management        Council, Other Tees        paper                              2005/6, 20% homes composting
                Strategy          Valley Local              Trial kerbside box collection of   by 2010
                                  Authorities (except        glass, metal, textiles
                                  Darlington)               Recycling officer to promote
                                                             recycling and waste
                                                            Waste to energy plant to limit
                                                             greenhouse gas emissions
                                                             compared to landfill
Projects (not P18 Middlehaven     Renew Tees Valley,                                  Concept progressed into
                                                             Study investigates feasibility                                     Under            Savings
included in       Sustainable     Middlesbrough                                        working proposal to develop
                                                             of implementing sustainable                                        consideration    dependent on
above plans)      Energy System   Council, Tees Valley       energy system             major district heating and               from 2003        project go-
                                  Regeneration              Sustainable energy system electricity system on                                     ahead
                                                             concept incorporated into Middlehaven, powered by CHP,
                                                             Middlehaven masterplan    incorporating fuel cells. Total
                                                                                       carbon savings of up to 17,700
                                                                                       tonnes per year expected.
            P19 Council Housing Erimus Housing,      Stock transfer agreement includes  6000 replacement heating               Five year plan              -3600
                Stock Transfer Middlebsrough Council a commitment to make energy           systems                              from Oct 2004
                                                     efficiency improvements            6000 double glazing
            P20 Tees Valley     TADEA, Tees Valley   Advice, promotion and access to  Loft and cavity wall                     Ongoing          Included in P11
                Energy Savers Local Authorities,     grants for energy efficiency and      insulation
                Grants Schemes                       renewable energy schemes for       Solar water heating
                                                     householders                          installation
                                                                                        Marketing of energy
                                                                                           efficiency promotions
                                                                                        Support Local Authorities
                                                                                           and sharing of best practice
            P21 Low energy      Middlesbrough        48,000 free low-energy lightbulbs Estimated savings of 30 tonnes           Ongoing                     -1950
                lightbulb       Council, TADEA       distributed to council tenants,   per year of carbon dioxide for
                giveaways                            17,000 to other residents         every 1000 bulbs

            P22 Actionenergy      The Carbon Trust,      Provide advice line and energy         Look to save 20-30% off an      Ongoing          Unknown
                programme         Tees and Durham        auditing service for large             organisation‟s energy demands
                                  Energy Advice          businesses and organisations to
                                                         reduce energy costs

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          P23 Tees Valley        Renew Tees Valley,     Promoting hydrogen fuel cells by     Demonstration sites for fuel cell In place by     To be assessed
              Hydrogen           Middlesbrough Council installing two demonstration fuel     technology                        2004
              Project                                   cells in Middlesbrough
          P24 Wind Turbine       Renew Tees Valley,     A study has been commissioned        Identification of potential sites for Completed   To be assessed
              Feasibility Study  Middlesbrough          to assess the potential for urban    small-scale (100kW) wind              2004
                                 Council, other Tees    wind turbine sites with all Tees     turbines
                                 Valley Local           Valley authorities
          P25 Demonstration Nature‟s World,             Development of demonstration         Raise awareness of the             In place by                 -50
                renewables       Larchfield Community renewable energy schemes,              renewable energy in the            2004
                                 Farm, Middlesbrough incorporating one wind turbine,         community
                                 Football Club,         one geothermal building, 3 solar
                                 Safeways-BP            PV roofs
          P26 Biomass -          Middlesbrough          Using interim waste land for short   At present, 3-5 hectares planned From 2005                     -25
                growing          Council, North East    rotation willow coppice              for 5 years, from 2005
                                 Community Forest
          P27 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough               Increase cycling by providing        Increasing cycle use               Established    Included in P13
                Cycle Centre,    Environment City        secure town centre cycle                                              2002
                Cycle Task                                   parking
                Force                                    cycle maintenance training
                                                             and cycle path monitoring
          P28 Home and           Middlesbrough          Increase composting through          Diverting green waste from         Ongoing        Included in P17
                Community        Environment City,       Providing free compost bins        domestic waste collection
                Composting       Middlesbrough Council       and training                    stream
                                                         Four community composting
                                                             sites and collection service
Summary   Additional “carbon spend” up to 2010                                                                                                           71700
          Total carbon savings achieved or committed by 2010                                                                                           -124985

