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					                      Karina Vizcaíno Leetham

5435 South Edgewood Drive                             karinaleetham@yahoo.com
Salt Lake City, UT 84117                                    (801) 699-7455 (cell)

EDUCATION        Brigham Young University: Master of Arts degree in Spanish
                 Linguistics April, 2000. Studies include: Spanish teaching methods,
                 advanced phonology, syntax, history of the language, romance philology
                 and culture.

                 Brigham Young University: Received a Bachelor of Arts degree in
                 Spanish and a minor in Anthropology in August 1986.

EXPERIENCE       Valley Mental Health:

                 Prevention Specialist/Instructor: Alcohol & Drug Unit, November 2005 to
                 present. Instructor for at-risk families and youth groups – teaching life
                 skills and substance abuse prevention. Also teaching parenting classes
                 throughout the Salt Lake Valley using the “Parenting with Love and Logic”
                 method. The parenting classes are taught as part of what it's considered
                 “universal prevention”. Other duties include: tracking client progress and
                 participation, keeping organized attendance logs, preparing entrance and
                 exit interviews, teaching on-site groups, administrative organization of
                 program, budgeting & purchasing related to group activities and program
                 supplies,    coordination    with   multi-agency     oversight,   program
                 correspondence including monthly status reports.

                 Salt Lake Community College:

                 Part-time Faculty: Department of Languages, from fall 2002 to June,
                 2004. Taught 1st and 2nd year Spanish at the Redwood Road and South
                 Campuses in Salt Lake City.

                 University of Utah:

                 Full-time Instructor: Department of Linguistics, fall 2004 to spring 2005.
                 Taught advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition.
                 Part-time Faculty: Department of Linguistics, summer 2003. Taught
                 intensive 1st and 2nd year Spanish using a team approach. Taught the
                 oral activities and exercises portion of curriculum as a member of a team
                 that taught grammar, culture and oral activities.

                 Brigham Young University (12½ years):
Part-time Faculty: Department of Spanish and Portuguese, from 2000 to
2002. Courses taught include: Intermediate Spanish, including review of
Spanish grammar, introduction to literature, culture and writing.
Developed visual aids, tests, quizzes and other curriculum materials. Also
made curriculum materials available online using the “blackboard”

Graduate Instructor: Department of Spanish and Portuguese from 1993
to 2000. Courses taught included: 1st and 2nd year Spanish grammar and
conversation & 3rd year or advanced level instruction including: grammar,
composition and introduction to literature and culture. Also was requested
for four years in a row (1999-2002) to teach the spring or Summer
intensive Spanish conversation class which terminates with a ten day trip
to Northern Mexico.

Undergraduate Instructor: Department of Spanish and Portuguese from
1984 to 1986. Courses taught included: 1st and 2nd year Spanish

Study Abroad Experience: Recruited students for participation in study
abroad programs offered by BYU. Served as program coordinator and
instructor as outlined below:

Madrid, Spain - Instructed advanced Iberian culture while serving as an
assistant to the program director during the BYU study abroad spring
term, 1997. Duties included curriculum creation for advanced culture and
art program that required weekly visits to “El Prado” and other historically
significant sites. All visits required a detailed curriculum of study and
were supplemented by prepared lectures and presentations.

Guaymas, Mexico – Instructed intensive Spanish conversation course
(200-level, college) for six weeks and terminated course with a two-week
excursion into Mexico. Activities in Mexico included historical/cultural
instruction and visits to various sites in northern Mexico.

Fort Pierce Episcopal School (1½ years):

Instructor: 1990-1992. Created curriculum (Spanish language and
culture) and instructed elementary ages for one and a half years. This
was a private elementary school that offered Spanish as a cultural
arts/language elective. I created the entire program and curriculum since
this position had never before existed.

Missionary Training Center, LDS Church (4 years):

Instructor: 1982-1986 - Instruction of a structured and intensive eight-
week program of teaching classes of eight to ten students. Curriculum
           was a total immersion program of grammar, vocabulary and conversation
           to prepare students for work abroad in Spanish-speaking countries.

SKILLS     Possess excellent research, writing, and oral presentation abilities.
           Excellent teaching methodology skills, particularly dynamic and outward
           enthusiasm towards the student and subject matter. Outstanding human
           relations abilities, especially with students and faculty.       Excellent
           supervisory skills, including the ability to manage several projects in a
           timely manner. I possess a commitment to thorough and high quality
           work products. Other abilities include reading, writing and conversational
           fluency in Italian; excellent familiarity with microcomputers.

PERSONAL   Spanish citizen, raised in Madrid, Spain. Current status: permanent
           resident of the United States. Divorced with two children (19 & 23 yrs.
           old). Member of Sigma Delta Pi (National Spanish honor society).
           Personal interests include: archeology, anthropology, traveling, stain
           glass design, jewelry design, interior design, reading, politics, current

Pat Merckley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Valley Mental Health
(801)815-2980 – Cell

Liz Albertsen, Licensed clinical psychologist
Valley Mental Health, Forensics Unit
(801) 263-7225 - office

Jamie Daybell Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Valley Mental Health
(801) 263-7239 – office
(801) 664-3229 - cell

Dr. Halvor Clegg, Professor & Department Chair
Brigham Young University
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 422-7546 – office
(801) 224-1637 – home
email: halvor_clegg@byu.edu

Quina Hoskisson, Immediate Supervisor & Associate Department Chair
Brigham Young University
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 422-3479 – office
(801) 224-0956 – home
email: joaquina_hoskisson@byu.edu

Dr. James Taylor, Retired Professor
Brigham Young University
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Provo, Utah 84602
May be reached by email at: james_taylor@byu.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Turley, Professor
Brigham Young University
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 422-7019 – office
(801) 374-2845 – home
email: jeffrey_turley@byu.edu

Other references available upon request.

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