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Contains Confidential      YES (Part)
or Exempt Information      Appendix 2 Exempt information pursuant to Paragraph 3 of part
                           1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972
                           [Access to Information Procedure Rules, section 10]
Title                      Award of Contract – Provision of Total Facilities
                           Management Services
Responsible Officer(s)     Anthony Kemp -- Director Business Services
                           Tel: 020 8825 7581
Author(s)                  Roger Amos – Head of Property Services
                  Tel: 020 8825 8068
                           Kevin Petty – Head of Planning, Performance and
                           Business Continuity
                  Tel: 020 8825 7209

Portfolio(s)               Councillor David Scott (Finance and Performance)
For Consideration By       Cabinet
Date to be Considered      27 January 2009
Implementation Date if     9 February 2009
Not Called In
Affected Wards             All
Area Committees
Keywords/Index             Provision, Property, Facilities Management, Total
                           Facilities Management, Award

Purpose of Report:
The report seeks approval to award the contract for the Provision of Total Facilities
Management (TFM) Services to include provision of a professionally managed,
high quality property and facilities management service to include building fabric
and mechanical and electrical (M&E) maintenance, catering, security, guarding
and cleaning services that have BS EN ISO 9001 or equivalent accreditation and
which complies with all legislation governing the property, facilities management,
catering, security and cleaning industries.

1.      Recommendations
        It is recommended that Cabinet:

1.1     Accept the offer of Interservefm Ltd. to provide Total Facilities Management
        Services for a period of ten years commencing on 20th April 2009.

1.2   Delegates authority to the Director, Business Services, following consultation
      with the portfolio holder, to award the contract at the conclusion of legal and
      commercial negotiations.

2.    Reason for Decision and Options Considered
2.1   The corporate, security and cleaning contracts were due to expire by April
      2008. A report went to Cabinet on 16th October 2007 requesting permission
      to re-tender these services.

2.2   As reported to the 26th February 2008 Cabinet, a review has been carried out
      of the existing suppliers of other Property and Facilities Management
      Services that include building and Mechanical & Electrical maintenance
      currently let to Kellogg, Brown and Root Ltd. (KBR) under a prime contract.

2.3   The review concluded that the existing contract with KBR was not cost
      effective. It was therefore recommended and accepted by Cabinet that the
      contract be terminated. The activities were to be included within a corporate
      contract for the provision of professionally managed, high quality Total
      Facilities Management (TFM) service to the Council’s operational estate with
      the option for educational properties to buy in to the service.

2.4   In order to optimise best value and to provide a more fit for purpose contract
      to support the Council in relation to its statutory responsibilities for asset
      management, it was also agreed to harmonise all other facilities
      management contracts to be managed as a single entity under TFM.

2.5   The optimum harmonisation date across all existing services to commence
      the Total Facilities Management Services contract is 20th April 2009.

2.6   Interservefm Ltd. gave the evaluation team the most confidence regarding
      price certainty. They were prepared to take on-board risks that the other two
      bidders were looking to the Council for protection. In addition, they offered
      the Council a very attractive comprehensive maintenance cap that will result
      in further savings to levels declared in Table 1 in Section 4 (Financial).

3.    Key Implications
3.1   On 26th February 2008 Cabinet resolved to authorise the Head of Property
      Services to invite and evaluate tenders for a contract for TFM to commence
      in April 2009, to include the services encompassed in the existing contracts.

3.2   The Property Services department within Business Services Group will be
      responsible for the management of the new contract. Existing cross-
      departmental forums including the Asset Management Group will be used to
      ensure all stakeholders are fully engaged.

3.3   A contract notice was published in the Official Journal of the European Union
      on 16th May 2008 to commence a competitive dialogue procedure. 29
      suppliers expressed an interest in being invited to bid and completed a Pre-
      Qualification Questionnaire by the closing date of 24th June 2008. Following
      an evaluation of the pre-qualification questionnaires against the criteria set,
      10 suppliers who met the criteria fully were invited to progress to the next
      stage of the competition, the Invitation to Participate in the Dialogue (ITPD).

3.4   ITPD documentation was sent to the 10 companies on 16th July 2008 and ten
      submissions were received on 18th August 2008. Following the evaluation of
      the submissions, 5 suppliers whose submissions met the criteria fully were
      invited to progress to the next stage of the competition, the Invitation to
      Continue the Dialogue (ITCD).

