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					San Pedro                                                                                                        December 2008/
                                                                                                                   January 2009

Published by the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce                                      
and the Downtown Business Improvement District

   Chamber Board in
                             Shopping Adventures…San Pedro Style!
   See page 2.
                             Shop locally…benefit locally
   Chairman’s                                       by Sharon Creal

   Message                       n financial times as tough as these, the tough
   See page 3.
                                 may not even want to go near the mall. It might
   Port Executive                be the perfect year to avoid the big-ticket items,
   Director on the           the time-and-gas-expense and the general mayhem.
   Red Car                   Does this mean the Grinch wins? Not if you live in
   See page 4.               ’Pedro. I went on a brief tour of just a few of the
                             shops in town to see what they have that might
   Shopping,                 spare me the drive to Del Amo.
   Shopping,                                                                            Launching the Business Improvement District Security
   Shopping                  What I found was a truly surprising and delightful         Patrol in December: Property owner and PBID President,
   See pages 6-8.            adventure – the discovery of an amazing number             Eric Eisenberg; Darka Klaric owner of Drop-In Cards
                             of unlikely little prizes tucked away in San Pedro         and Gift; Niko Tsouloufas owner of Niko’s Pizzeria; and
   BUSINESS TIPS:            stores, items that simply don’t exist anywhere else.       security personnel, Dave McCall and Scott Smith. See
   Marketing in a                                                                       story on page 10.
   weak economy              Shopping San Pedro is a great way to go on your
   See page 9.               own holiday treasure hunt, and to treat yourself to
   BID security
                             quick, first looks at unique handcrafted clothing,
                             ornaments, jewelry – and more – created by local          San Pedro Waterfront
   patrols to begin
   See page 15.
                             artists. In the bargain, you get to feel great about
                             yourself for supporting the hard work of folks            Plan moving forward
   LIVE at the Grand         right here in your hometown, where service and            Chamber facilitates community based
   Annex: eclectic,          character are our specialties.
                                                                                       response to waterfront development plan
   international                                                 continued on page 6
   See page 11.                                                                        After several weeks spent studying the Port’s San
   Business supports                                                                   Pedro Waterfront Project DEIS/DEIR, meeting with
   education                                                                           Port management and with significant community
   See page 15.
                                  Upcoming Special Events                              groups, the San Pedro Chamber’s Waterfront Sub-
                                                                                       committee drafted its response to the proposed
   Williams Bookstore                                                                  plan. With endorsement by the Economic Policy
   celebrates 100                                                                      Committee, and passage by the Chamber’s Board
   years                          Members and Public Invited to                        of Directors at their November 19th meeting, the
   See page 16.
                                   Chamber General Meeting                             following letter was sent to the Port Environmental
   POLA High School                                                                    Management Division and the U. S. Army Corps of
                                      Wednesday, January 21, 2009
   students intern at                                                                  Engineers:
                                                       6:00 PM
   the Chamber
   See page 18.                                  Port of Los Angeles High School       The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce has, for
                                                                                       over ten years, been the leading advocate for
   Spirit of the                                                                       redevelopment of the waterfront and expansion
   holidays on                       Business Showcase and                             of the cruise industry. Ever since John Papadakis
   Western Avenue
   See page 19.                      Green Technologies Expo                           proposed the “Grand Promenade” from the bridge
                                      Wednesday, February 25, 2009                     to the breakwater, it has been viewed as the
   EVENTS FOR YOUR                                                                     backbone of a revitalized downtown San Pedro,
                                                 5:30 - 9:00 PM
   CALENDAR                                                                            when linked to the waterfront with ribs consisting
   See page 13.                             Ports O’ Call Restaurant
                                                                                       of pedestrian and public transportation bridges.
                                                                                                                          continued on page 14
2 Board of Directors
  Your Chamber

                                         Your Board in ACTION
      The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors took the following actions
                       during the months of October and November
October 2008
   nn The chamber welcomed new Corporate and Community Partner, The Boeing Company
   nn The Board dissolved the current San Pedro Chamber Auxiliary and is forming a new organization entitled the
        Chamber Ambassadors. Board member Carol Mizrahi will be the Board liaison to the new group. Previous Auxiliary
        Members were thanked for their past service, and invited to participate in the new organization.
   nn   The Board supported the Economic Policy Committee in its plan for its Waterfront Subcommittee to meet and
        prepare a response to the Port of LA’s recently released Waterfront DEIR/DEIS.
   nn   The Board and its Corporate and Community Partners participated in a leadership breakfast with guest speaker,
        Councilwoman Wendy Greuel.
   nn   The Board continued to participate in and support its Partnership Programs with the ACE (Arts/Culture/
        Entertainment) District, PBID (Property Owners Business Improvement District), and the Port Technologies
        Development Center
   nn   The chamber sponsored and /or supported the following Community events in October:
        wn Continued sponsorship of Friday Farmers Market in Downtown San Pedro
        wn Continued support of First Thursday events and ribbon cuttings for members
        wn Welcomed Target Stores to San Pedro with an official ribbon cutting
        wn The Sportswalk to the Waterfront
        wn A Breakfast Links Forum with local bankers, financial managers, and real estate agents who addressed the
            growing economic crisis.

