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Application Form IAPPPO 1
Guidance Notes and Supplementary information to be read and completed in conjunction with
application form IAPPPO 1. (Please note, this form is only required for products to be imported
for research/diagnosis/testing/evaluation/trade samples). You do not need to complete this form
if you are applying for a licence for products for commercial use.
In order to consider your application we need to assess the risk that your proposed import poses to human
and animal health in the UK. To do this effectively, we need to take into account, amongst other things,
the nature of the material being imported, the origin, the intended use and the destination of the material.
Failure to provide this information, may result in the processing of your application being delayed.

Section 1
2.   Destination premises of the material – Will all the analysis/research be carried
     out at the destination premises indicated in Section 1, part 2? ................................Yes                    No
     If ‘no’ please give details of all other facilities at which the material will be analysed.

     If details of facilities are not known, please explain why (eg is the destination premises for
     storage only?)

     Do the destination premises have any laboratory accreditation/recognised minimum standards?
       see attached guidance)
     (see attached guidance ..........................................................................................Yes   No
     Please give details:

4.   Country of origin
     •	 	 ou	must	specify	each	country	from	which	you	intend	to	import,	any	other	countries	the	product	has	
        been in and any processing/treatment/manipulation that has been carried out since it was imported
        prior to this proposed shipment.
	    •	 It	is	not	acceptable	to	say	‘all	EU	countries’	or	‘all	third	countries’.

6.   Product name – Give the name/description of the product and the trade name if appropriate.

IAPPPO 1 Supp (Rev. 04/09)                                           1
9.   Weight of consignment – you need to state the weight of the actual material to be imported. It may
     also be helpful to provide details/an estimation of the weight of packaging.

10. Port/airport of entry into Great Britain – please ensure you give the proposed port/airport,
    where not yet confirmed.

13. Validity of licence – We are in the process of reviewing the licensing regime for imports of samples
    for research and scientific testing. Please note that for the time being, all licences will be valid for a
    maximum of three months, regardless of the period requested at part 13. If you wish to import samples
    for longer than 3 months you will need to resubmit your application to renew your licence at three
    monthly intervals. When re-applying it is acceptable to save the text on the interactive form or use the
    copy	and	paste	function	to	fill	in	a	new	application	form.	Each	new	application	must	be	dated	and	the	
    signed (it is acceptable for the applicant’s name to be typed in the ‘signature’ field).

Section 4 – Product details
Product details – for each product you wish to import, please describe how the product is preserved eg in
ethanol and how it is stored eg ambient/shelf stable at room temperature, canned, chilled or frozen.
Please give details:

Nature of testing/evaluation: For each type of product, please state the nature of the testing/research/
evaluation that needs to be carried out eg in vitro or in vivo laboratory analysis, sensory testing including
taste testing, future commercial use (eg supply as retail goods).
Please provide details:

If	 for	 future	 commercial	 use	 will	 this	 be	 in	 the	 UK/EU/other	 country	 (please	 specify	 which	 country
or countries)

Origin of the material – Please state the origin of the material eg farms or laboratories*.

Farm                         Lab                                       countryside/wild etc
abattoir*                    commercial/processing plant*              other
Please specify:

*	If	abattoir/commercial/processing	plant,	is	the	premises	approved	for	export	of	the	products	to	the	EU?
If	 yes,	 state	 the	 EU	 approval	 number,	 if	 no	 is	 the	 premises	 approved	 under	 National	 legislation	 of	 the	
exporting country?
Please give details:

IAPPPO 1 Supp (Rev. 04/09)                                 2
                                                                      see attached guidance)
* If from a laboratory, to what standards does the laboratory work? (see attached guidance

* If from farms, is the premises in a region or zone of a country that is subject to official restrictions due
to	a	notifiable	disease	to	which	the	animals	are	susceptible	according	to	European	(see	attached)	or	other	
                                                                                      see attached
National animal health legislation.

If countryside/the wild, please give details:

When the products were collected from the animals were they suspected of being infected
with	any	notifiable	disease	to	which	the	animals	are	susceptible	according	to	European
(Directive	82/894/EEC)	or	other	National	Animal	Health	Regulations? .............................Yes
 Directive 82/894/EEC )                                                                                No
If yes, please give details:

Section 5
17 and 18 – Please provide full details of collection/packaging/processing/heat treatments/filtration and a
list of ingredients, particularly in respect of any animal derived material.

24 – Please note that the incineration premises must be approved under the Animal By Products Regulations
2005 (SI 2005/2347).

Signature:                                                                   Date:

Name in block letters:


Each	application	must	be	dated	and	the	signed	(it	is	acceptable	for	the	applicant’s	name	to	be	typed	in	the	
‘signature’ field).

IAPPPO 1 Supp (Rev. 04/09)                               3

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