3.5   ITCD documentation was sent to the 5 companies on 29th August 2008 and
      four submissions were received on 3rd October 2008. The fifth invited
      company withdrew from the procurement exercise. Following the evaluation
      of the ITCD submissions, 3 companies were shortlisted to enter the Invitation
      to Submit a Final Bid (ITSFB) stage.

3.6   ITSFB documentation was issued to 3 bidders on 22nd October 2008 and
      three submissions were received on 25th November 2008. Prior to the tender
      submission there was dialogue with all bidders and further clarification was
      sought of bidders following the tender submission. This clarification process
      assisted the evaluation process. The tender submitted by Interservefm Ltd. is
      the most economically advantageous for the Council. Further information on
      the evaluation process is included in the confidential Appendix 1 to this

3.7   The new contract will commence on 20th April 2009. Any delay in the award
      of contract will affect the mobilisation period and thereby impact on the
      provision of Facilities Management services to the Council and the wider

3.8   The Competitive Dialogue procedure has been developed to ensure that the
      resulting contract will enable TFM to be a collaborative and fully integrated
      organisation, admired as a valuable business partner by the Council, that
      supplies seamless services to users. The contract will meet the principles:
           focus on customer services, providing value to residents;
           maximise the value from the Council’s assets;
           provide innovative services to enable access and inclusion to
           develop a solid delivery capability with everyone who interacts with the
           deliver energy efficiencies through property management;
           deliver value for money to the Council and the taxpayer;
           exploit and maximise the benefits of property management services;
           improve ways of working and engagement with business to drive and
              sustain efficiencies;
           innovate and provide services that enable the Council to do more for
              the Council and its citizens, effectively;
           provide timely information to support rapid decision making and
              effective management; and
           be ambitious in all activities and services provided.

3.9   The contract has been developed to encompass the following scope        of

        There are eight service areas within the agreed scope of the TFM contract.
        These are:
            Management Service and General Service Requirement (Helpdesk);
            Building and Asset Maintenance Management Service;
            Grounds Maintenance Management Service;
            Security; Guarding/Concierge/Call out
            Security; Systems Monitoring/CCTV;
            Cleaning, including window cleaning;
            Catering (excluding schools);
            Porterage, Churn, Mobile Operatives, and Standard Stationery

        The High-level Output specifications providing an overview of each service
        area are set out in Appendix 1.

3.10   Evaluation, Comparison and Negotiation of Bid Submissions
3.10.1 TFM will be delivered under a true partnership model, consisting of
       individuals from Interservefm Ltd. and Ealing Council to create a single
       delivery structure, ensuring the minimum in overlap of roles and hence
       reduced operating costs and improved service delivery.

3.10.2 The evaluation of the submissions provides confidence that Interservefm Ltd.
       can meet the objectives of providing value for money, a flexible, innovative
       and proactive service which will add value, increase customer access and
       provide effective user information.

3.10.3 The approach to the procurement has been rigorous in encompassing
       commercial, legal and technical evaluations, dialogue, negotiations, scenario
       and relationship workshops along with site visits. This has been
       supplemented with external industry advice on benchmarking and service
       standards, resulting in a comprehensive assessment of the bid for this

3.10.4 The key Critical Success Factors identified include:
          business assurance that the contract represents best value;
          building the required partnership relationship between Ealing and the
            provider in line with the culture and values of Ealing;
          the ability of the provider to understand the complex, diverse and
            business critical nature of the service;
          the technical excellence, ability and experience of the provider in
            supplying services of this type to organisations like Ealing;
          the ability of the provider to create effective work practices that protect
            Ealing’s information, assets and staff;
          the ability of the provider to integrate with Ealing’s service delivery
            function and to operate the services and maintain industry best-practice
          the transition phase of the project, which must be operated so that the
            current level of service delivery and project implementation is not
            degraded, and that the provider is guaranteed to deliver the required
            level of service;

           the ability of the provider to resource and execute the transition; and
           having the correct governance and operating model for the partnership.

3.10.5 Details of the evaluation are set out in the confidential Appendix 2.

3.11   Technical
3.11.1 All three bidders at the final stage are highly regarded market leaders in the
       TFM market place in both the public and private sectors.

3.11.2 All bidders submitted service delivery plans in line with the required format.
       Interservefm Ltd.’s service delivery plans were more developed and
       comprehensive and provided the greatest confidence in their capability to
       deliver quality and drive value.