November 2008
   nn The Board continued to participate in and support its Partnership Programs with the ACE (Arts/Culture/
        Entertainment) District, PBID (Property Owners Business Improvement District), and the Port Technologies
        Development Center.
   nn   The Board revised the Chamber bylaws to include an evening Board Meeting that could be attended by all members.
        The evening meeting for this year will take place on Wednesday, January 21, 2009, at 6:00 pm at the Port of Los
        Angeles High School. Other changes included officially dropping the word “Peninsula” from the chamber’s name; a
        new conflict of interest section; presentations to committees must have prior approval of the committee chair or co-
        chair; and the closing of Board meetings.
   nn   The Board reviewed the recommended Waterfront EIR response as drafted by Economic Policy’s Waterfront
        Subcommittee who had been working in conjunction with other community organizations. The Board adopted
        the draft as presented and authorized the subcommittee to continue to negotiate additions/changes with other
        community organizations prior to submission on or before the closing of the public comment period on December
        8, 2008.
   nn   The Board’s Membership and Marketing Program announced the implementation of a new email/survey program to
        better engage and inform the chamber members.
   nn   The Board along with PBID will continue to look for solutions to the announced parking meter increase by the City
        of Los Angeles.
   nn   The chamber sponsored and/or supported the following Community events in November/December:
        wn Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead in Downtown San Pedro
        wn Continued sponsorship of Friday Farmers Market in Downtown San Pedro
        wn The Grand Experience - San Diego Opera. This event brings students to the Warner Grand Theatre for an opera
        wn The Port of Los Angeles High School fundraiser - A Night at the Opera
        wn The Air Force Band of the Golden West at the Warner Grand Theatre as part of Air Force Week LA
        wn An After-hours mixer for members at Malaga Bank’s 25th and Western Branch
        wn Black Friday and Saturday Super Sale in Downtown San Pedro
        wn City Hall Tree Decorating Ceremony with students from Barton Hill Elementary and the 15th St. Family Literacy
        wn The 12th Annual Teen Conference for ninth grade students in San Pedro and Wilmington
        wn A “Thank You” reception to honor Assembly Member Betty Karnette
        wn Weymouth Corners Annual Candy Cane Lane
        wn The Holiday Spirit of San Pedro Parade in Downtown San Pedro
        wn Regional Chambers Holiday Mixer at Los Verdes Golf Club
 2 Board of Directors                                                                         Your Chamber 3
                         Message from the                                                  The San Pedro Business Journal
                         Chairman of the Board                                            is a bi-monthly publication of the
                         John Ek                                                       SAN PEDRO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                                         390 West 7th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
                         To the many members, Board of Directors, friends and           Phone: (310) 832-7272 Fax (310) 832-0685
                         staff of the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, I bid you      
                         Holiday Greetings and many successes in the New Year.       
                          2009 seemed to have gotten to an early start. Some say       OuR promote, support and
                          it started in the first week of November. The country        advocate the interests of the business
                                                                                       community by actively working to develop
                          and world for that matter, seems more than ready as we       a vital and sustainable local economy that
anticipate the inauguration of a new President, Barack Obama. His presidency -         also enhances the social and environmental
his cabinet and his policies – seem primed to shake up the status quo across the       resources of the community.
country. Locally, the impacts have already been felt, with many local elected and
other officials being tapped for cabinet or other important administrative posts.      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
As we all embark on a new year, many of us do our best to get our physical and            John Ek, Ek & Ek Public Advocacy
financial “house” in order so that we are better prepared and able to handle           Chair-Elect & Co-Chair, Economic Policy:
the many challenges we all will face in 2009. People near and far create their            Jayme Wilson, Spirit Cruises & Boardwalk Café
own special New Year’s Resolutions - whether it’s a new gym membership to              Treasurer & Co-Chair Finance:
                                                                                          Sal Sotomayor, Bay Cities National Bank
get in shape physically – or buying items that organize our lives and our hectic       Chair, Business, Education & Arts:
schedules.                                                                                Dr. Lanny Nelms, Harbor Community Adult
Being prepared is always a factor in success. Whether it’s a new business                 School
proposal or having the right information when entering a business transaction.         Co-Chair, Economic Policy & Finance:
                                                                                          Anthony Pirozzi, Individual
Information, knowledge and solid business principles will deliver success in any       Co-Chairs, Marketing & Membership:
situation.                                                                                Irene Mendoza, Svorinich & Associates, Inc.
The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce can play an essential role as an advocate,              Mona Sutton, Omelette & Waffle Shop
sphere of influence and vendor of important business intelligence when it comes        Chair, Business Improvement District:
                                                                                          Eric Eisenberg, Renaissance Group
to local or regional policies. The Chamber has a history of being the “go to” player   Chair, Arts, Culture & Entertainment District:
when it comes to entrepreneurial ventures big and small.                                  James Preston Allen, Random Lengths News
For years, The Chamber has been A Sound Business Investment for thousands of           Immediate Past Chair:
businesses, entrepreneurs and people simply wanting to be more involved in the            Anthony Santich, Vopak Terminal
                                                                                       Jack Baric, Pirate Town Productions
economic climate and shape of San Pedro and the Region. And, we continue to be         Tony Cordero, Conoco Phillips
involved in the communities our members call home.                                     Mitch Harmatz, Plaza Automotive Center
From a policy perspective, elected leaders from the City and County of Los Angeles        & Park Plaza Shell
are moving forward on ordinances and regulations that directly and indirectly          Steve Kleinjan, Clean San Pedro, Inc.
                                                                                       William Lyte, Harbor Assn. of Industry & Commerce
affect the business climate locally and regionally. Policies related to smoking in     Carol Mizrahi, Mizrahi Enterprises, Inc.
outdoor dining areas, a new affordable housing policy, policies and programs           James O’Callaghan, LA Inc.
related to homelessness and poverty and of course this year is an election year in     Robert C. Santich, Individual
the City. In March with runoffs scheduled for May, the City of Los Angeles will hold   Andrew Silber, The Whale & Ale
elections for several offices including City Council, Controller, City Attorney and    Tim Tess, Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals LP
Mayor.                                                                                 Dwainia Tullis, Lanta Salon
                                                                                       George A. Van Buren, Van Buren & Associates
In addition, long-standing issues such as Port development, power generation,          Kevin Williams, Find Your Way Around L.A.
public safety, environment and Green issues, new construction and development
in Downtown San Pedro and business development will again be topics of                 CHAMBER STAFF
conversation at Chamber meetings.                                                      CEO: Camilla Townsend
                                                                                       Chief Financial Officer: Carolyn Brownell
From a community perspective, The Chamber will keep with our tradition of              Associate, Sales & Membership Services:
informative and topical committee meetings with members and events somewhat               Laura Duarte
outside the Chamber realm including our involvement with groups like the               Receptionist/Office Assistants:
POLAHS, the Western Avenue Merchants, The Warner Grand Theatre, Women’s                   Wilma Going
                                                                                       Partnership Programs Consultant:
History Month and our Teacher Recognition event.                                          Judith Blahnik
You’ve heard the mantra “think globally, act locally”. As we start with the            Communications & Technology Consultant:
promise of a new presidency and new direction for America, it’s more than the             Sandy Bradley
right time to join the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce. At our first General             Consultants:
                                                                                          Louis Dominguez, Linda Alexander,
Membership meeting in January 2009, we will look forward to hearing from you              Sharon Creal
– our constituents – on how we can make your Chamber even stronger and more            Intern, Economic Development
relevant.                                                                                 Paul Spiering
I look forward to the New Year, to meeting more new Chamber members and to             Publisher, San Pedro Business Journal
                                                                                          Herb Zimmer, PriorityOne Printing
meeting and greeting more people who want to be involved and help grow the
San Pedro Chamber of Commerce.
4 Port of Los Angeles
                                                Port Updates
                                                Port Executive Director
                                                Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D.

                        The Red Car Feasibility Study
                        At our November 6th Harbor Commission meeting, I presented
                        the status of the Red Car Feasibility Study. The study scope is
                        in several phases, with Phase I looking at alternative routes and
                        Phase II providing EIR supporting information for the Red Car
                        extension to Cabrillo Beach. Other phases of the study will
                        focus on other routes, as well as provide design details for a
                        Red Car maintenance facility and a Red Car museum.
                        Many of you have asked why the Red Car Line loop through
                        downtown San Pedro was not included in the Port’s San Pedro
                                              Waterfront Draft Environmental Impact
                                              Report (DEIR). We did not include the
                        “What do              Red Car Line into downtown because
                        you want the we were not far enough along in our
                                              Red Car Feasibility Study to arrive at
                        Red Car to            a proposed project in time to include
                        be when it            it in the current Draft EIR. But more
                        grows up?”            importantly, the study raised some
                                              fundamental questions about the future
                                              of the Red Car.
                        The most significant finding of the study is that the Red Car
                        in its current configuration and operating mode cannot work
                        in downtown. Why? Because the existing Red Car Line was
                        modeled on cars of the past. The Port made a commitment
                        to retaining aspects of the historic accuracy of the original
                        system. Today, we operate one original, restored Red Car and
                        two Red Cars that are reproduction cars built by hand by Port
                        employees. But our Red Cars in their current configuration
                        require high platforms to load passengers and ramps for
                        handicap access. These stations work where you have lots
                        of room, but would be disruptive to business and the flow of
                        traffic through downtown San Pedro.
                        The study found that the existing high platform system is not
                        compatible with a downtown-friendly system, where street-
                        level step-on/step-off capability is much more practical for
                        passengers. Beyond an effective route into downtown, we
                        need our Red Car system to be as flexible as possible, and we
                        need it to work with traffic instead of blocking traffic as it does
                        now. To work in downtown, the Red Cars have to be more
                        “nimble.” More nimble means hopping on and off at street
                        level without the need for an elevated station. More nimble
                        means a step that lowers automatically to ground level for
                        wheelchair access. That means converting the Red Cars into
                        the types of cars found on most other urban trolley systems.
                        Unfortunately, the existing system is not compatible with the
                        proposed future system and we cannot extend the existing
                                                                    continued on next page
                                                                       Port of Los Angeles 5
Port Updates
continued from previous page

system into downtown. The study recommends taking out
the existing Red Car system and starting from scratch!
Clearly, the question, “What do we want the Red Car to be
when it grows up?” needs to be answered. When originally
constructed, the focus was on moving cruise passengers
to downtown. The Red Car Line was built before a more
comprehensive evaluation of the system opportunities was
examined. Although we have seen ridership increase due
to the fountain opening, our ridership is still limited. Our
study showed that by converting the system to an electric
trolley system, we create the potential of having the system
serve a dual role - a transit system as well as a way for visitors
to move along the waterfront. Imagine if you could get to
LAX or downtown LA by taking the Red Car north up Gaffey                     ElisE swanson
Street or north from a Wilmington line to connect to an MTA
light rail line - our study identified some potential routes to
make this happen.
Being part of a transit system opens up opportunities for              Phone           310.241.0699
federal and state transit funding. So, the study may not have          Fax             310.241.0099
given us the answer some hoped for - an easy way to connect
to downtown - but we may have gotten something better: a
broader vision of how a modified system could become part
of a larger harbor area transit system, one that brings value        P.O. BOx 989 • San PedrO, Ca 90733
to all of San Pedro and Wilmington, not just visitors using the           www.POnteviSta.COm
waterfront. Timing is perfect to seek transit money with the
reauthorization of the Surface Transportation Bill expected
to be a high priority for the Obama Administration. Is it
possible Wilmington and San Pedro can rally around a better
idea? What do you want the Red Car to be when it grows up?

   In my Executive Director’s Report at each Board
   meeting, I report about something significant facing
   the Port. If you can’t make the meeting, be sure to
   watch the webcast or replays on our website, www. You can find my report on the
   Red Car Feasibility Study on the video for the Harbor
   Commission meeting of November 6, 2008. You can see
   example of the types of urban trolley systems I mention
   is this column.