          Expected position at 2010 with no additional action                                                                                          -53285

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Saving Energy
Appendix A 3. Actions that can help save energy usage in Middlesbrough.
No.    Scheme         Relevant groups Action                          Possible outputs                                   Status       CO2 savings
                          (bold means lead                                                                                            (tonnes/yr)
                          partner(s) identified)
SE.1   Middlehaven        Renew Tees Valley,       Continue to work together to           Potential savings of 12500 Ongoing                    -8750
       Sustainable        Middlesbrough            ensure integration of site-wide         tonnes/yr by 2020,
       Energy System      Council, Tees Valley     CHP heating and cooling into the        expected to be 70%
       (CHP component)    Regeneration             Middlehaven development                 completed by 2010
                                                                                          Energy Services Company
                                                                                           created, bringing jobs and
                                                                                          Investment opportunity for
SE.2   Sustainable        Middlesbrough         Work to encourage the use                 Significant results likely to Idea         Unknown
       building design    Council, Tees Valley  sustainable design, such as eco-           follow after Middlehaven                   capacity
       and techniques     Regeneration, Housing buildings, combined heat and               implemented
                          Associations, Renew   power, in new developments,               Job creation for installers/
                          Tees Valley,          through development briefs,                maintenance
                          CLEMANCE              council buildings and linking into
                                                the Middlehaven Sustainable
                                                Energy System
SE.3   Tees Valley        TADEA,                Continue to work together to              5000 lofts insulated          Ongoing                 -6250
       Energy Savers      Middlesbrough         further promote uptake of                 5000 cavities insulated
       Insulation         Council, Tees Valley  insulation measures by private            Jobs created for installers
       Scheme             Local Authorities     residents and landlords
SE.4   Warmer homes       Middlesbrough Council  Develop a Warmer Homes                  Co-ordinated approach to Idea                       -25000
       strategy           (Housing),                 Strategy, to follow on from the       home energy improvement                        (estimated)
                          Middlesbrough              success of the present HECA          Accessing external funding
                          Partnership,               strategy which expires in 2005        to subsidise improvement
                          Middlesbrough PCT,     Include a particular focus on            works and offers
                          Voluntary                  reducing fuel poverty and            Reduction in fuel poverty
                          Organisations              improving health                      and associated health
SE.5   Home electrical    Middlesbrough            Seek funding to develop promotion      Remaining 50% of           under                     -8500
       efficiency         Council, Community       to offer subsidised energy-saving       residents to use low       consideration       (estimated)
       campaign           Groups, Voluntary        devices for home electrics as well      energy bulbs
                          Organisations, TADEA     as advice and grant information        50% of fridges and
                                                                                           washing machine replaced
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SE.6    Local Authority    Middlesbrough      Signed up to a Carbon            Potential savings of 15% of      under                    -4350
        Carbon             Council (Community Management Programme to          energy usage over 3 years.       development
        Management         Protection), HBS   reduce Middlesbrough Council and
        Programme                             HBS greenhouse gas emissions.

SE.7    Engaging           Middlesbrough Council    Promote energy and              High profile event planned Under                   -18100
        Middlesbrough      (Community                environment opportunities to     June 2004                   development       (estimated)
        Businesses and     Protection),              Middlesbrough Businesses        Long term potential to save
        Organisations      Middlesbrough Council    Develop programme of energy      at least 10% of energy
                           (Economic                 auditing service to              costs across all
                           Development),             Middlesbrough businesses.        businesses
                           CLEMANCE, TADEA          Secure commitment from 10       Improved bottom line and
                                                     largest organisations to         productivity for
                                                     undertake energy reviews         Middlesbrough businesses
TOTAL                                                                                                                                   -70950