3.11.3 Through the ‘relationship workshops’, the final bidders were able to
       demonstrate shared values and cultural fit with Ealing Council’s vision and
       corporate objectives.

3.11.4 Through bidder reference site visits Ealing Council were able to evaluate
       levels of service delivery, quality of client relationships and gain an
       appreciation of their business ethos at other similar public sector and private

3.11.5 Sustainability: all three bidders demonstrated a clear commitment to
       sustainable practices both at individual contract level and corporately.
       Interservefm Ltd., however, have a very well developed sustainability
       programme, which will support Ealing Council’s commitment to achieving its
       sustainable objectives.

3.11.6 Interservefm Ltd. demonstrated a well developed approach to ‘Customer
          - good evidence of stakeholder management and communication;
          - clear demonstration of obtaining customer feedback, e.g., customer
             surveys, focus groups, building user groups;
          - clear strategy in using the feedback to help improve the customer
          - evidence of integration of ICT and services to improve customer

3.12   Commercial
3.12.1 The Council will adopt a performance mechanism that encourages
       improvement rather than disincentive, and will drive positive behavioural
       change through ongoing delivery of TFM services.

3.12.2 Interservefm Ltd. has a very innovative limit of liability (LOL) de-risking
       reactive maintenance substantially for the Council. Interservefm Ltd. has also
       promoted an early payment discount.

3.12.3 By applying their broad knowledge and experience of delivering TFM at other
       similar sized public sector contracts, Interservefm Ltd. has been able to
       demonstrate price certainty and is able to offer significant efficiency savings

        over the contract term. Interservefm Ltd. also provides the most realistic risk
        profile and hence a financially favourable approach to risk for the Council.

3.12.4 Each bidder has supplied a set of assumptions with their bid. Interservefm
       Ltd. had the least qualified bid and their assumptions were reasonable and
       reflected a realistic and acceptable commercial position for the Council.

3.12.5 Interservefm Ltd. were the most willing of all three bidders to take some risk
       on vandalism, as well as information provided by the Council.

3.13   Partnering and Operating Model
3.13.1 One of the key objectives of the TFM contract was the creation of a strategic
       and collaborative partnership under the suggested name of ‘Property Ealing’.

3.13.2 Throughout the dialogue process all three bidders have engaged positively
       with the Council; this is reflected within their final ITSFB submissions.

3.13.3 Key to the success of the partnership will be the way in which people
       combine to deliver outcomes. Interservefm Ltd. demonstrated a strong ability
       to interact and work collaboratively and flexibly throughout the Competitive
       Dialogue process and in particular the Competitive Dialogue workshops in
       the ITSFB stage.

3.13.4 Interservefm Ltd. most closely aligns with Ealing Council’s desire to promote
       a true partnership approach to TFM service delivery, as they were the least
       risk adverse in their approach.

3.13.5 Ealing Council will enjoy significant benefits from working in partnership with
       Interservefm Ltd. as the breadth and depth of their public and private sector
       experience delivering TFM services to other organisations will be leveraged
       through service delivery. Interservefm Ltd. currently provides TFM to another
       comparable London Borough.

3.14. Health & Safety
3.14.1 Interservefm Ltd. operates a Health and Safety Management System certified
       to OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 9001 Quality. They
       remain committed to maintaining these accreditations through a full review of
       the accreditation for the Council’s estate.

3.14.2 Interservefm Ltd. are committed to the highest standards of Health and
       Safety and will operate an Integrated Management System ‘Working File’ for
       the contract which covers all basic functions within the business, such as
       COSHH, PPE and Risk Assessment. Upon contract commencement, and
       throughout the life of the contract, the Working File is operational.

3.14.3 The contract will have its own unique Working File which contains information
       of specific audits and inspections; an example of the file content is as follows:
           Hazard Surveys
           Site Information
           Training
           PPE
           Risk Assessments

             Display Screen Equipment
             COSHH
             Noise
             Manual Handling
             Confined Space
             Accident & Near Miss Reporting
             Toolbox Talks
             Equipment Inspection
             Changing Attitudes Towards Safety (CATS)
             Working at Height
             Government Authority Involvement

3.14.4 During mobilisation phase, a dedicated Quality, Safety, Health and
       Environment Team (QSHE) will carry out a complete review of the current
       status of Health and Safety compliance for all sites which form part of the
       contract, the information will be populated into the Working File and will
       include the following:
          - hazard survey and risk assessment
          - site specific information
          - CDM Plans

3.14.5 Interservefm Ltd. has developed specific and bespoke programmes such as
       CATS. They strive towards the goal of an accident, incident and near miss
       free workplace where all employees and subcontractor employees are
       conscious of the role they play in helping them achieve this target. This is an
       initiative which enables all categories of staff to be aware of Health and
       Safety issues. This unique approach in the industry assists in mitigating risks
       and exceeding any national statistics.

