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                                                                                   Rattler Battalion

                                                                                24/26 January 2011

                                                   Intro to Patrolling, PB Operations, Indirect Fire


References: FM 3-21.8 and Combat Leader’s Field Guide 13th edition

Time Zone Used Throughout the Order: Sierra

Task Organization: No Change

1. SITUATION. With the help of local forces Rattler Battalion has received permission to use
two sympathetic villages. Although Rattler Battalion has the support of the local nationals within
northern Atropia, Intel reports there are hostile forces near our AO.

   a. Enemy Forces. Intel reports enemy forces coming from South Atropia’s People’s Army
      (S.A.P.A). The S.A.P.A forces are likely to be identified by wearing black shirts with ACU
      bottoms. S.A.P.A is reported to be traveling near our AO in 2-3 man teams and equipped
      with machine guns, RPG’s, and assault rifles. The most probable COA is that S.A.P.A will
      initiate contact and retreat back to the woods. The most dangerous COA is that they would
      hold position and call for reinforcements for further attacks. BN S2 has determined that
      their morale is high and enemy contact is likely.

   b. Friendly Forces. Cadre and MS IV’s

   c. Environment.

     (1). Terrain.

       The sympathetic villages are within an urban environment surrounded by many multi-
       level structures.

     (2). Weather.

        HI 62/LOW 40 /      SR 0727 /SS 1805/      BMNT/EENT 0702/1830          ILL% 70%

     (3). Civil Considerations. Maintain military bearing at all times and be respectful to all

        civilians and media in the sympathetic villages.

   d. Attachment and detachments. None


        Rattler BN will conduct patrol base operations, and indirect fire training at the UIW back
soccer fields and STMU intramural field, NLT 241500JAN11 and 261400JAN11 IOT improve
cadet understanding of patrolling operations.


Commander’s Intent:

      Purpose: To enhance all Cadets’ skills in patrolling, patrol base operations, and indirect
      fire. This training will be conducted in a professional, safe, and educational manner.

      Key Tasks:

       -     Conduct a class over patrolling, patrol base ops. and indirect fire in preparation for
             successfully demonstrating patrol movement, and to learn the purpose of a patrol base
             and developing priorities of work.

       -     Conduct rehearsals over patrol base ops. and indirect fire on the soccer fields to see
             the spread, layout, and determining correct spacing of every member in the patrol.
             Also evaluation of positions to depict cadet’s leadership strengths and weaknesses

       -     100% accountability of personnel and equipment to ensure that we maintain esprit de
             corps, accomplishing the mission without leaving any soldier or materials behind.

       End state: The operation will conclude with the MS I-IIIs gaining a better understanding
       of patrolling, conducting patrol base ops. and reacting to indirect fire as a platoon

   a. Concept of operations.

      The purpose of this operation is to evaluate and increase the MS Is, IIs and IIIs knowledge
      of patrolling and conducting training with a platoon sized element. This training will also
      help strengthen the unity of each company for future training exercises.

     (1) Scheme of Maneuver.

           This training will be conducted in 4 phases:

                 (a) Phase I: Accountability, site orientation and lecture

                 c/1SG will conduct accountability, all cadets will draw a rubber M16, and move
                 to designated class area. The lab OIC will conduct site orientation, actions,
                 conditions, standards. Then the NCOIC will conduct patrol base ops. indirect fire,

               and rehearsal class with visual aids. After that, the cadets will be given their
               leadership responsibilities, and then MS IVs will teach the cadets actions to take
               depending on their leadership position.

               (b) Phase II: Rehearsals of patrol base ops.

               MS Is-IIIs will conduct patrol base ops. and indirect fire walk-thru while taking
               notes and asking questions to the MS IVs designated to the patrols leadership.
               Tasks of leadership will be switched out amongst cadets and continue with
               repetition rehearsals and ask questions to understand the significance of what
               they’re doing.

               (c) Phase III: Rehearsals of patrol movement and indirect fire

               MS Is-IIIs will be placed in a patrolling leadership role and run-thru rehearsals of
               indirect fire. Platoon leader will be placed in charge of developing a plan, and
               given time to rehearsals with their platoon contingency plans, and IMTs.