New Energy
Appendix A4. Actions that can help increase the amount of renewable energy produced and used in Middlesbrough
No.   Scheme          Relevant groups Action                          Possible outputs         Status       CO2 savings
                      (bold means lead                                                                      (tonnes/yr)
                      partner(s) identified)
NE.1    Middlesbrough      Middlesbrough       Ensure next review incorporates    A structured approach to     Under            -
        Local Plan         Council (Forward    appropriate guidance and           renewable development in the development
                           Planning)           encourages use of renewable        borough
                                               energy in future developments,
                                               supported by supplementary
                                               planning guidance if necessary
NE.2    Training for       TADEA, Govt. Office Engage planning service and        Efficient and even-handed     Under           -
        planning issues    North East,         others in necessary training to    consideration of renewable    development
        around             Middlesbrough       consider increased number of       energy proposals
        renewables         Council (Forward    renewable energy proposal

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NE.3   Middlehaven        Tees Valley           Partners to work together to         Additional savings of 5200        Under               -3650
       Sustainable        Regeneration, Renew   secure funding to support            tonnes/yr by 2020, 70%            development
       Energy System      Tees Valley,          renewable component of               complete by 2010
       (renewable         Middlesbrough         sustainable energy system
       component)         Council,
NE.4   Tees Valley        Renew Tees Valley,       Continue to identify             Paving the way for future         Under           -
       Hydrogen Project   Middlesbrough             demonstration further            development of a hydrogen         consideration
                          Council,                  applications for hydrogen fuel   economy on Teesside. Key
                                                    cells in Middlesbrough           results will occur post 2010
                                                   Develop awareness raising
                                                    programmes around existing
NE.5   Demonstration      Middlesbrough            Continue to work with partners      Increasing numbers of high Ongoing                  -50
       renewables         Council (Forward          to identify sites and                profile renewable energy
                          Planning), Renew          applications for demonstration       schemes, raising
                          Tees Valley,              renewable schemes.                   awareness in the
                          Middlesbrough            Support partners progress            community
                          Environment City          renewable energy schemes            10 additional schemes in
                                                    where appropriate                    place by 2010
NE.6   Domestic Solar     Tees and Durham          Promote scheme to residents         1000 DHSW units installed To be launched           -500
       Hot Water          Energy Advice,            in Middlesbrough.                   jobs created for installers 2004
       scheme             Middlesbrough Council    Seek funding to further              and manufacturers
                                                    subsidise cost to
                                                    Middlesbrough residents
NE.7   Domestic wind      Tees and Durham          Develop and promote a               1000 DWT units installed      Under                -210
       power scheme       Energy Advice,            domestic wind turbine scheme        jobs created for installers   consideration
                          Middlesbrough Council    Seek funding to further              and manufacturers
                                                    subsidise cost to
                                                    Middlesbrough residents

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NE.8    Middlesbrough  Middlesbrough                    Follow up results of wind           Fulfil government targets Idea                       -30000
        Community Wind residents,                        turbine feasibility study to         for renewable electricity
        Farm           Middlesbrough                     investigate sites in river           production
                       Council,                          corridor or south                   Opportunity for residents to
                       Middlesbrough                     Middlesbrough.                       invest and benefit directly
                       Partnership                      A wind farm of 9 large               from schemes
                                                         turbines, like those in             Option to be managed by
                                                         Hartlepool next the A19, could       Middlehaven Energy
                                                         provide electricity for 30% of       Services Company to
                                                         Middlesbrough homes                  retain ownership and
                                                                                              benefit to Middlesbrough