3.14.6 Interservefm Ltd. received 55 industry recognised Awards between 2004 and
       2008 and specifically the following Royal Society for the Prevention of
       Accidents (RoSPA) awards in 2008:
           FM Sector Award
           FM Highly Commended
           13 Gold Awards
           3 Silver Awards

3.15    Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
        Interservefm Ltd. will seek to pre-qualify local SME businesses onto their
        supplier register as experience has proven these can deliver good value for
        money delivering services within specific areas of the portfolio. Interservefm
        Ltd. view SMEs as a critical part of their supply chain. SMEs provide
        specialist and local support where appropriate and able to offer value.
        Interservefm Ltd. work with local SMEs, helping them to attain relevant
        standards in order to meet pre-qualification standards. For example,
        Interservefm Ltd.’s National Supplier of the Year Award in 2008 was awarded
        to an SME (Green Planet Solutions).

3.16   Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) Workforce Equality and Diversity
3.16.1 Interservefm Ltd. is committed to a policy of diversity and equality in its
       employment practices. They operate in many different environments, in
       numerous roles, for a wide range of clients. To do this effectively
        Interservefm Ltd. need an equally diverse workforce, and in order to maintain
        success they welcome the widest variety of people who have the appropriate
        skills and enthusiasm.

3.16.2 Interservefm Ltd. state that theyseek to recruit the right people with the right
       skills in the right places at the right time. They intend to do this in the most
       cost efficient manner and recruit locally using the following methods of
           local press
           recruitment open days advertised in job centres/local press
           advertise and recruit apprentices from local training centres and
           Internal noticeboards

3.16.3 Interservefm Ltd. have a separate policy on the ‘Recruitment of Ex-offenders’
       as some jobs require security clearance and/or CRB Disclosure. At the same
       time, Interservefm Ltd. under Project Pecan has a programme to recruit
       people with low risk offending backgrounds and bring them into a working
       culture and environment.

4.      Financial
4.1     The price evaluation process, negotiations and submission of tenders
        ensured that the best possible prices were obtained from all the bidders.
        Interservefm Ltd.’s bid provides best value for the Council.

a)      Financial impact on the budget
        The current approved revenue budget contains £10.0million in 2008/2009 as
        identified in the contract notice published in the Official Journal of the
        European Union on 16th May 2008.

        In order to maximise the savings potential set out in table 1 below, it is
        recommended that all existing associated budgets be vired into a corporate
        central cost centre.

                                   Table 1- Financial Implications

                         2009/2010                   2010/2011            2011/2012

                          Revenue                     Revenue              Revenue

                        General Fund                General Fund         General Fund
                         Expenditure                 Expenditure          Expenditure

                         £5million                   £5 million           £5 million

                     Schools Expenditure        Schools Expenditure   Schools Expenditure

                         £5 Million                  £5 Million           £5 Million

      Addition                -                           -                    -

      Potential            £0.4M                        £0.5M               £0.6M

       Reduction (-)

       Cumulative         £0.4M                £0.9M                £1.5M

  b)     Financial Background
         The price evaluation process, negotiations through the dialogue process and
         submission of tenders ensured that the best possible prices were obtained
         from all the bidders.

         The three bidders provided a one year (Year 1) and 10 Year Price for
         providing TFM Services to the Ealing Estate and Schools. Each financial bid
         was below the Ealing current and future budget.

         The estimated costs of the new contract in the first year have been compared
         to the current budget and confirmed that the identified savings can be

         The Property Services department within Business Services Group will be
         responsible for the management of the new contract. Existing cross-
         departmental forums including the Asset Management Group will be used to
         ensure all stakeholders are fully engaged.

5.       Legal
5.1      The Total Facilities Management contract was procured in accordance with
         the Public Services Contracts Regulations 2006 and the Council’s Contract
         Procedure Rules. A competitive dialogue procedure was adopted. In
         accordance with that procedure, the tender submitted by Interservefm Ltd.
         may be fine-tuned to achieve contract closure but no substantive negotiations
         on the tender will take place.