                Lanta Salon
                   285 W. 6th Street, Unit 104
                     San Pedro, CA 90731
                   A Natural Healing Arts Salon
  6 Shopping in San Pedro                                                                                                               3
San Pedro Shopping Adventures                                         Here, you wind your way through rows of long tables displaying
                                                                      everything from dolls, angels and decorations to hand-stitched
continued from page 1                                                 accent pillows, crystal display pieces and candleholders, serving
                                                                      dishes and trays, colorful holly and ivy sprays, and more. My
These are some of the stops I made, where neighborhood shop           standout favorite was an attractive collection of windup wooden
owners are ready and waiting to show off this year’s offerings.       music boxes with moving, miniature scenes.
On the Waterfront                                                     The Assistance League is a philanthropic organization whose
                                                                      proceeds are used to fund community programs such dentistry
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Gift Shop                                    and school and medical supplies. So come in and score unique
3720 Stephen M. White Dr., 90731, (310) 548-7562                      gifts and decorations at bargain prices, and know you’re helping                                                    many excellent, local causes.
Tue–Fri 10:30AM–4PM, Sat/Sun 11AM–5PM
At first, you’ll notice things here you might expect in any museum    Point Fermin Area
gift shop – science books, tee shirts and the like. But keep          The Corner Store
looking. You’ll                                                       1118 W. 37th St., 90731; (310) 832-2424
find seaweed-                                                         Mon–Fri 6AM – 6PM, Sat/Sun 7AM–6PM
wrapped, fired-                                                       Proprietor Peggy Lindquist really works hard at showing her
porcelain pottery                                                     customers a good time. For one thing, there’s always something
delicately crafted                                                    special going on, in addition to the usual, which is… well, unusual.
by a local artist,                                                    It’s a Café, a grocery store, and a gallery? Right? The answer is YES!
next to a necklace                                                    to all. It’s also
molded of almost-                                                     a meeting
translucent                                                           place, a
marlin scales by                                                      neighborhood
another. The                                                          hangout, a
shop features an                                                      quiet spot to
extensive selection of science- and sea-themed toys for kids of all   read the paper
ages. You can purchase glass and enamel candle holders, frames        and even give
and decorations as well as sea photos and artwork. My standout        the pooch a
favorites for their uniqueness?: “sock” coin purses and a larger,     treat.
eco-friendly clutch made entirely of recycled juice boxes.
                                                                      Kids have
“Friends” members (see an Aquarium representative) receive            loved the
a 20% discount at the shop. With a purchase of $25 or more,           store for
shoppers who mention this article will receive a free, finely         decades
stamped brass tree ornament that features the Aquarium logo, a        for its candy selection that still includes the classics: dots, wax
$6.95 value.                                                          lips, Bazooka and more. The Corner Store feeds grown-ups well,
Weymouth Corners                                                      too. You can get regular and designer coffees, lunch (including
                                                                      sandwiches, savory pies, salads and Vienna hog dogs, “the filet
Assistance League of San Pedro/South Bay Gift Shop                    mignon of franks”) and the most diverse selection of soda and
1441 W. 8th St., 90732; (310) 832-8355                                beer to be found in the area, if not the known universe.
Mon–Fri 10AM – 5PM, Sat 11AM–3PM                                      A fixture on the San Pedro “Palisades” for generations, The Corner
There’s something for everyone at the Assistance League.              Store is gearing up for another December, the highlight coming
A community pillar for the past 72 years, the thrift store is a       on Friday, the 19th, with “Miracle on 37th Street,” which
consignment and retail nonprofit staffed entirely by the world’s      will include a visit by Santa from 6–7 PM, and then caroling — a
friendliest volunteers. Here, you can browse through an immense       rehearsal at the store from 7–7:30 PM, then everyone heads out en
selection of highly creative clothing and merchandise, lots of        masse to sing all along 37th Street.
it found by buyer Farazaneh Parsa. As I was touring the store, a      In addition, each weekend in December will feature artist shows
customer at the card rack called out, “They have the best cards!”     and sales of artwork, jewelry and crafts, such as hand-stitched
and I checked it out. They are pretty and funny, and the ones that    aprons, scarves and handbags. Art on display is available for
particularly caught                                                   viewing and purchase, and features landscape paintings by local
my eye feature                                                        artists and smaller works by emerging artist. This is truly a place to
extraordinary                                                         find the unexpected and beautiful gift that will be appreciated for
photographs of                                                        years to come.
faces, animals and
settings.                                                             Especially dazzling holiday offer: pastry orders from La
                                                                      Mousse bakery. Come in (at least a week in advance, please) to
The seasonal                                                          look through a catalog of the most delectable desserts imaginable
extravaganza is                                                       to add some real treats to your gatherings. You can also order fresh
the “Christmas                                                        cut flowers.
Boutique,” open
now through                                                           Mention this article to qualify for a special gift or discount.
December 31.
                                                                         Shopping in San Pedro 7
Western Ave.                                                           Drop-In Cards & Gifts
                                                                       385 W. 6th St., 90731; (310) 548-1239
Cardsmart                                                              Mon–Thu 10AM–6:30PM, Sat 10AM–4:30PM, Sun 11AM–3:30PM
28126 S. Western Ave., 90732, (310) 832-3060                           (longer hours on holidays)
Mon–Fri 9:30AM – 7:30PM, Sat 9AM–7:30PM, Sun 10AM–                     You’ll be so glad you dropped into this very entertaining “card”
5:30PM                                                                 store. It’s a great place to pick up small, affordable and funny
A locally owned card-and-gift vendor, Cardsmart features a large       gifts as well as beautiful, artist-designed clothing, jewelry and
selection of cards, bows and wrapping for all occasions, in addition   candles. Owner Darka Klaric,
to some great gift ideas. Some                                         who has been in business
of the standards you’ll find are                                       on Sixth Street for 18 years,
pens, stuffed animals, puzzles                                         carefully selects unique and
and other toys, and some festive                                       creative items she knows her
decorations.                                                           customers will adore as much
Also featured prominently in the                                       as she does.
store is the “WillowTree” figurine                                     This year’s stars include
display, the adorable, hand-                                           “fusion” serving plates and
carved-looking statuettes that                                         ornaments by Silvestri, which
add sweet accents to any shelf or                                      feature colorful inset designs
table, and are excellent choices as                                    – a gorgeous departure from
small gifts.                                                           traditional holiday fare. You’ll
Cardsmart offers discounts on                                          also find hand-painted clocks,
boxed cards and Christmas wrap.                                        glassware, decorations, funny
Five percent discounts are offered                                     aprons and ties, extremely
to students of Holy Trinity and                                        funny cards – both boxed
Christ Lutheran schools. Call the                                      and individual – delicious-
store, or visit, for details.                                          smelling cream soaps from Maui and fruit-and-flower-scented
                                                                       candles. While Drop-In’s line of “OLD GUYS RULE” attire is
Historic Downtown District                                             its number-one bestseller, perhaps most stunning is the upscale
                                                                       selection of Swarovski Crystal Clothing by designer Christina
Our Creations                                                          Alexander. These short, jean-jacket style outer garments offer a
416 W. 6th St., 90731; (310) 519-8231                                  great way to dress up a casual outfit with some serious dazzle.
Open 7 days, 11AM – 7PM during the holidays.
Carla Ortega’s early education in artisan handiwork is very            Darka thanks her many San Pedran customers for their support
evident as you enter the store and see her original creations on       over the years. Hurry in and mention this article for a special
display. When you look at the                                          free, gorgeous ornament with a purchase of $25 or more, while
dolls and figurines with their                                         supplies last.
animated facial expressions                                            Sunken City Skates
and elaborate wardrobes, you                                           619 S. Mesa St., 90731; (310) 833-6678
might be startled (as I was) to                                        Mon–Sat 10AM–8PM, Sun 11AM–4PM
realize that you are looking
at something completely
made by hand – face, hands,
feet, hair, entire figures – in
Carla’s workshop. The detail
is breathtaking. The store also
carries adorable figures that are
made elsewhere.
The shop features an array of
decorations and accessories,                                           Lords of Dogtown fans will feel right at home in this shop, now
including custom-designs, for                                          open three months in its downtown location. Come in, browse
holidays, weddings and special                                         and check out the advanced demos on the in-store, full-size,
parties. If making your own custom centerpieces are your               half-pipe ramp.
passion, you’ll find many elements here to choose from.                Offering a complete selection of skateboards, eyewear, shoes,
In it’s 19th year, Our Creations offers crafts, handmade items,        apparel and accessories for the fashionable skater, Sunken City
custom holiday decorations and ornaments including Santas,             will give a 10% discount, with a $25 minimum purchase, to
angels, dolls and snowmen. Other pieces include vases,                 shoppers who come in and mention this article.
buttons, bows, miniature flower bunches and elastic ribbons.
Bring in this article to receive a 15% discount with a purchase                                                   continued on page 8
of $25 or more.