NE.9    Green electricity    Middlesbrough           Work together to organise a             Encouragement of           Idea           Residents
        promotion            Environment City,       promotional campaign to                  renewable energy                                      -8500
                             Middlesbrough           encourage householders,                  schemes
                             Council (Community      businesses and other                    Exemption from climate                    Businesses
                             Protection)             organisations to take up green           change levy                                        -18100
                                                     electricity tariffs                     Aim for 10% of residents
                                                                                              and businesses signed up
                                                                                              to green tariffs
NE.10   Growth of            North East                 Investigate expansion of short      A hectare of SRC can yield Under                       -250
        biomass for fuel     Community Forest,           rotation willow coppice on           10 tonnes of wood, which development
                             Middlesbrough               waste ground in                      saves 5 tonnes CO2
                             Council (Streetscene)       Middlesbrough                       Locate 50 ha more for
                                                        Liase with landholders to            planting
                                                         encourage use of short
                                                         rotation coppice in cropping
NE.11   Biomass - use        North East              To investigate opportunities for        Growing market for wood     Under         Unknown
                             Community Forest,       installing wood boilers in               fuel                        development   capacity
                             Renew Tees Valley,      appropriate locations                   Displacing use of fossil
                             Middlesbrough Council                                            fuels
                                                                                             Significant savings not
                                                                                              expected until after 2010
TOTAL                                                                                                                                              -61260

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Improving Transport
Appendix A5. Actions that can help reduce levels of traffic and the greenhouse gas emissions it generates
No.    Title          Relevant groups Action                             Possible outputs          Status                           CO2 savings
                          (bold means lead                                                                                          (tonnes/yr)
                          partner(s) identified)
IT.1   Local Transport    Middlesbrough       Continue to ensure progression to      Achieving LTP targets          Ongoing         Included in P13
       Plan               Council (Transport  targets in LTP, looking for new
                          and Design)         initiatives such as
                                               expand travel planning in
                                                    schools and businesses
                                               investigating candidates for
                                                    major public transport system
                                               Increase links with health
                                                    improvement, via PCT, GPs.
IT.2   Smaller, cleaner Middlesbrough          Continue to lead by example,            Meet expected vehicle      Ongoing                   -15000
       vehicles         Council (Community          using clean vehicles and fuels       efficiency improvements                         (estimated)
       promotion        Protection,                 in the council fleet                Exceed predictions of
                        Streetscene)           Ensure expected vehicle                  decreases in fuel
                                                    efficiency improvements are          consumption by 8%
                                                    met by engaging public, motor
                                                    trade and fleet users.
                                               Strive to exceed efficiency
                                                    improvements further
IT.3   EAST partnership Middlesbrough         Develop the partnership in the         A percentage of fleets in the  under           Included in IT.2
                        Council (Community Tees Valley to encourage uptake           Tees Valley using cleaner, low development
                        Protection), Renew    of cleaner, low emission vehicle       emissions fuels and vehicles
                        Tees Valley, Local    and fuels
IT.4   Biofuels         North East            Promotion of the uptake of liquid      All diesel vehicles use 5%     under                      -3500
       programme        Community Forests, biofuels in the transport sector,         biodiesel (accounts for 25% of consideration
                        Tees Forest,          looking at growers, producers and      fuel use in Middlesbrough)
                        Middlesbrough Council users.
                        (Community Protection
                        Streetscene), Renew
                        Tees Valley

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IT.5    Driving training    Middlesbrough Council    Investigate development of a         Potential to save 20% fuel        Idea                 -450
        and reward          (Streetscene)             driver training scheme that          costs and emissions
        scheme                                        encourages and rewards
                                                      efficient driving in council fleet
                                                   Once established, promote to
                                                      other organisations
IT.6    TravelSmart         Sustrans,             Carry out targeted marketing             Potential to achieve 10-15%       idea      Included in P13
        Personal Travel     Middlesbrough Council campaign at specific communities         reduction in car use for target
        Planning                                  to promote alternative travel            communities (assume one
                                                  options                                  ward of 5000 residents, 50%
                                                                                           car ownership)
IT.7    Park and Ride       Middlesbrough          Investigate the feasibility of          Car journeys saved                idea      Included in P13
        scheme              Council, Bus operators developing a park and ride scheme
                                                   to reduce town centre traffic
IT.8    Cycle Centre        Middlesbrough          Expansion and continuation of     Car journeys saved                      ongoing   Included in P13
                            Environment City,      cycle centre to increase the
                            Middlesbrough Council number of people cycling into town
                                                   for work and shopping
TOTAL                                                                                                                                           -18950