6.       Value for Money (VFM)
6.1      The Council has sought a provider that:
            has the size, experience and strength to provide a long-term
             sustainable service;
            is disciplined, organised and efficient;
            is dynamic, agile and responsive;
            is results focused;
            adds value to the Council;
            delivers the benefits of strategic change;
            supports the Council’s drive to deliver value for money to Council Tax
             and Business Rate payers; and
            given the current economic climate is financially secure and robust.

6.2      The submissions from Interservefm Ltd. provide confidence that they will
         focus consistently on customer service and deliver customer care across the
         Council’s range of services.

6.3      The proposals suggest that the working relationship will be based on a
         practical, disciplined, open-book approach combined with a genuine intention

      to achieve a long-term, transparent partnership achieving mutual benefit and
      offering Ealing value for money for the services.

6.4   The submission from Interservefm Ltd. gives confidence that the provider will
      seek new and innovative ways to benefit the Council.

6.5   Full benchmarking will be carried out every two years using a jointly agreed
      approach. This will be undertaken against other comparable councils and
      the private sector on the core services in the contract. Interservefm Ltd. has
      agreed to accept the output from this process and to deliver further savings
      over and above the ten-year plan if the benchmarking indicates that the
      pricing model is no longer competitive.

6.6   Benchmarking of core services will be carried out periodically by the
      Contractor or, at the Council's request, by an independent third party. This
      will involve a comparison of the price at which such services are provided
      under the Contract against prices being charged for such or similar services
      in the market in comparable circumstances.

6.7   In addition, annual benchmarking on the non-programme services and
      commodity items are included to allow the adjustment of pricing to reflect the
      current best market prices.

6.8   The commercial aspects of the bid submissions were reviewed by
      independent external advisers ensuring value for money was being offered.
7.    Risk Management
7.1   As part of the procurement process, and in line with the Council’s own
      Contract Procedure Rules (CPR), all bidders were required to pre-qualify.
      Pre-qualification allowed the Council to satisfy itself that any bidder invited to
      participate in the dialogue process was financially sound and had sufficient
      capability to deliver services required under the TFM contract for the duration
      of the contract period.
7.2   The evaluation panel visited reference sites operated by the bidders and
      were satisfied with aspects of the service.
7.3   These services are vital for the maintenance of a safe and hygienic
      environment in order to protect the Council’s staff, customers and assets.

7.4   The implications of not having these services would leave the Council
      vulnerable to threats, damage and possible danger.

8.    Community Safety
8.1   TFM will provide the maintenance of CCTV equipment and the control room
      operators, both of which are vital to maintaining community safety and
      facilitate partner organisations such as the police to protect staff and
      customers e.g. by recording crimes and identifying criminals.

9.    Links to Strategic Objectives
9.1   The contracts links to the Council’s Strategic Objective of making Ealing one
      of the safest places in London owing to its ability to protect and enhance our
      environment, through provision of security services including CCTV.

9.2    The TFM contractor will be measured by the performance measurement
       system assessing their contribution to Ealing Council’s Comprehensive Area

       The provision of TFM Services will provide support meeting all the Strategic
       Objectives through its outcomes based approach:

          Environment, Housing and Culture
           To make Ealing a better place to live.

          Safety
           To make Ealing one of the safest places in London. The contract links
           to the Council’s Strategic Objective of making Ealing one of the safest
           places in London owing to its ability to protect and enhance our
           environment, through provision of security services including CCTV.

          Health and Independence
           To reduce health inequalities and promote well-being and
           independence for adults and older people.

          Economy
           To ensure that there are opportunities for all people and businesses to

          Children and Young People
           To create a great place for every child and young person to grow up.

          Organisational Improvement
           Becoming a high performing organisation, focused on the needs of its
           communities. By applying broad knowledge and experience of
           delivering TFM at other similar sized public sector organisations the
           contract will be able to demonstrate price certainty and offer significant
           efficiency savings over the contract term.

10.    Equalities and Community Cohesion
10.1   An Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA) was undertaken in March 2006 to
       cover all corporate contracts. No specific issues or actions were identified
       owing to the nature of requirements.

10.2   An EIA has been completed for the TFM contract and was approved and
       signed-off by the Council’s Diversity & Equality Consultant on 27th November
       2008 (Appendix 3).