                         Spend locally … Benefit locally!
   8 Shopping in San Pedro                                                                                                         3
continued from page 7                                                 Off The Vine
                                                                      600 S. Pacific Ave., Suite 103 (enter on 6th St.), 90731; (310)
Soluna                                                                977-7990,
315 W. 6th St., 90731; (310) 833-3695                                 Tue–Wed 12PM–7PM; Thu 11AM–8PM; Fri/Sat 11AM–9PM;
Opens at 11AM every day; closes at 7PM Mon–Fri; 6PM on Sat;            Sun 1–6PM
5PM on Sun.                                                           Michael Koth was a wine aficionado long before he and his
Hipsters from 16 to 60+ love Soluna, the clothing and                 wife, Alison, opened Off The Vine in November 2007. Now,
accessories shop on Sixth Street known as the place “Where            he gets to immerse himself
Fashion and                                                           in his passion full time. He
Art Collide.” In
                                                                      specializes in selections from
business about 18
months, Soluna                                                        small-production wineries
caters to a party                                                     of Central Coast California –
and professional                                                      including such labels as Clos
crowd with                                                            Pepe, Tobin James, Robert
trendy business                                                       Hall and Rancho Sisquoc – in
and casual attire.                                                    addition to products of Spain,
They also have                                                        France, Italy and beyond.
a great custom-
shoe painting                                                         Off The Vine features a
deal: just bring in                                                   Wine of the Month Club
your light, solid-                                                    that keeps you supplied
color “tennies” and they’ll custom-decorate them for you              with the store’s picks of the
(call for details). Accessories offered include jewelry and more,     month at discount prices,
supplied by emerging artists, many of whom are local.                 with no membership
Mention this article for a 10% discount with a minimum                fee. In addition, you can
purchase of $25.                                                      educate your palate at
                                                                      tastings every Friday and
The Grand Emporium                                                    Saturday, and keep an
323 W. 7th St., 90731;(310) 514-8429                                  eye out for Off the Vine’s
Mon-Sat 10AM – 5:30PM, Sun 11AM–4PM                                   participation in many
Leave yourself time to browse, because Marylyn Ginsburg               local events. Recently,
and her crew have packed many small, fabulous finds into the          they offered a “Wine
cases, shelves and displays lining the walls and defining the
                                                                      Lovers Package,” bundled
floor space at The Grand Emporium. Featured in “Romantic
Homes” magazine’s                                                     with tickets to the
November                                                              Relevant Stage, resident
2008 issue, this                                                      company of The Warner
aptly named                                                           Grand Theatre across the
establishment offers                                                  street.
a wide variety of                                                     Michael thanks San
gifts as well as décor
                                                                      Pedrans for their great
items for home and
garden.                                                               support throughout the
                                                                      year, and invites everyone
As you make your                                                      in for a 10% discount,
way through the
                                                                      with a $25 purchase and
well thought out
and impeccably                                                        this article.
appointed holiday displays, you’ll see many bejeweled
items such as watches, frames and small crystal pieces.
Grand Emporium reps seek them out all year — in several             Every Friday 9:00am -2:00pm • Mesa Street between 6th & 7th
national shows as well as locally; and some artists approach
                                                                                         San Pedro’s Historic Downtown
the store themselves.
A clear standout is an attractive watch made from twin
antique spoon handles by nearby artist Jennifer Northrup.                     • Farm Fresh Produce     • Arts & Handmade Crafts
Other notables include “Maximal Art” by John Wind, and                        • Variety of Hot Food    • Field Cut Flowers
gold-tone frames and clocks by Edgar Bareki.                                  • Natural Honey & Nuts   • Baked Goods
                                                                              • Kettle Corn
In business 18 years and going strong, The Grand
Emporium is a great stop-off on the way to the party –
they’ll wrap your hostess gift for free. Bring in this article to
receive a 10% discount with a minimum $25 purchase.
                                                           Information You Can Use 9

  Rentals Available                                                            Business Tips
             The Cabrillo Hotel                               Marketing in a Weak Economy: A Dozen Ideas
          Rent 1 to 20 rooms by the month.
       Perfect for student or maritime housing.
                                                            1. Always think Marketing
               Retail Available                             Keep a file of good ideas, direct mail samples, great ads, for future
                                                            use or brainstorming.
     437 W. 6th St. • 1850 sq. ft. • $1800/Mo.
   429 W. 9th St. • $625/Mo. (Courtyard w/DWP & Gas Co.)    2. Target your Market
                                                            Read up on industry trends, developments, etc. Know your
The Renaissance Group         310-732-1640, 323-875-4850    competition and keep a competitive intelligence file.
                                                            3. Develop your Brands
                                                            Create new services or products. Update them. Trademarks protect
                                                            them. Try to always keep things fresh so your customers see
                                                            4. Build a Team
                                                            Establish a marketing/public relation advisory team composed
                                                            of key personnel in or outside of your organization. Attend
                                                            seminars, read marketing publications. Consult outside marketing
                                                            professionals to get unbiased opinions.
                                                            5. Establish a Budget
                                                            How much are you currently spending on marketing? How much
                                                            do you want to spend? How much can you afford to spend?
                                                            Determine a percentage of gross income that can be spent on
                                                            marketing. Try to establish a market presence monthly whether
                                                            through advertising or public relations.
                                                            6. Stay Top of Mind
                                                            Publish a newsletter. Create a survey. Develop a Web site. Use
                                                            uniformed signatures denoting contact information/Web site
                                                            address and slogan at the bottom of every email you send out. Send
                                                            postcards or electronic briefs to stay connected and offer value add
                                                            to clients.
                                                            7. Meet the Press
                                                            Create a press kit. Be sure to include an online version with
                                                            executive bios and high-resolution photographs.
                                                            8. Service is Job #1
                                                            Return calls promptly. Refer callers to others when you’re not
                                                            available. Send out email tips or dedicate a part of your Web site
  San Pedro’s British Restaurant and Pub                    specifically to client needs. Make sure it is easy for people to
                                                            contact you. Always follow up on calls or messages.
        Andrew & Adela Silber; David Juarez
                               9. Word of Mouth
                  310.832.0363                              Hold an open house. Join community organizations and network!
                                                            Contact speakers at conferences you attend.
                                                            10. Advertise
                                                            Develop a new or improved logo. Get a memorable phone number,
                                                            such as “1-800-GOT-DEBT.” Include your Web address, email and
                                                            slogan consistently on all marketing materials.
                                                            11. Reach Out
                                                            Sponsor a booth at a tradeshow, hold an event at your office or give
                                                            a speech at a community gathering.
                                                            12. Put it in Writing
                                                            Write a column for the local newspaper, local business journal or
                                                            trade publication. Publish an article and circulate reprints.
                                                                                      by Dal Corsaro
                                                                         SCORE (Service Corps of retired Executives)
                                                                                To schedule an appointment,
                                                             please call the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce at: 310.832.7272
 10 San Pedro’s Historic Waterfront District                                                                                      3
                                               Business Improvement District

Business Improvement District security patrols begin December 2nd
BID President Eric Eisenberg announced: “The era of self-           The BID Patrol will begin on Tuesday, December 2. A typical
empowerment for property owners has begun. As of December           day shift of 2-officers will begin at 11:00 A.M. and extend until
2, 2008, PBID security personnel began patrolling the               7:30 P .M. On weekends officers will be scheduled until 11:30
downtown district.”                                                  .M.
                                                                    P in order to serve the dinner crowds. All schedules will be
“For years there has been a general consensus that the success      continuously monitored in order to assure the business owners
of downtown business was inextricably linked to the provision       and the public that their highest need times are met. Security
of more security in the area. Now the new PBID will be              schedules will also be customized to serve special events and
meeting that important need,” Eisenberg continued.                  activities. San Pedro will benefit from a full-time dedicated
                                                                    Director of Security, Dave McCall.
Camilla Townsend, Executive Director of the San Pedro
Chamber of Commerce, and also a BID Board Member said:              “I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the
“While I have personally always felt safe shopping downtown,        San Pedro community, as we have done in the Hollywood and
the perception of safety was not as strong as it should have        Sunset & Vine BID areas. We will strive to create an intricate
been. Clearly, customers, business owners, and tourists will be     partnership between Andrew International’s Foot Beat Officers
able to draw comfort from the roving patrols of 2-officers each.”   and the local businesses to provide a safer environment
A focus group survey of Chamber of Commerce                                designed to spur community growth,” McCall said.
Members and others conducted in August 2006                                     Andrews International, a local security services firm
reflected that nearly 26% of all respondents agreed                              founded by former LAPD officers, was selected by
with Townsend’s assessment. This was the highest                                 the PBID Board of Directors to provide services
priority for action as measured by the survey.                                  in San Pedro following a competitive selection
“LAPD and the Port Police have limited resources                              process. The firm provides similar services in
and have simply not been able to be every where at all times.                Hollywood, CA that have been widely credited with
The new BID patrol will add resources to make certain our                    helping that community’s revitalization become
business district is safer,” said Jayme Wilson, of Ports O’ Call             permanent.
Restaurant and Spirit Cruises.”

