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                Haribo Win Is Sweet News For BEcause
                Haribo Appoints Brand Experience Agency for Summer Campaign

                07.28.2009 – Haribo, the confectionery brand, has appointed brand experience
                agency BEcause to handle a summer sampling campaign to drive sales and                     Twitter Pitc
                awareness of its new ‘Fruity Frutti’ range of chewy sweets.                                BEcause appo
                                                                                                           brand experie
                                                                                                           'Fruity Frutti' c
                The ‘Fruity Frutti Roadshow” will target families at beachfront locations and family
                focused events in the UK for seven weeks this summer. Teams of BEcause Brand               News Facts
                Ambassadors, dressed in brightly coloured uniforms to represent the different                Haribio appo
                flavours of Fruity Frutti, will be moving around each area using an eye-catching ‘Fruity     sampling ca
                Trike’ complete with sweet-shaped parasol. Brand Ambassadors will hand out                   The 'Fruity F
                samples of the sweets to families and information leaflets containing money-off              beachfront l

                coupons to parents. Families will also be directed to the Haribo website where they          focused ev
                can enter a competition to win family day passes to some of the UK’s top theme
                                                                                                             Teams of B
                                                                                                             area on an
                The campaign will run from 23rd July until 6th September, with Brand Ambassadors
                                                                                                             Brand Amba
                recruited and supplied by BEcause.                                                           samples to
                                                                                                             leaflets cont
                Sharon Richey, Managing Director of BEcause Brand Experience, comments:                      to parents
                “We’re going to take all the fun and excitement associated with Haribo sweets, and
                                                                                                           Resource Li
                turn it into a mobile treat for thousands of families out and about this summer.”
                                                                                                           Haribo webs
                                                                                                           BEcause we

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                http://pitch.pe/18012                                                                      Brand Experi
                                                                                                           to-face, famil
                About BEcause
                BEcause is one of the UK’s most experienced specialists in the art of experiential
                marketing – using live brand experiences and associated media to get people
                talking with and about brands. Founded in 2003, the agency has won a string of
                effectiveness awards, both for its creative work and its business/people
                management. Clients include Scottish & Newcastle UK, Procter & Gamble, COI,
                Superdrug, RAF, Rohan, Sony, Haribo, Nestle, Danone Waters, Gallo, AOL, E.On,
                innocent, Yakult and adidas.

                Contacting BEcause
                Gloucester Park
                Cromwell Road
                London, SW7 4DL
                +44 (0)20 7244 4900
                Website: http://www.becausexm.com

                Press Contact
                Nick Vellacott / Ellen Durrant
Office: +44 (0)1225 444268
Email: nick@highlightpr.co.uk

Interview Request
Nick Vellacott / Ellen Durrant
Office: +44 (0)1225 444268
Email: nick@highlightpr.co.uk

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