Reducing Waste
Appendix A6. Actions that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated from household waste.
No.   Title           Relevant groups Action                         Possible outputs        Status                                    CO2 savings
                            (bold means lead                                                                                           (tonnes/yr)
                            partner(s) identified)
RW.1    Waste reduction     Middlesbrough               Recycling officer appointed       Reducing total waste in      Under          Included in P17
        campaign            Council                      and waste reduction and           household bins and promoting development
                            (Streetscene),               recycling campaign planned        recycling
                            Middlesbrough             Continue efforts to reach
                            Environment City             targets in Joint Waste Strategy
RW.2    Community           Middlesbrough            2 year project to set up four         Diverting green waste from        ongoing   Included in P17
        Composting          Environment City         community composting sites.           incinerator

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RW.3    Home composting Middlesbrough                 Increase further the number of     Diverting green waste from      Under           Included in P17
                        Environment City               homes composting                   incinerator, seen as a          consideration
                                                     Tackle composting in „hard-to-      reduction in household waste
                                                       compost- homes, e.g. homes         tonnage.
                                                       without a garden
RW.4    Municipal         Middlesbrough             Continue to consider feasibility of   Diverting green waste from      Under           Included in P17
        Composting        Council                   municipal composting facility         incinerator                     consideration
        Facility          (Streetscene), other
                          Tees Valley authorities
RW.5    Kerbside          Middlesbrough         Continue to seek funding to               Increased glass, paper, metal   under           Included in P17
        collection of     Counci (Streetscene)l implement borough-wide kerside            and textile recycled            consideration
        recyclables                             collection scheme

RW.6    Using Waste as a Renew Tees Valley,    Investigate projects that use waste
        resource         CLEMANCE,             as a resource, e.g.
                         Middlesbrough Council  collecting waste cooking oil               Similar size towns in       Idea                        -350
                                                    from catering outlets to be              Europe can collect
                                                    supplied to biodiesel                    150,000 litres of waste
                                                    manufacturers                            vegetable oil per year
                                                 Collecting farm animal waste              CO2 savings generated       Idea                    Unknown
                                                    for use in anaerobic digesters           from waste heat/electricity                          capacity
                                                    as a renewable power source              displacing fossil fuels
TOTAL                                                                                                                                                -350

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Adapting to Climate Change

Existing actions
Appendix A7. Existing plans, strategies and projects that will help Middlesbrough adapt to climate change.
Area        No.    Title           Lead                 Delivery mechanisms and            Key outputs and                        Status
                                   organisations        linkages to the Action Plan        targets
General     P28    Civil Contigencies Middlesbrough        Establishes legal duty for local            Broader remit for          Likely to became
                   Bill               Council, Emergency   authorities to respond to any emergency     response to                law by 2005
                                      Services             that that threatens human life and          emergencies.
                                                           welfare, the environment or property
            P29    Middlesbrough     Middlesbrough Council Provides the development framework for      Future developments        Ongoing, next
                   Local Plan                              Middlesbrough, with potential to build in   more able to cope with     review 2006
                                                           weather-proof planning, e.g. PPG25 on       changes in the weather
                                                           floodplain development restrictions
            P30    Council's EMS     Middlesbrough         Tool to assess impacts of climate           Services aware of          ongoing
                   programme         Council, UKCIP        change on service areas being rolled out    potential impacts,
                                                           to all services, through EMS                primed for when
                                                                                                       response is needed
            P31    Major Incident    Middlesbrough           Details procedures to deal with major     Co-ordinated response      To be reviewed
                   Plan              Council; Emergency      incidents, including extreme weather      to events                  2004
                                     Services                events
Flooding    P32    Flooding Scrutiny Middlesbrough          Review of all flooding issues in           Provide baseline           Completed
                   Review            Council, Environment Middlesbrough (carried out in 2002)          information for future
                                     Agency, Northumbrian                                              flood defence works
            P33    Flood defence     Environment Agency  10-yr plan to improve tidal defences         Tidal flooding risk kept   Under
                   plan                                         around the River Tees                  below 1 in 100-500         development
                                                             Flood response training, via major       years.
                                                                flooding simulation
            P34    Beck              Middlesbrough Council  Maintains and monitors beck                   Limiting flooding     Ongoing
                   Management        (Transport and Design)     condition, especially prior to heavy        impact
                   Team                                         rain                                    Rapid response to
                                                             Responds to flooding incidents                flooding events
            P35    Flood Hazard      Middlesbrough          Details procedures to deal with major      Co-ordinated response      Published 2002,
                   Brief             Council, Cleveland     flooding events                            to flooding                to be reviewed
                                     Emergency Planning                                                                           2005
                                     Unit, Emergency

