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					Why ColdFusion is incorporating
       JAVA Servlets
•   Overview of generic problem
•   Detailed View of ColdFusion
•   Applications of ColdFusion on Co-Op
•   Future developments analysis
Architecture Design for
WebApps (3 Tier Arch.)

                  2   3   4

    Web Servers

        What people want when
        developing a web app
•   Browser Independence
•   Ease of programming
•   Scalability in application functionality
•   Rapid development of application time
•   One consistent look and feel of
    programming structures
How it Works
        What is ColdFusion?
• ColdFusion is a complete Web application
  development platform—a programming
  language, an application server, a
  development environment, and a framework
  for delivering enterprise services. But it is
  also a straightforward technology for adding
  basic Web database functionality to your
  Web site.
              Code Example

<cfinclude template=“app_locals.cfm”>

<cfswitch expression=“#attributes.fuseaction#”>

  <cfcase value=“main”>
    <cfinclude template=“qry_GetShoppingCart.cfm”>
    <cfset UserShoppingCart=session.UserShoppingCart>
    <cflocation url=“index.cfm?fuseaction=Catalog”>

  <cfcase value=“addItem”>
    <cfinclude template=“act_AddItem.cfm”>
    <cflocation url=“index.cfm?fuseaction=cartSummary”>

  <cfcase value=“ClearCart”>
    <cfinclude template=“act_ClearCart.cfm”>

 Reasons why it is commercially
• Simplicity - easy to learn
• Power – over 70 tags available in language
• Community – large open source community
  of developers
• Software Maturity – was originally created
  in the late 80’s
Interaction Diagram

                       Interactions using
                     Server Side Scripting
                        CGIs, ASP, Java
                     Servlets , Cold Fusion
  Server                                             Application
  (TWS)                                                Server
                           Ethernet Interconnect   Interactions between
                                                     Server and TDAs

    Interactions between
    Server and database
                                Weather Database

                 Weather               Weather Data
                Web Products           Weather Datacube
                 Introduction of JWIS
Concept of Operations

JWIS will automate weather
support to the mission planning
and execution process through
an interactive, dynamic web-
based interface that supports
operational and tactical level
planning/decision making,
mission rehearsal and training.
JWIS will take the first steps
towards automatically
integrating weather forecast and
impact databases into AF
mission planning systems.
ColdFusion in AF
    Deficiencies of ColdFusion
• Macromedia is the only vendor that dictates
  ColdFusion code structures
• Rapidly losing market share to Java Server
• Much smaller toolkit than JAVA
  – Not as many options available
  Other Technologies Available
• Active Server Pages   • Perl
  (ASP’s)               • Java Server Pages
• PHP                     (JSP’s)
      Macromedia’s Solution
• ColdFusion Version 5.0 will incorporate a
  JAVA taglet library
• Will incorporate two different scripting
  languages and application frameworks that
  run in the same environment
    Reasoning Behind Solution
• Merges two popular design paradigms
• Provides a niche for Macromedia to be
  involved in the emerging adoptability
   What Servlets Have to Offer
• JAVA equivalent to Active Server Pages
• Platform Independent
• Easy for any JAVA class to be instantiated
  into JSP code
• Can include any future JAVA capabilities
            ColdFusion 5.0
• JAVA developers can now change classes
  without having to restart ColdFusion each
• Incorporation of JAVA specific tags
• Incorporation of JRun’s JAVA server into
          Impact of Decision
• Easier for programmers to develop
• Allows for different levels of ability to
  develop applications
• Eliminates need for a ColdFusion server
  and a separate Java server to run 1 web site
  on IIS