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                                                                 NavTrak News - International Edition | Summer 2005

New Thatcham                                                      Page 2 Sean Bean Range Rover Case Study

rating for NavTrak                                                Page 3 Eurowatch & Ireland Coverage
                                                                         Mercedes Case Study

NavTrak has successfully been awarded
                                                                  Page 4 NavTrak Unites Advert
with the new Thatcham Category 5 rating for
after-theft systems for vehicle recovery. The                     Page 6 Porsche & Bentley Case Study

Thatcham motor insurance research and                             Page 7 The loots outside the house
technology centre issued NavTraks’                                       VW Case Study

Notification of Compliance on 5 April 2005.
                                                                  Page 8 Contact and information
Category 5 was introduced last year to combat the rapidly
increasing number of vehicle thefts that are made using the
owner's keys. Category 5 harnesses the power of telematics
by alerting vehicle owners of a crime against them and
                                                                  NavTrak Fact:
guiding the police in the recovery of the vehicle. Thatcham       When you have to have it
expects the new standard to “have a direct effect on
                                                                  Insurance companies currently mandate that a stolen vehicle
reducing vehicle crime and raising detection rates,” and          tracking system must be fitted to vehicles with a retail value in
forecasts that it will “give motorists and insurers confidence    excess of £40,000
that any attempted theft will be automatically detected and
the Police guided swiftly to their target.”

For the first time, Thatcham set its criteria working in         The move was necessary because Category 5 requires all
partnership with the Association of Chief Police Officers        interaction with the on-vehicle tracking system to be
(ACPO), Police Scientific Development Branch, and the            performed from within a secure operating centre. This
telematics industry. This is also the first Thatcham Category    includes operations such as activating the system, making
to set requirements and audit standards for an entire system,    30-day health checks on the system, responding to ad hoc
including design, installation, maintenance and operation.       vehicle-location requests, responding to alerts, after-theft
As part of Thatcham's independent evaluation, the NavTrak        vehicle tracking, and liaison with law enforcement agencies.
system was subjected to rigorous vehicle and component
test programmes.                                                 NavTraks’ secure operations centre is not far from its Station
                                                                 House head office in Altrincham, Cheshire, which means the
Stuart Marks, NavTrak CEO, commented: “NavTrak has               company has retained its experienced operations staff.
always supplied the highest standard of vehicle tracking, and    NavTraks’ managerial and administrative staff remains
this independent assessment confirms we were already able        based at Station House, which is also the headquarters of
to offer an ADR solution which has now become a key part         NavTraks’ parent company, ITIS Holdings Plc.
of the Thatcham Category 5 Standard. In meeting Category
5's test criteria, the biggest challenge for us was relocating   Vehicle after-theft systems must be certified to Category 5
our operations staff and computerised tracking equipment to      standard to be approved by the insurance industry for
a secure operating centre. We made that move in early            installation in the aftermarket. NavTrak is also fitted widely as
February and soon afterwards the certification process           original equipment, and is approved in the UK by Ascari,
was completed.”                                                  Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover and Maserati.
                                                                            NavTrak News | Summer 2005
Page 2

                                                                                                                    This story was originally
A notorious gang of car thieves who                                                                                 published in London's
                                                                                                                    Evening Standard.
target celebrities have stolen a £70,000 car                                                                        It highlights the vulnerability
                                                                                                                    of all luxury-car owners,
belonging to actor Sean Bean. The 45-year-                                                                          even the famous, to
old star was targeted for the second time in                                                                        car thieves.

recent weeks as they made off with his                                                                              If Sean Bean's Range
Range Rover.                                                                                                        Rover had been fitted
                                                                                                                    with a NavTrak ADR
The gang hooked the keys off a table at his north London home                                                       system, it would almost
using a fishing rod poked through the letterbox before making                                                       certainly have been
their escape.
                                                                                                                    recovered within hours.