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Education   P36         National           Schools, teachers,    Requirement to teach climate change as All school children                 Ongoing
                        Curriculum         Middlesbrough Council part of the National Curriculum        aware of the main
            P37         Youth Work         Middlesbrough         Existing contact with schools and the           Understand climate        Ongoing
                                           Environment City,     Youth Parliament                                change in a local context
                                           Middlesbrough Council

Coping with the Weather
Appendix A8. Actions that can further help Middlesbrough cope with changes in the weather.
No.   Title           Relevant groups Action                                    Possible outputs                                            Status
                           (bold means lead
                           partner(s) identified)
CW.1   Community           Middlesbrough               Work with theme groups ensure action               Co-ordination of response to    Under
       Strategy            Partnership,                 plans consider future weather impacts               climate impacts                 development
                           Middlesbrough                where applicable
CW.2   Middlesbrough       Middlesbrough               Ensure that the following version                  Future developments more        Ongoing
       Local Plan          Council (Forward             incorporates further guidance and advice            able to cope with adverse
                           Planning)                    on „weather-proof‟ development of the               weather
CW.3   Beck                Middlesbrough               Work together to ensure improved                   Reclassification of becks as    Under
       Management          Council (Transport           management systems for Middlesbrough                Critical Ordinary               development
                           and Design),                 Becks, in light of reclassification as critical     Watercourses
                           Environment Agency           ordinary water courses                             Responsibility transferred to
                                                                                                            the Environment Agency

CW.4   Major Incident      Middlesbrough               Review incident plan to incorporate                Co-ordinated response to a      Under
       Plan                Council (Transport           implications of the Civil Contigencies Bill         broader range of events         consideration
                           and Design),                 and other adverse weather events
                           Emergency Services
CW.5   Environmental       Middlesbrough               Continue to roll out climate change                All service areas aware of     Under
       Management          Council (Community           module to all service areas                         threats and opportunities from development
       Systems             Protection)                 Work towards developing service-specific            changes in the weather.
                                                        response strategies were needed.
CW.6   Climate Change      Middlesbrough               Keep partners up to date with the latest           All partners and agencies       Idea
       Information         Council                      predictions on climate change.                      have access to up-to-date
                                                                                                            information on which to base
                                                                                                            planning decisions on.
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CW.7    10-year flood     Environment Agency          Work with partners to ensure tidal risk          Tidal flooding risk kept below Under
        defence plan                                   targets are met                                   1 in x years.                  development