               (d) Phase IV: Cadet lab feedback, dismissal, and AAR

               MS Is-IIIs provide feedback to OIC/NCOIC over lab. Cadets will then turn in
               weapons; 1SG will conduct 100% accountability, followed by dismissal and


     (2) Fires. NONE

    b. Tasks to maneuver units.

          (1) Rattler BN:

               a. Cardinal Company will conduct lab on 241500JAN11.

               b. Alamo Company will conduct lab on 261400JAN11.

               c. AI’s need to secure all equipment and set up lab NLT 20 minutes prior to lab.

                   (1). 24JAN11 MS IV Evaluators
                       PL          CDT Acosta
                       APL         CDT Barrera
                       1SL         CDT St. Martin
                       2SL         CDT Burghard

                     OPFOR          CDT Funtanilla, Jer. & CDT Kelley
                  (2). 26JAN11 MS IV Evaluators
                     PL             CDT Jacquez
                     APL            CDT Hardin
                     1SL            CDT Rincon
                     2SL            CDT Gurrola
                     OPFOR          CDT Aguilar & Castoreno
                 All other cadets of each lab will serve as assistants and help other MS IVs
                 answer questions and monitor cadets in training.
  c. Coordinating instructions.

        (1) MS IV Rehearsals:

            All rehearsals will be conducted NLT 1900 21JAN2011 at the UIW Nursing
            building room 214 (no food or drinks please).

        (2) Cardinal Company:

            Phase I:           1500-1530    Accountability, site orientation, and lecture

            Phase II:          1530-1610    Rehearsals of patrol base ops.

            Phase III:         1610-1650    Rehearsals of patrol movement & indirect fire

            Phase IV:          1650-1700    Cadet lab feedback, AAR and dismissal

        (3) Alamo Company:

            Phase I:           1400-1430    Accountability, site orientation, and lecture

            Phase II:          1430-1510    Rehearsals of patrol base ops.

            Phase III:         1510-1550    Rehearsals of patrol movement & indirect fire

            Phase IV:          1550-1600    Cadet lab feedback, AAR and dismissal


  a. Materials and services.

     (1). Uniforms: MS I’s, II’s, and III’s will wear complete ACUs, pen/pencil/notebook, a
watch, TACSOP, LBE or LBV, 2 x 1qt canteens full with water, eye protection, elbow and knee
pads, Kevlar and ruck sack. MS IV’s and V’s will wear complete ACUs and must have a
hydration system. Additional water jugs will be available at each site.

   b. Health service and support.

    (1). CLS: Cdt Jacquez, Cdt Castoreno, and Cadre.

   c. Personnel.

     (1). Transportation: All cadets will POV to UIW/STMU. If a cadet is in need of
transportation, inform the chain of command so that cadet/s can find someone with whom to


   a. Command.

    (1). Higher.      PMS           LTC Guarriello       located with BN HQ

    (2). Battalion.   BN CDR        c/LTC Obregon        located in AO

                      BN XO         c/XO Jacquez         located in AO

                      BN SGM        c/CSM Cardenas       located in AO

                      OIC           c/CPT Buffenbarger located in AO

                      NCOIC         c/SSG Sheridan       located in AO

    (3). Succession of command is BN CDR, BN XO, CO CDR

   b. Signal.

    (1). Communication is by word of mouth, phone, and email.

    (2). Motto is “Be prepared!”


JOSHUA TAUER                                    ADAM OBREGON

c/MAJ                                 c/LTC

Battalion S3                          Battalion Commander



Professor of Military Science


ANNEX C: Operation Overlay

ANNEX I: Service Support

ANNEX C Operation Overlay

                       UIW Back Soccer Fields: 24JAN2011

ANNEX I: Service Support

Patrolling, patrol base operation, and indirect fire supply request.

   1. Easel (1)

   2. Permanent Maker (2)

   3. Rubber M16s (45)

   4. Wet bulb w/ stand (1)

   5. Gallon water jugs (3)

   6. Orange cones, small (6)

   7. 550 cord

   8. 100 MPH tape (green)

   9. CLS bag (1)

   10. Blue Cards (30)

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