                                                                            Officers investigating the latest attack
                                                                            believe the gang were watching the star's
                                                                            movements. Bean, who bought the 4x4
                                                                            after using a similar one in the gangland
                                                                            movie Essex Boys, is believed to have
                                                                            been filming in Los Angeles with Sissy
                                                                            Spacek and Woody Harrelson.

                                                                            A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We are
                                                                            investigating the theft of a motor vehicle
                                                                            stolen at 6am on Wednesday 9 March.
                                                                            The vehicle was parked in the driveway
                                                                            of a private residence in NW3."

Bean - who is set to return to his role as swashbuckling Sharpe for         It follows a series of raids on celebrities including former Chelsea
ITV - was said to be "incensed" after burglars stole £500 of                star and Millwall manager Dennis Wise. His sister and her children
belongings during a recent raid on his home. They ransacked the             were terrified when burglars struck at his £2million home in
property, in a cobbled street close to Belsize Village, but left behind     Denham, Bucks. Last week Christie Goddard, the girlfriend of
his DVD player after being disturbed.                                       EastEnders star Shane Ritchie, grappled with thieves as they
                                                                            attempted to steal her Freelander from a petrol station in Denham.

NavTrak parent trading strongly
ITIS Holdings Plc, the parent company of NavTrak, reported in               environment. NavTrak recently gained Thatcham Category 5
mid-April that it has traded profitably in the second-half of the last      accreditation, the new insurance standard for stolen vehicle
financial year, and full-year results (to 31 March 2005) will be            tracking systems.
ahead of market expectations.
                                                                            Stuart Marks, Chief Executive, said: “We are very encouraged by
NavTraks’ excellent year reflects its successful strategy of working        the growth and progress of the business and in particular our
directly with vehicle manufacturers to install units in the factory; this   financial performance, which is a reflection of tight cost control and
has enabled NavTrak to leverage its relationships in the automotive         rising demand for all of our services. We are confident that we will
industry and to minimise the administration and marketing costs             continue to consolidate and grow our position in the UK, whilst
associated with selling tracking devices in the aftermarket                 embarking on a controlled expansion into new markets overseas.”
                                                                                                                                      Page 3

Incident Case Study:                                                      NavTrak working with
Mercedes theft foiled                                                     Eurowatch to fight
on the Costa del Sol                                                      thieves across Europe
                                                                          The effectiveness of after-theft vehicle
                                                                          tracking and recovery systems depends on
                                                                          the system provider having accredited
                                                                          access to the police.
                                                                          In the UK, NavTrak works regularly with the nation's police force,
                                                                          often helping the law enforcers to recover stolen vehicles and
                                                                          arrest suspects. But in mainland Europe there is no single,
                                                                          cross-border police service to respond to vehicle theft and law
                                                                          enforcement has traditionally been weak. To address this, and to
                                                                          ensure pan-European coverage, NavTrak works with Eurowatch.

                                                                          Eurowatch is an innovative multi-country service that helps fight
                                                                          escalating crime against vehicles and freight, enabling drivers
                                                                          and owners to contact the police at any time of the day or night
                                                                          when a crime occurs at home or abroad. Eurowatch relays the
Latest crime statistics reveal a record number                            stolen vehicle tracking data provided by the NavTrak telematics
                                                                          system directly to the police, in real-time.
of thieves are breaking into homes on Spain's
Costa del Sol, taking the keys of the valuable                            Through Eurowatch, NavTraks’ coverage currently extends to 31
                                                                          countries in western, central and Eastern Europe. It is anticipated
vehicle parked outside, and driving away.                                 that the network will eventually cover more than 40 countries,
                                                                          expanding into parts of the Russian federation, North Africa, and
These break-ins mirror a trend established in                             the Middle East.
the last few years in the UK.
One victim of this fearless criminal tactic, expat Brit Mrs R, was
robbed in her Villa home in Estepona while she was sleeping. At
                                                                          NavTrak to be
2.09am Mrs R received a phone call from NavTraks’ control centre
in the UK, informing her that an alert signal had been received from
her Mercedes-Benz ML430. In a state of shock, she confirmed that
                                                                          licensed to RM
her car keys had been taken from her villa by burglars.