                                                                                            Board of Directors
PBID Board of Directors in action                                                      Business Improvement District
September, 2008                                                                                   San Pedro
•	 Approved and executed By Laws
                                                                                               Eric Eisenberg, Property Owner
•	 Ratified interim board members
                                                                                                    The Renaissance Group
•	 Proposed standard form agreement with the City of Los
   Angeles for BID administration                                                               Jayme Wilson, Owner Operator
•	 Approved liability insurance contract from Insurance West                                 Spirit Cruises & Ports’ O Call Restaurant
•	 Approved start up loan in the amount of $5000 for the purpose                                Alan Johnson, Property Owner
   of binding insurance and for the payment of miscellaneous                                      Jerico Development, Inc.
   start up costs                                                                        Camilla Townsend, President & CEO
•	 Invoiced city clerk for an advance of assessment funds                                  San Pedro Chamber of Commerce
•	 Contracted with the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce for                           Ralph Hicks, Director of Economic Development
   office space and support services                                                             Port of Los Angeles
•	 Contracted with Duckworth Consulting for BID                                             Lauren Cohen, Vice President
   implementation services                                                                   Galaxy Commercial Holding
•	 Approved security services RFP
•	 Approved marketing funds expenditure for the “Day of the                                 Anthony Bilas, Property Owner
   Dead” – $800                                                                               Dar Horn, Property Owner
                                                                                                   Union Artworks
November, 2008
•	 Approved the addition of Dar Horn to the interim Board of
•	 Approved the contract with Andrews International Security for
   BID Security/Ambassador Services                                                 Upcoming BID Meetings
•	 Approved BID financial policy and procedures statement
•	 Approved bookkeeping services and CPA services contracts                                     January 7th
•	 Approved draft cash flow model for Historic Waterfront
   District/PBID                                                                               February 4th
•	 Approved agreement with Dekra-Lite for holiday decorations
   installation                                                                          638 S Beacon Street, Room 462
•	 Formed an ad hoc committee to work with CRA to develop                                        9am - 10:30am
   an artist rent subsidy/incentive program
                                 San Pedro’s Historic Waterfront District 11
                                       Arts, Culture and Entertainment District

LIVE at the Grand Annex                                              for the Folk Music
                                                                     Center in Claremont.
                                                                     “I don’t go looking
                        by Judith Blahnik                            for a particular sound
According to the Arts Cultural and Entertainment District            or experience, says
concept, if the arts thrive, so then will the neighborhood.          Archambault. I just
                                                                     keep open and if
The recent launch of weekend live music performances at that         a certain music or
Grand Vision Foundation’s
performance space downtown
San Pedro is the latest to test     Programming at LIVE at the Grand Annex is
the ACE concept.                              eclectic and international
LIVE at the Grand Annex
presents an eclectic mix of
world and folk music in the
intimate listening setting at
434 W 6th St. on at least two
weekends each month. For
It might be too early to rave                                                                        sound speaks to me, I gravitate
about economic impact                                                                                towards it. Then I think, if I
downtown. Then again, in its                                                                         move towards it, possibly others
first two months the music                                                                           will too.”
series has drawn surprisingly                                                                        The most recent standing-
good audiences, “better than                                                                         room-only-night at LIVE at
expected” says Taran Schindler                                                                       the Annex, the third in the
who does marketing and                                                                               popular Japanese fusion series
outreach for LIVE. And it has                                                                        of performances, presented the
sold out twice. The producers                                                                        Taiko Center Ensemble and the
are already looking to grow                                                                          stirring sounds of traditional
the series and see it through                                                                        Taiko drums fused with tap
spring, ’09.                                                                                         dancing, Japanese folk dancing,
LIVE is collaboratively                                                                              song, flute, the visual agility of
produced by Grand Vision                                                                             the drummers, and a Shamisen
Foundation and Alyssa                                                                                (Japanese lute) performance
Archambault of Paniolo                                                                               that stunned the already
Productions who books the                                                                            enveloped audience. It was a
performances.                                                                                        two encore night.

“It’s because                                                                                        Archambault, who has produced
of Paniolo’s                                                                                         alone most of her professional
reputation and                                                                                       life, says she’s thrilled with
knowledge                                                                                        the collaboration with the expert
that we’ve                                                                                       Grand Vision producing team,
been able to                                                                                     which not only champions the
hit the ground                                                                                   series concept but has deep
running,” says                                                                                   roots in the community and far-
Liz Schindler-                                                                                   reaching educational and marketing
Johnson of                                                                                       opportunities.
Grand Vision                                                                                   The co-producers regard their
Foundation.                                                                                    work as more than booking acts.
Archambault                                                                                   According to Grand Vision’s Taran
brings great                                                             Schindler and Archambault, LIVE at the Annex is an
readiness                                                                opportunity to grow a distinctive series over time and to
indeed. Since                                                            introduce more musicians and performers to a compact
childhood she                                                            venue only 30 minutes from downtown LA.
has been developing a wide-range appetite for the sounds of          It will also bring artists and the public together in regularly
world culture and folk traditions, plus American jazz, blue grass,   offered workshops, and provide special music programs for
vaudeville. . . .                                                    children. Once again, Grand Vision is living up to its name.
She’s built audiences too, having hosted two music programs
for KCRW and KPFK and produced a 4-year long live series                 See the LIVE at the Annex ad on page 18
12 Chamber and Community Meetings Calendar
                       Chamber and Community Meetings Calendar 13

Listed below are chamber meetings and events, and community meetings, for more information
on these events and additional community and business events, please visit the chamber’s
website at HYPERLINK “” or call
310-832-7272 to be added to the chamber’s weekly events newsletter distribution list. To receive
the weekly events newsletter you must have a valid email address or fax number.