11.    Staffing/Workforce and Accommodation implications
11.1   A number of Council staff and those staff from the Council’s supply chain are
       affected under TUPE regulations. Office/desk space is currently allocated to
       the present cleaning and security staff, and this arrangement would continue.

12.    Property and Assets
12.1   No new implications.
13.    Any Other Implications

14.    Consultation
14.1   Throughout the procurement process there has been extensive consultation
       with service users and other stakeholders. The consultation informed the
       procurement outcomes including the development of the specification for the

14.2   Meetings and discussions have been held with relevant officers from
       Property Services, Strategic Procurement, Regeneration and Housing,
       Schools Property Services, Adults’ and Children’s and Cultural Services
       through regular Programme Board meetings and workshops.

14.3   The Evaluation and Negotiation Panels have included representatives from
       Education, Corporate Property, Strategic Procurement, Finance, Legal
       Services (Pinsent Masons), and external expert advisers (Mouchel).

15.    Timetable for Implementation
15.1   The outline timetable for the implementation of this decision is:

                                   Total Facilities Management Contract

        January 2009
                                   Cabinet decision to award contract.
                                   Contract close.
        February 2009              Commence contract handover including
                                   TUPE consultation
                                   Manage contract transition process.
        March 2009
                                   Expiry of existing contracts and
                                   completion of transfer process.
        April 2009                 Ten year contract begins.

16.    Appendices
       Appendix 1 --      High Level Output Specifications
       Appendix 2 --      Evaluation Methodology and Results
       Appendix 3 --      Equalities Impact Assessment

17.    Background Information
       Cabinet Report -- Total Facilities Management (TFM) Contract(s)
                            26th February 2008
       Cabinet Report -- Corporate Security and Cleaning Contract
                           16th October 2007
       Individual Portfolio Holder Decision -- Facilities Management Review and
                           Procurement Support for the Total Facilities Management
                           (TFM) Contract(s)
                           1st April 2008


Name of          Department                   Date sent   Date        Comments
consultee                                     to          response    appear in report
                                              consultee   received    para
Richard Ennis    Executive Director, Corporate 19.12.08   06.01.09    Throughout
Anthony Kemp Director, Business Services       19.12.08   19.12.08    Throughout
Helen Bore       Legal Services– Head of Legal 19.12.08   23.12.08    Throughout
Kim Marrow       Head of Finance, Corporate 19.12.08      19.12.08
Simon George     Corporate Finance and Audit 19.12.08     06.01.09    Throughout
                 Corporate Board               07.01.09   07.01.09    Included
Councillor David Cabinet Member for Finance 19.12.08      14.01.09
Scott            and Performance Portfolio
Kevin Griffiths  Business Services -           19.12.08   06.01.09
                 Commercial Manager
Councillor       Shadow Cabinet Member for 06.01.09       14.01.09
Yvonne Johnson Finance and Performance
Fiona Canney     Property Services - Head of 19.12.08     06.01.09
                 Facilities Management
Steve Hull       Property Services - Head of 19.12.08     06.01.09
                 Technical Services
Mark Brayford    Housing – Head of Client      19.12.08   14.01.09
                 Management & Performance
Francis          Children & Adult Services     19.12.08   14.01.09
Harrington       Accommodation Manager
Mary Umrigar     Business Performance          19.12.08   14.01.09
                 Manager, Children & Adult
Tony Daley       Education Property Services 19.12.08     06.01.09
Gary Redhead Education Property Services 19.12.08         06.01.09
Peter Lipman     Director, Cultural Services   19.12.08   08.01.09
Laura Langstaff Business Services - Head of 19.12.08      06.01.09    Throughout
                 Strategic Procurement
Richard Foster Strategic Procurement Officer 19.12.08     06.01.09
Eileen McKenna Head of Property (Strategy)     19.12.08   06.01.09    Comments
                 Regeneration & Property                              accepted
Susan ParsonageDirector, Safer Communities 19.12.08       08.01.09
                 TFM Programme Board           06.01.09   06.01.09    Included

Report History

Decision type:                           Urgency item?

Key decision                              No

Authorised by Cabinet Date report Final Report deadline:        Date report sent:
      member:             drafted:
      14.01.09            19.12.08           15.01.09               15.01.09
     Report no.:     Report author and contact for queries:
                     Roger Amos – Head of Property Services
                     Tel: 020 8825 8068
                     Kevin Petty – Head of Planning, Performance and Business
                     Tel: 020 8825 7209


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