CW.8    Flood relief works Middlesbrough              Continue to develop plans and seek               Additional protection against   Under
        to Middlesbrough Council (Transport            funding for flood alleviation works in key        future flooding                 development
        Becks              and Design)                 areas of Middlesbrough
                           Environment Agency,
CW.9    Community Flood Middlesbrough                 Seek funding for an officer to work with         Lower impact of flooding       Under
        Work               Environment City,           the local community on flooding issues,           events B                       development
                           Environment Agency,        Facilitate self-help response groups             Better understanding of threat
                           Middlesbrough Council      Generate stewardship of the becks to              from flooding
                                                       improve upkeep
CW.10   Flood warning     Environment Agency,         Investigate the possibility of installing a      75% of residents at risk of     Idea
        system for the    Middlesbrough Council        flood warning system within the                   flooding take appropriate
        Middlesbrough                                  Middlesbrough Beck area                           action
CW.11   Emergency         Cleveland                   Compile a Community Risk Register to             More comprehensive              Under
        Planning          Emergency Planning,          initiate emergency planning for a broader         response to all extreme         consideration
                          Middlesbrough                range of events, including climate change         events
                          Council                      related events (e.g. heatwaves, droughts)
                                                      Consider prevention measures, as well as
                                                       response, in future emergency planning.
CW.12   Water              Middlesbrough              Promote water conservation message,              Less use of water.              Some ongoing,
        conservation       Environment City,           through gardening clubs, water butt                                               some ideas
                           Middlesbrough Council       distributions
                                                      Encouraging water metering
CW.13   Tree Planting      Middlesbrough              Access and implement advice on tree-             Future tree population            Idea
        Guidance           Council, Tees Forest,       planting suggestions, in line with future         resilient to future conditions.
                           REACT, Groundwork,          weather predictions                              Less risk of tree falls in
                           Tees Valley Wildlife       Develop inspection regime for identifying         current tree population in the
                           Trust                       existing trees that are dangerous.                event of storms
CW.14   Urban Tree         REACT, Groundwork,         Expand provision of urban trees for shade        Reduction of urban heat           Under
        planting for shade Tees Forest,                and cooling, both of public spaces and            islands, greater comfort for all. consideration
                           Middlesbrough Council       buildings.

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Appendix A9. Actions that can help increase understanding of climate change in the local community
No.    Title          Relevant groups Action                                     Possible outputs                                    Status
                         (bold means lead
                         partner(s) identified)
ED.1   School's          Middlesbrough               Develop and roll out a climate change          All school children understand Under
       Awareness         Council (Community           awareness programme to all schools              local impacts and the benefit consideration
       Programme         Protection), Youth          Reinforce the message with information          of local action
                         Parliament,                  on local impacts and local action
                         Schools and Colleges
ED.2   Community         Middlesbrough               Engage all community councils to               To raise awareness and         Under
       Awareness         Council (Community           stimulate community action                      encourage action in            development
       Programme         Protection),                Develop a yearly campaign on one topic          communities
                         Middlesbrough                from the six main themes to encourage
                         Environment City             change in behaviour
ED.3   Climate Change    Middlesbrough Council       Develop a video with the Youth                 Greater impact of message      under
       Video             (Community                   Parliament, to promote the effect of            coming from the local youth.   consideration
                         Protection),                 climate change on the next generation                                          (subject to funding
                         Middlesbrough Youth          (recommended by Middlesbrough Council                                          availability)
                         Parliament,                  Executive)
ED.4   Council's EMS     Middlesbrough               Raise awareness within the Council via         Services aware of potential    ongoing
       programme         Council (Community           EMS programme and offer to other                impacts, primed for when
                         Protection), UKCIP           organisations with EMS as a tool                response is needed

ED.5   Eco-schools      Middlesbrough                Increase number of schools participating       Learning about climate       Idea
                        Council,                      in the Ecoschools programmes                    change through action and
                        Middlesbrough                                                                 participation
                        Environment City                                                             Reduced impact of schools on
                        Schools, Groundwork                                                           the environment
                        South Tees
ED.7   Natural Climate  Wildlife Trust,              Encourage participation in the Woodland        Increases awareness and        idea
       Change recorders Countryside Parks,            Trust's recording programme, to monitor         understanding through
                        Schools                       timing of natural events, e.g. flowering,       participation
                                                      bird arrival etc.