Friday, Dec. 5                                                            Monday, Jan. 19
5:00 pm             Annual Candy Cane Lane Open House & Festival          6:30 pm             Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Meeting
                    Weymouth Corners                                                          Cabrillo Marina Community Center
Sunday, Dec. 7                                                            Tuesday, Jan. 20
1:00 pm             Spirit of San Pedro Holiday Parade                    5:30 pm             Port Community Advisory Council (PCAC)
                    Downtown San Pedro                                                        Port of Los Angeles High School
Monday, Dec. 8                                                            Wednesday, Jan. 21
6:30 pm             Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council Meeting      6:00 pm             San Pedro Chamber Board of Directors and Annual
                    Peck Park Community Center                                                Membership Meeting
Tuesday, Dec. 9                                                                               Port of Los Angeles High School
8:00 am             Economic Policy                                       Thursday, Jan. 22
                    San Pedro Chamber of Commerce                         8:30 am             Adopt-A-Spot Meeting
6:30 pm             Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council Meeting                            San Pedro Chamber of Commerce
                    Port of Los Angeles High School                       8:30 am             Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners
Tuesday, Dec. 11                                                                              Banning’s Landing Community Center
8:30 am             Ponte Vista Project Hearing - Los Angeles Planning    Wednesday, Jan. 28
                    Commission                                            7:30 am             San Pedro Chamber Breakfast Forum
                    Los Angeles City Hall                                                     Ports O’ Call Restaurant
Monday, Dec. 15
6:30 pm             Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council Meeting
                    Cabrillo Marina Community Center
Tuesday, Dec. 16                                                              For a continuously updated calendar of
5:30 pm             Port Community Advisory Committee (PCAC)                  Chamber and community events, go to:
Wednesday, Dec. 17
                    Port of Angeles High School
5:30 pm             Regional Chambers Holiday Mixer
                    Los Verdes Golf Club 7000 W. Los Verdes Drive, RPV
Thursday, Dec. 18
8:30 am             Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners
                    Banning’s Landing Community Center
                                                                               Business Counseling at the Chamber
                 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
            CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS DEC. 24 - JAN. 1                                                       Mondays
                                                                                                 9:30am -12:00 noon
Wednesday, Jan. 7                                                                   Call 310-832-7272 to schedule an appointment
9:00 am             Property Owners Business Improvement District
                    Meeting (PBID)
                                                                                       Downtown Farmers Market
                    San Pedro City Hall – Room 462                                                      Fridays
6:00 pm             Pacific Corridor Community Advisory Committee (CAC)         9:00am-2:00pm • 6th Street, between Pacific & Mesa
                    Crowne Plaza LA Harbor Hotel
Thursday, Jan. 8
6:00 pm             Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners
                    Port of Los Angeles Administration Building
Monday, Jan. 12
6:30 pm             Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council Meeting
                    Peck Park Community Center
Tuesday, Jan. 13
8:00 am             Economic Policy
                    San Pedro Chamber of Commerce
6:30 pm             Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council Meeting
                    Port of Los Angeles High School
Thursday, Jan. 15
8:30 am             Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners
                    Bannings Landing
 14 Continued from Page 1
Chamber Waterfront DEIR response                                          a. Emphasis be placed on connecting Ports O’ Call
                                                                               to the downtown through a seamless connection,
continued on page 8                                                            including extension of the Red Car into
                                                                               downtown (see below).
The Chamber’s mission is to make San Pedro an                             b. As recommended by the Urban Land Institute
economically, environmentally and socially sustainable                         and Councilwoman Janice Hahn, the historic
community. That means we look for any new developments                         landmark institutions that have been serving the
to:                                                                            community for almost fifty years - the San Pedro
    1.    Enhance our current economic assets, while adding                    commercial fishing slips, Ports O’ Call Restaurant
          new ones.                                                            and San Pedro Fish Market - should be retained.
    2.    Create or attract new jobs with good wages and                  c. 50,000 square feet of new development be added
          career growth opportunities.                                         to the current 150,000 square feet at Ports O’ Call.
    3.    Enhance our current environmental assets, mitigate         3.   Red Car Line Extension
          past environmental problems and add new assets.                 The line’s first expansion should be routed through
    4.    Create new educational and recreational resources.              Downtown San Pedro. At a minimum it should be
                                                                          routed west on 5th Street to Centre Street, south on
These principles have been applied to our evaluation of                   Centre Street to 7th Street and east on 7th Street to
the 2008 Waterfront Project Draft EIS/ EIR. After review by               return to the main line. This was promised to the
the Chamber’s Waterfront Subcommittee, Economic Policy                    community and should be of the highest priority.
Committee; and with input from significant community
organizations; the Board of Directors recommends and                 4.   Road Improvements
strongly supports moving forward with Alternative                         The Chamber does not support realigning Harbor
Development Scenario 4, with minor modifications.                         Boulevard, as disconnecting the 5th Street and 6th
                                                                          Street access to the Maritime Museum and Ports O’
As preface to the comments that follow, we would like to                  Call will create another barrier between Downtown
emphasize that, a.) none of the following comments should                 and the Waterfront. The Chamber does support the
be construed to indicate that we advocate or support re-                  Town Square and Fountain elements of the project.
circulating the Draft EIS/EIR, b.) as waterfront development              The only roadway improvement that the Chamber
proceeds, all Downtown elements should be included in the                 supports is the extension of 7th Street due east to
first phase, and c.) we have made it a priority to incorporate            Sampson Way at the foot of the proposed 7th Street
the comments of other significant community organizations.                Pier.
Elements supported as stated in Alternative 4:                   Additions to Alternative 4
    1.    Waterfront promenade                                   Three major elements advocated by the Chamber and entered
    2.    Inner Harbor Cruise Berths                             into the record at the EIR Scoping Hearing and not included
    3.    No Outer Harbor Cruise Passenger parking               in the DEIR should be studied.
    4.    New Harbors                                                1.   Marine Science Research Institute
          a. Downtown Harbor with Los Angeles Maritime                    This should have been included in the DEIR,
              Institute Facilities                                        beginning with adaptive reuse of the warehouses at
          b. 7th St. Pier                                                 Berth 58-60.
     5.   Conference Center                                          2.   Clean-up of the Westways site
     6.   Three New Waterfront Parks                                      This should be a high priority with the Port.
     7.   SS Lane Victory                                            3.   Outer Harbor Cruise Berth
     8.   Red Car Maintenance Facility and Museum                         The Port should continue to plan for the availability
     9.   Ralph J. Scott Fire Boat Museum                                 of an occasional-use berth at Kaiser Point while the
    10.   Catalina Express                                                inner harbor terminal remains the focus of passenger
                                                                          processing activities.
Elements supported with modifications:
                                                                 The Chamber appreciates the Port of Los Angeles’ continued
    1. Parking Structures:                                       commitment to moving forward on the San Pedro Waterfront
       a. The one new Inner Harbor Cruise Passenger              Project and looks forward to working with the Port to
            Parking Structure should include ground floor        continue making progress on this exciting and vital project.
            restaurants and retail to enhance the pedestrian
            experience adjacent to the Gateway Fountain.         “This document not only stays true to the Chamber’s original
       b. Any additional parking structures should be            position, but works within the Port’s own plans to achieve
            located for shared use between the downtown          both the goals of the community and the Port. We have built a
            and waterfront districts.                            broad based coalition. Now we can truly move forward toward
    2. Ports O’ Call Development                                 using the waterfront to bring the Historic Downtown back
       Redevelopment of Ports O’ Call is a major element of      to economic sustainability, while building a future San Pedro
       the San Pedro Waterfront Project and the Chamber          that many generations to come will be proud of,” stated Eric
       recommends:                                               Eisenberg, Chair of Chamber’s Waterfront Sub-committee.
                                                                     Business and Education 15

Opera, teens and thanks for a job well done
Supporting San Pedro’s schools and ensuring that                     Director, and Yesenia Aguilar, Coordinator of the College
business has a well educated future workforce,                       Bound Program, from the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Harbor
the Chamber’s Business and Education Committee                       Area. Senior Lead Office Joe Buscaino was the keynote speaker
has had an active Fall agenda.                                       for the day-long event,
                                                                     The ninth grade students represented San Pedro High School,
Grand Experience                                                     The Port of Los Angeles High School, Banning High School,
On November 7, 2008, the Committee sponsored the Grand               Renaissance School for the Arts and Sciences, Rolling Hills
Experience featuring the San Diego Opera Educational                 Preparatory School, Boys & Girls Clubs of the L.A. Harbor, LA
                                 Outreach Program. Over 1400         Bridges - Toberman Neighborhood Center Youth Program, San
                                 students from San Pedro and         Pedro Youth Coalition, San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA,YWCA of
                                 Wilmington Schools attended         the Harbor Area, and Harbor Occupational Center.
                                 a performance of the opera,         Reception for
                                 “Rumplestiltskin” at the
                                 Warner Grand Theatre. Buses
                                                                     Assemblymember Betty
                                 sponsored by Councilwoman           Karnette
                                 Janice Hahn and Conoco-             The San Pedro Chamber of
                                 Phillips Company helped             Commerce through its Business/
                                 transport the students to the       Educations/Arts committee in
                                 event. For many students,           partnership with the Grand
                                 not only was this their first       Vision Foundation, honored
                                 exposure to opera, but to           Assemblymember Betty Karnette
                                 the Historic Warner Grand           with a reception on Thursday
                                 Theatre as well.                    evening, December 4th, at the
                                                                     Grand Annex in downtown San
                                   12th Annual                       Pedro.
Members of the San Diego
Opera Ensemble, as part of their
                                   Teen Conference
                                                                     Having served as a California State Senator as well as in the
educational outreach program,      On December 2, 2008, the
and sponsored in part by the                                         Assembly, Betty has always been a great supporter of San Pedro,
                                   Committee sponsored the
Gluck Foundation, perform                                            and of all of our education programs and events. As a former
                                   12th Annual Teen Conference
Rumplestiltskin at the Warner                                        school teacher, she has authored significant education reform.
Grand Theatre for San Pedro and    – “Teens at Table Building
Wilmington students.               Bridges to Success”- at the       The Chamber CEO Camilla Townsend presented Betty with a
                                   DoubleTree Marina Hotel in        token of appreciation, and on behalf of the Chamber, expressed
                                   San Pedro. The conference         good wishes for her new endeavors which they hope will
                                   focused on interactive            continue her involvement in education and the San Pedro
                                   workshops and general             Community.
                                   sessions designed to give
                                   students the tools and skills
                                   to help them stay in school                                                 Los Angeles
                                   instead of becoming drop out
                                   statistics, and to set goals to                                             Bay Area
                                   prepare them for college and
                                   the workforce.                                                              P: 877~733~5611

                                   The 189 invited ninth-                                                      C: 408~644~2350
                                   grade students from public,
                                                                                                               F: 310~547~2900
                                   parochial, and private high
                                   schools attended general
                                   sessions facilitated by Max
                                  Weischedel from San Pedro
High School, a “Building Bridges to Success” workshop                          Maryam Odabaee                   ASP, IAHS
facilitated by Dr. Windy Warren from Banning High School,                          Accredited Staging Professional
a “Living the Dream…Making Things Happen in Our Life”                               Interior Designer / Consultant
workshop facilitated by Annette Ciketic of fINdings, Inc. and                         Residential / Commercial
Harbor Adult School, and a “No Excuses-Aim High and Control                         eMail:
Your Future” workshop facilitated by Mike Lansing, Executive
16 Member News
Williams Bookstore celebrates 100 yEAR AnnIVERSARy
Proper Care and Tending of a Century Old Bookstore                 Anne and Jerry Gusha have skillfully survived by developing a
                                                                   niche market for the bookstore, specializing in local authors,
A little eight year old girl wandered into San Pedro’s Williams’   harbor area history, comic books and foreign newspapers and
Book Store and fell in love. She fell in love with books and       magazines. Can’t find what you want on the shelves? They will
stories; romance, adventure and fantasy. Mr. E.T. Williams, who    order the book for you, no need to leave town! And at any First
founded the book store in 1909, enjoyed                                                   Thursday ArtWalk, the store is packed
encouraging children to read and set                                                       with audience members there to hear
books aside for her and others.                                                            authors read or musicians perform.
By the time she graduated San Pedro                                                         The Gushas are well informed book
High School in 1940, Anne Gusha was                                                         lovers and take great pride in the
“hooked” and began working at the                                                            community. Both have served on
store full time. In 1980, Anne and                                                           the Friends of the San Pedro Library;
her son Jerry purchased Williams’                                                             Jerry just completed his term as its
Book Store which is now the oldest                                                            President. He has also served on
continuously operating new book                                                                the board of the former Business
store in Los Angeles and an Historic                                                            Improvement District.
                                                                                                Anne has been recognized for her
The store moved around                                                                          volunteer work in the community,
downtown over the years, from                                                                   going way back as an involved
Beacon Street, to 6th and Pacific,                                                              Mom with 3 children at Leland
until its final move to the current                                                          Street School. She has served on
location at 443 W 6th Street. It has weathered the major           the board of the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown
economic storms of the last century and has even survived the      Business Association, is currently the Chair of the Chamber’s
advent of the super-sized bookstores. Two such chain stores        Beautification Committee and a member of Soroptimist
have come and gone from Western Avenue locations, even             International of Los Angeles Harbor.
while Williams carries on.
                                                                   In the hands of such caring, capable hands, Williams Bookstore
                                                                   will thrive right through another century.
                                                                   January 23, 24 and 25th will mark the store’s 100th Anniversary.
                                                                   Save the date and visit Williams’ Book Store to celebrate and