By 2.11am NavTrak had located the Mercedes and was monitoring
                                                                          Distribution in Ireland
its position at 1 minute intervals. By 2.20 am, NavTrak had
registered the stolen vehicle with Eurowatch, who contacted the
Spanish police.

The thieves drove the Mercedes for two hours, not stopping until
4.20am, when they were miles away in Andalucia. This gave the             By working with Eurowatch, NavTraks’ vehicle theft-recovery
Spanish authorities their first opportunity to recover the vehicle with   service includes coverage in Ireland - and now NavTrak systems
the minimum risk of a pursuit developing or of the vehicle being          can be purchased and installed in that country, too. This has
damaged. NavTrak and Eurowatch co-ordinated with the Spanish              been made possible by a new strategic alliance between
police, who reached the vehicle at 4.40 am.                               NavTrak and Ireland's leading supplier of vehicle security
                                                                          systems, RM Distribution Ireland Ltd. The agreement is expected
Seeing the police approaching, the thieves fled. The Mercedes             to be signed in the next few weeks.
was recovered without damage.
                                                                          Established in 1988, RM Distribution's installation of vehicle
                                                                          security systems has been approved by BMW, Nissan,
                                                                          Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Porsche, and Renault. RM Distribution will
                                                                          exercise its licence to sell and install the NavTrak system in
NavTrak Fact:                                                             Ireland through its stolen vehicle tracking division, Motorminder.

Tracking's trans-continental
The NavTrak family of telematics units are fitted to more than
100,000 vehicles in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA
and Australia.
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Page 5
                                                                       NavTrak News | Summer 2005
Page 6

Incident Case Study:
Porsche seized at
filling station
Thieves pounce, and at any opportunity.
After refuelling his Porsche Boxster at a petrol
                                                                       NavTrak contacted Harrow police station within minutes of the
station in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, Mr T                            theft, but the police didn't have the resources to provide
                                                                       immediate assistance.
unwittingly dropped his car keys on the
forecourt. He was queueing at the till when he                         Nevertheless, NavTrak was able to reassure Mr T that his car's
                                                                       location had been pin-pointed, and it would be possible to recover
heard the distinctive sound of the Boxsters’                           the vehicle even if it was hidden from view.
engine starting-up and, looking out of the                             Soon the stolen Porsche was being driven again, halting briefly at
filling station window, saw it speeding away.                          several different addresses before moving on, as if the thief was
                                                                       showing-off the car to friends. But when the Porsche halted at
Mr T immediately called NavTraks’ 24-hour control centre on his        8.40pm, the joy-rider's game was over. Within minutes of the
mobile phone. He had dropped the keys at 3.53pm, and by                Porsche halting, a patrol car pulled up behind it.
3.55pm the car's precise location was showing up as a flashing
dot on a street map on NavTraks’ computer screens. The Porsche         Less than five hours after dropping his keys, Mr T received the
was stationary, its ignition switched off, at an address in North      phone call he'd been praying for. His pride-and-joy was back in
West London.                                                           safe hands.

                        NavTrak Fact:                                             NavTrak Fact:
                        Most newer cars are stolen                                How thieves get the keys
                        with keys                                                 Thieves' most common methods of obtaining vehicle
                                                                                  keys, according to the Home Office, are through burglary
                        Home Office statistics for 2004 show that, for cars       (37%) and through the owner leaving the keys in the car
                        registered after 1997, keys were used in 85% of           (18%). Source Home Office 'Findings report 239'.
                        incidents where the method of theft was known.