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ED.8    Environmental     Tees Valley               Engage Environmental and Nature               Consistent message coming     Idea
        organisations     Biodiversity Action        Conservation Groups in awareness               from diverse groups.
                          Group, Tees Valley         raising. Recent study suggested that 50%
                          Wildlife Trust, Tees       of their conservation efforts should focus
                          Forest                     on preventing climate change

Delivery of the Action Plan
Appendix A10 Existing organisations can influence co-ordination and delivery of the action plan
Objective    Details                     Middlesbrough Groups and Organisations                                      Regional groups

ACTION           To co-ordinate and oversee         Environmental Action Group in the Middlesbrough Partnership
PLANNING         progress on the Action Plan as     Sustainability Advisory Network to Community Strategy
PROCESS          a whole.                           Middlesbrough Council‟s Environmental Sustainability Officer
                                                     Group (ESOG)
                                                    Community Environment Forum
GHG              To co-ordinate the monitoring      Middlesbrough Council (Community Protection Service)               Tees and Durham Energy Advice
MONITORING       and reporting of greenhouse                                                                            Tees Valley Energy Savers
                 gas emissions
NEW ENERGY       To co-ordinate actions in the      Environment Action Group in the Middlesbrough Partnership          Tees and Durham Energy Advice
                 area of New Energy                 Middlesbrough Council‟s Energy Sub-group                           Tees Valley Energy Savers
                                                                                                                        North East Energy Policy Group
                                                                                                                        Renew Tees Valley
SAVING ENERGY To co-ordinate actions in the         Environment Action Group in the Middlesbrough Partnership          Tees and Durham Energy Advice
              area of Saving Energy                 Health Action Group in the Middlesbrough Partnership               Tees Valley Energy Savers
                                                    Middlesbrough Council‟s Energy Sub-group                           North East Energy Policy Group
                                                                                                                       CLEMANCE
IMPROVING        To co-ordinate actions in the      Transport Action Group in the Middlesbrough Partnership            Tees Valley Transport Officer‟s
TRANSPORT        area of Improving Transport        Health Action Group in the Middlesbrough Partnership                Group
                                                    Middlesbrough Council (Transport and Design Service)               Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit
                                                    Middlesbrough Environment City‟s Specialist Transport Working      Tees Valley Environmental and
                                                     Group                                                               Sustainable Transport (EAST)
                                                    Middlesbrough Council‟s Environmental and Sustainable               Partnership
                                                     Transport Sub-Group
REDUCING         To co-ordinate actions in the      Environmental Action Group in the Middlesbrough Partnership        Joint Waste Management
WASTE            area of Reducing Waste             Middlesbrough Council (Streetscene Service)                         Authorities
                                                    Middlesbrough Environment City                                     CLEMANCE

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COPING WITH       To co-ordinate actions in the       Cleveland Emergency Planning Unit                                   Cleveland Emergency Planning
THE WEATHER       area of Coping with the             Middlesbrough Council (Major Incident Planning Team)                 Unit
EDUCATION         To co-ordinate actions in the       Middlesbrough Council
                  area of Education                   Middlesbrough Environment City
                                                      Groundwork South Tees

Appendix A11. Actions to ensure further delivery of the Action Plan
No.   Title          Relevant groups Action                                         Possible outputs                                  Status
                           (bold means lead
                           partner(s) identified)
DEL.1   Establish co-      Middlesbrough              Work towards securing           Integrated cross-sector co-ordination of      ongoing
        ordination         Partnership                 commitments from existing        climate change related work
        structures         Middlesbrough Council       groups to take on co-
                                                       ordination of relevant
                                                       objectives contained with
                                                       the action plan
DEL.2   Tees Valley        Middlesbrough              Work together to help co-       Co-ordinated approach to action               Under
        Climate Change     Council, Tees Valley        ordinate action on climate      Stronger representation to other sectors      consideration
        Action             Local Authorities and       change,