                                                                            Serving the San Pedro
                                                                             business community
                                                                                  since 1979

                                                                            350 W. 5th Street, San Pedro (5th & Mesa Streets)
                                                                     Events for Your Calendar 17
An invitation to design and decorate a bra for charity
A local women’s aid group will sponsor “What a Pair!”, a charity      drastically, in order to assist a significant number of women in
fundraiser to benefit the fight against breast cancer in the          our area.
harbor area, on Friday, February 27, 2009 from 6:00–9:00 PM           “What a Pair!” organizers encourage individuals and businesses
at the Croatian Cultural Center (see ad on page 16). The              to donate sponsorships as well as to participate in the
organizers will call on the creative sides of artists and other       creations. The entrance fee for designers is $200, and sponsors
donors, asking them to design and decorate a bra, which will be       will receive acknowledgement for their participation.
displayed and auctioned.
                                                                      For more information contact: Marta Valladolid, Bringelson
Funded by Soroptimist International of Los Angeles Harbor, the                        .
                                                                      Jewelers, 461 W 6th St, Suite 104, San Pedro, CA 90731,
event will raise cash to help meet the growing costs of women’s       310-832-5482, Soroptimist
                                      health care. The harbor-        International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
SAVE the Date!!                       area club was founded in
                                      1941, when it began its part
of the larger, international organization’s mission to improve
the lives of women and girls in communities throughout the                                Reminder!
                                                                           Chamber Members and the Public are
Ten years ago, the local club founded an endowment at the
former San Pedro Hospital (now Little Company of Mary, San
                                                                             invited to meet and mingle with
Pedro) to provide mammograms for women in financial need.                    the Chamber Board of Directors
As the testing and treatment of breast cancer has evolved                                 at the
over the years, and a number of organizations now provide
mammograms at low or no cost, the Soroptimists are working                    Chamber General Meeting
with the hospital and other groups to expand the role of their                 Wednesday, January 21, 2009 • 6:00 PM
endowment to include training of professionals and other                                  Crowne Plaza Hotel
types of testing. Of course, medical care costs are ever on the                  601 S. Palos Verdes Street, San Pedro
rise. This makes it imperative to increase financial resources
 18 Education
Port of Los Angeles High School
students land fall intern positions
                        by Briana Miller

The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce continues its Internship
program with help from Port of Los Angeles High School, which
recently sent several interested
candidates to interview for intern
positions. Two were chosen:
David Villa, seventeen and in the
eleventh grade, and Briana Miller,
fifteen and in the tenth grade.
Both interns report to the
Chamber office three afternoons
a week. Their assignments vary
from day to day, but always
include assisting on staff projects,
answering calls, speaking with
Chamber members, learning what         Briana Miller
the Chamber does to help the
community and researching information for customers who call
or walk in with questions or requests.
                              Villa enjoys manning the phone
                              because he says it helps him
                              learn how to speak professionally
                              and handle customer requests
                              with confidence. Miller takes
                              delight in meeting new people
                              and being able to pick their
                              brains about their job. Both
                              students are excited and eager to
                              learn everything they can while
                              “I would definitely recommend
       David Villa            others applying for an internship
                              because it helps you get ready
for the business world. You learn how to carry yourself
professionally and gain social skills” says Villa.
“Interning at the Chamber allows you to meet wonderful
people, learn problem solving, improve many skills that are
necessary for life,” says Miller; “and you have the chance that
many never have, and it’s right in the palms of your hands.
Overall, it’s an experience we’ll never forget!”
                                                                                          Western Avenue 19

                                         A Great Place to Live, Dine & Shop
The spirit of the holidays is alive on Western Avenue
Santa Claus is coming to town! Santa Claus will be filling up           super prices. For those with a little fancier idea, head over to
his zero-emission hybrid sled on the day before Christmas at            Distinctive Edge and get those family photos framed in gold
our very own Park Plaza Shell Station at 990 N. Western.                and glitter! Distinctive Edge is another big Taste sponsor.
While is sled is getting a tune-up and a Safety Inspection he will
be handing out candy canes and pumping gas from 8 am until              Hopefully, all of you were at the Chamber’s October breakfast
Noon on December 24th. Come by, visit with our favorite native          that featured financial institutions and real estate companies
son from the north pole and cheer Santa on before he leaves on          in town. We discussed the current financial crisis and what
his perilous journey of delivering gifts and cheer to all.              our businesses need to do to grow and prosper. Paul Bills of
                                                                        Mattucci Real Estate, on Western was one of the speakers
In the same spirit, Keller Williams on Western and Park Plaza           along with Bank of America, Washington Mutual and Wells
Shell are collecting canned food for Toberman Neighborhood              Fargo. All located on Western. Rae Gates, from Gates Funding
Center. Toberman feeds over 4,000 families each year and needs          also was on the panel.
your help. At Park Plaza Shell you can get a complimentary
Safety Inspection and Oil Change when you bring in a shopping
bag of canned foods. An appointment is required and this offer
is good for 5 quarts of standard oil and a standard oil filter.
                                                                              Have a great holiday season,
                                                                           and don’t forget, Western Avenue is
Pina Restaurant (25th and Western) and Taxco (Western &
Capitol) supported the San Pedro Lions Club Dinner for Canine
                                                                          a great place to live, shop and dine!!
Companions. This dinner raises money to support trainers of
dogs who become companions for physically challenged men
and women. The dogs, for example, learn how to pick up
dropped purses, help open doors and most important become
spiritual companions to their masters.
                                                                           Chamber Hosts Western Avenue Corridor
                                                                                    Business Meetings
Western Avenue welcomes our newest two restaurants;
P’Sketti and Think, Prime. Our Italian food lovers now have
                                                                                    Breakfast sponsored by Ponte Vista
a plethora of choices from Domenic’s to Niccolo’s, while                                        Upcoming Meetings
Think will be offering steak and a piano bar. Think, also has
locations on 25th and Western and in downtown San Pedro.                                            Thursday,
                                                                                                January 8, 2009
Those of us getting ready for the holidays need to check out                                      7:30 – 9:00 am
the newly remodeled Marie Calendar’s. They are still doing                                      Taxco	Restaurant
great pies! Get your turkeys and hams from Henry’s, Ralphs                                  29050	S.	Western	Ave,	#154
or Albertsons. Don’t forget Albertsons is a big sponsor of San
Pedro’s Taste weekend and Henry’s supported the Lion’s Canine                                      Topics Include:
Dinner.                                                                           Business Development & Marketing • Safety & Traffic
                                                                           Business to Business • Tips for Survival in Difficult Economic Times
With all the pressure of getting holiday cards out, turn that job
over to Cardsmart on Western, they have great cards and

  Automotive Service Hours:                                                                             Park Plaza Shell
  Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm                                                                     990 N. Western Ave • San Pedro
  Saturday: 8am - Noon
                                                       All major credit cards accepted                   (310) 831-2888
20 Community Affairs

  Downtown San Pedro is the Place to Be!
 If you are interested in local and citywide issues, want to improve your neighborhood,
 interested in the Port’s waterfront development plans, or want to find out what is going
 on in downtown San Pedro, then please join us every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the
 Port of Los Angeles High school, 6:00 pm.

 You will hear reports from:
    •	   The Mayors Office
    •	   Councilwoman Janice Hahn’s Office
    •	   Los Angeles Police Department
    •	   The Port of Los Angeles
    •	   The Various Neighborhood Council Committees

 What has the Neighborhood Council done recently?