                                                                       Incident Case Study:
                                                                       Holiday with a
                                                                       happy ending
                                                                       On holiday in Portugal this February, Mr K was unaware that his
                                                                       home in Wolverhampton had been burgled until he received a
                                                                       phone call from NavTrak asking if he was aware that his Bentley
                                                                       Continental GT was being driven without the Automatic Driver
                                                                       Recognition card being present. It turned out that the car had been
                                                                       taken during the burglary.

                                                                       The NavTrak ADR system on the Bentley had sent out its silent
                                                                       alert to the NavTrak control centre at 21:10. At 21:12 NavTrak
                                                                       contacted West Midlands Police to report the theft and obtain a
When Mr K returned from holiday, his car was                           crime reference number. At 21:18 a police patrol vehicle set out
                                                                       towards the Bentley's location and at 21:28 the vehicle
cleaned and waiting for collection at his local                        was recovered.

Bentley dealership.
                                                                                                                                           Page 7

Incident Case Study:
Nomadic Touareg
brought back to base
When burglars broke into the Marbella villa of
an expat Brit on 12 December 2004, they
helped themselves to the keys of the brand-
new VW Touareg which was parked outside.
Discovering that the vehicle had gone, the
owner, Mr H, was furious - with himself.
Mr H knew the Touareg was equipped with a NavTrak system,                   Fifteen minutes after this initial conversation, Mr H phoned NavTrak
but he'd only recently taken delivery of the vehicle and hadn't found       again, from Marbella police station, with a crime reference number.
the time to transfer the NavTrak registration to his own name. The          The time was now 12.47.
two Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) cards were in the VW
when it was stolen because he hadn't yet found out what they                At 13.21, NavTrak received confirmation from Eurowatch, the pan-
were for.                                                                   European counter-crime service, that the vehicle was being tracked
                                                                            at one-minute intervals. Working in conjunction with Eurowatch and
Mr H realised he'd probably never see his Touareg again.                    acting on data supplied by NavTrak, the Spanish police located the
The loss would cause him considerable inconvenience and drive               Touareg at 14.38 on a public street in Puerto Banus, 11 miles from
up his insurance premium. Not expecting to receive any help, he             Mr H's villa.
decided to phone NavTrak anyway. As he had nothing to lose, it
was worth a try.                                                            Without NavTrak, it's unlikely the Touareg would ever have been
                                                                            recovered: in the short time it had gone walkabout, its Spanish
The female voice at the other end of the phone line was instantly           registration plates had been changed.
reassuring. To his surprise, Mr H was told that, because he had
only just taken delivery of the car, he would be allowed to register
with NavTrak retrospectively. Within minutes, NavTrak had located
Mr H's vehicle and was tracking its progress east, along the coast
road towards Calle El Angel.

The loot's outside
the house!
When thieves ransack a house - even a large, lavishly furnished
house - the car in the garage or driveway is often more valuable
than any single item that they'll find indoors.

A car is usually much easier to sell-on (either as a whole or in
parts) than antique furniture or art or jewellery, and it's sitting there
on wheels, ready-made to be taken away.                                     And the way to ensure that is to install NavTraks’ ADR system.
                                                                            If a vehicle-specific Automatic Driver Recognition card is not
                                                                            present when the key is turned in the ignition, within a minute the
That's why an increasing number of burglars                                 system will send a silent alert from the vehicle to NavTraks’ 24-hour
are breaking into people's homes, sometimes                                 control centre.

while they sleep, with the sole aim of finding                              A NavTrak operator immediately phones the vehicle's rightful owner
                                                                            to establish if it has been stolen. If it has, the vehicle tracking
and taking vehicle keys.                                                    begins and the police are informed of its exact location.
The best way to fight this disturbing trend, in addition to having an       If only retrieving stolen art, jewellery or antiques was so
active house alarm, is to ensure that the vehicle cannot be driven          straightforward!
far even if it is started with its keys.
NavTrak News | Summer 2005

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