    •	 You are invited to participate. Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council has led a community
       effort to preserve Knoll Hill, and is currently engaged in a long - range open space planning
       process with the Port of Los Angeles. Please visit our web site to learn about the recent
       developments and dates for future community input and planning meetings.

    •	 Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council has cosponsored the MTA Workshop on the 110
       Freeway Toll Lane Conversion along with Councilwoman Janice Hahn’s office, Coastal and
       Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Councils. .

 Call for Applicants:
    •	 Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council will be appointing two members of our community to
       fill the upcoming council seat vacancies. Those who are serious about applying should attend
       our next Council Meeting, Tuesday, December 9th. For applications please visit our web page
       or contact Kristina Smith at (310) 918-8650.

    •	 Central San Pedro’s Knoll Hill Steering Committee is looking to fill a vacancy. The position
       entails attending the Steering Committee and Community input Meetings, working with the
       Landscape Architects, and assisting in outreach to bring community members into the process.

               To find out more about how you can get involved visit:

 The CENTRAL SAN PEDRO NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm at the
  Port of Los Angeles High School, 250 W. 5th Street. Come early and enjoy refreshments. We urge all community
                          members to attend. For more info visit
                                                            Community Affairs 21

                                                          Business Journal Ad Rates
                                                                             Display Ads
                                                                                        Annual        Single
                                                     Chamber members                   (6 issues)   Placement
                                                     Business Card (3.5”w x 2”h)         $595         $125
                                                     Quarter Page (3.75”w x 4.875”h)    $1095         $250
                                                     Half Page (7.5”w x 4.875”h)        $1895         $375
                                                     Full Page (7.5”w x 9.75”h)         $2995         $595
                                                                                        Annual        Single
                                                     Non-Chamber members               (6 issues)   Placement
                                                     Business Card (3.5”w x 2”h)         $745         $160
                                                     Quarter Page (3.75”w x 5”h)        $1375         $315
  We pride ourselves on working hard                 Half Page (7.5”w x 5”h)            $2365         $470
                                                     Full Page (7.5”w x 9.75”h)         $3745         $635
  for the community by listening to all
sides of issues affecting our neighbors                                    Classified Ads
 and working with the City to improve                Chamber members                                Placement
            our community                            3.5”w x 1”h                                       $75
                                                     3.5”w x 2”h                                      $125
          next nWSPnC Meetings                                                                        Single
                                                     Non-Chamber members                            Placement
          Dec 8 & Jan 12 • 6:30 pm                   3.5”w x 1”h                                       $95
           Peck Park Auditorium                      3.5”w x 2”h                                      $155
                                                          To advertise, please call 310-832-7272
Please come participate, be heard, and help
      make a difference for our town
        Call Dan Dixon (310) 259-2928

      C ruises
        he Best
                on the Water
Dinner Cruises • Harbor Cruises • Private Parties

                                                    Los Palos Convalescent Hosp

 Ports o’Call Village • shoreline Village
22 Member News
                                                                                   Member News 23
These new members have invested in the future of their community
                                                                                   PUBLIC AFFAIRS

               WeLCOMe !                                                           Evelyn Fierro & Associates
                                                                                   Evelyn Fierro
                                                                                   3416 S. Carolina Street
AUTO BODY SHOP                           NON-PROFIT ORGANIzATIONS                  San Pedro, CA 90731
Y&S Enterprises Inc.                     San Pedro Alano                           (310)619-4256
Youman Safan                             Bob Ahl                                   RESTAURANTS
1441 N. Gaffey Street                    2001 20th Street                          Aloha Ice Cream & Coffee
San Pedro, CA 90731                      San Pedro, CA 90731                       Mickky Deguchi
(310)548-1120 fax (310)519-0013          (310)833-3525                                   .
                                                                                   1615 W 25th Street                                                                 San Pedro, CA 90732
                                         Peninsula Toastmasters Club #174
HOME SECURITY                            Henrietta Hurtado                         (310)547-1702
Brinks Home Security                      623 S. Bandini Street                    SERVICES/TRANSLATION/TEACHERS
Tim Trainor                              San Pedro, CA 90731                       Think French
15245 Allen Parkway #200                 (310)357-7036                             Nelly C. Aguillier
Irvine, CA 92618                                                                   1135 S. Dolphin Street
                                         Los Angeles Yacht Club
(310)292-2618 fax (949)727-9729                                                    San Pedro, CA 90732
                                         Darius Sariri                                                                         (310)292-5377
                                         285 Whalers Walk
INDIVIDUALS                              San Pedro, CA 90731
Paul Spiering                            (310)831-1203 fax(310)833-0922
390 W 7th Street
     .                                                                                  San Pedro Chamber
San Pedro, CA 90731                                                                   Annual Membership Dues
(310)832-7272                                                                          # of Employees                  Rate per Year
                                                                                       1-5	....................................... $240
            MeMber AnniversAries                                                       6-10........................................ 290
                                                                                       11-20	..................................... 350
                      DECEMBER - JANUARY                                                      .
                                                                                       21-50	..................................... 450
                                                                                       51-100	 ................................... 680
  We thank our renewing members for their continuing support of the                    101-150	.................................. 780
                     Chamber and its programs.                                         151-200	.................................. 890
                                                                                       201-300	................................ 1000
                                         NHC Insurance Services, Inc.                  301-600	................................ 1750
41-50 YEARS                                                                                  .
                                                                                       601+	.................................... 2500
Harbor Brake & Automotive Service        Rainbow Services
                                         Sam’s Club                                    Individual	................................ 90
                                                                                       Non-profit	............................. 140
31-40 YEARS                              Ship’N Mail Express
                                                                                       Home-based	......................... 170
Harbor Community Adult School            Tomich Bros. Fish Company, Inc.               Associate	................................. 90
Harbor Occupational & SP Skills Center   Wellington Signs & Graphics
                                         WorldPort Business Center                          For information or to join:
Toberman Neighborhood Center                                                  
21-30 YEARS                              1-10 YEARS
Adriatic Travel Inc.                     A Plus Fingerprinting & Notary Svc.
                                         A-1 All American Roofing Co., Inc.        Don Marshall Accounting/
American Youth Hostels                                                                Business Management
Anderson, Lee                            A-Delta Realty
                                         Alexander Consulting Services             Mattucci Real Estate
Catalina Express                                                                   Padilla, Katherine & Associates
City of Rancho Palos Verdes              Butterfield Communications, Inc.
                                         Calvary Pentecostal Church of God         Peninsula Heritage School
The Grand Emporium                                                                 Piazza, Donnelly & Marlette, LLP
Mini-Pac, Inc.                           Card One International
                                         Celebrations Mobile DJ Service            Renaissance School for Arts and Sciences
Rich Development Company                                                           Rolling Hills Preparatory School
U.S. Air Force SMC/PA                    Clean San Pedro, Inc.
                                         Community Christian Church                San Pedro High School
Ultimate Systems Activity, Inc.                                                       Pirate Booster Club
                                         Complete Women Care, Inc.
                                         Cooks Kitchen & Remodeling, Inc.          San Pedro Magazine,
11-20 YEARS                                                                           A Press-Telegram Publ.
Busy Bee Market                          Costco Wholesale #476
                                         Huitt-Zollars, Inc.                       Santich Investment Services
DoubleTree Hotel San Pedro                                                         Simon’s Waterfront Banquet Center
Harbor Interfaith Services               International Lobster Festivals
                                         L.A. Harbor International Film Festival   South Bay Body Shop
James R. Zupke Insurance Service, Inc.                                             Tierra Vista Communities
Los Angeles Harbor College,              LAFD Historical Society
                                         Los Angeles Maritime Institute            Wescom Credit Union
   Community Svcs.                                                                 Western Fish Company, Inc.
                                         Marine Exchange of Southern California
                                                                                                          PRST STD
       Thank you to our major supporters                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
Corporate & Community Partners 2007-2008                                                                   PAID
                                                                                                        SAN PEDRO, CA
 Port of Los Angeles                     Diamond                                                         Permit No. 78
 Community Redevelopment Agency          Platinum     390 West 7th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
 Lou’s Floor Covering                    Platinum     Change Service Requested
 Councilwoman Janice Hahn, 15th District     Silver
 Jerico Development, Inc.                    Silver
 Supervisor Don Knabe, 4th District          Silver
 VUE                                         Silver
 Boardwalk Cafe,                             Silver
   Ports O’Call Merchants Assn.,
   Ports O’Call Restaurant and
   Spirit Cruises
 Albertsons Market                         Bronze
 BNSF Railway Company                      Bronze
 The Boeing Company                        Bronze
 ConocoPhillips Company                    Bronze
 Contessa Premium Foods                    Bronze
 LA Inc.                                   Bronze
 Malaga Bank                               Bronze
 Park Plaza Automotive                     Bronze
 Plains All American Pipeline, LP          Bronze
 Ponte Vista San Pedro                     Bronze
 SA Recycling                              Bronze

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